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  2. GLWTS Matt. Great sounding exhaust and a fantastic price also.
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  4. +1 on this, super deal, should be sold in the next 24hrs
  5. Garage has accepted this and gave a pass.
  6. The YouTube video following yours is the same warm start problem but on a Nissan Murano, caused by the check valve on the fuel pump. He replaced the fuel pump to fix the problem
  7. We live in a crazy world. True story but 20 years ago a friend of mine sold a clear plastic bag full of Sussex Countryside air on Ebay for a fiver. Seriously.
  8. Winter wash this afternoon. Finished with the turtle Wax spray on wax used as a drying aid. First time using it, went on nicely, hazed up a little and wiped off cleanly. Look forwards to seeing how well it stays!
  9. If he plays hard ball, just remove the rusted panel and go to another testing station.
  10. Many thanks Alex. I'll see if I can talk him to accept this is not structural and can be removed without replacing.
  11. All parts are in stock and good to go same/next day. If the kidney brackets are corroded then they will have to be replaced, however from your image it appears to be the panel that runs behind the petrol tank that is corroded and if that is the case, just remove it as it serves very little purpose. IMHO, this panel should not be an MOT failure as it is not structural However I have the panels in stock if you wish to replace. Kidney brackets are also in stock. Alex
  12. Having done some google search, looks like that's a kidney braces? and the part i need to replace is the one above is board assembly - rear floor? Would be great if you guys can confirm how easy it is to replace these 2 items? I have access to tools and ramp to replace the if they are easy enough? Probably the toughest will be the rusty bolts and nuts.
  13. Just failed MOT this morning, this parts needs fixing or replacing. Anyone had similar problems and how do you sort it out? Was it a big job (sub-frame out, exhaust out, etc) or something as simple as replace the part (without removing other parts) ? Passenger side has corroded, driver side still OK but if they can be replaced, I think both needs replacing at the same time. @ZMANALEXdo you have parts if it can be replaced?
  14. Clear the outstanding while the buyer is there. Keep the rest if its more than you owe or clear the rest if its negative. If selling to a dealer this is all done during the sale. I called Nissan Finance a few days later to make sure it was cleared and nothing was being owed.
  15. Ditto. Easy providing you are up front and tell the buyer you are using the payment to settle outstanding PCP. Done it myself twice before.
  16. rabbitstew


    MPS4S`s are awesome. I got 25,000 miles out of mine on the 911 turbo and promptly replaced them with the same.
  17. As above. Last few cars the wife has had have all been on PCP. You speak to the PCP company, they give you an up-to-date settlement value, which you pay and the car is now free of PCP and all paid for. Its been a really easy process each time.
  18. Very odd when last year they snapped my hand off and were cheaper than all the other companies. Still, ive long since given up on "insurance company logic".
  19. Apparently another artist went in and ate the banana, but its ok, the bananas are easily replaceable according to the gallery. What an utter farce. A silly bubble of stupidity.
  20. Avoid Smiths Nissan in Peterborough. Awful customer service, especially from a guy called Kevin Joyce.
  21. Great deal for someone considering this system is nearly £1400 new, GLWTS
  22. My zed is going up for sell next year, hopefully it will go quickly
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  24. For sale is my used 350z Injen SES Exhaust for £900, collection from Flitwick, Bedfordshire or maybe we can arrange to meet up as it all fits in the boot perfectly fine. It has been on my car since April 2018. I drive about 5000 miles a year so its had probably 7-8000 miles on the exhaust. My car is not lowered at all so I've never caught a speed bump in it. I've left the bolts and gaskets on the exhaust that came off with it but I would recommend buying new gaskets to minimise any potential future leaks. Any questions, please ask. Exhaust system from Cat back (replaces y-pipe, mid pipe and backbox). X-Box/X-Pipe with no scratches or marks: Flexi's are in really good condition. No fraying, no rust, no signs of scrapes or scratches. Welds all in fantastic condition: Some nice photos:
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