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  1. I will tell you what I think Phil. Bloody amazing skills and dedication to this project which is probably the best build thread this forum has witnessed for many a year. We are are all so looking forward to seeing this car finished. Keep going chap.
  2. I agree with Alex. Read this very carefully and hopefully it will work. https://h-dev.co.uk/350z-reset-proceedure-pedal-dance/
  3. Looks like your fettling the old girl for a trip…
  4. Really like the mini Gay wing! She is such a cool looking car Martin.
  5. That is some mean rear end!
  6. So sorry to see this Glen. I know exactly how your feeling right now. Folk don’t understand how intense sprinting and hill climbing can be. Off the line flat out with cold tyres and brakes while trying to drive your best in under a minute. Hope you get her back out soon mate.
  7. If Humpy has a picture it’s far too cheeky in my opinion…..
  8. Many thanks guys for supporting the club today. Fantastic venue, weather was a spot on and lots of very diverse cars from all Marques. Events like this may be a thing of the past soon due to the EV evangelist brigade. We queued for nearly an hour to get in and were told by a marshal that the Green Party council forgot to close Madeira Drive last night in anticipation and several strategically abandoned vehicles stopped entry until the police towed them off! Hopefully we will have an opportunity to attend next year. This car speaks volumes for petrol heads, classic car enthusiasts and just the freedom to do what you want. Lol.
  9. I’m heading straight to the venue. Still waiting on a couple of emails. Places are still available if you get in today.
  10. Need more email addresses guys to send you your entry pass and instructions. I won’t be sending them out at midnight tomorrow!
  11. We need to be on the stand by 9 am. I’m sure you would be able to drift off after lunch. I will be forwarding the passes to those who have requested them when I get home from work this evening.
  12. I don’t want to leave this until the last minute but there are now 3 spaces still available so get in quick and add your name to the list. Can the members on the current list send me their email address via pm so I can send a club pass, full instructions and a show map. You will need to print off the pass and display on arrival. We only have spaces for 15 cars so please don’t forward the tickets on to anyone because the weather looks good the night before as I will turn away anyone who is not on the list. Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Andy.
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