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  2. I hate it, but I still have respect for Payco for not giving a toss and doing what the hell he wants to it.
  3. Hi. I'm sure I have a rev up steering rack available. I'll check tomorrow for you. You can pm me and I'll give you my mobile number for a quicker response time. Thanks Paul
  4. why would anyone be so offended by that car.? Its well done and fresh colours. Hardly a travesty.
  5. I wasn’t and never wanted praise for what I have chosen to do to my Nismo. I have merely shared what I have done for others to see and which is a big part of ownership and sharing our love and passion. I have no desire or need to build up a post count or a number of likes etc. I also do this so others can gain experience of options for their cars based on what others have done. This is one of the reasons I joined this forum 7 years ago. As far as the US forum is concerned I was again just participating in a mods thread but unfortunately instead of gracefully and constructively passing feedback on what I have done they slaughtered me which was uncalled for. Don’t worry I am not one to care either way I was just putting the record straight.
  6. Yep American Pro - got it just in time - they've gone up £150 today due to the low pound - looking for an SG now to fill my AC/DC urge
  7. I don't like posts like these....... Not so long ago and it continues whereby for almost each new addition you'd start a new thread, rather than what's commonly done to update a single a build thread. I personally see this as wanting to generate post traffic seeking extra acceptance for your efforts. Don't get me wrong we all want this, but generally add to a single tread rather than multiple ones. The hunt for extra acceptance has led you to then also post on a forum in another country, thousands of miles away. I could be wrong in my understanding of why you felt the need to do so? Extra exposure will lead to extra praise and abuse, as sadly this is the world we live in. My advise (not that it should ever be utilised) is to carry out mods for 'you' and do what makes 'you' happy, clearly you already do this however the hunt for additional 'love' leaves one open for abuse. You appear to shrug off trolling alot better than I ever would. I'm not particularly fond of the additions to your Nismo and that's not a bad thing otherwise we all have the same mods. However I can appreciate the effort, love and passion for self expression. The attitudes seen above in red are unfortunate and more so for those individuals who allow negativity to become them, which becomes automated in day to day live.
  8. Currently getting a few people together for a drive out around the Yorkshire Dale's if anyones interesed?? It's being organised for 8th sept, meet at 9 30am, set off at 10am from mitton hall, clitheroe. If people are interested, let me know below and I'll post up the route etc. It's being organised by a friend on the bmw M forum. Would be nice to get some Zeds there also showing some style Cheers
  9. Looks nice is it a USA model ?Still on my to do list to get American made strat,been a Gibson man many years but will get a Strat one of these days when I can stop spending on cars
  10. "PS - I the first reply absolutely made my day so thanks for that " I try to please now get back to your crayons
  11. @andybp I see your true colours now - the little green eyed envy monster popped it's ugly head out, it probably had to pop out as you only have a teeny tiny little shed and it couldn't fit in there with your ego could it !!!!! I do not have someone to wash my hands when I've finished - I sacked him I do have someone that brings me coffee on a regular basis and cooks me nice meals that are waiting on the table for when I get in Of course if she is not busy in the house I find her CDO (like OCD but in alphabetical order) useful in the garage as she has been sorting out my new tool boxes - Pick hole in that then PS - I the first reply absolutely made my day so thanks for that
  12. I'm in south west London but he covers a lot of areas - this is the website: https://carseatrepair.co.uk/ Sure will post before and after pics.
  13. Hi Harry. That pic has me assuming you're pretty handy with a spanner. To this day I've still not discovered where the safe place to put the axle stands is once the car is jacked up using the jacking points! Looking forward to reading about your exploits with your zed
  14. My bad. No wonder I never know if people are coming or going
  15. Sorry about that not sure where it all comes from
  16. yes i have lots of things better to do but i couldn't resist and no she doesn't vacuum it she just complains that she can't get through it due to all my crap because we don't all have a whopping great Z Shed do we, no we have teeny tiny little shed and garage with no personal cleaning staff do you have someone to wash your hands for you when you've finished playing for the day i bet you do don't you Hmmm
  17. Going off topic..... But this could be Mrs Gangzoom scaring modified turbo'd Zeds in her Model 3 in the near future. They look RAPID!
  18. Long shot but I have a practically brand new set of Nismo Mak2 rims for sale. Need to sell them so happy to discuss a sensible price if by any chance you are interested. Martin
  19. I never said you were banned, just commented on your negativity and unproductive comments about my car with your US bullies on their site. Purely pointed out that your previous post on here was not productive when you mocked a member for buying a project and posting their progress on bringing back to life a mini cooper. This is a forum that shows respect to others, unlike the US guys who have mocked and taken the p*ss out of every mod I have done to my Nismo. I don't expect everyone to like my car but on here we have more grace and respect. You moaned about this forum to the US guys and said you never planned to return because of people like me being on it. I said careful what you wish for, I didn't say I had banned you. I have no issue whether you stay or go but just try behaving better on here as we are more respectful and have standards. For context for our respectful UK team below is a response to my mods on my Nismo from the mob hunters in the US, oh and they took objection when I fought back in true British bulldog fashion because I wont be intimated by anyone. Absolutely garbage sizing, clearly you did not research into wheel specs the canards are tacky as **** on a stock body car with no other aero the random *** panel and hood coloring is wack as hell this is a wanna be car that's a total waste of money i mean you really spent money on some honda spec wheels? ROFL Please take the wrap, those dumbass wannabe canard things and the wheels off and return this car to stock then sell it to someone who knows what they're doing This is not even a "different styles" question - this is an ignorant person throwing stuff at the car
  20. Im after a Nismo rear bumper and Nismo sideskirts for my 370z. They need to be in pearl white (QAB paint code), as i dont want to have to worry about painting them and colour matching etc. I am interested in either the V1 or the V2 options. And can do a swap (plus cash your way) for the stock GT bumper/skirts if preferred.
  21. a remap can indeed affect emissions, in both positive and negative ways depending on the tune. Based on my test sheet yesterday, lambda value at exhaust must be between 0.97 and 1.03 in rpm range 2450-3050rpm to pass, CO% less than 0.2 and HC less than 200ppm. So, if a remap has been set so that between 2450 and 3050 rpm it is running richer than OEM within that rev range then it's going to increase HC and CO and lower the measured lambda. If in combination with that, you have a high flow cat with small diameter (less surface area for the catalytic materials to act on) then this compounds the problem. I can't imagine with a good condition OEM cat internals (like mine when tested last year) that with just a remap you would ever fail. They have a huge margin over the legal limits. From speaking with Jetex on the matter - especially when using high flow cats, the concentration of the palladium, rhodium and platinum substrate coatings is very important. A 'cheap' 200 cell cat may only have concentrations designed for a Euro 2 car (see ebay cheap sports cats <£90) . If you look at ebay for Euro 4 qualifying cats, it's £180 minimum. The reason being that they will have higher concentrations of the precious catalytic materials on the honeycomb. Just off out to a job at work - can't remember exactly what your circumstances were?
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