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  1. I'm not going to be able to make this now. Have a good one!
  2. See you guys in the morning. Need to try and wash the car on the way over
  3. I'm now plus 1. My brother is coming along.
  4. Yes, satin black followed up with clear lacquer
  5. Some pics from the workshop after the audio work.
  6. So I'm making use of being signed off work and the great weather. The silver trims on my steering wheel were looking a bit beat up so I took a trip to halfords. Satin black. I ready like how they came out. Also the carbon engine cover came.
  7. Can you add me as a possibility? DAVEO132 2007 350Z GT PE07DPZ
  8. Anyone on here?
  9. Rears 275 35 19 with spacers needs rolling to fit that Front 235 35 19
  10. Wheels are linea corse lc818 I'll get the tyre specs in a bit for you.
  11. So, it's done. And it's bloody awesome. Full xfire install with a pioneer head unit. Actually have very little to show for it but that was the point. Everything bar the tiny sub is hidden away. The two amps are where the bose sub used to be. The bits I can see are very professionally done. Hats off to B&B audio concepts in Cardiff.
  12. Sold outside of forum. Please lock.
  13. Car currently in with audio concepts in Cardiff
  14. My revup runs in the same position. Just below horizontal Gauge is must dampened though. Like my old BMW it won't move unless the temp really changes.
  15. I popped to my local Nissan today as I needed a few small items. The sales guy loved my car. He then followed me out (home time) and him and another randomer couldn't stop looking at my car with big grins! Love it!



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