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  2. no on that often stevie noo and again lol
  3. That's what I mean about it being difficult though, I wouldn't know where to start working out a cars wheels frequency and suspension motion ratio with only a socket set and a calculator in my garage at home.................we need suspension people like you with fancy maths and computer engines to tell us Jerrick! With my car I meant in terms of spring energy to the ground it must be slightly more at the front, as its got to deal with the engines weight and braking forces etc? Handling wise they've delivered exactly what I asked for then which is good to know, want the front as sharp to remove as much understeer with on throttle oversteer so I can steer a little with my foot. Have you had any experience yourself with the MCS stuff?
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  5. Doughnut God checking in @keithm May have been us at the Zed Shed - but we are not a commercial garage just a couple of doughnut munchin inbreds with a big shed and a passion for Jap cars Drop me a PM if you like
  6. Better than factory finish, even that sneaking arm rest is trick!!
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  8. 125k on the trousers or on the car?
  9. It isn't too bad, you just got to look at the wheel frequency... which is why it is important. As that already include the suspension motion ratio (the leverage between the suspension and the wheel) So one car might use 6kg/mm, the other car may use 14kg/mm. However, if both car provide 1.8Hz wheel frequency, then you know both are going to roughly do the same thing, even though one car is using more than double the springs rate. Actually, according to my calculation it is rear biased. So that mean on throttle, the rear will want to come around more. Not a huge problem, and the wheel frequency don't look out of this world (it is a little stiff in the rear). But I won't look at it and go that it is a death trap in the making. Jerrick
  10. Daily commute (20 miles a day) and the weekend? No track days! (Not in my car anyway!)
  11. HKS panel filter suitable for DE, new in box. £20 collected or will post, £5 should cover it.
  12. couldn't resist
  13. Much as GM says you should get a decent zed for that price. There's plenty of people on here who will gladly help you out and give you pointers, that's what makes it such a good forum. Is it a weekend car, a track car or a daily driver you're thinking about?
  14. Mine's all correct. Which means i really did spend that much on alcohol.
  15. Well now I'm just paranoid as f*ck, thanks mate I do have four holes in me when I was expecting three. Apparently the surgeon nicked a blood vessel by my belly button that was leaking blood all surgery before he realised, so then had to go back and clear all that up. Oops!
  16. Welcome aboard. Your budget should see you in a fairly decent Zed imo. Try having a look on here in the "Zeds for sale" sub section to see if anything takes your fancy. Link: https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/51-zeds-for-sale/
  17. Already have Eibach bars fitted...........although I think I'd go for the H&R bars now That's what makes it all so difficult to decide spring rates, every cars different, suspension pivot points and spring location change it all and every driver likes a different handling car! I'm assuming what the wheel sees at 11/5.5 is fairly equal to slightly front biased?
  18. Flashback..... I must show my ignorance.My choice however, will be constrained by finances. Looking at spending approx. £7500 I would settle for a good older 350? We shall see. Hoping to learn from you guys!
  19. Nope still here
  20. Awesome work Si. Those door cards really finish it off well.
  21. Yea mate can't remember his name but he did post on here a while back. It used to have a white wrap before that one
  22. To calculate the bounce frequency (wheel frequency) is calculated using sprung corner weight, springs rate, motion ratio. It gives you a level playing round to evaluate what the wheel is seeing. Because a 10kg/mm front springs on a 350Z is "lighter" than a 7kg/mm springs on the front of an EVO. But what the wheels see is the important part. The 11/5.5 seems to be a lot more sensible. Jerrick
  23. Welcome along. What 350 are you thinking of going for?
  24. to the forum.
  25. Welcome to the forum...
  26. bump
  27. is that it?I would have been impressed if it was this big . . . . I hope you are all ok Dan
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