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  1. So I've just started watching this and on season 1 from 2021. The ev Renault 5 🍆🍆🍆
  2. Have they warmed up the cats? The Berks need some heat to work properly. Don't let them test cold.
  3. Congratulations and hope all is well 😊
  4. Soundtrack or should I say the incredible aural experience I'm hoping for. If they did a 4dx version with realistic smell of petrol and rubber, I'll need a surgeon afterwards to reattach it.
  5. I'm going to have to start saving now for the boxes of Kleenex I'll need to take with me
  6. OMG just saw this. RIP, absolute legend
  7. I do love my Cayman but part of me keeps thinking that for the same money, I could buy a 350z and heavily modify her or even a 370z. Then again an Audi R8 could be nice too.
  8. Just called up one my local filling stations and they still have v power available 🥳
  9. Well I hope I can get some v power next weekend when I have to fill up again. Or maybe I just do a partial fill up tomorrow 😬 It's bad enough that it's got warmer recently that my winter tyres don't perform as well as they should do if it was sub 7°c. Having to drive more carefully than usual.
  10. Can't wait to see the pictures
  11. If they are, I'd have thought they'd avoid the most expensive premium fuel.
  12. Filled up 3 full tanks in December, so maybe a local issue. I'm down South.
  13. VBH is back 😍 New 5th gear series https://youtu.be/u2bvDrUQ0Ow
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