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  1. Purchased the Panasonic DP-UB820 4k blu ray player the other day and put The Matrix on to test it one of my favourite comparison scenes. Although all it showed to me was how my current 5.1 setup needs to be replaced. Will be getting a 5.1.2 system in the new year. Favourite movie of 2019, Avengers: Endgame, even though it always makes me cry Not sure about favourite scene or best one to show off my current system.
  2. Edited... Realised you'd already noticed the outstanding finance
  3. I had Michelin pilot alpin on mine. Pa4 I think is the current one. One word AMAZING! I was able to do very stupid stuff even in snow. In the cold it was as if I was driving in the summer but with my MPSS tyres on.
  4. Already gone through 3 boxes of Kleenex
  5. How many more threads can we get on the same subject?
  6. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-japanesecars/new-nissan-370z-finally-in-development/41207 They say maybe a 3.0 V6 twin turbo. That'd be nice
  7. Buy a Bluetooth one. No need to run it physically to your phone.
  8. Seems pointless buying a Mustang if it isn't the V8. It's like people who buy a 318 with the msport kit
  9. Relisted item says sold for 6k. If it went for that, then would be a steal!
  10. Owner's name is Bill Purcell and work was done at Horsham Developments so give them a call. Sometimes, just sometimes junction 17 aren't bad. I sold my 350z to them as they offered the right price. Nothing wrong with it.





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