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  1. I've also fitted mine recently. Pretty much the same experience as above. I had issues finding a nice way to run the lines which caused me a few headaches but otherwise the kits works great. I used the thermostatic plate.
  2. Oh? How do you mean? tbh, given the price I'm probably going to pass over it anyway. £500 just to buy then painting and fitting on top, can't really justify that cost.
  3. Probably but after some more messing around I'm happier with the fit now. Just being a pain.
  4. Not much in the way up updates but the new gauges were looking at home this evening.
  5. Best I can get is 97 around my way. It's all Texaco 97 or Supermarket 95 around here. Been using 97 with 95 if I've needed to and it's just fine.
  6. So while I've got the Oil Cooler installing and working, I'm having a nightmare with the lines. They just seem to be too long. They'll either end up dragging on the floor or I have to hack away at the plastics to get it fit. Then it'll probably interfere with the wheel. Anyone fitted one of these and got some advice or pictures of how you fitted it? Don't suppose anyone is around this weekend who could give me a hand with it?
  7. oh thats much better lol I have the OEM lip spoiler anyway. Hmm, that looks like it could be a winner... Just sold of a load of annual leave so I wonder where I'll be spending that...
  8. I've got spats on the back of mine and at some point want to put a diffuser used the the back. I do quite like the look of that last one. Not OTT. Yeah V2 is nice but VERY rare I think? Ouch I just saw the price of that strosek spoiler!
  9. I'm also think about rear spoilers. I've got 2 in mind. Either a Nismo V3 of which I can see a few well made replicas about (Tarmac Sportz) https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/r35-gtr-exterior-parts/350z-380rs-nismo-v3-style-rear-spoiler-with-brake-light.html Or the 350z Mercury Z Project GT3 Rear Spoiler https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/body-kits/18762-350z-mercury-z-project-gt3-rear-spoiler-wing.html Though another option maybe the KBD Duckbill Style https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/r35-gtr-exterior-parts/kbd-nissan-350z-03
  10. As a side note, does anyone know what sort of cost would be involved for having the headliner changed to black? Just a thought for now but may be something I'm interested in doing. I know it can be done DIY but I don't really have a suitable place to do something that large.
  11. haha, don't worry I know the feeling! Yeah, they look like a good item. Though if I do decided to go with it I'll probably try and get the Left side done to match it. Still thinking about it. It's not a bit worry for me at the moment.
  12. I think that's the Power Steering cooler? Yeah, in another thread I came across these. I've not gone with it yet. Still thinking about it. https://www.southcoastflocking.com/product-page/nissan-350z-pillar-pod
  13. So not many pics to add but this weekend just gone I changed the diff, gearbox and engine oil and finally fitted the oil cooler. Wish I got a pic of all the used oil cans! @oilman didn't get the 5 ltr fuchs oil in, in time so kindly sent them to me in 1 ltr cans. Thanks guys. Also thanks to @ZMANALEX for the tip on adding some molyslip into the gearbox. Can feel the difference now its worked it way around. My gearbox was never bad, but it is noticeably smoother. Pic of the oil cooler fitted. Bit of a pig to fit because the lines would have been better if
  14. So, I didn't like how the VDO gauges I installed looked so I replaced them. Still need to hook up the sensors for the Oil Temp and Pressure but thats happening next weekend. I kinda really want to put a pillar pod in with Vacuum and Intake Air temp but I'm not sure yet. Part of me is "just do it" the other part is "too far" Going to have to think on that one.
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