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  2. Collection is fine, I'm down in Plymouth, Devon. Let me know if you're interested
  3. Yeah you'll need to reset it. Assume the 350z is the same as the 370z on this little niche. But to add to the thread, I find the longer the drive, the more satisfying the feeling and better the numbers. Personally love just coasting in the left hand lane, soaking up attention and every once in a while dropping down a few gears and letting it roar for my own satisfaction.
  4. Do you guys reset this before getting onto the motorway? Mine just seems to be stuck on 19.4mpg without the average speed increasing . I just did a run from Dewsbury to Leicester and back.. I got 200 miles from £22 but it still said 19.4mpg?
  5. Hi there, I had an issue where I had this same code relating to Bank 2 Sensor 1 pre cat sensor. I checked vacuum leaked etc and didn’t have anything. I didn’t want to pay £100+ on a genuine sensor to find out that it wasn’t the problem. Turns out, my issue was an exhaust leak between the cat and the exhaust manifold. The stock cats were on and the gasket had perished causing oxygen to enter and affect the sensor. This threw the code p1283 running lean on bank 2 as the sensor was detecting more oxygen in the exhaust than what was metered by the MAF. Saved myself £100+ by replacing the cats with TORQEN Decats ( was already going to do this ) and used new gaskets, holts gun gum and new bolts. I would suggest checking for these leaks first. Never had the code again since I sorted that out
  6. Is collection an option? If so where are you based?
  7. Another one https://images.app.goo.gl/x9aFpKxLi1KHVjQW8
  8. I managed 27.5 average on our driving holiday to Italy and back. In my 370z, Which I think was really awesome to be honest. Quite a lot of 2nd and 3rd gear driving on the passes. Also quite fast on the motorway in places.
  9. CRacking day again David rganks for sorting this out again. It was really nice of the guys to open up 1/2 hour early for us as well. Nice drive out to that car park lmao..... Great ending at melbicks where we usually start.
  10. Z-Shed is now officially finished Scissor lift went in yesterday, Cupboards and workbench is in, posters on the wall.
  11. As someone who is obssessed by 90s JDM cars, I approve of this thread :) Some of my 90s JDM cars Still so many 90s JDM cars on my bucket list to own.
  12. Best I made was 35.8 after fitting a plenum spacer. 340 mile round trip with plenty of 50 zones.
  13. Terence


    Thanks for your reply I’ll see the local dealer tomorrow.
  14. Had a really good morning, great breakfast and great company. Thanks for taking the time to organise this, looking forward to the next with some better weather.
  15. Myself and a guy at work are following this, shame it's like 5x the price of the car to do but when the motors come down in price I'm 100% game.
  16. Therein is the problem. Clearly for you 'fast cars' is pointing it in a straight line and planting your foot. For me its more directed at lightweight, low slung, racing position driving and of course with the lovely noise that comes with it. Hence why I couldn't resist going back to a VX. I agree with you, if you are into straight line power then a weighty overpowered EV is the way to go - if driving for someone is about something else, then EVs really are not a simple next step they are anti what a lot of people love about performance cars. I am sure once EVs come down to practical prices in 5-10 years for used ones then I will probably get one for the school run and shopping etc. but for me personally, performance cars are not just about how fast you can drive it down an airstrip - and before you mention it, I have driven a model s and was not impressed by its handling at all, in fact I would say my old Celica GT4 was better with its 25 year old tech.
  17. Good meeting you too fella, definitely a tidy spot for breakfast in the new year. I could have driven all day with the GTR in my rear view, what a car and the mods WOW!!!!!! Your 350z was lush too with sweet mods.
  18. Was just talking about this last night, probably the hay day for jap sports cars. Too hard to choose one but the 3 above were on my list. For me they need to be heavily modified (nfs underground generation) But apart from the heavyweights the others were also great. From stuff like integras and mr2s to run of the mill cars with coupe bodies. Still like the civic coupes and celicas
  19. Good to meet you all today - weather could have been better - fingers crossed for the next one! Def a good spot for breakfast! David
  20. https://images.app.goo.gl/f6fhDzBKsuqUutHx5 this one for me
  21. Thread revival. Did Nissan reply regarding selling you "scratch proof paint"? Did you indeed have it at all or did they sell you a standard car but bill you the extra anyway?
  22. In stock and good to go same/next day: £125.00 + £25.00 shipping. What colour do you require?
  23. Hello all, Bit stumped - wonder if anyone can help me? Car is suffering a rough idle and also occasionally cutting out when coming of the throttle and coasting into a stop - not every time though; the revs sometimes dip almost to 0, and then jump back up to normal - other times the car will stall. I do have fault code P1283 which I know may relate to one of the upstream O2 sensors, but I'm not convinced (yet) that the sensor is necessarily the problem. So apart from the car struggling at idle, particularly when coming of the throttle, I've sat and monitored the car at warm idle, as follows: Car idles warm at about 8-900rpm which I believe is normal. However, like clockwork every 10 seconds it dips to about 500-700rpm and struggles for 5 seconds before returning to normal. This also had an effect on the sensor readings: (approximately) Bank 1, sensor 1 = 0.25V (when idle rpm dips, this goes to 0) Bank 1, sensor 2 = 0.75V (when rpm dips, this rises to about 0.9) Bank 2, sensor 1 = 0.25V (as above, dips to 0) Bank 2, sensor 2 = 0.75V (as above, rises to about 0.9) It feels like the sensors are responding correctly, or at least working. My plugs were done about 25K miles ago. I recently cleaned the MAF sensor and I don't have any obvious signs of a vacuum leak. Do I have a fuelling issue - injectors? Car seems to be pulling fine at normal speed and acceleration has felt normal. At the moment - I'm inclined to try a new MAF sensor and do all the reset procedures. Any clue from the info above though? Car is a 2003 DE at 165K miles, using normal 5w30 oil. The only other thing I changed recently was putting in a HKS filter (standard airbox).
  24. A topic near and dear to my heart, the best 90s Japanese cars. After reading a lot about them all, I decided on my personal favourite, and bought it seven years ago: I decided I'd prefer a simple, classic rwd sports car rather than a 4wd; a car that starts from uncompromised weight distribution and suspension layout to achieve speed, rather than compromising the basics and then compensating with reactive technology. I'd actually rate the NSX as my personal #2, but the RX-7 is objectively smaller and lighter, quicker with Stage 1 tuning, and subjectively prettier, plus I guess FR 50/50 weight balance is probably slightly more forgiving. I can confirm that the FD3S is excellent to drive; the handling balance is beautiful, resisting understeer and settling into a mild drift if you are over-ambitious with your entry speed, like the sixties sports-racers whose lines it draws inspiration from. It's quick; in the dry it squats and goes, the sequential turbos giving a great one-two punch for blasting past 45mph dodderers. Twice I encountered 996 GT3s on trackdays, and both times there was nothing in it in a straight line between the Porsche and my mildly tuned RX-7. The car readily shrinks around you, becoming an extension of your body that you can control intuitively. It's not perfect, and it moves around quite a lot on its suspension, but it's pretty quick and great fun. Basically a dream to drive, shame about the level of maintenance needed and the difficulties getting parts to fix it properly. Hence bailing out and getting the Z now :-) Having said that, I have a lot of time for the NSX, the Z32 in SWB TT form, the Supra A80, the BNR32, SW20, .... . In an ideal world I'd have a big garage and about ten of the best 90s Japanese cars in it.
  25. But I have now. Around 5 minutes to refuel with real life range of 405 miles. My word, how wrong I got that!!
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