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  1. 2nd these guys. Excellent service. Lot of work get to them on 350HR/ 370 engines. Make sure you install new O rings when you put the injectors back into the fuel rail.
  2. What an amazing build! Keep those pictures coming.
  3. Tickets are not sold out mate. As with many car shows/ events we are awaiting clarification from the powers that be.
  4. Love to see you again mate. General entrance tickets are currently still available.
  5. I was hoping you were going to post up some amazing pictures of your trip Stu. Wifey who originates from Fife has been banging on for years about how amazing the roads and scenery are. Well I’m now up for this trip next year as long as you can organise the same weather.......
  6. Looking forward to seeing her in a couple of weeks mate
  7. This is a show we have attended for many years now and I have applied for a club stand. Th organisers have booked the above date but are waiting for Government guidance to confirm the event can take place. Once I hear back I will start a list. https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-japanese/
  8. When fitting new discs/pads it is essential that the hub is cleaned meticulously or DTV will soon kick in. I had this problem a couple of years ago and had to have them skimmed in situ on the car to cure the problem.
  9. One white one blue both Large size and with red logos please Steve.
  10. Hope you have a great day tomorrow guys and girls. Im sure super snapper Muxlow will post up some cracking photos!
  11. 1. andy James PAID 2. Sebastian PAID - Track 14.40 3. Stephanie 4. Andy_Muxlow PAID 5. SHEZZA PAID 6. Silverthorn PAID 7. Cs2000 PAID - Track 14:40 8. nissmoandy PAID 9.Paul K - Paid (ticket rolled over from last year) 10. V1H PAID 11. Matthew Thain PAID 12. Jamie Thain PAID 13. whitevanman. PAID 14. Mark350Z. PAID - Track 14.40 15. luigi350z PAID 16. Sarah PAID 17. zzincubus (Len Meakin) PAID 18. Flashback - PAID 19. FruitPolo PAID 20. BUSTER PAID 21. Trott + 1 PAID 22. George (tarmacsportz) -P
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