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  1. Glad she's dead, shame she had to take others in the process. So selfish.
  2. He's now posted on the Facebook page. Is it just for YouTube likes? FB post seems more apologetic and genuine but the cynic in me thinks still a YouTube views catcher.
  3. IMO projectors can't match a high end TV unless you go to the high end projectors.
  4. They're not bad. They work quite well. One of the first films I watched with Atmos made me think that the neighbours had dropped something on the floor above as the sound came from there. At first I was like wow, then I realised it was from the film , then a even bigger wow!
  5. I've recently done my living room up with a new surround sound system. Definitely agree on the darker wall thing, so I'm going to change the bright yellow to a dark blue.
  6. Was it windy? If so, were the air vents open?
  7. What the hell? You're getting your licence soon and your first car will be a 350z or 370z?





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