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  1. Thanks Martin much appreciated for the great day good on track action and loads of cars
  2. For everyone going a summary of what is going on
  3. Hi everyone small update have managed to finish off the MAF sensor and the intake air temperature sensor which has been installed into the aluminium intake Also I have installed a cold air intake for the 350z this can be used for any 350z there's a video on the next page showing how!
  4. I'm trying my hardest to get the car finished off and show her off with Martin in his Datsun sss coupe, which is by the way lovely
  5. Bit more progress coming together now and the engine bay is looking tight. I have changed the stock fans to Mishimoto it also helps with extra cooling and clearance, for the air intake i probably will change the size of the intake and colour of the pipes? Not sure yet I'm just concentrating on getting this up and running still waiting for a few parts but not many Did have a play with the running and seems to be working nicely
  6. I will put on the forum the rest of the build obviously, but I will also let everyone know how reliable it has been and any problems I come across also driving pleasure per gallon ,also give a reasonable pricing and different ways of taking on a project like this!!
  7. Thank you very much for your kind response, much appreciated. My idea has always been to bring both worlds together and use the GM, Ls series engine are very undestmated in this country and the cd09 gearbox together with 350z chassis hopefully will make enjoyable fun combinations. More importantly reliable in the long term .
  8. I hope that I will try to get between 20 and 30 if I'm wearing me halo and a lot of the mileis down hill
  9. it's going to be a bit juicy , but I probably won't be doing more than 3 thousand miles a year i will try not to have to much of a lead foot , maybe a little bit
  10. Here's a short clip of just the V8 soundtrack
  11. At the end of the evening success was sweet and the engine is very healthy but still more work before it's back on the road





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