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  1. I’ve got the smaller version and it’s fantastic at drying wheels, brakes, window surrounds and the cracks around lamps etc.
  2. Just back from a 750 mile round trip driving on some of the best roads in Wales. Evo Triangle,Snowdonia,Eden valley etc. The Trophy really came into her own on the twisties.
  3. Classic case of a builder who is doing rather well during a pandemic and taking full advantage of the current skills shortage and material price increases!………
  4. Looks like you guys had great weather and a good mix of motors in a cracking location
  5. Well done guys!!! Sorry I couldn’t be there today. Looking forward to next year.
  6. Cheers mate. Lots of shows have clashed this year. Looking forward to a less crammed in season next year.
  7. Due to the whole show season being compressed into just a few short weeks this year I find myself in a difficult position. Japfest is usually held over the early May Bank Holiday and another event I always enter is the Brighton Speed Trials on the first Saturday in September. Political/ecological pressure is unfortunately going to end this very special and historic event so I’m going to give the Phoenix one last blast down Madeira Drive. Ian Dole and Andy Muxlow have kindly agreed to deputise for me on the day so all you guys are in very capable hands. Im sure Japfest will be an
  8. Fantastic well organised show once again. Many thanks to the members that came along today. As said before it was a shame the event clashed with a few others so let’s hope a fresh calendar next year will mean a much bigger stand. I Gave up trying to work out how many Millions of pounds worth of cars on display today! My favourite and definitely the most expensive.
  9. Micro convoy starting at The Fownes Hotel Worcester car park. Access to the show is from 7am and we do need to be on our Club stand by 9.30. This event is not as large or as frantic as Japfest so I think we should be meet up and be ready to head off around 8.15am to allow plenty of time to get in and settled.
  10. That would be great Mark. We are staying at your favourite Hotel with the complementary Seagulls,You know where we are. Lol
  11. Having seen this car on a couple of occasions I can fully endorse the previous comments on this cracking car. GLWTS Colin.
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