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  1. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Ramps Free to good or bad home.

    They do need a nice powder coating
  2. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Ramps Free to good or bad home.

    Our lovely Keyser lives near or in Bournemouth if I'm not mistaken.
  3. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Your favourite subwoofery scenes/clips

    Always loved the big fight scene in the Matrix. Always a classic.
  4. The Bounty Bar Kid

    A Happy Christmas to one and all

    Merry Christmas peeps!
  5. The Bounty Bar Kid

    happy birthday Keyser

    Happy Birthday dude!
  6. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Is this anyone on here? :)

    +1 I miss his mad comments
  7. Are you running just winter tyres on the rear? And not on the front?
  8. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Brembo brake discs.

    I had the ds2500 pads. Bit of brake dust but performed well.
  9. The Bounty Bar Kid

    dodgy car sale

    Saw that bit but was wondering how Jay84 did it as he wouldn't have had that information.
  10. The Bounty Bar Kid

    dodgy car sale

    How did you figure that out? I'd love to know where abouts in the country my old zed currently is in. I tried the mot portal and it just supplies the mot number.
  11. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Brembo brake discs.

    +1 on T2. Sorry Alex, didn't realise you sold stuff like that. Thought it was just OEM car parts. R dumolo, Alex is definitely someone you can trust and buy from.
  12. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Brembo brake discs.

    I had ferodo pads and DBA discs. They were great for fast fast road driving. I think people nowadays recommend StopTech. I'm sure some others will give their opinion. What's your budget? Have a look at what Cougar Store offer. Great place to buy from and they don't stock anything you should avoid. I'm sure others here are good to buy from, but I only ever got my brakes from CS so can't comment. Other traders which are still very good are Horsham Developments, Torquen, and Tarmac Sportz.
  13. The Bounty Bar Kid

    My for sale post got approved then deleted?

    Not really. It's there to help protect potential buyers. Imagine buying off someone with just a few posts only for them to run away. It can happen with those with lots of posts but less likely. This is a community and trust must be built. Great community IMO.
  14. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Brembo brake discs.

    What's your driving style? Are you a casual driver, a fast road driver or do you take it out on track? Casual driver, I'd say just go normal. Fast road, I'd say go slotted. Personally I don't like the idea of drilled as it can weaken them. For fast road and track I'd recommend changing from brembo to something else. But this depends on your driving needs.
  15. The Bounty Bar Kid

    Front plate fitting

    Just use some really strong tape. I used wing mirror adhesive tape. Halfrauds number plate stuff won't do.