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  2. Cheapest ones you can get your hands on then. Tbh I always buy cheapy discs, and then adjust my budget for whatever pads I want to run depending on use.
  3. Lol thats all been shut down by Euro 7. Mr Renault said they're not investing in Petrol or Diesel engines going forward. Its going to be electric for anything thats hybrid now. Micra is getting scrapped and Juke etc will be moved on to Electrification. Besides the car is apparently not out until June 2022. I reckon it will cost over 5 million Yen for the Performance. Expensive but look at the cost of the current Nismo over there. The Sport will probably cost 4 million plus Yen and Performance 5 million+. 86/ BRZ is around £22,000 (3.7 million yen)...Im assu
  4. Hello everyone, got an advisory on my MOT today and I need some new brake discs as mine are pitted. I do almost no mileage on my car now as she is getting on so I don't need super high performance. Hints and tips greatly appreciated!!
  5. 1) davey_83 2) tauvp 3) HEADPHONES 4) Monkey1983 5) george1966 6) budbongo 7) 14N
  6. Wow, I'm surprised you couldn't weigh it in.
  7. I bought into the WHM intially because of him, he can do what no one else can do 20+ world records for extreme challenges and training SAS soldiers is no joke in terms of credentials. Yes I'm a fan 🖐️
  8. veeg33

    Stolen 350z

    Really unlucky for you however used zeds are going for good money now compared to 2 years ago. I saw range of £6k to £7k for above 80k miles on the clock (DE), HR goes for more money. All the best to you and get max payout soon
  9. Despite the outrageous early start and usual forecast of dampness as per your usual meet I should be there.
  10. Really nice wheels which look amazing on a Z33 👍
  11. 5 days to go Might spook the Z out for the morning 🕷️
  12. Had to negotiate with the wife to get out of Halloween stuff in the morning , may have to leave a bit early though , part of the peace deal 🤣
  13. Nice one pal 1) davey_83 2) tauvp 3) HEADPHONES 4) Monkey1983 On FB currently showing 25 going, another 20 as maybe.
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  15. 1) davey_83 - PAID2) Andy_Muxlow - PAID 3) HEADPHONES - PAID
  16. GLWTS Pete. Lovely looking wheels.
  17. I use to have a mid back ache since working from home, possibly something to do with an office chair on hardwood flooring or my early positioning using a laptop. But the combination of the cold showers and the mindful breathing exercises meant I no longer suffer. The breathing I've found resets my posture which of course is only a good thing. The brother in law who works for highways had a shoulder problem whereby the consultant had arranged for an operation. He's been doing the cold showers and breath work, more so the breathing from what I gather and some weeks later at a pre op
  18. I did have plans but now up for sale With Bridgestone tyres £700 ono
  19. I wasn't actually doing the cold showers at the time, but I was at least prepared for the feeling of cold water on me. I still find it takes my breath away for a few seconds when I get in after taking them every day for a few months, but I just ignore that now. I think I'd find it weird to get in a hot shower now!
  20. Dont accept less than £7500 for a UK car lol. Depending on Mileage. To get an equivalent car thats the going price for UK car sub 100k miles unless you trek to the highlands. When I had my accident in 2016 the insurance wanted to pay me £4250 total loss...I told em where to go that id repair it myself. Which I did for a couple hundred. I knew I couldn't get another good Z for that. Hopefully they apply common sense and pay the right amount. Afterall we,ve all paid into the insurance pot for "incase". Now its happened pay out those dividends!
  21. Yeah that's fair, I only did it for the weight loss, wasn't too bothered with the immune system etc. Be interested to get your take on it all - what works, what doesn't, why it does, why it doesn't.
  22. Nice one with getting back into the cold showers, I bet you found going in the sea easier than ever before. I did as my body was so use to that shock of cold and knows we got this. I find a cold shower knocks out any aches from the night sleep and gives me that can do attitude, a little win every day routinely telling your body you are the captain of your ship 💪 plus it's good for the vascular system as it simulates all the tiny blood vessels. I do the breathing after my cold shower, 2 or 3 rounds, getting back up to 4 rounds and to do 3mins without a breath still blows
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