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  2. Welcome to the forum, nice zed!
  3. The refurb s work well with the old rays wheel design. Presumably these were in black stock? Has aged well this car. Black def colour to go for for a non Nismo 370z
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  5. Thanks 😊 I am based in Berkshire. Hoping to come to some meets. Do you know of any coming up soon?
  6. Thanks Davey , I did love my old wheels but it was time for a change ( I’ve always wanted some dish wheels ) and I absolutely love them ! when is our first meet going to be I’m bored of winter now ! 🤣
  7. Hi there, I’ve recently fitted a new pioneer HU, and I have bought some Focal front door speakers aswell as a focal sub and amp. I’ve fitted it all today however when I tried to turn on the HU, only sound came from the rear speakers, which means that it was playing from the factory amp. How do I manage to play music from the aftermarket amp? I would be grateful for any help as this is my first time in upgrading any sound system. Thank you
  8. I'm quietly pleased those super Euro style wheels have gone, these new ones looks so much better and especially on a dark colour - can't wait to see it in the Spring
  9. Yeah rest of the system is OEM nismo. Problem is the rest of the system has very little in the way of baffles, it's literally the backbox that does all the deadening. The AAMs are pretty beefy on start up, but do quieten down once warm. Town driving and idle is pretty spot on, with a nice gurgle and barble, enough to be noticed but not enough to think what a tit. Problem is motorway cruising and getting on it, they're loud and do drone between 3-5K RPM. Ultimately I want ark grip V2 exhaust but they require modifications straight out the box on Nismo's as they don't fit around the
  10. Come a long way she has and still such a sleeper too!!! 0-100mph with a less than ideal launch, in 10 second is plenty fun id imagine too.
  11. Are you based in Wembley? Nice Nismo.
  12. I have neighbours, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind ha ha! It is a daily, but not mega miles 🤔
  13. HI all, @Andy_Muxlow I have spoken to Horsham and of course they recommended me to book in for diag. Mulgari is currently looking into his connections to see if anyone can assist, since it has only been a few weeks and the car is still driveable my current thought is too wait and see what Mulgari comes back with and then I will probably be forced down the Horsham route or Nissan route. @ZMANALEX Big thank you for the Abby Motorsport mention, any lead is a win at this point. Having read through reviews of Up-rev I would prefer it not be a part of my car if
  14. Thank you all for the advise, I have gotten the PN and code and will confirm whether this fixes the issue when I source a new unit.
  15. Welcome to the OC. Sure does look mighty fine in black.
  16. Hi all, Very happy owner of the new Nismo here for the past year. Great to be part of this, and look forward to coming to some car meets. Steve
  17. I’m pretty happy where I am tbh. There’s nothing engine wise that I’ve not driven, from a v-twin to a v12, so I don’t have any bucket list to tick off. As long as it has a combustion engine of some kind, I’ll drive one until it’s no longer financially viable to do so.
  18. I'd quite like a manual 5.0 V8 Mustang as my last hurrah.
  19. Cheers!! Sorry been really slack on updates. Life has been incredibly busy with a stressful house move thrown in for good measure. That all said I did get to enjoy the car a little, few runs out on the road and then an 1800mile round trip to Scotland which @nissanman312 organised with a few great lads with a combination of great cars...........and an Audi TT. Was initially a little apprehensive about taking the trip given the car had so much new stuff on it and having only covered few hundred miles at that point but thought lets do it, got myself some get me and the car
  20. For sale A pair of genuine Nissan head gaskets. From a full gasket kit bought from Horsham Developments last year. Surplus to requirements £45 Inc postage
  21. It’s the only way to go very nice car Doogy. As I’m well aware, not the fastest toy out the box but a lovely place to be and I can only imagine what nice roads this’ll see in the spring - autumn in Canada. precisely what I’ve said all along re the Mustang with regards to ‘driving should be an event and an experience’, nearly six years in with mine and and it still is, even on a cold damp winters night after a long late shift. There were many detractors back in 2016. Mach1 is a big improvement by all accounts (I’ve not driven one), and I had a wee look at a
  22. Really like that colour/livery, seats look superb as well. Sure you will enjoy it, i bet you were torn between that and a nissan leaf though. Tough decisions in life.
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