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  1. Oh I know who will be doing the iron man tattoo. Guy called Alex. He's really good. And also like I'd said she's done my wife's right arm and they are all really good. 3 large tattoos in total. She's making it into a full sleeve.
  2. The place is really good, the artist is a new person but she's done Jemma's tattoos and they are all fine.
  3. Well yeah I wish she could done the lines better but what can I do?
  4. That photo was straight after it was done. Hopefully it'll fade out a bit.
  5. Next one on my list is an Iron Man (Marvel) tattoo not the fitness one. I don't do exercise
  6. Guy's Asian, and we do love to save money. If there's a way we will find it!
  7. So are we going to vote on which remake was the best? I say my suggestion of batman Vs Batman begins is the best remake. Can't think of anything better.
  8. Or having seen the pic before
  9. Why couldn't they do non visual improvements like the GTR?
  10. Thought it was gone forever?



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