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  1. Or having seen the pic before
  2. Why couldn't they do non visual improvements like the GTR?
  3. Thought it was gone forever?
  4. My wife's hotter. Not allowed to put up pics of her so you'll have to take my word , but she recently got some more tattoos and she's now a few leagues above me
  5. I hope your little girl has a better grasp of the English language than you do ... Anyways let's stop all this madness and get back to tattoos!
  6. It APOSTROPHE s... It's
  7. "Also without a space between the last work and said question mark" I assume you meant word not work. On top of that, there's no end of sentence punctuation.
  8. I think you should look back at what you've written. Poor show young man!
  9. Ferrari shield on my right shoulder. Next one for me is a shift pattern on my left wrist. Just above where my watch sits. I'm also going to get something else car related at the same time. Probably Ferrari related. The only other tattoo I've got is my wife's name in Gujarati on my right wrist. She's got my name in Gujarati on her left wrist. She's got 6 tattoos in total at the moment and is getting her 7th in May. I really want an Iron Man tattoo when I get the two car ones. No I don't mean Iron Man challenge... I mean Marvel's Iron Man aka Tony Stark
  10. Are they 4x4s? Or are they FWD SUVs with them pretending/thinking it's a 4x4? Lol.
  11. It's finally been MOT'd. 2 advisories. It's only done 13,000 miles in the 3 years since I sold her.
  12. Definitely a HR. Not sure about a 370z. Definitely not a DE or RevUp.



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