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  1. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    Also, after getting my car I fitted my Parrot Asteroid Smart. I love this unit. Full android but, it is getting old now and my Nav software is no longer supported. I'm thinking of getting a Xtrons unit but unsure of the quality.
  2. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    So the new tips never happened. The guy just wasn't able to fit me in. He's working by himself. New plan is to fit some Torqen Polished Tips. Spent this morning sorting the headlights. Unfortunately I also caught the paint on the bumper while sanding it back. Hardly noticeable thankfully, and I think some more polish will bring it back. Before: After: Might just be able to see the paint in this one:
  3. daveo132

    Bloody LOUD

    Mine has no back box and yeah it's stupid loud. I'm considering having a pair of boxes added to mine.
  4. daveo132


    Great to meet you guys. I look forward to the next one!
  5. daveo132


    I'm at the hotel. Guys who are staying here drop me a PM. Don't know anyone here yet, first event with the forum...
  6. daveo132


    Grr, can't remove the qoute on my phone. Anyway, to those going to the hotel, drop me a PM when you get there. I'll join you for food etc.
  7. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    New exhaust tips are going on the car on Thursday. I'll keep it straight piped for now. Even though the car is my daily I don't need it everyday. I get to work by train, only a 10 min walk to the station too.
  8. daveo132


    I'll look into it and let you know. EDIT: I'm booked up for that. See you there.
  9. daveo132

    Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

    So, I've done a bit of work already. New steering wheel from Jack of royal steering wheels. I also pulled off the slip in silencers to reveal the very banged up tips. These will be replaced on Thursday. I'm undecided what to do with the exhaust. it's straight pipes so it's very loud, sounds good but it can be ear splitting at times. i might opt for some boxes on the box just to take the edge off. Thoughts? Also wanted to show off the black diamond brakes that had been fitted.
  10. Hi all, New to 350z ownership. Not planning on doing a whole lot as the car is really sorted already. I'm a fan of OEM+, especially on a car as unique as the 350. Probably some rear spats and and a front lip spoiler might be enough to finish it off for what I like... Not sure who long that will last. Here is how it looked when I picked it up.
  11. daveo132


    Might be up for that. Which place is it? I'll let you know.
  12. Hi all, As above, any garage recommendations in South Wales, Cardiff area? Thanks!
  13. daveo132


    1. andy James +1 - Paid Track time 12.20/13.40 2. Humpy - Paid 3. Nso93 4. ShortPaul 5. Andy_Muxlow - Paid 6. Chippychip123 +1 - Paid 7. Jay84 8. Coopen87 - Paid 9. Vroom811 - Paid 10. 14N - Paid 11. reeceybeaney +1 12. Buster - paid 13. Shire - paid 14. Daveo132 - Paid Was planning on going so may as well join the club! Just to make sure, I did need the car entry display ticket?
  14. daveo132

    Hope to be owning one soon

    Here's some more of the pics from the ad. Not much planned, the exterior is sorted. Will be adding my parrot asteroid smart in ASAP. In the future probably some audio work but nothing major. Need to look at a heat shield for the air filter. Find a mod on a US forum using a bucket... Sounds made but came out really well!
  15. daveo132

    Coding options?

    Sorry guys, I didn't know I had reply. Thanks for the info!