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  1. Long time ago I had "Multiple Miss-fire" which wasn't dependent upon any one singular cylinder. This miss-fire would only occur when starting the car, or when giving it beans. This went on for 6 months before I then received a specific code error against coil pack 5. From what you're saying it sounds coil pack related. Personally, I would source a spare coil pack. Keep it in the car with some tools until the time comes that your failing coil pack has let go! Fit and carry on. This is one of those issues you can't nail with a direct repair. You could go round swapping coil packs but due to the intermittent miss-fire it's going to take ages to identify, and by then it's likely the offending coil pack will identify itself.
  2. Had mine now some 4 years, fantastic exhaust, I'd probably say the best there is for the Zed. I couldn't agree more on using lower gears, and the sound is just the nuts! I guess you won't be going Electric just yet then
  3. Great list Stu
  4. Race Dash 2 remains...... make me an offer.......
  5. Feck - after spending all that dough dude.... feel your pain, I'd be truly gutted! Whilst I'm sure this is of no help whatsoever, custom builds of this level was the main reason I avoided building my VQ and swapping to V8. I'm also no mechanic, but you're continuously repairing this damn car dude, get shot of it, you're already knee deep in build costs and it doesn't sound like it's getting any better. Forking out on a built engine and now this.... mate seriously I'd be looking at throwing the towel in.
  6. Hold on a mo didn't you buy a built bottom end? I'm confused here....
  7. To be fair she survived like a champ. She needs a new nearside arch liner from excessive speed forcing the liner onto the wheel. Just a small'ish hole. Apart from that and drinking 3/4 of a tank of fuel she was fine.
  8. I sure was, I'll take dibs on the RS. Cheers Stu
  9. Ahh ok cool. Like it though.
  10. Quick question - @Lexx or @SuperStu Within the area "edit profile" you have the option to include the avatar pic, I see you both have a pic stretching the width of the page, which is behind the avatar. Where is the option to upload or amend this area? Cheers
  11. That last file looks a tad over 500x100 surely the system should have said "too large?"
  12. That's actually smaller than the requirements of no more than 500 x 100....
  13. 120k miles on my clutch and when taken out (due to engine swap) there was still plenty of life left. The OEM clutch is perfectly fine and fit for purpose. if there's one thing that causes issues and catestrophic problems is oil usage. Just keep a close eye.
  14. Whats wrong with your supercharged 370?