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  1. Selling my 370Z GT as I just don't use it anymore - £14'000 I've had the car for 3 years, used it lovingly but due to a BMW company car, wife's car and getting older, I just don't have the time to put into it anymore and someone else will certainly enjoy it. The car is looked after well, inside is in superb condition and outside is very good. The body work is good, there is one small nick in the bonnet from a stone but is hard to find unless pointed out. The car is kept off the public road on a drive way. Manual gearbox 35'187 miles on the clock MOT until September 2016 Full Motorline service history up until this year where it was minor serviced at Kiazer motor sport New rear tyres fitted this year, geometry also refreshed GT car with OEM Bose stereo and sat nav Books, receipts, Nissan wallets, 2 keys, loads of all the things you'd be interested in seeing. The car has two modifications done to it; ARK GriP exhaust system Stillen gen 3 intakes The OEM parts I still have and are included in the sale. I have tracked the car 4 times, each time sensibly and cared for prior and after. Lots of pictures and updates regards the cars history here if anyone is interested and wants to know more. http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/71638-suits-le-mans-blue-370z/ If anyone has any further questions or would like to view please PM me on here and I'll give you a call, or vice versa. Located in Essex, just off the J29 M25. Thanks, Nick
  2. Thats a wonderful job you've done here. You must be very very proud, looks gorgeous. Top job sir.
  3. Trying to get into Project Cars again now that the patch's have been released, it was God awful before.
  4. Frame rate drop when the weather changes mid race is dire man.
  5. I dropped mine off at one of their indoor centers, IIRC they have to take part of the roof off to get to the clips.
  6. Yeah, I've been using it a bit of late.
  7. Ah, mines a 2009 GT, maybe they had different mats ?
  8. Change the clutch fluid man, I had a clutch issue, changed the fluid first (it was black !!!), and it's gone away. I track my car a fair bit, so I'm pretty sure high temps and enthusiastic driving will take its toll on the fluid.
  9. I had my windscreen replaced just over a year ago. When I have the heaters on in the cold it sometimes pops and creaks. At least I think its the windscreen . http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/79684-my-windscreen-had-a-cracking-christmas/page__hl__%2Bwindscreen+%2Bchristmas
  10. Dude, I just checked mine and the underside of my mats looks a lot different to yours, perhaps OEM ones are a certain thickness to fit the locking clips better. Yours may be too thick and don't fully lock in. Mine have never moved since I've had the car, in fact, it took quite a tug to get them off the peg.
  11. Been playing a bit of Golf Club on the Xbox One in preparation for new Tiger (Rory Mc).
  12. On my 2nd Xbox One now after having the first replaced by MS under warranty (disc reading error). Currently my Kinect decides when it wants to turn on or not and for some reason my custom backgrounds keep disappearing from my console after a few weeks. Apart from that, still very happy with it all, except the ever so slow and clunky UI, which is appalling. Like shocking.
  13. Wicked. Wing is banging, best bit. Get your video's up. I bought the same GP mount and got a vid's a few trackdays at Brands, teh rear one if cool. Picked up an external mic to and it made all the difference. Get more pictures of the rear wing up too .
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