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  1. Good to see a that a GTR turned up. Next meet is Saturday 2nd July, however sometimes there's a third meet, which means next Saturday. If that happens, I'll drop a line here.
  2. Well, this must be a first. A group of Zeds viewed from the upper deck of a Boeing 747-400! Slightly spoiled by rain on the window.
  3. I'd pop along but I'm setting off for Kemble, Gloucestershire, in the morning at 06:00! Next time.
  4. Yes, there's one this Saturday - it's the first and third Saturday of the month from 09:00 - 11:30. Forecast looking a bit mucky this weekend, so not sure what the attendance will be like.
  5. Not at all, it looks great! How much did the gear knob cost, presumably made/sold by the company on the card?
  6. I can see that my Z now has a twin - red roof and heavy tint rear screen! What wrap was used for the roof - Avery Dennison?
  7. I attended last year's Ace meet and the car park was rammed. I had my name down for this one, but five days before the event I had to message Martin to say I needed to pull out due to an appointment to deal with a university accommodation issue. I was deeply disappointed (and a tad embarrassed) to have to do that and having been involved with organising events with one of the BMW clubs in the past, I fully appreciate the work that goes into it. My heart sank when I learnt of the actual turnout in the day, particularly as I had unwillingly contributed to it.
  8. Well, if you're still looking this time next year I might be able to help you!
  9. A few of the photos that I took at the Bromley Pageant yesterday.
  10. Nice one, looks good in red. That must be quite rare.
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