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  2. Excellent job. I will need to do mine this year.
  3. What a job…. For a long time the headlights had been really bothering me on the zed. Typically Japanese yellowing but also I could see a clear tab inside the light that helps disperse light had also went yellow causing the entire unit to look poorly. It really aged the car in my opinion So to take the headlights out, the bumper needs to come off, which involves taking out approximately 1000 10mm bolts. Also to access around 1/2 the 10mm bolts both wheels and arch liners needed to come out too. Then headlights come out and whilst also removing approx 3mm of flesh from each knuckle Then headlights into oven for 7minutes at 100 degrees and then split. All to remove the yellowing tab. Then reverse the process inc adding silvertec bulbs etc. Polish to finish very happy with the results and freshened front end up nicely. tomorrow I’m wrapping them in a clear uv film to keep them minty clear etc
  4. Funny thing is the slk 55 2nd gen r171 was causing issues with Caymans on the track up to 5 years ago. Handling is debatable from the track videos ive seen they seem decent and controllable. They do however have issues. This one has some mods tho
  5. Just checked on the used bumper we have in stock, it seems they're rivets:
  6. As above how to you get it off ? Speed humps have damaged it and after a splitter instead. Ta
  7. Short tails on Gumtree Please view this ad: Nissan 370z Nismo Performance exhaust free flow back box , https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/nissan-370z-nismo-performance-exhaust-free-flow-back-box/1453378422 Price: £ 100
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  9. You may find yourself getting a call from your long lost rich uncle in Nigeria at the very least..
  10. I appreciate your plight but I wouldn’t be posting your email address and mobile number on an open forum . PM function is here for a reason .
  11. Hi Are you still selling? After a set of black for my 370z Ideally matt black cheers
  12. New batch of the famous TORQEN HFCs en route from factory, 3 pallets incoming, 4-6 weeks to arrive.
  13. These are in stock, ready to ship for next day delivery Mainland UK.
  14. Thanks for your review Ed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bQEokWxV6U
  15. Front and rear 370z nismo sway bars OEM also available. £150 for both
  16. Hi and welcome along. Nice looking beast you have there.
  17. Some pics with the yellow kit installed on our demo 370z.
  18. Don't, in selling my slk 320 manual today as it's not as engaging as my 370z, slk55 I'd be tempted with as it's just a dinosaur that won't be repeated and kinda cool, the numb handling and suspension and not that great a gearbox can be forgiven because it has a hand built V8 under the bonnet
  19. What body shell is that!!! S14?...
  20. Hello and welcome! Looking good 👀
  21. didnt want to be that guy starting another thread but also looking at these SLK. The 350s are level with 350Z. Theres also the older 2000-2003 SLK mk 1 SLK 32 rare gems with Supercharger 354hp some tuned to 400hp weighing only 1300kg. The 172 2012 - 2016 do have some issues including roof leaks and exhaust valve. They are rare and come with a 5.4 v8. They weigh around 1620kg. 394 ft lbs and 4.6 seconds so as fast as a NA v8 needs to be. Roadtax is £340 and has the 4 cylinder shutoff system for economical driving. Not to be confused with SL which has its own issues
  22. Replied to, check your inbox. Plenty diffs in stock.
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