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  1. Thanks Alex. An eye opener for anyone running big brakes or not with this problem. Will check discs with dial gauge tomorrow,naively thought that new discs,pads and hubs would run true!
  2. Thanks Alex. The rotors and pads were the first thing I changed about 500 miles ago. I have to say it seemed to cure things for a while for maybe 100 miles or so and then it started again!
  3. Hi guys. I know the car isn't stock but your opinions would be very helpful as I have run out of ideas. I've had a judder from the steering wheel for a while and after replacing the the rotors,pads,bananas arms,(smaller shake now),balanced both front tyres and yesterday I changed the track rod ends she still shakes when I brake! The wheel bearings,wishbones and lower control arms have been replaced within the past 3 years. I've got a Hunter Check booked for next Saturday but other than the rack being knackered I'm at a loss as what to try next!
  4. Gentle reminder as deadline for club tickets could be only a couple of weeks away
  5. Great video Glen. Good luck next weekend buddy.
  6. Well done Ian for organising once again. Good to catch with Z members old and new today.
  7. Yes buddy. Last minute decision as Kat didn’t fancy sitting in a cow shed all day so I’m Just exploring the local taverns in Kenilworth!
  8. Mate I'm as fussy as you on detail and my scratched boot internals drive me nuts but what you have done is so awesome I'd be welding the tailgate shut! Lol
  9. 1. Andy James +1-paid 2. Jay84-paid 3. Liam Mann-paid 4. Nso93-paid 5. Humpy-paid
  10. We still need another paid member to confirm our 5 car club stand!
  11. Thanks once again to Chris,Kim,Beb Chef,Bob and Netti for once again putting on the best annual food fest for Datsun drivers! For those of you that did not attend, "hard luck",as there was enough food to feed an army,beer,wine,modified cars all over the place,attractive young women test driving in circles a secret high powered low slung prototype electric vehicle and also a cracking group of friends which as ever have a bloody good laugh!
  12. Managed to switch things around this weekend so will be on time with Chairs,beers,snacks and the Doris! AKA meme.



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