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  1. Firstly, sorry to hear of your wife's ill health. Car and Classic auctions are a different kettle of fish, I've know a few to sell successfully there. One winning buyer, only one person to come round and take the car away. Okay, there's a commission to pay if sold, but if you don't achieve your reserve, just pull the plug - nothing ventured, nothing gained and it's not cost you a penny. That really is a stunning TR6 - I only wish I had a spare garage space for it!
  2. What happened after Abbey gave their diagnosis?
  3. If only Barnsley wasn't so far from Surrey! They'll be snapped up pretty quick anyway.
  4. Next meet is on Sunday 12th March. Last Sunday's was pretty good with over 200 cars counted in during the morning. The Jap area was rammed as well. All welcome next month, but the theme will be German stuff in their separate area this time.
  5. Tasteful mod, looks good.
  6. Welcome along, looks like a sound purchase. I'm no expert, but I imagine that a white 350Z is quite a rare beast. I can't recall ever seeing one before.
  7. Looks good Martin, hope to see it sometime. Maybe bring it along to the Forest Row meet on 12th February if you can.
  8. Welcome along, that looks like a very clean example.
  9. I was thinking exactly the same! A bit like me had I been named Keith Jones Horley Surrey RH6!
  10. Thanks Stu, arrived yesterday. Top photos as usual - I thought I hadn't made the grade, but I didn't realise that it ran up until January 2024! Zero marks for me for not paying attention then!
  11. Photo overdose! Excellent, enjoyed looking through them.
  12. In addition to the FRS&C monthly meets on the second Sunday of each month (10:00 - 13:00), they're adding a Japanese car event to the meeting next month on Sunday 12th February. Space will be limited, so the advice I've been given is to get there a bit earlier, say 09:30/09:45 - first come, first served. If no space is left in the Japanese allocated spaces, parking should still be available in the regular meeting area.
  13. I've seen this show before in Youtube videos etc - along with Japan itself of course, it looks absolutely epic. Myself and a few mates are driving over to Germany in April to visit Techno Classica Essen. I've suggested previously that the Tokyo Auto Salon should be the destination one year soon!
  14. . Stutopia x2 2. Kev T x1 3. Harrison140 x1 4. andy James x1 5. HEADPHONES 6: Azurez33 7: StormtrooperZ 8. Hammer67 9. Lyndzzz 10. Matay20 x2 11. Rodgeevans 12. Olly350z 13. nismoandy x1 14. Woodzman 15. Loadmaster
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