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  1. @Lewis Schwier What a great write up - I think if I had the V1 wheels and spoiler, my V2 would be 100% perfect!
  2. My V2 Nismo has that gunky layer on the engine bay paintwork - I thought it was just mine, but maybe something done in production?
  3. Great review and very interesting reading. Thanks for taking the time to do it. As a fairly new Nismo owner I can relate to all of it.
  4. Interesting thread, thanks for taking the time to post it all. Great looking rims, spot on there.
  5. Welcome along, looks great with the red over black wheels. Are the wheels the standard V2 alloys, but painted black? Can't quite make that out from the angle of the photos, although they very much look like they are.
  6. Gunmetal body over black rims - perfect combination.
  7. Interesting - Despite what's written above, when I spoke to T/S about HFCs a while back I was told that they would need to be hot prior to the MOT emissions test. Mine are currently standard, but having researched the subject and the numerous brand options, plus receiving professional advice from my Indie, I'm going down the Cobra route.
  8. Does this potentially affect 370Zs of all ages?
  9. Thanks Alex, worth a punt I think. Just ordered some from Slim's Detailing.
  10. I usually use a minimal amount of white spirit, followed by a thorough wash after I've got the stuff off. However, that's been for 'regular' alloys, not diamond cut lacquered ones. All four of my Rays on my Nismo has this cack, so what's the best and safest thing to use? Cheers!
  11. Good news, post a few photos when you're ready.
  12. Maybe Fido would enjoy seeing all the Zeds?! 🐶
  13. My E39 540 Sport at Dunsfold last year.
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