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  1. Just watched this and was about to share until I saw you'd done it already
  2. Lovely ginger 350z spotted on Sunday 15th may 2022 at 10.40am in Purley, Surrey. Very nice dude.
  3. Thank you for my weekend dose of zed porn. Loving this build. The front and rear shots looking down the side of the car look so good. Can't wait to see how it turns out. Just wish I could see it in real life to really appreciate the effort and design you've put in.
  4. Not really much to select from. Gearbox. Exterior colour, upholstery colour.
  5. I can see that she definitely has her top on.
  6. I'd love to see them go to Laguna Seca instead of Miami.
  7. I started watching just before the race but going to watch that tonight after hearing he was trending about it on twitter.
  8. So glad that Carlos finished a race 🤣. He's had so much bad luck recently
  9. No comment, but also other fans do 😝 We're just very passionate about our team ❤️
  10. I can't believe I'm agreeing with you on something! 🤣 Never been a Lewis fan. Glad that Ferrari and Red bull appear to be competing for the top spots but not so keen on Red Bull getting so close. Ferrari all the way. It's in my blood 💖
  11. Evening peeps. Anyone else watching it this season? Great to see Ferrari back on form again. Been missing them being competitive for many years.
  12. Not what I was expecting when I saw the post title 😭
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