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  1. I’m 6’1” 34 waist at the side bolsters were very tight when new but have slackened off considerably. I bought these fantastic hand made seats to save weight, hold me securely on track and they look incredible. If they were in my daily then I’d leave the standard chairs in the car.
  2. Yes it does but not as much as I would like.
  3. Yes. I just mounted the subframe in the original mounting position and dry fitted the seat. I then marked the position and then drilled/fixed the seat.
  4. 1. Zmanalex 2. Stu x2 3. harrison140 4. Kev T 5. Andy james
  5. I’m afraid my tick was a terminal one. Piston broke off by the gudgeon pin which in turn damaged the cylinder beyond repair.Had to have a very expensive forged engine rebuild.
  6. Sorry to say I will not be able to come along now as my sons car failed the mot yesterday so I’ve got to spend the morning in my garage fixing it! Have a good morning guys and girls.
  7. Congratulations on the sale Colin. Good plan to take stock and consider your options over the winter.
  8. Great pictures from the show. Looks like the legendary Z forum catering division pulled out all the stops once again!
  9. There is no official club stand booked at the moment and I believe the deadline has now passed. This show has been well attended in the past due to Nathan’s hard work. Unfortunately due to pandemic there has been a mad scramble to organise 18 months worth of shows during the past couple of months. I’m sure we all don’t enjoy being torn to choose between 3 events every weekend! Looking forward to a more orderly calendar next season and this event will definitely be on our National Events Calendar.
  10. 1) davey_83 2) HEADPHONES 3) budbongo 4) Ken 5) Justthejedi 6) Andy_Muxlow 7) SHEZZA 8) Andy james
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