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  1. You could try this one below.... stand a better chance! (And yes the exhaust is tight now, let me think who tightened it up in the first place )
  2. Car is ready - I'm ready.... although since the last skid pan I need some new rear tyres, don't think these will last the day.
  3. What would you choose.

    I tried 3 times to get a drive in the Ultima. A track experience cat thing, somewhere near Bedford but each time it was scheduled it was cancelled due to technical issues with the car. I also believe building the Ultima plays a good part towards me experience.
  4. What would you choose.

    Ultima - that's my next step and I'd be pushing for that if I was you. You clearly want something road and track, so that rules out a Radical. I've heard and seen that the Ultima is very noisy..... although V8 and weighing next to nothing is a huge attraction and equally has some decent down force.
  5. TVR back tomorrow!

    Just finished watching Shmee, he's such a dullard and his over zealous "what expensive car can I buy next!" still, yes it looks @*!# that's for sure. I don't mind the back end apart from the F type spoiler (which I hate on the F as well). Diffuser is too high. Side isn't bad if you block out the front. Lights front bumper and the swoops are flipping horrendous! Interior isnt bad, but it's not good either. Would be interested to see what torque this 5 litre puts down. In summary they have totally and utterly ruined what was TVR. They should never have called it a Griffith. They have lost my vote completely.
  6. DE vs HR engines

    To be fair, if I recall the revup was good for mid-range torque. Although nowadays I've forgotten what "searching for torque" is like these days......
  7. Race Dash now sold - please lock ta very much
  8. Radical - Revamped

    Deal 20 seconds I'll even start in 4th gear if that makes you feel better!
  9. Radical - Revamped

    AND as I've also said, I've had 4 laps of the ring, no other track time. Novice versus Amateur - P2WR Zed 300bhp per tonne versus 580bhp per tonne..... + Aero..... I say 20 second head start! Deal?
  10. Radical - Revamped

    Great job Chris - pleasing to see all that hard work has paid off..... Don't forget to shout me for ShakeDown! And no I'm not racing you before you even dare ask!
  11. The GTM Supercharged Silver Pheonix

    That does look like an nice day out even if not competing. Good show on your position Andy considering the competition.
  12. New weekend car? 6-15k?

    Apart from a Radical
  13. New weekend car? 6-15k?

    SC VX220 - been in Jetpilot's - excellent car, who cares it's Vauxhall..... you drive a Datsun right? Get one on track and they're a great laff!
  14. Good to be Back.

    Welcome back fella