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  1. I have one of these on my 350. It's the best compromise mount. OEM like jelly, the Hardrace which I had before she became a garage Queen is awesome with rifle bolt changes but It comes with Land Rover noise levels.
  2. I would not have thought that the first Motorsport event of the year in the pouring rain 3 weeks ago would be the last for quite some time. Bloody slippery so took things steady as not raced a front driver before. Lost the back end badly and started to spin on the last timed run but I did what I’ve been told and kept it floored and b...er me the engine pulled the trailer out! Also not used to this cocking the rear wheel lark out of a corner!I have a lot to learn. Top snapper forum member mattross1313 was trackside and took these pics which make me look so much faster so thanks mate!
  3. I recon you have enough equipment in that garage of yours to make that cog! Lol
  4. Just the two of us keeping 2m apart building a new bungalow. Most Builders Merchants are now closed so getting materials is going to be a problem. I recon we have 2/3 weeks worth of gear on site and then on gardening leave.
  5. Car Sold Thread locked
  6. As expected this event has been postponed to a possible future date so at this time no refunds are available.
  7. I mowed the lawn for the first time this year and we had lunch sat outside in the sunshine!
  8. I have heard nothing from the organisers as of yet but I’m fairly confident it will be cancelled soon.
  9. Such a shame but it’s expected. Hopefully the Shelsley event will still take place in August.
  10. Locked. Due to the current circumstances this meeting is now cancelled.
  11. Locked. Thankfully the lad has been found.
  12. Unless anyone knows different this is apparently still on for Saturday and the forecast is good.





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