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  1. On a side note, as the car works with the one sensor unplugged. Would I be ok to use it with it unplugged tomorrow? I don't imagine it would cause any lasting issues just maybe some poor mpg?
  2. I've got it home, just going to get a Sensor from Zman. Seems this one from GSF is a paperweight
  3. Nah, tired several times now but it seems this is a DOA. Can drive the car about 100m before it just dies. After that I won't idle, just keeps dying.
  4. Nevermind! Turns out it wasn't seated correctly. Embarrassed lol but this might help someone else
  5. Changed the sensor and now the car won't start? Get a too rich error now. Any thoughts?
  6. Oh thanks! I'll keep an eye on that. I have a feeling that it might be plastic though. What price do you have them for? PM? I might cancel the order with GSF as i'm not 100% sure I'm going to get the right one, the website wasn't very clear in hindsight. If it helps, mine is an 07 plate.
  7. Thanks, however I ordered one from GSF as it was 60% off. Am I right in it being the drivers side?
  8. Hi all, This code came up on the car today: P1078 Exhaust Valve Timing Control Position Sensor Bank 1 Circuit Done all the usual ECU clears etc and it keeps coming back. I've not found that much info but am i right in thinking that this is the Drivers side Cam Sensor?
  9. No just the crossing time. Could probably add an hour on to be safe for passport and loading
  10. its about 1hr 30min. Longer but as I was driving by myself it was a nice break. The crossing fell at the exact half way point for me.
  11. Hi all, For those interested please find my pics from this years Spa 24 at the link below. https://www.davesouth.co.uk/total-2019-24hrs-of-spa
  12. Nothing really to report at the moment. Just took the car to Spa and back for the Spa 24. Car was faultless and made it all the way back to Cardiff on one tank! Will share some pics from Spa.
  13. Sorry, been away for a bit. Won't be at this one.





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