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  2. 23rd September 2017

    You should not try and compare science to religion... Religion tells you what to think as it is written. Science tells you to question everything and find proof through observable evidence. No scientist will be able to say that God does not exist, its just the likely hood of it being as written in the bible or religious text of your choice is slim to nothing. But luckily we live in a free country and can choose to believe in what we want so just have fun and don't worry too much about the apocalypse.
  3. Much loved Black 2005 DE 350z GT For Sale

    First person to view it wanted it, deposit taken! he'll be picking it up soon.
  4. Just the Link ECU left now
  5. Battery Earth Strap

    The clamp on the earth strap is fully tightened and is not enough to tighten onto battery post, I assume the post on uk batteries must be marginally small, and new strap will probably be the same, battery is not old. my Mr2 was similar, but did tighten on to post. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. 23rd September 2017

    It is a valid point that @davey_83 declared his doubt into the matter in the opening of the thread, before it turned into a theological debate. Nice to see people keep open minds too.
  7. Today
  8. Half a 350z

    watching with interest.
  9. 23rd September 2017

    I wouldn't be about to loose faith due to lack of understanding, I had an open mind however also expressed much doubt. Even just from the start of this thread, ive learnt a lot for myself which can only be a good thing.
  10. Thanks for the welcomes . So I finally got myself one, an 06 plate in grey/silver. Got it home last night and could smell oil, before i knew it the cabin was full of smoke! Looks like an oil leak dripping onto the exhaust. Kind of praying it's nothing too major. Oil pressure seems fine, no warning lights lol... Great start to ownership haha. Ben
  11. Proud owner of my first ever Z

    No problem, a very late reply haha! Do love the colour, one of the main things that attracted me to the car, already gotten a few compliments from people who see me getting in/out of the car. Soon to be lowered on Tein springs, will post pics when it happens!
  12. Proud owner of my first ever Z

    Sorry for the late reply, only just seen this! Thanks! The colour was one of the things that attracted me to it.
  13. 23rd September 2017

    ...goes over to Google to find the next 'end of the world' date to stick in the diary. Dare we say religion has many more failed assumptions than science it would seem
  14. 23rd September 2017

    What didn't happen? No idea what you're referring to?
  15. Broken down on M3

    Hiya. nope didn't in the end. its a rev-up, 38k on clock 1.5 hours into 3 hour journey. Just coasting along at 80ish then cut out on me. Feels like a fuel flow issue. Starts fine, usual rev surge (assuming that is normal) on start up, tries to settle then cuts out. they had to stop traffic on M3 to get the car rescued...
  16. Your dream job?

    I'd probably set up my own retro gaming company OR buy a load of land, lay down a load of tarmac and start my own drag club ( that's a drag racing club before anyone chimes in with any transvestite jokes )
  17. 350Z two tone seats

    Bump still here, offers welcome on either seats
  18. Broken down on M3

    Damn that sucks, did you find out what went wrong? You drive a HR? How many miles on it?
  19. Half a 350z

    Many many hours spent on her so far, many many more to go till she's show spec.
  20. Yesterday
  21. My z fell off after just 2 weeks, wasn't willing to spend the money again to have it break again. It didn't have a hard life either, my keys in a bowl at home and the ignition, or my jacket pocket not like tight jeans where you have to drag them out
  22. I'm afraid the Z has just fallen off mine; the screw fell out! I'd like another please if you're still doing them. In fact I'd take 2 and keep the spare key on the other. Cheers
  23. TRAXShow@silverstone

    Will take mine to work one day in the week to do. It'll be ditched midweek if I peak too soon what with her being black n all.
  24. o/s 06-09 headlight

    PM received and replied to Bob.
  25. My N/A DE Build

    Cheers guys, sorry the posts are so long i've had alot to get through to catch up to date Still got a bit more to catch up with yet so will get round to putting that up shortly!
  26. o/s 06-09 headlight

    you have pm Alex
  27. My N/A DE Build

    Always love a good oily thread, nice work.
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