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  2. “Best car with a Nismo badge… in the last decade” Remind me when the GT-R Nismo came out again? That being said, R&T are normally solid on their reviews compared to the rest of the US press, so that’s quite a change from the TG one. There’s a couple of contradictions in there, but that doesn’t sound remotely like the same car!
  3. Lol Some balance. Who knows maybe ill take a trip and test drive one. Either way theres not long left for these types of cars in Europe. So best to make the most of it.
  4. Base M4 is over 92k euro, let alone a CS
  5. Hi Guys, just a quick post as I see loads of people trying to run hydros, Chase Bays have a direct fit kit for the 350z, allowing you to plumb the lines into your existing calipers or run dual calipers on the rear. Hydro (reverse mount): https://www.torqen.uk/brands/chase-bays/bmw-e30/20533-chase-bays-hydro-handbrake-reverse-mount-cb-hbu-in.html Hydro (standard): https://www.torqen.uk/brands/chase-bays/bmw-e36/20584-chase-bays-hydro-handbrake-cb-hbb-inpt.html Direct fit kit: https://www.torqen.uk/brands/chase-bays/nissan-350z-g35/69683-chase-bays-hydro-handbrake-brake-line-kit-nissan-350z-g35-cb-z33-oemc-hb.html Any questions, feel free to ask.
  6. Midjourney, I use that in conjunction with ChatGPT on a daily basis. Both paid options.
  7. https://www.roadandtrack.com/reviews/a45263720/nismo-z-first-drive-best-nissan-decade/
  8. The SC6 is already a better performing tyre than the 4S when tested back to back, the SC6 is a greater feeling and quicker tyre point to point let alone the SC7 which is the current benchmark UHP tyre. The SC7 is a whole generation beyond the 4S, it'll be the S5 that will try and knock the Conti of the top step. If you want to eeek out more miles stick with the 4S, (although the SC7 is said to be almost 20% better on wear over the SC6) if you want Cup 2 levels of performance with greater road manners and feel then go for the Continental SportContact 7
  9. Also I've been out this morning and noticed will checking my driver side headlight low and high beam isn't working could that cause any off these issues?
  10. I have Sport Contact 6's on the R8 and been very impressed with them. Haven't got much experience with Michelin but I find it hard to believe they'll be worth the £318 extra. I'd imagine both tyres will be pretty similar in terms of performance and wear rate.
  11. If be tempted with the contis, they have five better in some reviews, the reason the mp4s get so much press is they pay YouTubers a fortune to promote them, I'm not saying they don't deserve the praise, they just get too much, the contis and f1s are as good and are better in some situations.
  12. Yes, the aircon module or the ribbon have been known to be problematic and should be also checked out.
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  14. Thanks mate I will check, I've been doing some reading and watching through YT. I've seen issues on there about the gauge cluster not working and it ended up being a problem with the a/c control module, what do you think mate?
  15. The IPDM is behind the battery.
  16. €85,000 Euros. Lol. Some have said M4 CS or Mustang for the money. Its nice itll be in Europe. Only a few millionaire kids will be able to afford it though.
  17. Sorry mate, where would o find them? Thanks mate.
  18. Looks like German Autohaus Dealer got hold of a Boulder Grey Z and was unveiled to their customers. Commenters are saying way to expensive even if they wanted to order one. First one in EU as far as social media is concerned.
  19. Don't forget about the fuse box and relays within the IPDM.
  20. OK mate, I will check all the fuses in the fuse box in the engine bay.
  21. Looking at the pics in the review. Looks odd. It needs a wang to tie the side skirts and front lip together imo.
  22. That's sounds great, I know where that is. Looking forward to meeting some of you and thanks for the invite 🙂
  23. Are you sure you didn't write that review? Lol
  24. Looking good Andy. Black wheels next? 👀
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