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  1. That looks bloody awesome Col! Hope to see the car in the flesh next Saturday.
  2. andy james

    Next Project

    Congratulations Martin. Exciting times ahead mate. Me thinks old school projects are the way forward now as big power,super handling cars are becoming more irrelevant and also can't be tinkered with. I will not be too far behind you!
  3. HR 350z twin turbo kit. GTM left hand drive or Torqen?
  4. It can get busy if you rock up late but last time in cracking weather there was loads of space in an around the garage and a large field next door. Need to be at the meet by 9.30 to ensure a space. If it’s raining recon it will be dead!
  5. Great pics already posted so I thought mine would be just duplicates. Took a Selfish sneaky pic of my car in the line up. On close scrutiny all is not as it seems when I zoomed in! Answers on a post card as to what detailing procedure Humpy and Andy Muxlow are performing in the background........
  6. Great turnout today guys considering the forecast which was wrong for a change. 13 cars with a list of 10! I know this is not a popular show on this forum but if you like modified cars and aren't completely obsessed with the Jap scene this is a belter. We will be attending next year.
  7. Safe journey guys. See you all in the morning.
  8. Keep Calm and Carry on chaps! Looking forward to the last big show of the season.
  9. Clever Boy. I have these and are a great improvement on stock at a great price. I did get a quote from the States from Zleds for their sequential units and including shipping,taxes etc the price was horrendous!
  10. Looks much better mate. Stock Z along with other cars suffer from burried wheels.
  11. Cracking car,well loved and super low mileage. Good luck with project X!!



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