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  1. Talking of snow, this week we're in Berlin and spotted this 350 convertible in the Potsdamer Platz area.
  2. 1. Stutopia x2 2. andy James x1 3. Willsy x1 4. HEADPHONES x1 5. Rodgeevans x1 6. KevT x1 7. Harrison140 x1 8. Loadmaster x1
  3. Currently out in Hungary and spotted this immaculate 370Z in the Castle Hill district of Budapest. I don't think I've seen this colour on a Z before, looks great I think.
  4. Probably a bit late to be of any use now, but Abbey replaced my brake pads a few months ago with Hawk items. Good pads and work well, p!us cheaper than the standard Nissan items.
  5. Try Go Compare or Comparethemarket, that will give you plenty of options hopefully. But I have to ask, didn't you think to get quotes before committing to buying the car?
  6. Welcome along, that looks like a very clean example.
  7. To quote Jack Nicholson in Terms of Endearment, "I'd rather stick needles in my eyes"...
  8. I'm far too old and moderately sensible/well behaved these days to say from personal experience, but going by AdamC's regular YouTube videos, indeed it is still a thing. The police are all over it, but doesn't seem to stop it.
  9. In fairness, I think it would go down well at the regular Reading Jap meet. 😏
  10. 27L or 27R if approaching from the east. 😉
  11. How to make a decent looking car ridiculous and laughable, plus spending a fair old wedge to achieve it! (Sorry Coz!)
  12. My 2017 370Z Nismo has the rear camera, but there's no audible warning system.
  13. Incredible, the front these thieves have is unbelievable. No rush or urgency whatsoever!
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