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  1. Yes it's a car but it's also a pie e of art and history. If you can afford it then why not. Good investment too.
  2. The Bounty Bar Kid


    Cheers dude. You can get that camera from B&Q at the same price and seeing as my dad is part of the diamond club he gets 10% off. Partner that with paying with a gift card which he gets another 10% off, each camera will cost him £70.47 which isn't bad. Found the 2 camera kit and DVR for £399 from safe.co.uk and if you use topcashback, you can get 5.25% back. So end cost is £378.05.
  3. The Bounty Bar Kid


    Cheers dude. Looking for something higher than 1080p. Found one from Yale which does 4mp. Suggested that to him.
  4. The Bounty Bar Kid


    Anybody know of a y good wireless systems? My dad needs one.
  5. The Bounty Bar Kid


    What app did you use?
  6. The Bounty Bar Kid


    I was looking at this originally... https://www.swann.com/uk/swnvk-474502 Also been part of the you get what you pay for school, so been a bit doubtful over cheap systems, but saying that, Marzman your system looks great!
  7. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Bye bye Matt

    Best suggestion so far imo
  8. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Bye bye Matt

    Since Chris Evans left, I've enjoyed it much more. Those 3 had a good childish sense of fun. Different to the Grand Tour guys but still good. I don't see how they'll recreate that energy.
  9. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Bye bye Matt

    Matt Le Blanc to leave TopGear. I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Matt LeBlanc to leave Top Gear - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-44320696
  10. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Bose stereo install

    First of all do you have the original Bose head unit? Each unit is specifically linked to the ECU. So you can't just buy one unless it's been delinked properly. Most people don't do this so be careful when buying one of you need to. It's not something that can be done post separation to the original car. Has to be done when connected. With regards to the wiring loom, ask Zmanalex.
  11. The Bounty Bar Kid

    350z - 370z or GTR engine blocks wanted

    Out of curiosity how much would one be? Would love one in my study. Say love, doubt I'll be able to get it past the missus. Not really on our agenda at the moment. But just curious.
  12. The Bounty Bar Kid

    350z cover...

    Usually I'd say only get a car cover if the car will be spotless as any dirt underneath will scratch the paint work as the cover moves. Also if you get one get one with a soft inside layer. But your crow problem seems to conflict with my usual thinking. Therefore my advice, not useful tbh, build a garage or car port
  13. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Guess the car part

  14. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Guess the car part

    Tesla model s
  15. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Car cover....

    Exactly what Ekona said.