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  1. Every year they have to best guess what strain of flu will be the one they need to create a vaccine for. Therefore it's created in a non ideal scenario. The covid vaccine was created with the idea of attacking the original strain and therefore it can be more effective. I'll be getting it in a couple of weeks via work.
  2. Have you asked for the registration number so you can check it out?
  3. I think that's hilarious Such a stupid thing to do, obviously the exhaust pipes were going to get extremely hot after that long flaming and popping the exhaust. Idiot posers with no common sense
  4. Wider arches, lip spoiler, different front end and I'd get one. Or just get one and modify it, which frankly is gonna happen anyway
  5. Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90 Sad news RIP
  6. My everyday "manbag", is a peak design messenger bag which holds my work laptop, my lunch, DSLR and 2 lenses so it's always with me. Ekona, I know you do love a manbag
  7. Hence why I've decided on a not top of the range phone. No need for it. If I want to take photos, I'll use my DSLR
  8. My first question would why do you want to remove the speed limiter? Is it just to get to max speed, or do you enjoy fast road driving? If you enjoy fast road driving, I'd definitely recommend going the uprev route. Makes the car more enjoyable to drive IMO
  9. Don't know of cheapest way. But uprev is one way, although I'd sort out a new exhaust, HFCs, plenum spacer, and a better air filter then get the uprev remap done. Saves wasting money.





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