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  1. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    I used e-tech spray tint. Masked the surrounding area off and spray on in a few layers. Probably had it all done in under an hour. That spray on ebay is only a few quid. You can also get the tint remover which will wipe away the tint but not the paint. So easy to use.
  2. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    So more updates. DPD turned up with my new front splitter thanks to @Tarmac@TarmacSportz. That should go on the car in about 2 weeks time. Today however I decided to do something about the rear lights.
  3. daveo132


    We'll all be on a stand but its not about have the best looking car (that's what show and shine is for) it's about showing the club. I've only been to one show with these guys but they're all good people.
  4. daveo132


    I sure I speak for everyone when I say "the more the merrier!"
  5. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    New fitment with the spacers on and a pic when parked up in town today. New front lip ordered from @Tarmac@TarmacSportz
  6. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    Had the rear arches rolled this morning. Rob (Arch Attack) is a top bloke. Highly recommended from me! Now I can put my spacers back on.
  7. daveo132

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    In the subject of scams my cars now appeard twice in ebay for sale in the last few weeks. Mine isn't for sale...
  8. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    So, I didn't get a chance to take many pictures yesterday so these will have to do! All new Bilstein B12 Pro kit all round. Only thing left to do is get new spring pads in the rear. All had been removed. Didn't get a chance to put the rear spats on as I had the wrong tape to help bond them. That should be done in a few weeks time with a new front lip.
  9. daveo132

    Sorted. Wanted, Upper and Lower rear spring pads

    Sent and sorted. Cheers!
  10. As per title. Changed all the suspension today only to find that the previous owner removed all the spring pads. Anyone got any, or breaking a car?
  11. daveo132


    1 . and y James + 1 PAID 2. glrnet P A ID 3. Shire + 1 P A I D 4. Andy_Muxlow PAID 5. Nso93-paid 6. SHEZZA PAID 7. TEEJAY +1 PAI 8. Liamm56 +1 PAID 9. cs2000 PAID 10. Trott + 1 P AID 11. 14N PAID 12. ShortPaul +1 PAID 13. Jay84 Paid 14. Panman +1 PAID 15. grigiux +1 PAID 16. jamesmac P AID 17. Valy - PAID 18. XSuperDan - PAID 19. Paul K +1 - Paid 20. Silverthorn - P AID 21. LIVIU - PAID 22. Nismoandy- +1 PA ID . 23. pagan PAID 24. Modo +1 Pai d 25. Hypnosis + 1 PAID 26 . Kbad + 1 PAID 27. Woody928 PAID 28. chreewebb PAID 29. daveo132 PAID
  12. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    So just some updates for you. The suspension is being changed on Saturday. While the car looks good, it's not at all practical (relatively speaking ) and I'm sure the coilovers are from ebay. Honesty I think if I close the boot hard enough it'll ground out! So I had a chat with my mate at demon-tweeks and a week later I had a full set of the Bilstein B12s sat in my kitchen. I used this on my BMW and never looked back. Firm and sporty but still with really good ride quality. Also, thanks to @Tarmac@TarmacSportz I now have hood dampers and rear spats to add. Hopefully some new pics over the weekend.
  13. daveo132

    Car shaking when moving off

    Yeah I'd be thinking flywheel myself. Sounds similar to my bmw before I got shot of it.
  14. I came from an e46 325. Great car, did nearby 100k in it. To drive the don't feel vastly different. By that I mean the steering is nicrly weighted and the brakes feel good. My e46 had the suspension done so it handeled great. My 350z seems to have some very poor suspension but it's being changed this weekend to the same kit as my BMW. Power can't compete though. Extra 1000cc and 100hp...
  15. Ha typical didn't get a notification lol