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  1. Just caught up! Amazing skills and dedication.
  2. Unfortunately a larger Rotrex unit will not fit into the housing on our right hand drive cars due to the usual steering column issues. Jackson Racing in conjunction with Rotrex had been working on a new high output C38R unit which is the same size but I’ve not seen one yet.
  3. Got my copy today. Excellent set of pictures. Well done Stu.
  4. Oh Lordy. Looking forward to updates. Welcome along chap.
  5. Good to see the shiniest black Z on the forum again! As Olly said it’s mad that we haven’t been able to catch up for so long.
  6. There is a video on YouTube of Jamie Prices 1000 + bhp Supra which they had a job to hold down with straps on a dyno let alone a greasy Uk road! Lol
  7. Nice. Seems you work on the same man maths page as me with my Z!
  8. Looking good buddy! Clear front bumper reflectors next?
  9. Sounds like something to do with the auxiliary belt as it goes around a lot of pulleys. Have a good down the front of the engine for anything obvious.
  10. Keep the Mustang for the weekend and blast to and from work in a Yaris GR with a smile on your face!
  11. Welcome along. Very nice low mileage car.
  12. Happy Christmas to you Martin and all fellow Zedders. Hopefully we will be able to organise many forum meets next year.
  13. I see your still wearing those bloody shorts! Lol





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