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  2. Erni902

    Wanted Nismo v2 spoiler

    You might be searching for a while, I was searching for a year to find mine but good luck and hope you don't have to wait as long as me haha
  3. I'm sorry but what a mindless, selfish w4nker!! Didn't even stop and fled the scene!! I hope to god they throw the book at him. It's scum like this that give true car enthusiasts a bad name and it's time like these that I 100% back the authorities for trying to stamp out any kind of unauthorised meets! Which has an impact on groups such as this who, yes meet up in vast numbers, but when we meet we switch the engines off and chat to like minded enthusiasts. Thoughts are with the families of all those caught up in this!
  4. whywontthisletmeregister

    Headlight modification diy -black + halos

    Perfect reason to crack them open and give them a special look and reseal them to make sure nothing gets in !!!
  5. StevoD

    Fatal attraction - New Type R

    just a shame there were overheating when been driven hard on track https://dailytoge.wordpress.com/2017/08/15/owners-report-the-new-civic-type-r-is-overheating-at-the-track/
  6. StevoD

    Wide rear arch, how to do it

    i don't think Only Afro was being critical, just airing his opinion, weather moped like it or feels it warranted he's posted on a public forum not a blog, the reaction was OTT, i mean he talks about not wanting it to handle @*!# yet has heavy wheels and ditchfinders , just my opinion that's a contradiction
  7. Seen this on CarBuzz, I hate the colour, the wheels and the tan interior but dear god its an F1 and not many go up for sale often. Will be interesting (if unsurprising) what price it goes for. 680 ponies in a 20 year old car...good god. I wish some car shows (although some have done it will the odd car or so) would do a proper test with an F1 against modern stuff, just....just to see where it lies in terms of straight line performance these days. Like the 'supercardrive' shoot outs and drags you seen on youtube (the inner kid in me loves those). Either way this thing will go for silly money and tbh (along with most cars) probably not ACTUALLY worth it, after all even with history etc...its a car. You can buy islands for some of the prices of cars sold at auctions for goodness sake lol https://carbuzz.com/news/someone-will-pay-insane-money-for-this-ultra-rare-mclaren-f1-lm Thoughts? (if any)
  8. z350convert

    Roadster advice please

    Thanks a lot. I've had some really positive comments here. I had a Westfield before my current 350z. On the Westfield you had a frame to assemble and pull into position and then you had to find the roof, unfold it and drape it over the frame, usually in a howling gale, button it all in place and then you had th issue of getting in. With no doors the only way to get on board was to climb through the window aperture, usually soaking wet. I sold it when I was 66.
  9. Humpy

    Wide rear arch, how to do it

  10. nissanjuke

    Nathan's 370

    looks mean
  11. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    A rear diffuser I got off Facebook from the chap who done the ducktail group buy a few months back. Should look like this when I finally get around to fitting it.
  12. AMT

    My last few days in a Z

    It's a sore one... but on to new things! I miss mine badly and I'm already considering my options for its actual replacement. I don't count what has replaced it as the 'one' (I'm having a sort of...2 year crap car break lol). Hope you enjoy the new one!
  13. Bosch

    What tyres ???

    I’d second the Eagle F1s. Moved to them from RE050s a few months ago and the grip is much better. The sidewalls feel noticeably softer and there’s definitely a little more roll in them when cornering, but it feels very progressive. Haven’t tried the Michelin, but very satisfied with the Goodyear’s given the price point.
  14. nissanjuke

    Nathan's 370

    what is it, don't keep us in suspense
  15. Nso93

    Nathan's 370

    Got a new present for the 370 delivered today.
  16. jollyranchers

    Audi TTS

    the 370z driver was probably trying to find the clutch biting point at the time of launch , mine can be a pig at times That TTS was seriously quick off the line .....
  17. nissanman312

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    My pal asked me if I wanted to do a evening sesh there next month I'm tempted after watching that I might struggle on noise tho with De cats I'm hoping to get a couple extra silencers poped into my invidia to make it more sociable
  18. cs2000

    Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose

    Haha thanks, if its gonna work, I want to do it right! The brains of it will be an Arduino pro mini. The language is understandable and it allows me to do some other cool tricks with it too ;) There is already a 12v live feed in the door anyway, so yes you'll tap off of that. The rest, il have to save for now ;) Need to order a rev 2 of the PCB. Some components don't quite fit (blame this being my first board ive designed). I "made them fit" for prototyping which went well, no magic smoke came out and no explosions, so that's cool. Il order the next version when I can and try it in the car (once ive sorted the programming out!)
  19. G1en@waxandshine

    Chesterfield Derbyshire

    Welcome along
  20. 350Butcher

    Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Cheers! Donington is such a great track to have quiet like this and string a few laps together at Tyres are Yokohama AD08R's
  21. Andy_Muxlow

    Chesterfield Derbyshire

    Hi and welcome along buddy.
  22. buster

    Chesterfield Derbyshire

    welcome to the forum from just down the road in Derby
  23. cob1980

    Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose

    Wow, you've gone to town on this. What do you program it with? Or rather what are you programming? I see there's a relay output so how will this work will it need a live feed from somewhere putting in?
  24. Ah thanks guys! Hopefully will catch up with you all on the next mids meet!
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