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  2. I had my nsr fail on the MOT in August, it had quite a bit of movement in it, but I couldn't notice anything whilst driving. I replaced it with a Blue Print one from work.
  3. Agree with Maverick, best film of the year so far.
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  5. Due to collect an 18 plate 370Z Nismo edition in platinum white next week. Going from a 10yr old BMW 520D that I've had since new. Mark
  6. Saw him this morning and he's like a little kid. He's so happy 😊
  7. Umster

    R8 would you?

    One thing I've learned with cars, if you've got half a chance to step into a great car. Do it. Every time I waited in the hope that prices dropped, I've failed. Every time I've thought maintenance costs would put me off, I've ended up spending money on the current car anyway. If you're lucky enough to work from home, there really is no better time to step into a silly car.
  8. I got the Top Gun Maverick 2 disc collection last week and rewatched them back to back. Another rare occasion where I enjoyed the sequel better than the original. So much so I'd say it's the best film I saw both in the cinema and at home this year! What are your nominations so far?
  9. Hey people, A while back, my HR died on me. Cruising on the motorway in 6th when I suddenly lost power. No grinding, no horrible noises, just loss of power. No engine management light either. Next day, it would start but only on 1 bank. At first I thought it was the Cam Position sensor as it did eventually give me an engine light and indicated the camshaft position sensor. Bought brand new Nissan OEM sensors (replaced all of them). Still the same. Checked fuel, fuses, wiring, etc. Noticed my spark plugs had a bit of oil on them so I replaced the rocker covers. Checked the cams themselves for any obvious damage. Everything looked good. So... timing chain? Eventually, I took the cam timing chain cover off and inspected it. All looked good. Turned the crankshaft. All looking good. Until I eventually noticed (through my oil filler) that my intake cam wasn't turning! So yeah. Intake camshaft broken. Took the rocker cover off and inspected it again. No damage there! The damage is right by the camshaft sprocket! I guess, what I'm asking is... Should I fix? I can't do a compression test. I can't put the chamshaft timing cover back on because the sprocket isn't sat where it should be anymore. I can't do a leakdown test as I don't have a compressor and no real means of having one either... However, my intake valves all look good. Due to where the camshaft snapped, all the valves are in the highest position and fuel was collecting behind them. Used my beroscope down the spark plug holes and looked at the pistons. From my limited knowledge... They look fine. I'm a little bit hesitant to buy a new camshaft (would a used one be a bad thing to do?) and hope for the best without getting some thoughts from those far more knowledgeable than me! I feel like it would make sense to do the timing chain, water pump and gallery gasket(it has been done before, but considering it's just there and it's a £20-£30 part)) since it's done circa 190k if I was to do it all... I'd rather do the work myself as money is a bit tight! Fairly competent. Did my entire clutch system last December when the CSC failed 😅 Or should I actually take it to Horsham/Japex, etc and get it looked at properly... Just money is tight atm! Thanks in advance for any help! This is it starting before I took the cam timing cover off Vids of the pistons...
  10. Just at the start of the wide body build…
  11. Wonderful, better than any other method in my mind as you maintain the clarity due to the UV shield with the additional bonus of protection from stone damage.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252659046182
  13. Definitely need to do this for my Z. What brand of vinyl wrap did you use? Got a link?
  14. Yesterday
  15. I thought I'd update this old thread. The wrapped headlights have endured 2 really harsh summers. Parked facing direct sunlight both at work and at home. Zero fade. As crystal clear as day 1
  16. 1. Stutopia x2 2. Kev T x1 3. Harrison140 x1 4. andy James x1 5. HEADPHONES 6: Azurez33 7: StormtrooperZ
  17. So so happy for my Dad, today one of his dreams came true and he took delivery of something he'd always wanted.
  18. 1. Stutopia x2 2. Kev T x1 3. Harrison140 x1 4. andy James x1 5. HEADPHONES 6: Azurez33
  19. Yeah but unlike you we'll just be chatting about cars, not partaking in your favourite activity... Dogging 🤣
  20. I dont mind going to Bluewater around summer. Just need to be wary as the staff and police hate car meets. Youre not allowed to hang in the parking lots either.
  21. 1. Stutopia x2 2. Kev T x1 3. Harrison140 x1 4. andy James x1 5. HEADPHONES
  22. I am sure someone will buy this on here, i can't treat myself again 😏
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