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  2. Front bottom ball joint (presses into hub)

    Might be a silly question but what's the difference, mine is an 04
  3. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    When this was taking place was the bonnet up?
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  5. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    Blue line is stock air flow Orange line is with Mishimoto The air flow is from the MAF from the 350z, so there was a good gain over stock. Don't know what a drop in does, but the difference would be smaller.
  6. OBX Individual Throttle Bodies

    I'll hope they fix some issues you are talking about. Maybe then they can sell some itb's to less smart/handy people like u, for instance me
  7. Desperate need of a drivers side brembo caliper

    Ah, man really? After all that. Didn't catch fire did it? Had that happen in my 106 GTi when the oil pressure sensor blew out and squirted oil on the manifold. Not an experience I want to repeat, thank god for the extinguisher I had installed.
  8. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    Mine suffers massive heat soak seeing intake temps almost triple after a few pulls so avoid anything thats metal And Not coated as an intake
  9. Desperate need of a drivers side brembo caliper

    Lol no failed on emissions it had a massive oil leak on the way and it pi**ed all over the headers. It also cut out twice while on the motorway and then again on the MOT ramp took 10 hours to find the electrical fault we're 95% certain we've fixed it but until it goes for a long run theres no telling it ran for over 2 hours after and didn't stall so i presume its fine. New plugs are being installed now. After it was running again we got it on the ramp and Carbon dioxide wouldn't go in the green. Everything else was. It's got a test later with a friendly tester who I'm sure will get it to pass the emissions test it was only off by 0.3 on carbon dioxide
  10. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    I've been looking in to this - Seems that long tube intakes can give benefits but they need to be mounted in such a way as to maximize the amount of air-flow. Also apparently can suffer from heat-soak so heatwrap would be advised. I've had mixed reviews and advice but decided to go for long tube cold intakes before I get mine remapped.
  11. Desperate need of a drivers side brembo caliper

    How'd it go? Get through in the end?
  12. Ark true dual competitor

    TORQEN HFC to be paired with the ARK exhaust.
  13. Front bottom ball joint (presses into hub)

    Are these the ones you're after? 2005 - https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/10377-350z-spd-front-knuckle-lower-control-arm-ball-joint-with-seat-1010163-s5.html 2003 - https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/882-350z-de-spd-front-knuckle-lower-control-arm-ball-joint-with-seat-03-04-1010163-s.html
  14. Next Corvette

    Be interesting to see if it stays in the same price bracket now
  15. Understeer

    Once you get that diff welded I'll come out with you no problem and try and help you. I have a hatred for drifting with they viscous diffs lol as they are just dangerous if you don't know what your doing with them haha. When's your next drift day? I will come out with you and try and talk you through it and also take you out in my car to try to show you what I'm meaning. I've just had an op though so will be out the game for 6 to 8 weeks unfortunately. 400 seems alot for a half days tuition but if it's kyle your getting to teach you it's probably worth every penny. But as I said it's alot of money and I'd personally be spending it elsewhere, probably on bits I've already broken on the car haha
  16. Next Corvette

    Corvette NSX Aventador Muira Pantera
  17. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    so basically, nothing to shout home about between a standard paper replacement vs a reusable high flow filter and less hassle i suppose as you havent got to clean them either. This explains why there isnt much of a rage about how much performance a particular air filter has added . well hopefully this should clear things up for others thinking the same thing
  18. Front bottom ball joint (presses into hub)

    Brand new are in stock and good to go same/next day. Just drop me a PM if I can help further.
  19. Plenums

    Thanks for info
  20. Next Corvette

    Did someone photoshop corvette lights on a nsx
  21. Anyone know where I can get a good quality replacement ball joint from or done theirs in the past? I've tried all local motor factors and they can't get one, looked on eBay but wary of quality. Need one asap really. Thanks
  22. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    Much of a muchness really. There may be fractional difference between them but your not going to notice it. Personally I tend to stay away from filters that need oiling. HKS is foam style, give it a wash and let it dry out thoroughly and it should last just as well as any other type. Edit: there you go, as @veeg33 says
  23. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    Did a simple test (3 maps) on dyno a few years back - (Map 1)Used drop in filter (Blue Print) as the base map, (Map 2) new HKS hybrid high flow filter (2 BHP gain), (Map 3) filter completely removed (another 1 BHP from map 2). Assumptions made: All 3 runs are on the same condition and dyno is mapping consistently throughout the test. As an engineer, i would at least test each condition twice to ensure repeatability =) i actually only paid for 1 run but the guys there were interested to see the difference too hence gave me 2 free runs. Since then i just put any drop in filter as long as they filter the air going into my engine. Either Blue Print or Mann filters, around £8 each per year
  24. Aftermarket Air Filters - any benefits

    Ok so now im following.....so another question in the mix then whilst we are at it,......foam style drop in air filter like pipercross vs a drop in k&n filter.....any benefits of either?performance wise, longevity etc
  25. Next Corvette

    Yea with the new layout the proportions are different, looks great. But head on from the front and rear it’s almost the same car
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