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  2. Hi and welcome from Bristol 😁
  3. I just saw the prices for Canada ........ We only have the 3.0 Supra here, which starts at $70k CAD base, the cheapest Stang is $32k CAD, with V8's starting at $46K CAD. It will be a tough market here if you include the other muscle cars as well.
  4. well managed to get sills painted and made it to this, great selection of cars plenty of Zs .. nice it get the car back on the road, as for show I really enjoyed it and plenty going on
  5. Must’ve turned your world upside down.......
  6. All, above list is correct. The list before was duplicated by someone hence 29 listed before.
  7. Mate 😂... Nissan could have made it lighter than the current car. Im seeing average 190 lbs heavier combined with real tires a lighter car would do better. Its a tough ask against a V8 and Zupra with a faster gearbox. So that being said £35,000 is the most this cars worth considering its not a new car underneath lol Lastly if you benchmarked against "Captain Supra" why are they still taking an L. Tires okay can run it back. The cars still heavier with a slower auto. Tough ask. If Nissan had retuned this engine for more torque and extra ponies it may be a different result. This engine is down on torque compared to the supra and mustang. Looks like an easy drop in with no refinements to engine or gearbox?! So actual improvements lay mainly in the manual with flat foot shifts and better ratios...
  8. I knew I made the right choice 🤣
  9. Nice documentary. Only kidding couldn't fit in the Supra 😂 There are many reasons mentioned in the video why the car could not be made 5-7 years ago! A new platform was possible but not affordable. The smaller investment made more sense. I dont think they should bother with a Nismo if its not 50-75 hp bump along with functioning aero and sports seats over the standard car. Just leave it at the standard spec and proto. Nismo needs to be different or whats the point?!
  10. Just watched this and was about to share until I saw you'd done it already
  11. Just incase anyone else needs to change their plates over to French ones, which if you live in France is pretty much compulsary, here is what I did. I replaced both rear indicators with Tarmacz led synchronous (or asynchronous?) indicators. Went for an MOT (Controlle Technique) and failed as I had no foglight. I bought the 370 fog/reversing light and cut a hole in the middle of the bumper for it, also removing a small chunk of the polystyrene inside. Also fitted new LHD headlights. Went to the local garage this afternoon and pointed out that the glue I had used to stick the fog light in had melted so I had put some tape over it to hold it in (by this point i had a booked MOT so had to go), and that one of the headlights seemed to be working at half the effort. He shrugged and got very excited about the car, roof down, sunny day, shrugged a bit and finished his garlic sandwich and said Pffft a few times. I came back an hour later and he was beaming from ear to ear and said that the tape worked and the headlight was not working properly, put them both down as advisories and tried asking me technical questions about the headlights which escaped my ability to comprehend, and waved me off with a pass to come back in 2 years. Now to send the paperwork off to get a new number plate. I really thought this day would never come.
  12. I'm genuinely a tad surprised at how much has been used from the 370z. The rear interior, centre console and door switches to name a few are identical. Not keen on the two tone paint job, not sure why manufacturers do this as it would have to be one body colour for me. Shame we won't get it over here
  13. Payco - Datsun 510 SSS - WWU 276J andy James 350Z - AJ07 ZZZ nismoandy 350Z - WP06FNX George1966 350Z CK06ACK Andy_Muxlow 350Z A20 MUX Loadmaster - 370Z Nismo - K8 LCJ GranTurismoEra - 370Z RA62DXH gnarly - 370z GT - LM18TGU TommZ - 370z Nismo - VV66TOM coldel - z4 - KT09JDO Seb - 350Z PR03 SEB zippypooz - 350Z - N44 SSN Darren-b - 240z - BVM 362K Cals_350z - 350z - DG56 WKK amyzed - 350z - FA51 AMY Allan .s - nissan 350z HRt - n07byj Nathan m - nissan 350z - av57znr Funkybudda-Nissan 370z-J4PXU 0008WRS-Nissan 370z 0008WRS Jonnymonno- 370z - V6 FAB
  14. Hi Martin. Added on page one last week? I’ll add it again
  15. Hi everyone last update on the trunk lid bottom plug . This is always fun an a bit nerve racking getting the part out !!! Starting out with a thin flat pry bar it get under the edge , then put wedges in all around where you can the danger here is breaking something on the car by prying or breaking the part , if it's a finished part coming out that is gel-coated you don't want to scratch it with tools such as screwdrivers . I found this little gem at the tool shop on day in the line waiting to check out , it goes flatter than a piece of regular cardboard and you inflate it , it's very strong , I bought the smallest one to try it out , next time I am there I will get another one for sure . here you see it under the part , it's great because it's not sharp and can press on a larger area . I took a couple of videos and will try to put them on . got it off the car ok , now to clean it up , trim the edges and wash the remaining PVA off , it's great stuff also it washes off with water . still need to sand the edges As you can see the carnage from the temp setup to make the part the back the front with the pocket for space for the hinges test fitting looks great !! It still needs to be bodyworked and then make the proper mold for the part , so the finished part has the finished side on the out side , fiberglass is such a lot of work , you need to make three things to get one . 1 the plug 2 the mold 3 the part but once you have the mold you can make lots of them . you see here there is clearance for the part to fit in . Next will be jumping onto the roof , although I feel like jumping off the roof sometimes lol lol this is the part I started to make a while back too attach the roof scoop , not too sure if I like it , it's going to be a bugger to glass and mold , been thinking of a better way . While I was sitting thinking about the roof I got out the masking tape and laid some on the side of the car to get an idea of it filled in . Wow Can't wait !!! to do the doors now ...... Enjoy !! Stay Safe and Stay Tuned In !! Cheers Phil
  16. Sit

    370Z Auto - Wanted

    Afternoon, A good friend of mine is looking for a nice 370Z auto, coupe or roadster but must be auto. Mileage isn’t of great concern as long as well maintained abs documented history available. A stock car is preferred and budget of around £13k with flexibility. Based in Somerset and looking for a car in next fortnight. Cheers Si
  17. @zippypooz Do you still do these ?
  18. im getting a Supra 😂...tires wont make a difference...Z has long gears and is heavier
  19. Hi, Just a quick message to say that we have now reviewed all of the questions raised here and on other forums. The plan now is for us to write articles covering these topics and we'll let you know when these are ready. Thanks again for your contributions, and for your patience whilst we complete this process. Simon
  20. I went to Nissan, they told me the issue with the lagging throttle is the throttle body. I drove the car yesterday, after bleeding the system again and it seemed to drive ok. I will give it a couple of days and see how it goes.
  21. Hi will. I've got to delete pms before I can send my details . But I don't know how to do this I don't have a clue with computer jargon. So I will get info over ASAP Cheers Pete
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