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  1. I remember thinking "Oh we'll take a little break" and driving around randomly, which took WAY longer than I intended, to which the local chippy only had like fish cakes left. I think about it often and want to apologise 4! Jesus haha, definitely embracing that addiction
  2. Nah, I tossed that and moved back home to Scotland, I found our work styles and methodologies didn't blend well.
  3. Haha of course I remember you! Sorry if I ever caused any hassle for yo.! I haven't owned another zed, so only the one for me; got a few years to go before mid life crisis kicks in and I've still got the Celica hiding in the garage, maybe I'll have another one day, who knows.
  4. Man, whenever I decide to have a look at the old 350z forum, it feels like the last time I did so was maybe 8 months ago... Turns out every time it's 3 or more years since the last. Every time I recognise less people but it still has the same kinda atmosphere it did over a decade ago when I first joined, helpful and friendly. I see many things have changed, and then changed again between my visits; looks like there have been a few rotations of moderators, and even admin. It's always nice to see people willing to put in the work for their hobby and keep everyone in line, much like the old mods and admin did for me back in the day 😛 So, hello to those new people who are enjoying the hobby in its early days, and hello to those of us who have creakier knees than when we first met I remember the jockland hoon and deciding that me and a mate would camp while you lot rented your posh cabins, it then pi**ed it down all night long soaking us right through, I'm surprised you didn't find two solid blocks of ice in the field. I ran a meet or two in the west midlands where we got some awesome weather and I remember some members were quite fond of the local barmaids. I ran a business here too, I was terrible at it! I really just wanted to enjoy building things, modifying the car in unique new ways, and share it with you guys, I'm not sure what lead me down the road of making the least profitable business ever, but I did it for a while. I hope any guides I made stood the test of time and still help people, and even better if they've been built upon by members as I wrote them specifically for the community to own. God I hope any mods I did for people on their cars worked out ok, people are always so polite they never say anything and I'd always been paranoid they'd just stop working for no reason. Oh, can't forget that time I lost track of the car ahead of me in that West Midlands meet and completely diverted the entire tail of the convoy the wrong way, prematurely ending the meet, so embarrassing (in my defence, he did gun through the lights). And that time when a bunch of us treated this forum as more of a social club than a hobby-centric forum, then all the mods and admin after multiple requests for us to stop got super pi**ed and made "The Skip" which got renamed to "The Green Room" later as a compromise, tossing all of our crap into that area which didn't show up on the front page. Overall I think I worked out my 350z cost me £25000 in two years that I'd never see again, that's fuel, tax, mods, repairs, depreciation, everything; but you can't really put a price on the people you meet or the experiences you share. I spent an inordinate amount of time on this forum, and to try and mention all the old timers I met and the friends I made would be next to impossible. So, you know who you are, even if we didn't necessarily see eye to eye back then, it was likely due to me being an arse, and for that I apologise. I made some life long friends here, and I hope everyone who visits will be as fortunate as me, no matter how briefly they swing by. Much love, John
  5. You're all mad for still using potato bucket until now, it turned into an advert ridden cess pool long ago! While you're sorting out your pictures, change your email away from btinternet to something not linked to your current internet provider e.g. gmail, use Chrome or Firefox instead of IE, use uBlock Origin to block internet ads, stop using shitty Norton/McAfee and use something like Bitdefender, run frequent Malware Bytes scans, never give someone remote access to your pc no matter how convincing they sound on the phone, use VLC media player instead of widows media player crap, notepad++ is a superior alternative to notepad, GIMP is a poor mans Photoshop, bt home hubs are spawned by Satan... All that comes to mind right now.
  6. FYI, Ibis Coventry South is like a POW camp. There is a closer Ibis in the town centre though, just don't get them mixed up. Just letting you all know, in case you're wondering why it's so cheap The holiday in, cov south is quite nice last I stayed in there though. It'd be rude for me not to pop my head in at the transport museum seeing as you're basically walking distance from me, I could probably throw something at you (super human throw) while you eat at the Holiday Inn too.
  7. I parked right next to him a bunch of times picking the mrs up from work, never got around to saying hello. RIP
  8. Finally bailed on Dirty Bomb as my go to FPS, Overwatch has stuck the final nail in it's coffin I think. I gave in and joined my friends on Overwatch. My thoughts after the weekend of solid play... Good: Polished all around, not early access, no pay to win or pay walls, no subscription, a lot of character choice to keep you busy, decent amount of maps, wide variety of play styles possible. Bad: The graphic style I really hate, it's a very arcade like constant action feel which I don't like as much, a few characters feel very overpowered when used properly, a few extremely frustrating classes that have zero skill abilities (literal aim bots). Overall, yeah it's nice and I'll keep playing it. It's not entirely my preference for FPS but it's the direction everyone else has taken so it doesn't leave much option, as the larger player base means better matchmaking etc. You guys should really make separate threads for PC and consoles seem to be a few PC gamers here but it gets drowned out by the console peasants
  9. Hope it's not a repost
  10. You say that, but it wasn't until late in high school that I realised the whole "a" and "an" thing, "a pizza", "an anchovy". I mean I used a and an correctly, but had never been taught it. I assume it was while I was sick and missed the lesson, or I'm a retard... The point I'm making here is there's not enough time to catch up what you miss, it's a good thing most of it is complete bullshit you don't actually need, and anything valuable you can pick up along the way. If only they taught you how to balance your accounts, order pizza, write a CV or pay your pimp on time; real world lessons that will actually be valuable
  11. Vodka, pizza, crying salty tears of laughter. I'm broken.
  12. Take the s out of https after you've pasted the link. Ahh balls, forgot they made it https
  13. Ooh, speaking of STL output format, I had a spanking good idea today I've said too much. The Printer itself will be controlled via a motion control program? I mean, it isn't really any different from a CNC in a lot of ways.
  14. I'm on a drunken adventure of hilarity now And I have no idea how to embed these.
  15. Do the 3D printers run off of Mach3 like the CNC's? I know they use a program called Slicer to cut the CAD model up, not sure on any more details though... Just curious
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