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  1. I know we're only just gradually coming out of this winter and nobody wants to think about the next one, but just to put it out there Goodwood have announced their BC schedule for this year. Vee-Power Sunday, 6th November 2022 - bookings to register for track display are being taken now, which I've just done. Hope a few more Zs can make it.
  2. I think we did M40/A40 actually. Couldn't face it on the way back so cut down over Kew Bridge, then A316 to the M3, M25.
  3. Yeah, it was a complete ball ache. Straight outa Cobham into creeping traffic. Well over an hour from there to Ace.
  4. Just a thought in advance Martin, but if there's going to be a rendezvous at Cobham services again could it be a bit earlier? I can't recall what time we met and set off last year (10 ish at least) but the mid morning M25 traffic was a nightmare. I reckon a strict 09:30 departure would see us at the Ace not a lot before 11:00 anyway.
  5. Yep, I saw the signs for that road closure. I later learned that it was a bike accident and the fatality was a friend of a friend of my daughter's.
  6. All clear thankfully. Thanks for highlighting the issue, will be keeping an eye on that area.
  7. Jeeez, that's not good. You can guess what I'll be checking today.
  8. Pleased to see that one Z got along at least - did you talk to the owner? I think he's on this forum. Were you there quite early? Later in the morning the car park became pretty full.
  9. What's the score with these now? 2017 V2 Nismo.
  10. I won't be there in the Z, but a couple others might be. Going to be cold so I can't vouch for how many will attend.
  11. i30N? Funnily enough I'm looking into one of those - the new 2021 model.
  12. And I forgot to add, the car was with Abbey for a few days for tuning and dyno runs a couple of months ago. They'd have noticed if something was amiss I'm sure. If still in doubt or concerened, you could always get a check on the battery/charging system carried out.
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