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  2. Hi guys, I have searched Google and this forum for a straight answer on this, but I'm still not sure! Can anyone direct me to front wheel spacers that are compatible with a Nismo V2 with factory Nismo wheels? I've read about these apparently not being compatible with spacers but have read some contradictory information! Thanks in advance!
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  4. Wonderful day, can't thank you all enough!!! Amazing people, unreal cars, mega weather all made it a rather special day. To date the biggest club meet since my time of joining back in 2015, so again thank yo everyone. 75 cars in all, not bad at all. Next club meet at the end of the month ✅
  5. People are expecting a Nismo version but a Special edition for people who missed out on Proto Spec would probably do well and cost less for the buyer than a 60k Nismo Some US people may be upset if there is no Nismo. Unless the Nismo is going to have a significant power boost and aero to match the upcoming GRMN Supra, with the M3 Engine they shouldn't bother. Talking 75hp boost at least, some weight loss and improved aero. Any Nismo version will probably be heavier than the standard car.
  6. I have a 350z 2004 fairlady, the car is showing up as not ULEZ compliant in the gov website, however the car has a euro 4 engine, has anyone gone through the process of proving the car is ULEZ compliant?
  7. Sold could you please lock the thread thanks. 👍
  8. Thanks for such a great meet today guys and for organising it @davey_83 👍
  9. Check it again and top the fluid up to the very maximum mark.
  10. thanks, a resistor is a good shout if the light comes back. I recently checked the brake fluid as I changed the pads and its at a good level.
  11. Cracking day, some stunning Z's there today. 5 hour round trip, £100 in V-Power more than worth it too Many thanks for arranging this Davey, look forward to then next one
  12. Brilliant day thoroughly enjoyed it congratulations to Davey for organising it. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
  13. Few solo pics/vid from today at Gaydon 😁
  14. Now, are we sure that's camoflage? I mean, I wouldn't actually put it past Nissan to release exactly that as a "special edition"...
  15. Get somewhere to diag scan it so you know where the issue roughly is then go from there, could a simple fix like a WSS gone down but check first, You could just do the srs reset before the mot then address the issue later if you want to save money and store it, the diag san should do a full system sweep so you’ll get rough answers then.
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  17. Personally i would listening to zmanalex for advice, as he really knows what he's talking about😉
  18. marzman

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    This is a factory Nismo N1 bodykit. You can buy after market Nismo N1 style front lip's, but i dont know how well they compare to the genuine article.
  19. Sorry to hear that, they'll be plenty more I'm sure. - safe drive tomorrow everyone and see you then 👍
  20. from a dealer that I have been too he offered a bit more
  21. Definitely not tyres causing the ABS light then, they're perfect size. I'd wager intermittent ABS sensor fault hence how it comes and goes. If it comes on any time during the MOT then it'll fail mate
  22. Paul get in touch with the seller and see if he'll give you the buyers info no harm done
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