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  1. Nice to here from you lexx. My brother had a new 300zx and still hankerers after one! Sadly I never met Martin but know of all the hard work he put into this forum over the years before his passing. The plate is a great tribute to him.
  2. Stunning looking car Max. I have a lottery winning list and that motor is on it. Enjoy.
  3. Really good cross section of cars there mate!
  4. Tried 5/40 oil, seafoam in the fuel etc. Running out of ideas. Many have said just drive it and whatever it is may free off! Putting her back together tomorrow.
  5. I know this subject has been covered on this forum and in the US but I’m pulling my hair out as to why after storing the car over the winter she suddenly developed a loud ticking noise which seems to be coming from the top of the engine. Using my stethoscope the noise seems to be on or around the fuel rail. Research points to 4 common faults and I have checked, cleaned or replaced all of them. 1. Fuel rail damper. Replaced. 2. Fuel damper from tank to fuel rail. Replaced. 3. Injectors removed and cleaned on the bench with carb cleaner pushed through while connected to 12v supply. 4. The most obvious culprit and the worst case scenario was a worn bucket lifter. I removed both rocker covers and checked the camshafts clearances and are all fine. As my car is not stock and has bigger injectors, a fuel return system I’m struggling to think a knackered injector can make such a loud noise! Any ideas would be appreciated. This is a video of my Z diesel!





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