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  1. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Lowered suspension

    Oh really. My bad. Thought it'd be the springs.
  2. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Lowered suspension

    If you're going to track it, I'd suggest going for coilovers. I had teins and it made my car feel wallowy. On the road she was fine at high speeds just not on track.
  3. The Bounty Bar Kid

    370Z specialist in Essex?

    Definitely Kaizer
  4. The Bounty Bar Kid

    He was caught doing 200 km/h but he didn't know the laws over there

    Don't forget that he didn't know the laws lol
  5. The Bounty Bar Kid

    He was caught doing 200 km/h but he didn't know the laws over there

    https://www.thenational.ae/uae/transport/exclusive-dubai-tourist-who-racked-up-dh175-000-in-fines-in-rented-lamborghini-finally-pays-speeding-tickets-1.760654 He finally paid. Well some of it. They agreed on a discounted rate.
  6. The Bounty Bar Kid

    He was caught doing 200 km/h but he didn't know the laws over there

    Only got himself to blame. I don't think he should be allowed to get away with it.
  7. Oh wow. What an excuse! How pathetically stupid is this guy? Kinda figures with this next quote "He is out of work at the minute and went to Dubai to visit friends." Who goes to Dubai when they're unemployed?!? Anyways here is the link... Welsh tourist 'stuck in Dubai' over £36k speeding fine https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-45119366
  8. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Profile question

    As Ekona said, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is the way to go. Best tyre I've ever tried. Yes you could ever Goodyear eagle gsd3 as it's cheaper but still not as good. Mps4 is worth the extra money.
  9. The Bounty Bar Kid

    18 year old tyres?

    I'm sure it's supposed to be 7 years max otherwise the tyre starts to degrade.
  10. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Are my window tints legal?

    You can obviously tell by comparing to the car next to it in the first photo. The difference is not 5% vs pure black. Just Google a pic of a stock 370z and you'll be able to see. Doesn't need a VLT test or a genius to work this out. /End thread
  11. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Porsche Cayman question.

    I think you need handbag man. Sorry I mean Ekona He's very knowledgeable on Porsches I believe.
  12. The Bounty Bar Kid

    350z Insurance HELP !!!!!

    I paid £1600 for my first car which had a 1.6 engine in it. God knows what a 3.5 by would have been. Most won't insure you. Also in a day and age where "kids" are sussposed to be more aware and about technology, you'd think he'd Google car insurance or maybe he'd seen one of the hundreds on TV adverts from compare the market, or go compare or even money supermarket. This guy just be taking the p. Ban?
  13. The Bounty Bar Kid

    About to buy a HR

    You could swap them, or dye them whatever colour you wanted. I'd go ox blood red. Would look awesome.
  14. The Bounty Bar Kid


    Think I'd rather buy this... https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/nissan/skyline-r34/nissan-skyline-r34-gtr-v-spec-1000ps-spec-t51r-spl-trust-2-7/8859268 Then buy a nismo gtr and a few Ferraris for that price
  15. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Windscreen insurance nightmare. Advice?

    Reasonable time... But I bet that definition by them will take into account lack of stock. They can't magic stock from nowhere. Sorry this has happened to you but as Zmanalex said, I wouldn't have waited so long. I'd have got it done asap. Chips, if small enough, are usually done for free. Once it becomes a crack is when you need a new windscreen and you get charged for it.