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  1. Ok, I have no idea how to find out which transmission it has All I know is that it's smooth and has a great manly mechanical feel to it
  2. Hi Andy, I'm afraid I'm not sure about the gearbox, I will try to find out, but it will be whatever came on a 54 plate 2005 model.... Where are you based? I sold my last car to a guy from Essex and met him at my parents in Birmingham, so it's not impossible
  3. Ok no problem, send me a txt. Tax is up in march, and mot end of next month, but I'll put 12 months on it
  4. Hi There are 2 former owners before me. Got all the service history and all that I'm not in a great hurry to sell, but i'd like to get it all sorted soonish My plate won't be transferred for about 2 weeks anyway.
  5. Forgot to say, it will not come with the registration in the pics, it will be back on a 54 plate. The reg will be transferred in about 2 weeks....
  6. Here's a couple more i've spotted, i'm sure i have more somewhere Pancake dog: Found Jesus..... He was living in my lava lamp :D
  7. Awww i know matey, it's a really hard decision to make, and i may well regret it, but i need some back seats There is no replacement, but i want something unusual, that can still turn heads.... actually think of getting an Alfa Romeo Hmmm, yes, i'm due an update on that thread I'll see what i have
  8. Well guys, it's with a heavy heart that i reluctantly post my Z up for sale. I need more seats so she will have to go. She's appeared in 2 forum calendars, and is an unmolested example of this gorgeous car. She has wanted for nothing and has given me 2 and a half years of trouble free motoring, and i will be extremely sad to see her go Fantastic condition inside and out, you really will struggle to find a better example. Had the front end resprayed last year, so there are no stone chips, which usually plague these cars Really does look brand new! 2005 on a 54 plate, so lower tax bracket UK GT Model, Black heated leather, Bose, Cruise control, all the usual luxuries 55k miles RAYS Forged lightweight alloys Full service history, Pop Charger Air Filter, plus standard airbox included LED Rear lights If you need to know anything else, drop me a message, Located in Blackpool, Lancashire. Price is £7,500 ono Thanks for looking
  9. Few from the weekend from a very cold beach Roses by manphibian, on Flickr Optimistic by manphibian, on Flickr Spring by manphibian, on Flickr
  10. Here's a couple of grey photoshops i did on mine... Been thinking about doing it for an eternity, but nothing ever happens I've had dark wheels on every car i've owned... but there's something about the silver rays that just... works...
  11. Very sad to hear this Here's to a successful recovery, and you getting your brother back as he was
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