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  2. PPod

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Will give that a go thanks. Usually use ez car care ghost as a drying aid but I do have sonex and chemical guy detailer also.
  3. I’m looking to find the owner to ask about the car. Spotted at Blair Drummond Safari Park on Sunday 21st cheers Paul
  4. Will be stripped in the coming weeks to make way for build number 4 ! :0
  5. Many thanks to all for your help, I appreciate it.
  6. Bikeracer

    Bracknell meetup

    I’m working night again tomorrow evening, however does anyone want to meet up at Peacock Farm pub in Jennets Park at around 7pm ish tomorrow evening? Im working all of next weekend, however could also meet up at Peacock Farm pub, Jennets Park or nearby after work next Saturday or Sunday at around 7:30pm ish
  7. PPod

    Does snowfoam work

    I became so obsessed with my paintwork I ended up changing the car from black to red just because it hides the swirls slightly better A blame nissan for such soft paint for my problems. Tried every snowfoam and wash technique but in the end swirls came back just slowed the process down.
  8. ilogikal1

    Car identity

  9. You could ring them, they have a shop in derby and are very helpful and friendly.

    Got my new 350z Roadster

    So....... Are you back in the UK with your Zed? Azure sure is a mighty fine colour
  11. The Big Miester

    Got my new 350z Roadster

    Welcome along best colour combo I have a 05 they are great cars enjoy
  12. The Big Miester

    New 350z Cheshire Owner

    Another great looking suset orange Zed enjoy over the border in Salop or should say Shropshire
  13. The Big Miester

    Hello all new owner Glasgow area

    Welcome aboard nice cars both but as you get to know the zed more theres something in them I call it big charactor Enjoy
  14. Welcome aboard enjoy
  15. Diggerman

    diy rear mount

    You said in an earlier post that you controlled pump speed by oil pressure so not to run the pumps at full speed like others, I assumed you meant that your pump would slow down and speed up with changing oil pressure? But would the turbo not require a constant pressure or can it vary like the engine does?
  16. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Yeah it looks like its on rails......don't think you'd see which way he went down a B road! It's a guy called Chris Van Woensel but he campaigned this car a few years back now and has moved away from the big Z these days. Engine was a 400hp IES build here in UK. Great results mate.......got to send me a copy of your dyno sheet? Did you keep the standard rods and rod bolts? Still finalising specs but 370z 86mm crank 35HR 5.974" rods ( 96mm 12.5:1 high comp custom pistons to suit "long rods" (possibly looking at CP's, what made you go with them?) Then drop my modified HR heads on and see how it goes! Glad people are still reading it..........makes it worth keeping up to date. Yeah the rod end made a great change to steering, very worth doing. Do really rate the SPL stuff........really happy with my chassis set up as it is now. Donor engine is for the above build.......getting another engine means car stay's on the road and there's no pressure or rush to complete it. Sounds like you got plenty to get on with!! Cheers! No I'm not fast enough for that...........others get issues driving to the shops!! Seriously though, never had a problem, I don't drive on track with less than an indicated 1/4 of a tank which is actually more like half the tanks capacity just in case and it's always run fine through very fast, tight or long right and left handers so I'll just carry on doing what I've been doing for years now.
  17. coldel

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I guess its a point of how much do you generate on site vs via the energy companies. Scottish Power now generates all its electricity via wind power and announced this week they are investing in solar. Forcing people to buy solar panels on houses is not really sensible when energy companies can purchase at scale for much less. Its a shame the government spins such a negative story around energy companies around pricing - they don't tell you that they force energy companies to reinvest most of their profit into developing renewables of course leaving the companies having to charge more to stay afloat - but that wouldnt suit politicians eh easier for them to say 'hey we are going to cap those robbing energy suppliers' I would say the future is not now but we cannot sit around and wait, which is why fears about lithium supply etc are a bit of a red herring as of course demand goes up, supply goes up, then 40 years down the line something else is invented to replace it. But we kind of do need to do keep innovating, changing, moving forwards when the opportunity arises. All that said, I would never trade in my ICE for an EV for my fun car just see ourselves as the lucky ones who still get to enjoy them whilst they are still around.
  18. davey_83

    Veeg33's slow dose of Zeditus......

    Still looking wonderful, I'm selfishly happy it still about
  19. reeceybeaney

    Veeg33's slow dose of Zeditus......

    Seen loads of good things said about the invidia gemini exhaust! Glad the car stays
  20. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** TORQEN is now a GReddy fully Authorised Dealer

    G37 / 370 GT Skyline version also in stock: https://www.torqen.uk/10250-g37-greddy-evolution-gt-304-ss-cat-back-exhaust-system-10128304.html
  21. MDMetal

    banana arms and drop links - what to order

    Personally I swapped both arms as its a driveway diy job so I did it over a weekend as at a time it was a daily car. Means it's all done and good, that's just me though!
  22. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** 350z & 370z TORQEN undertrays

    Last 370z under tray in stock, 2-3 weeks for the next batch to arrive. Plenty of 350z available.
  23. gingerslippers

    370z 12 plate alarm going off randomly

    Hi, it’s not a simple case of leaving the window open as obviously the alarm will pick up on that and you would expect it to go off. With the 370, the windows drop automatically when you open the door. They are then supposed to rise when the door is shut. I suspect my window sometimes isn’t rising as it should so there’s a small gap and air is getting in which then activated the alarm. There are a few suggestions on the issue but this wasn’t listed so thought I’d throw it in there so others can check if they have the same problem.
  24. BigPoch

    Weird knocking and squeek noise?

    Just to close this topic: The problem was the DS banana arm dropping on its bushing. Thanks to all for the help!
  25. nissanman312

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Nice Do you ever get any issues with fuel serge on track ?

    Unbelievable insurance quote

    When I renewed insurance with eSure on our Kia they offered legal cover. When I asked what exeptions were not covered they said "We will only cover legal fees in cases where we feel we will win!" I asked how they quantify feel? He reverted to the previous scripted answer. So I told him I would do without as I wasn't feeling very confident with their "we'll help you if we feel like it" attitude
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