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  1. So, I didn't like how the VDO gauges I installed looked so I replaced them. Still need to hook up the sensors for the Oil Temp and Pressure but thats happening next weekend. I kinda really want to put a pillar pod in with Vacuum and Intake Air temp but I'm not sure yet. Part of me is "just do it" the other part is "too far" Going to have to think on that one.
  2. Mine started running rough a few months ago, was a misfire. Codes may even be able to tell you what cylinder is misfiring. When I pulled the codes, I got "multiple misfire" and "misfire cylinder x" (can't remember what the number was) changed the coil pack, all fixed.
  3. So this went on today. May get around to fitting the Oil Cooler this weekend, maybe. Also, happend to have some gold tape about so figured it couldn't hurt to add some.
  4. You are the man! I'll drop you a PM
  5. Hi all, I was changing my intake pipework this afternoon on my DE. When I pulled out my old intake I noticed that the vacuum line on the underside of the intake was not connected and is in a pretty bad state (would explain a few things). Anyone know what; This line is for? Where it goes? How hard is it to replace? Without really knowing what it is, I'm now sure how to go about getting a new one.
  6. Ah, I just changed the filter on it. I'm looking to buy the Misimoto one before long.
  7. Sorry to jump in on this, Anyone have thoughts on Black Diamond product for the Brembo calipers? Used them in the past on my BMW's and they were very good. Not sure how much life is left in my brakes but just something I've been thinking about.
  8. I really don't know, it came on the car but I can't say its that great. I did change the filter out for the Green Filters one with heat shield to help with heat soak but it's on the cards for a change at some point.
  9. Seems I never caught up on this. Just been using the car and enjoying, mostly taking me to race tracks for my photography (shameless self plug) That big box was the Mishimoto Oil cooler which I'm going to try and get on the car soon. Also next week, the Diff and Gearbox Fluid are getting changed then I need to get the spark plugs changes as they're a little overdue now. Otherwise, it's been pretty easy going. Flew through its MOT with 3 advisories; One of my rear number plate lights has died Rear tires getting low Front headlights faded (the
  10. Hi, Just wondering if someone has one of these surrounds going? Condition isn't too important as I want it for an experiment!
  11. Thankfully as its on an extension line I can see it by looking down the front of the block. It looked a bit strange. I guess when I was up at motorway speed it must have been causing a lose connection or maybe a pinch somewhere. Time to get the car back up. Can't complain though, a big box from Mishimoto came yesterday....
  12. I think I found the problem. Looks like the sender fell out of its P clip holder (supposed to clamp to the T-piece) and its fallen out. That would probably cause some issues!
  13. Ok, so I had a strange issue today. My oil pressure gauge at 70mph started to read 0 but when I slowed down it would come back up (aftermarket gauge) I couldn't replicate the issue at the same RPM in a lower gear. To be honest with the way it was acting I'm pretty sure its a bad connection somewhere. Given that it only seemed to be at motorway speed, probably on or near the sensor itself. Very odd, anyone else ever had an issue like this? Just throwing it out there tbh. Once of the Motorway etc I had perfectly normal Oil Pressure.
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