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  1. C1 to 350z , slight swerve there. Welcome
  2. No it's not. One of my staff showed me what her daughter's friends get up to on Instagram. I was lost for words. If I ever have kids, in an ideal world, I wouldn't let them have social media access until they're 16.
  3. It's a place to find lots of cute cat photos and also where 13-14 year old girls like to pose as 18+ in skimpy outfits or nothing
  4. Sums it up for me. I know people have booked a holiday and deserve their money back should it cancelled but think about those who work for the company. Their ability to potentially survive beyond Covid 19 is in our hands. IfI was furloughed or unemployed I would want it back straight away. If not then I wouldn't mind waiting. I would see it as bonus money, as I had already spent it and didn't expect it back in my bank account.
  5. The companies are trying to offer vouchers to their customers as giving that amount of money back to everyone would end up with them going bankrupt. Some may prefer the money and some may be fine with a voucher but either way it's going to screw over the longevity of these holiday companies.
  6. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11543922/horrifying-moment-fake-delivery-drivers/ It's worse than HEADPHONES's post makes it look like. That's just a short video of it. The man who answered the door had his head slashed and his 11 year old boy was shot whilst playing computer games.
  7. I once found this amazing car wash, where the girls were doing it for charity. Unfortunately this happened...
  8. Only because they don't fill any of their cups to the brim to prevent it spilling out the side and scalding your hand. If you get a medium and a large next to each other and poured them into identical containers, then you would notice a difference.
  9. Recorded the GodFather films on my sky box when they were on a few months ago. My mates keep telling me to watch them. Still haven't got round to them.
  10. https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.breaking-news-f1-legend-sir-stirling-moss-dies-age-90.4DnxFpiKWbe2B2ViqYIL5y.html Great guy, great driver. Big loss to Motorsport
  11. I'd rather walk into a jail, wearing a pink tutu and holding an economy sized tub of KY than have one of them
  12. Yeah I got that update too. Seems stupid.
  13. I'm still going to work. I work for a complex needs home. Basically for people 18+ who have spinal and or brain injuries/diseases, acquired or inherited or born with. It's basically a step down from a hospital. Way above a normal care home. Been in contact with the NHS to take some of their ill to free up their beds. We are even setup to take ventilated patients. Have to be very careful, some would die if they caught Covid 19 as they have pretty much no immune system
  14. Snap, I'd also do it to those who stole from the elderly. It's a shame this virus didn't just kill the stupid. I'd be fine with that.





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