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  1. Didn’t see this coming. The last time we met a TVR was on the cards for your next project. You shocked the hell out of me yesterday with your WhatsApp pics! I have to say the car looks bloody stunning and I’ve not seen one in such amazing condition. Im in a group of of old duffers that hanker after and buy the very best old school analogue cars and they can’t believe they missed it. Micro mid engine Supercar but I think at 6ft plus I might find it a bit tight. Cant wait to see her Martin.
  2. I have put in a request for this show once again so if you fancy a trip to the south coast/New forest put the date in your diary. https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-japanese/ Once we have been accepted I will post up the usual thread and list for those who have paid. They have now stipulated a minimum of 10 cars for this event. After the fairly poor turn out last year we are in danger of yet another forum event disappearing due to a lack of cars. The club needs your support.
  3. I have received conformation from the organisers that we have a club stand of 25 cars. Please read and follow the instructions below to purchase your club tickets and track time. Only add your name to the list if you have paid.( I get an email when anyone books). Dear Andrew James, Thank you for your club registration. Your members can now purchase club passes and reduced price track time for JDM COMBE. To do this they will need to select your club from the dropdown list in the club member zone, and input the following code when selecting items for purchase. Your unique club booking code is: 350ZJDM23 This code is to be used by your club members only and we request that it is not shared with third parties. (If you do not to pass this code to your members you can book the whole club stand yourself) The link you and your members will need to book club tickets is as follows: https://castlecombecircuit.co.uk/shows/jdm-combe/08/07/2023/club-book Earlybird track time is reduced automatically by £5 when you enter your club code. Earlybird discounts close six weeks prior to the event, so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment! Please note that club passes and track time are sent out in the post roughly 3 weeks prior to the event. In the meantime please get in touch if you require any further assistance. Kind Regards The Action Days Team 1. andy James x1 ticket PAID. track time TBA 2.
  4. So you guys and girls can add the date into your diary I have applied for a club stand once again for this event. I think this is one of the seasons best as it’s location is central to many of us, the trackside view is excellent, all the trader stalls, catering, club stands etc are in close proximity so you don’t have to walk miles to see everything. Once I have the usual launch codes an official thread will be posted with all relevant instructions. Andy.
  5. Fantastic pictures Adrian! Nice to see a good cross section of normal life and architecture.
  6. Got my copy today. Hung up on the rear wall of the man cave! Many thanks once again Stu for all your hard work in pulling this together.
  7. This show always displays the very best cars and company’s that are willing to push the boundaries of modification. I want that Red Yaris!
  8. 1. andy James x1 PAID Track Times TBA 2. Ricardo350z x1 PAID 3. George1966 x1 PAID 4. Nismoandy x1 PAID 5. SW66TTT x 1 PAID 6. SHEZZA x 1 PAID 7. Andy_Muxlow x1 PAID 8. HEADPHONES x1 PAID 9. PhilT + ‘Gimbal’ (x2) PAID 10. AndyH370 x1 PAID 11. Ledfut x 1 PAID 12. joe_milnes x1 PAID 13. buster x1 PAID 14. Blacklist_Nismo x1 PAID 15. Reece14789 x1 PAID 16. COZ@TORQEN x2 PAID 17. Plan370z x2 PAID
  9. Sorry to see a long standing member leave the fold. Good luck with whatever you move on to do. Those wheels are worthy of a proper ad mate.
  10. Bit of a grey area this. The rules say convertibles can go on track if they have factory roll bars, hoops or a windscreen surround designed as a roll bar. Not know of anyone being turned away. I would contact the organisers before booking.
  11. Stu, myself and all the moderator team wish all our members a very merry old festive time! Hoping next year will be full of the usual banter, shows and meets which this wonderful place is renowned for. Cheers guys and girls!
  12. Here we go again! For those of you that haven’t been before it’s the biggest Japanese event in the calendar. As ever the Kelsey group make the booking process incredibly easy if you thoroughly read and follow the instructions. Also as before only add your name to the list if you have paid for your tickets(i have the power to check). Members who are going on track need to make me aware so you don’t get blocked in on the stand. Click on the link below and once you have registered you can then purchase tickets, track sessions, camping etc. https://events.fastcar.co.uk/japfest/ Our Club Name : 350Z-UK Club Password/code : JF101-92 1. andy James x1 PAID Track Times TBA 2. Ricardo350z x1 PAID 3. George1966 x1 PAID 4.
  13. Good work Nick. Been down this road a couple of times. She will be back stronger, faster………
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