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  1. haha, I kept myself outta trouble. Saw plenty of Belgian police but they weren't for me.
  2. Shameless self plug, few from my road trip all round Belgium last week.
  3. I didn't take too many "proper" pics. Too busy enjoying the driving. But I just sorted some of the few I did take on the proper camera. Enjoy
  4. Yep, got back this afternoon. 1200 miles done. Car was faultless and I'd say the new clutch and lightened flywheel are fully bedded in now too.
  5. Few more from the road trip today. Car's been faultless. Every single image I've uploaded is sideways. Sorry, but blame the forum as they're fine on my PC Also have a time-lapse of today drive, though the first render didn't come out well.
  6. Now all sorted by a very nice garage who didn't even charge me for it.
  7. Well I've made it to Belgium with only one casualty. Looks like the cover from under the gearbox has dropped (from when the clutch ans fly where changed) and I ended up dragging it from Calais to Ghent. Nothing I could do about it last night. Looks like there is a garage just up the road from the hotel so I'm going to pop there to just get it taken off. It can always be replaced later. Not sure why it came off. Either it wasn't fitted back properly, it broke, or I caught it on a nasty pothole at one of the service stations. Is what it is though, only some plastic.
  8. What @davey_83 said. All custom work.
  9. Bit of a knock on the front ARB now. When it rains it pours lol Thankfully it's before the clutch work so they'll get changed then.
  10. Bit more work done today. New Y-Pipe installed by my local longlife. Great work again by them. In the second picture you can see they had to remove the flange on the end of the cats. They called me over to take a look and the flanges were pretty much dust. I poked the one and it started to fall apart. So they cut them off, welded some short pipe on so then the new Y-Pipe would slip on. When / if I go for Hi-flow cats, they've already said they'll help me out with that. Sorry, I don't know why it's uploading sideways. It's not like that on my PC.
  11. New clutch kit and lightened flywheel arrived today from @Tarmac@TarmacSportz along with the upgraded Slave, Braided line and fluid. What a lovely bit of kit. Also some new rear number plate LED units, and enough stickers to start my own Tarmac Sportz brand I'm not planning on taking pics at the moment as it's all boxed up. But let me know if anyone does want pics of the kit.
  12. So some overdue pics now that I think I'm over my food poisoning this week. Some pics here of the dress up that I've started. Red anodised washers, new bolts etc. I replaced the carbon engine cover with an Evo-R Harness cover from @Coz@TORQEN. However, I'm pretty dissapointed with the fitment. I think it must be built for a HR bonnet as it's rubbing on mine quite badly (you can see the shining on it). I may end up going back to the carbon cover. Vacuum line can also be seen for the new gauge but this will be tided at a later date. New Pillar pod installed from South Coast Flocking. Top is Fuel pressure Bottom is vacuum. Why? Because more gauges = more better. I just felt like it. New clutch kit from @Tarmac@TarmacSportz was sent out today, so that should be on in the next week or so.
  13. There a plans for the rear spoiler but I'm going to keep that under my hat for now
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