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  1. V8's are overrated, I wouldn't bother! If you want the pan volume I'll see what I can do for you, however looking at your frontal photo, it's not big enough, but let me confirm.
  2. Stay focused Bobster a new world is round the corner. You may even lose weight now that you won't be eating so many doughnuts at the weekend! As per FB - glad you're both okay.
  3. Excellent, I can now hide this part of the forum (I hope I can anyway) But just to point out GZ - Yes it was the episode with the Rimac. Who cares if it has half the power of the roadster, my point being past and current vehicles they put through the tunnel created presence and drama! The only way you'll get drama from an EV is if you crash it, which is why Hammond crashed. He clearly found the Rimac so undesirable he was prepared to spare his life. If it wasn't for the rescue services Hammond would have been quite happy killing himself and the Rimac.
  4. Not only that, I've come to a conclusion. This was spurred on by series 2 of the Grand Tour. The tunnels, which pin pointed the absolute reason why electric is dull no matter how hard it pulls. Its like watching a porno with the sound off. There is no drama, sound of silence and zero theatre and really no excitement what so ever. Oh and it only lasts 7 minutes.
  5. Doesn't it take like 1hr to enable ludicrous mode......(now THAT is a pain!) ha ha I just press the bloody loud pedal and **** all over this "warm the batteries BS".
  6. Hot damn those seats! Especially now they're in the car. yeah go careful with Bob and his welding. Still it's better than my welding
  7. I just can't believe the amount of time has been spent here.... it's like the most discussed subject on a petrol heads forum. It's a turn off to be brutally honest.
  8. I swear to god, do you guys have nothing better to do in your lives than talk about ****ing electricity! I could have sworn this was a 350+370 forum. All I see at the top is EV this, save the world that. This really doesn't have a home here. #Dull
  9. You could try this one below.... stand a better chance! (And yes the exhaust is tight now, let me think who tightened it up in the first place )
  10. Car is ready - I'm ready.... although since the last skid pan I need some new rear tyres, don't think these will last the day.
  11. I tried 3 times to get a drive in the Ultima. A track experience cat thing, somewhere near Bedford but each time it was scheduled it was cancelled due to technical issues with the car. I also believe building the Ultima plays a good part towards me experience.
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