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  1. Hi everyone just browsing through Facebook and the information for incarnation has been posted. I would like to attend if possible please. Link below , it is on Saturday 23rd April , for the attention of who will be organising, Payco normally does this but he may not be able to this time. https://facebook.com/events/s/incarnation/242244034663396/
  2. Posted Wednesday at 19:37 1. andy james Paid 2. Zelda Paid 3. George 1966 Paid 4. Andy_Muxlow Paid 5. Buster- paid 6. nismoandy -paid
  3. 1. Zmanalex 2. Stu x2 3. harrison140 4. Kev T 5. Andy james 6. Nismoandy ×2
  4. As of this week the 350z has gone in for the full respray I've taken off all of the flame decals ,and changed the bonnet as it had significantly rust on the aluminium bonnet and not worth saving, so changed for a good second hand one. Photo before and then after . Last two photos are of the front bumper please can you let me know what one you prefer thanks as I am in two minds thanks Andy
  5. Hade a great day out with some very nice fellow Z owners and DATSUN SSS . I have attached a video of some one else ,to give you an idea what it's like, every year it gets bigger and better definitely worth a visit next year
  6. Martin,! you've absolutely smashed it ! Well done and can't wait to see her in the flesh lovely work
  7. Been living with the conversion for a while now and I have recorded an average of 24mpg going to japfest and home over the weekend which is acceptable for how I use it. But one of the bugs that needs ironing out is the clutch, I put in a stage 1 clutch to coupe with the extra torque, but since I've been using it it's been juddering when you engage different gears, I'm not a hundred percent sure weather it's contamination or a Characteristic of this clutch or something else, anyway I'll be taking the gearbox out of the car over the winter to sort out (ps anyone else have any suggestion
  8. I came across this YouTube video and I regret not going what a show definitely going next year
  9. Hi there a big thanks to everyone who organised this event , i enjoyed meeting other members, great venue always friendly and hope to see you all soon again.
  10. Hi there everyone fantastic day, and thanks to all who organised the club stand, it was nice to get a lot of great comments on the v8 Z
  11. Hi Paul nice to hear that you are organising this i will be with you and the Catering manager. If anyone wants to join us then please put your name down we're very friendly
  12. 1. Paul K - K50PTK 350z roadster 2. Dom - 350z 3. Nismoandy,+Catering manager
  13. Small update been busy with work for a while. The car has been reliable so far with a few teething problems, With the engine being rather large and runs hotter than the original engine, the heat radiates into the driving compartment so I'm at the moment recommissioning the air conditioning system it's been regassed but going to try and fix the wiring . Also I have installed an exhaust by pass but not sure if I like it ,I'm going to live with it for now and see what other people think of it at japfest??
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