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  1. I'd expect some money off to rectify that crap.
  2. I love the colour red more than most people, but really??? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202110168570411?atmobcid=soc3
  3. But we still vaccinate against the flu and just adapt the vaccine every year. It's not the perfect solution but it's the best we can do to negate extra pain to people who would be susceptible to getting ill or worse from it. Also the more we can reduce transmission rates, the lower then chance of further mutations/variants.
  4. Needs a fuller explanation. Not enough data to make sense of it.
  5. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a stupid argument from the Israeli source??? The vaccines were never designed to be effective against the delta variant, so obviously someone who has natural immunity from that variant would be better off than someone who had the vaccine. In the same line of thinking, someone with the vaccine would be better off against the first 3 variants, with it than someone with natural immunity of the first variant. Being better off with natural immunity versus being vaccinated, against the delta variant, wouldn't happen until everyone had h
  6. Hold on Docwra, isn't it perfectly normal to rubbish/ignore something with one small error/hole but spout as much stuff as you want with lots of errors/holes?
  7. Funnily enough it wasn't a primary concern for them whilst this has all been going on.
  8. There is one study which shows natural immunity is better than vaccination but it's in the pre-print stage and won't be published as it's been ripped to shreds for cherry picking to get the results they wanted to show. Imperial College are currently undergoing a study into this and it only started back in August 2021.
  9. Yeah well his comment of "See it isn't the evidence we believe, but dogma. Your pride won't let you think anything other than the narrative you've taken up out of fear." annoyed me. Also it's true 😝
  10. "See it isn't the evidence we believe, but dogma. Your pride won't let you think anything other than the narrative you've taken up out of fear." Btw I was anti vaccine before I realised it's a dumb idea to be anti it. I wasn't anti it for other people but believed I was healthy enough to get over it etc so I didn't need it. I did loads of research into it, and changed my mind. I don't take anything up in fear, I am my own person, far more intelligent than the average person and am always measured in my decisions. I don't do things on a whim.
  11. Blah blah blah. The bmj article may have it merits but I won't 100% believe something written by a journalist who has no medical background whatsoever no matter who publishes it. It is an interesting argument which is all I can say. But not conclusive proof. Also you said "The genetic similarities between Sars covid 1 and 2 being 79%, what must the genetic differences between current variants minimal at a guess." Well 21% is a huge amount. We're 61% similar to a field mouse with regards to DNA. People need to really understand what percentages mean/represent before thro
  12. What a load of croc. I think I'm going to give up with you. You seem to have copied and pasted your argument. Probably from some anti vaccine forum. I also disagree with it. Immensely. I want to question the big holes in your argument but from what I've read so far, you don't answer questions with answers. Just more questions or dumb statements.
  13. Could you please answer mine? Of those who've had covid, it would give continued protection against it as the antibodies only give you protection for about 6 months and even then it doesn't give you protection against new variants. Like the vaccine but at least the vaccine is something as opposed to nothing.
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