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  1. Cheers for the review. BCs are one of my options. Thanks for the settings also. It seems to be that generally that is the average set up across the board 10-12 front and 13-15 rear so it's good to hear some one confirm that. I actually find my eibach springs are too low so I may go a little higher. My street has 7 speed bumps which catch the front and the underside of the car Every time :-( I don't know which part that's metal rubbing but it almost makes me cry Every time LMAO. I just want the option to raise and lower when required but mainly for the planted feel. I want more a sharper feel and much more planted :-)
  2. Hi guys, Anyone on here for the torqen s coilovers and can provide me a quick review and answer me some questions? 1. Are they any good 2. What settings do you have then on and why. I.e. 10 clicks from hard setting. 3. Do they sharpen things up. 4.My current set up is eibach prokit lowering springs with whiteline sway bar and my cars handling as improved a lot however there's still room for improvement. Will the coilovers offer a significant improvement over my current lowering springs. 5. Do you use the rear extenders and where do they go? 6. If you know, how do they compare to say BC or meister r coilovers as there similar money. 7. If not torqen s. And anyone use say BC or meister. Please provide me your opinions and current settings if poss. Cheers folks.
  3. Okay, it's been a couple of weeks but I've had the high flows fitted and panel filters with a second remap. I wasn't expecting much to be honest but I gained 21bhp and 20ish torque this is my second map as well. The car feels much more responsive and defo a little faster. The power and response is brilliant but it wasn't the main reason I went to get HFCs. I needed my exhaust to sound a little better. Let's just say I am completely in love with the sound. HFC completely changed the sound and volume. Everyone that has heard my car before fitment and after has said it sounds filthy now. One of the best sounds theve heard. It starts with a low deep rumble at low rpm then opens up into a scream similar to a race car at higher rpm. Then there's the rasp which I actually love, I know some hate it but I love it. Before my friends said my car looked the part and was quick but lacked sound. Now there jealous :-) I tried to upload a sound clip but this site doesn't seem to allow video footage. Eitherway I'm super happy. A big thanks to Adrian at Torqen for getting me my filters next day and for the Torqen HFC obviously. Also a big thanks to the guys at Horsham Developments for generally being great guys and doing an amazing job as usual :-)
  4. Cheers guys for all your opinions and comments. I'm pretty sure now in going to get a HFC and have spoken with Horsham dev and the guys,will fit and do a 're remap on it. Just got to waited for the Torqen guys to get back to me with a few answers and then I'm set to go :-) Cheers again guys. Oh one last question. Have any of you guys had any issues with MOT and emissions tests?
  5. Brilliant thanks, just waiting for black Friday or January sales to get a good deal on the torqen one ;-) Since having it fitted, have you any regrets or is it just additional smiles per miles. By the way sick plates. What are those gel ones?
  6. Thank you both for the comments. I'm defo going to get some high flows next year then. I do not mind any hiss or rasp. Will add to the character of the car :-) With a second remap also maybe a little extra power aswell as getting the post cat 02 sensors bypassed. Cheers again., Next year is going to be very exciting indeed
  7. Hi guys, I seem to be on hear alot lately LMAO. I have am akraprovic cat back exhaust fitted, but although a quality exhaust it's still a little too quiet for ny liking. Has anyone got this exhaust and fitted some high flows and if so does it increases sound, I hope it does? If you guys got a different exhaust but fitted HFC can't you let me know if there was a difference after fitting and a rough percentage of the difference. I already have an uprev map from Horsham but if I'd get HFC I will go back for a second map, which brings me to my next three questions. 1. Can anyone conform a gain in power with the HFC fitted. 2. How much did it cost generally for HFC to be fitted. 3. Pops and bangs, has anyone got this option and does it work with high flow cats. Many thanks
  8. Brilliant thanks for the advice. I highly recommend changing the front oem bar with Whiteline or any other aftermarket brand. I think 350Butcher, I will take your advice and get the rear bar in the new year :-) Thanks again
  9. Okay just a quick review of the sway bar. Firstly took 2.5 hours to do with no power tools and a couple of tricky bolts (rusted). Now, I know the general consensus seems to be stiffer back soft front to get rid of understeer but from researching that mainly applies to front wheel drive cars. To illiminate understeer on the zed is softer back, harder front. I have left the oem rear back and fitted the Whiteline front sway which is around the same thickness as the oem bar however it's solid not hollow and weighs about double. Whitline suggest starting on soft setting so you can adjust to the cars new dynamics. I ignored and went straight to stiffest setting, which incidentally is the hole closest the bar. I took it out for a drive and at first I was thinking I can't feel any difference at all what a waste. So I took it to some location I know to push it. Now that's where I noticed the difference. The front body roll has reduced by about 40-50% and when I used to push hard in certain tight bends and I mean push hard the car would immediately understeer. With the new bar the understeer seems to be all but eliminated. In fact it feels like the rear has slightly more grip at the limit, the front stays planted and the rear starts to oversteer. It's the good oversteer though the controllable progressive oversteer not the snap oversteer which is a nightmare. In summary, from stock the ride comfort does not change for daily driving, however the car feels more balanced now and understeer is pretty much gone. The rear end feels like it grips slightly more but when it does let go it's progressive. I have to test some more but at the moment my thoughts are, well worth the money.
  10. Oh trust I can't go any harder without shredding tarmac ;-P In safe locations obviously :-) Thanks guys for comments. Either way my sway bar arrives Monday so I'll fit it at the weekend and let ya know how it handles. Next grooved disks and breaks, high flow cat and second remap :-)
  11. Hi guys, already had 4 wheel hunter alighnment. They couldn't bring back to stock, however it is only just outside the oem high range specs. I'm happy with this anyway as I like a little negative camber. Only do around 3000 miles per year so not worried on tyres. Handling improved quite a bit after alighment compared to stock ride height and settings. Its just the dam understeer and front body roll in the front. Hopefully sway bar will sort it out
  12. Hi guys, lowered my car on eibach springs and car handling a lot better although drop is defo more than advertised. More like 1.5 inches. Anyway I've got the whiteline front sway bar coming in the,post. Didn't order the rear as I'm out of cash and need the rest for disks and pads in December. However I can't seem to find anyone that has fitted just the front bar so am asking on here if anyone has and which setting have they used hard or softest. I can get the rear bar at a later date but it seems a lot of the US guys only run front anyway and say to not bother with the rear. Is there anyone with front sways and can you tell me if it does get rid of some of the roll and nasty understeer the car has when pushed in corners.
  13. If its had an uprev tune, not sire about ecutek. Then theres going to be at least on more map on the car. I.e. valet map. Speak to Horsham or Abbey and ask them how to change maps. It has something to do with the cruise control I think. Either way after they tell ya give it a go. If the map changes then you know it's been remapped for sure.
  14. Shep1982


    Right okay lads. I got 20mm spacers on rear and I haven't done the front yet with the stud replacement 15mm as I'm still recovering from the worst job I've ever done! Installing eibach springs on the car. I started at 16:30 and didn't stop until 2:00 am the next morning. The first set of spring compressors broke. The second set are broke and to compress those springs without an impact gun took hours of manually confessing each spring. Either way. Hers car with roof painted black, front fangs black and lowered :-) .
  15. Shep1982


    Cheers guys, i have emailed driftworks :-)
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