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  1. Old vs New (ish)... At my cousin's lock-up in Wiltshire were he keeps two of his oldies.
  2. A vehicle must be insured to be able to action that third party privilege.
  3. Welcome along - great pic with that background!
  4. Welcome along. Hope you get the problem sorted.
  5. Hi, welcome along. Best to repost your question in the appropriate technical section here.
  6. Welcome along. York's a lovely city - spent three very agreeable nights there last month at The Grand.
  7. Thanks Paul, I've had nothing but positive comments - but then maybe some were just being polite! I'd say it's a 90% match with the standard red on the lower trims of the car, but that's far enough away not to notice really. However, because the standard red stripe decals on the door mirrors were a bit closer, they were removed and the same material used from the off cuts of the roof.
  8. They look like new, doubt they will hang around long.
  9. This morning at Centre Parcs, Longleat.
  10. Just bumping this thread - maybe something in September?
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