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  1. Definitely interested. Hopeing I will have moved by then. If not, then it wil be a maybe.
  2. Woke up to sort the house out for a viewing today. Can't beat the look of these cars.
  3. Today is clearly one of those days. I figured I would just rip the arch liner out and get it replaced as soon as possible, it was all bent up anyway. Good thing I did, after a wheel rebalancing I had the other day, turns on that same wheel only 1 nut was tight. The other 4 with only threaded on and never tightened! Thankfully no damage done. Not the sort of thing you'd expect within 10 miles of having work done.
  4. Urgh.... Anyone want a 350z? Somehow - and who knows how - the rear part of the front left arch liner has folded up on itself and is now catching the tire when turning. It's all bent out of shape and needs replacing now (along with the front half thanks to a pot hole months ago). How on earth did that happen?? I seem to have a growing list of silly issues with it at the moment. Sarcastic rant over... Find that damn dodgy coil New front drivers side wheel well liner (after it got ripped apart in a pothole) New rear brake pads New (used) AC Compressor (booked in) MOT Find annoying metallic rattle Fix the other arch liners Replace rear under engine splash gaurd Replace boot gas struts Replace boot spring propper (I've ran out of coins to keep adding Replace rear spacers due to snapped stud On the plus side, while I don't have a lot of time to do this work due to living in Wales but now working in Doncaster (moving soon with any luck). The new job does at least give me the extra money to go chasing these.
  5. Cheers both, not sure if I will do it. Was something I was just thinking about.
  6. Quick question. Does the revup engine benefit from the plennum spacer? Or was that solved with the improvements the revup brought?
  7. 1. Stutopia x2 2. andy James x1 3. Willsy x1 4. HEADPHONES x1 5. Rodgeevans x1 6. KevT x1 7. Harrison140 x1 8. Loadmaster x1 9. Matay20 10. Woodzman x1 11. PlanGT x1 12. Daveo132 x1
  8. 1. andy James. 1x club ticket Tracktime 09.40 2. Andy_Muxlow. 1 x club ticket. 3. Neil mcnab, 1 X club ticket Tracktime 15.40 4. Tauvp, 1 x club ticket 5. Defacake (Owen), 1 x club ticket 6. Blacklist_Nismo, 1 x club ticket 7. Clacksonator, 1 x club ticket 8. Buptaboy (Rob), 1 x Club Ticket 9. H44KRS 1x club ticket Tracktime 15.40 10. Tori370z x1 club ticket 11. HEADPHONES 1x club ticket 12. Berkcan 1x club ticket Tracktime 15.40 13. daveo132 (Dave) 1x Club ticket
  9. This was the road in question. Bit of a trek off the beaten path to get up there, but 100% worth it. https://maps.app.goo.gl/NJhKqHmrZ9f34C2H9
  10. Thanks mate, felt good. Taking the GoPro next time as those roads were amazing.
  11. My own pics from yesterday out in South Wales
  12. Been batteling with Anxiety the last several weeks but finally was able to get out and enjoy the car and roads down here in South Wales. Even had a go at a stiched panaroma. Next time, I'm taking the GoPro.
  13. Thanks, will give it a shot sometime this week.
  14. Anyone know how I can fix my seatbelts. The drivers side is starting to get slow to retract, takes a few pulls to get it going... I think I've seen somewhere that cleaning up the belt with polish can help, but that may be a BMW thing or a drunken dream...
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