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  2. Bullet

    Stock cloth seats

    Anyone got any they are willing to ship ?
  3. Hi do you have the OSF air duct its the plastic part fitted to the radiator core support? Thanks Mike
  4. Enjoying the new TG line up too. Has made me laugh out loud a few times. Paddy is doing a good job (better than I expected) but for me Flintoff is the real 'character'.
  5. I guess that if they can still get away with it and get paid an obscene amount for doing so, then why not? Clarkson has been looking past it for the last 10 years or more. I am actually surprised that he is still well enough to do it - looks like he is about to die on some of their recent adventures.
  6. Have a peel on a small panel and see how she looks.You cant beat a nicely polished black z in my opinion. Have a look at the below for some inspiration. Welcome along.
  7. I agree the formula is still the same, but have given up expecting TG to be anything else, they aren't going to change it.
  8. Haven’t seen this weeks but saw most of last weeks. I do agree that the three of them work well together and it’s not nearly as forced as the last few years but it’s still the same scripted nonsense as the last decade, fresh faces of not. It needs a dramatic change in formula... or at least some new writers with a new idea would be nice. That said, I wasn’t expecting much from the lineup when it was announced so that’s actually been a pleasant surprise that they’ve turned out to be quite good actually.
  9. Today
  10. I am considering removing the wrap as the last owner didn’t do the best job installing it
  11. Personally I would remove the wrap and have her paint corrected and polished unless shes nasty underneath. I am not a fan of wraps.
  12. Good choice, they are apparently great cars!
  13. There is an instagram post of Clarkson May Hammond sat on bikes in some Asian city, I saw it and honestly thought they looked old and past it still trying to do something they were doing 20 years ago. It looked a bit sad really.
  14. My thoughts pretty much reflect the above too. I'm really enjoying the new series so far. When I first saw the new presenter line up, I thought "What?! Why?!" and probably tutted and shook my head. But the trio do seem to have a genuine chemistry and (Harris excluded) as they're not motoring journalists, they do genuinely appear just to be having a laugh in cars, which makes watchable telly Already looking forward to the next episode. Sunday evening IS Top Gear night again
  15. I keep missing bits but what I have seen it looks good. They need to change the format more that was the mistake previously just copying what had gone before? So far so good.
  16. Ditto, me n the ither half had a few laugh out loud moments last week and this week, I think the last time that happened was the US special years ago when Clarkson came back with a dead cow on the roof.
  17. Watched the first 25 mins of last nights episode and honestly was in tears with the handling course. It was puerile stuff but for some reason entertaining. I do think McGuinness is a better on screen character than Flintoff you can tell the TV training makes a difference. Harris seems to be enjoying himself more too and is much less playing the small angry man character he has played previously.
  18. Contact our resident fabricator - Keyser (Chris) at the z shed. Maybe he can make some brackets for you. Hes in Bournemouth so not that far from you.

    Strut Brace

    £220.00 Dan and hardware kit is £20.00 if required. All in stock and good to go same/next day.
  20. Minid

    Strut Brace

    Hi Alex can you let me know a price, thanks dan
  21. Same here. There are some on eBay, but not sure of the quality. What is the price from Nissan?

    Strut Brace

    New OEM "W" bracings are in stock and good to go same/next day if you decide to replace.
  23. Minid

    Strut Brace

    Thanks might tidy it up then rather than spend a few hundred quid on a replacement
  24. Significantly better than I thought it might be. More chemistry between the three than on TG in the last 15 years, genuine humour without feeling forced, and I’m even enjoying the challenges. Albeit I've not seen last nights episode yet, but I’m looking forward to it which I’ve not done for years!
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