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  2. Hope all this exploration continues,dont know if i will live long enough to see a manned mission there but would love to.I believe one day there will be a colony and if humans can survive long enough they may be able to terraform it .
  3. Good stuff Andy, cant wait to see it and finally do some shows/meets with you ! You've done a fantastic job. Oh, who's the oik pulling out the petrol station, looks well iffy !!!
  4. Hello! Is it possible to order 1x front and 1x rear emblem set for the 370z with shipment to Sweden?
  5. Evening people looking to replace my front bumper, standard 06 350z k23 silver Was looking to repair but probably too much damage to be worth it What is about for sale please
  6. Better get some petrol so popped into the local station i probably won't be able to stray to far away from my petrol station .
  7. got all of this done so thought I'd better get the car out for a bit of a drive, why not ,what could possibly go wrong
  8. The TS resonated short tails are exactly what I'm thinking of. If you were nearer I'd ask to pop round for a listen!
  9. Sure thing, get something happening when 'normal' returns.
  10. The exhaust cats are finished and back in now happy with the end result ,also put the w brace back on and a couple of front iner wheel arch liners.
  11. Worthing mate, couple of us down here if you want to come down, Covid allowing we used to have regular meet ups in the Hassocks area
  12. forgot to update an earlier acheivement of making some gussets for the a pillars.
  13. Spent more time than I wanted jamming the headliner back inplace. Only cut two small sections above the drivers side (roll cage) to get it to fit. Also Mounted the petrol cap and boot release, a small tab or fixing for the end of the cable must have been damaged at some point so had to figure a way to keep it in place, two p clips seem to work.
  14. I bet the Monza is still louder than a muffler delete on the Fiat 124. Youtube content is somewhat limited for the Fiat 124 but Abarth has slightly more videos. Theres a guy that did a Tork tune, I think that exhaust sounds way too loud ruined by a burble map.
  15. Got lost on the way to the supermarket, had to stop to read a map and took some photos by accident whilst I was looking. Some are ok for pocket dials.
  16. Dunno why this popped up as an unread ? but an annual bump either way. See you all in 2027
  17. Just ordered 1 litre of Tripple for £12.99 That'll last me a few years
  18. Literally was gonna order more Tripple yesterday. Good spot there davey_83
  19. Apologies if this is a dull question, but with the clicking does it matter? Is it somthing that needs to be sorted right away or very dangerous or can be sorted when I have time. I hear a clicking on mine but only when roof or window is down so I assume it’s this but not sure. Just wondered if it is this?
  20. Might have a look later on when home. Thanks @davey_83
  21. Yeah, quite simply the best thing I have ever done was buying the Nismo (don't ever tell the wife I said that ) But as for Short tails, they are loud, I have the Tarmac Sports resonated tails. They certainly 'enhance' the noise level to 11
  22. Oooo nice one. All over that one. Time to restock the kit bag
  23. Well those numbers speak for themselves
  24. Yes I have an addiction From the last CarChem haul I actually didn't get an interior cleaner or wax it wet, so what's a boy to do. https://www.autofinesse.com/en
  25. Hi and welcome along buddy. Looks really nice. Hopefully nothing too bad is wrong with it.
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