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  1. Thanks for this David, Good wright up too, was on the fence about getting one of these, but think you may have just persuaded me to get one for my 70
  2. Anyone got a spare ticket or can't go let me know..thanks Dan
  3. Rough looking 350z on pure rally.. would of said hello but you didn't keep up @ernie902
  4. Ha he actually showed me andy james' steering wheel, so now I've gone and ordered one.. just got to work out how to get it fitted before the wife notices.
  5. And you mate, although thanks to you my wallets a bit lighter now lol
  6. Was nice meeting you all Sorry if I missed anyones car Stu your car sounded awesome on the way out
  7. Any one got any spare club tickets for sale? Really want to get in on this
  8. Hi All after a black pre facelift front OEM bumper good condition as i dont want to have to repaint it what you got can collect if close to swindon Dan
  9. Nice, was meant to go on the amsterdam one last weekend but had to transfer it over to the monaco one later this year Will look out for your thread
  10. Just been going through original build on this car and read that it has berks hfcs on it, so its actually a common fault, will a remap get rid of the eml light for these codes?
  11. Hi alex Getting p1166 p1167 and p1273 codes 2004 - humpy and chris Gs old car Cars running fine just exhaust smells a little Dan
  12. Hi All ive got multiple O2 sensor error codes coming up, but its not the sensors at fault my garage reckons it could be something to do with the wiring and suggested they carry out a pin-out test, i have found info on what each pin does, and a diagram but my garage have said there is no Bank 1 sensor output pin would something like this be on the main ECU wiring diagram? has anybody had this before? and can any body point me in the right direction thanks Dan
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