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  2. Nice to meet you today Andy i like what you have done to your 350z, it sounds amazing
  3. The idea was a simple and fast build. Using my HR heads and the VQ37. I talked to a guy in the US who had build something similar. But I could have known it wouldn't be that easy. Hahah.
  4. Just ordered a set of these French springs as I'm already in 2 rubber washers in each OEM spring and I'm now needing THREE clicks to open the boot Thanks for the video and the link
  5. I’m alright thanks mate, cheers anyway, having my plenum done soon 😊
  6. Cheers thanks for the reply
  7. All up for sale if I sell my 350 and loads more
  8. Hi you could of gone down this route
  9. They were Volk SF Challenge. Already gone to another forum user in exchange for the standard rims.
  10. A very tiny update today, but big changes are coming I promise! after the meet decided to do a little in the engine bay as I’ve been trying edge more down the functional route, decided a few bits of paint and some additions were needed
  11. So I repolished one of the headlights and then wiped down with alcohol. Re wiped with water. Then started my wrap. All went well til I peeled off the protective top layer. No bubbles but some cloudy patches similar to when celotape sticks against itself adhesive side to adhesive side and when you pull it apart it isn't clear anymore. I thought maybe I used the wrong lube so tried again with JUST WATER........ May as well have tried using it dry....... total mess Going to order another FOUR pieces as I'm adamant to nail this
  12. With my ever losing battle with oxidising headlights no matter what coating I used after polishing, I committed myself to try a wrap to protect them. Being aware of my limited skills I bought 3 pieces with the plan to try wrapping a spare old rear light cluster I have lying around The size and curves being similar to the front headlights would be a good training exercise. Armed with a heat gun and some spray lube (750ml water and a teaspoon of shower gel) I made quite good progress. Just needed to use my fingernail to tuck the edges in tight.
  13. So then I attempted to wrap the headlight.
  14. After just 3 months both of the products have failed. The Meguiars kit looks marginally worse but I'd say both are not really worthwhile buying again. I repolished the driver's side and left the Meguiars kit for comparison.
  15. Are those the seats with the new covers that you fitted
  16. Really enjoyed today as at last some semblance of normality! It was so good to catch up with you guys after almost 2 years. Hoping this is the start of many more forum meets to come.
  17. Sooooo much want! My heart says yes, my bank account says nah,hence the braums :(
  18. Thanks to Andy James for organising, simply Japanese, the weather wasn't too bad either shame we couldn't share with other members, here are some photos
  19. Great day. Thanks for organising Andy James. Great weather luckily. Great to catch up with friends again. Just a few select photos from me.
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