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  2. ChrisB

    Nismo V2 replica (FRP) front bumper

    Sorry mate, but I think UK-Ireland is too far, too risky, too costly. I've heard of shipping horror stories in the past (and 188cm is a very long box). Good luck with your search
  3. Keyser

    I broke me Knob !

    But have you made a nice replacement???
  4. Keyser

    I broke me Knob !

    Nah needed I needed to change it anyway the old one was looking tatty
  5. craigmdennis

    Flyboy-Mirror Auto Fold Module - GROUP BUY 2017

    Awesome @cs2000! Received today and has everything I need. Looking forward to fitting them. This thread has been going a long time so I'm glad the torch has been passed and we're actually getting some of these things in our hands.
  6. Here's a small recap from my first outing in the 350z tt. i learned that a 500 hp 350z is almost the slowest car in Germany
  7. Today
  8. Rock_Steady

    BMW 335i?

    i like how the cars are catagorised as " pride and joy "
  9. Rock_Steady

    Home project - Raspberry Pi3 into Playstation1

    Bought a Pandora's box 5 recently. Good fun an the emulation isn't bad at all.
  10. andy james


    We had over 20 paid last year and we got a reasonable spot.
  11. Hrma

    Setting up a new European rally

    Sounds really good fun count me and the Mrs in.Good job
  12. Ekona

    My new car mats

    Have another ffs. Ffs.
  13. Silverthorn

    Z Badge

    If you're still after a set of these you are more than welcome to mine of my 370. I'll be removing mine over the next week or so when my new badges arrive
  14. davey_83

    Lowered suspension

    That would have been the dampers making it feel wollowy on track, not the springs.
  15. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Lowered suspension

    If you're going to track it, I'd suggest going for coilovers. I had teins and it made my car feel wallowy. On the road she was fine at high speeds just not on track.
  16. Panoz33

    Lowered suspension

    Tein springs fitted here with wheel spacers. No problems over speed bumps at all and the ride is drastically improved. I was debating to go with eibach as I would like it a little bit lower but the fact that I would need camber arms and the possibility of scraping over speed bumps I chose the more sensible option.
  17. Panoz33

    Spacers are on!

    Job done. Thanks for your help guys. I'm very happy with them although I think the wheel bearing is going now lol I suppose it was on its way anyway just now with the spacers it's a bit more pronounced
  18. shayne

    Nismo V2 replica (FRP) front bumper

    It's a long shot but if you'd be willing to ship to Ireland let me know I'd be interested
  19. GranTurismoEra

    Alpine A110 by Renault

    Interesting 4 pot, rival to cayman and possibly 4c. Faster than the Z. 250 bhp in a 1.8 weighing 1000kg roughly. Auto only. From £50,000 pounds. Recieved good reviews. 1 has caught fire, but dont let that put you off . 2 on private sale in uk at 9k over list..with only 100 miles...What do you think?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Daisyduke

    Rare accessories

    Evening all. I was interested. Is there a list anywhere of rare or even common accessories that are available for the z? Maybe these would be jdm or usdm accessories or such. Would just be nice to know what was available for my lovely z. Many thanks Me
  22. OnlyAfro

    What oil to use!

    Near enough makes no difference, don't worry about it. Some people swap to thicker stuff to help reduce oil loss, especially with the Rev Up models, but it also results in lower mpg, though it's pretty negligible either way. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, and as long as you keep your oil topped it it'll be fine.
  23. hmale4yu

    People keep calling my 370Z Nismo a GTR.... yeah

    Yea the power delivery is buttery smooth which I like. I haven't really pushed it tho. Having driven 3.2 V6 Audi Quatro engines the performance is in the same not totally diff league I do again reiterate that the car looks a lot faster then it actually is. Its almost like the speed doesn't scare you (which I have heard people that have driven the GTR, 911 Turbo S, Corvette Z06 say) ; the only other analogy I can think of is a girl whom is attractive and that you fancy but not to the point that they are so stunning that you are kind of intimidated/self conscious by their looks ha
  24. MevZee

    What oil to use!

    Hi guys I hope someone can help, I bought my z a few months ago and when I did the guy I bought it off gave me a load of oil which he had been using for it. he gave me 5w40. But I know Nissan recommend 5w30. he told me he was using it for extra protection for the engine? Has anyone ever heard of using 5w40 in the 2005 motor? Or should I go back to the 5w30 I have also checked my oil level and I do seem to be having a slight oil consumption issue but not major (1L over 2k miles) I’ve heard getting an oil catch can might help? Many thanks, Matt.
  25. The G Man

    Does your dogs need training? FREE

    Why is this still pinned? 2011 I asked a question, I heard f*** all from the original poster ffs. August 2018!
  26. The G Man

    'STANG thread

    Stangs rule! Plenty of cars faster, plenty of cars with more kit, none as iconic, none as much fun, none as capable as a GT, none cheaper for a V8, some aspire, none achieve. anyway, Stang rules, as per this thread should state , 10million can’t be wrong 6th Gen, for the win ok, two years in and its still hilarious, you’ve got to own to know
  27. Bosch

    Z servicing in or close the Herts

    Another +1 for Japex. Really good, knowledgeable guys and great customer service.
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