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  1. Looks like you had a cracking day guys and the weather held too! Once again many thanks to Martin for organising.
  2. Congratulations Martin on getting the price you wanted. It would have been nice to see the SSS finished in your hands but I understand why you decided to move on. Looking forward to you getting your new motor and obviously the obligatory build thread!
  3. Can’t believe you’ve gone off road so soon!
  4. Didn’t see this coming Martin!
  5. Lovely gesture Colin. Many thanks on behalf of the team.
  6. Lovely looking car Dip. Go easy to start with after that Clio!
  7. Looking good and ready for the trip buddy
  8. Can’t add much to Stu’s comments. Well done Dave and all who attended. Cracking Z meet.
  9. Got an invite to display the Z at The Supercar Weekend Beaulieu today. Cracking weather and lots to drool over. Going to arrange a meeting with admin as we need to up the game on our Club Stand! Lol
  10. Sorry for yet another Renault Sport car. After the Trophy #151 which is a keeper I had a hankering for the best and even rarer colour 182 Racing Blue. Been beavering away in the garage this year and she is now in top condition after a stage 1 correction and swissvax Onyx polish. Bloody created another show Queen!
  11. Good to see everyone today on the club stand. The event was a vast improvement on last year regarding weather, overall numbers and the quality of cars. A big thank you to Andy,Rick and Martin AKA the catering corp for the bacon rolls! Humpy and I spent ages drooling over this totally original one owner 1972 260C complete with the obligatory 8 track player. We need help!!
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