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    • I would normally update my build thread however, think this might be of wider use as information tends to get lost among pages and pages of chat.


      Ever since ownership the driver's seat controls have been temperamental. Sometimes the motor would seem to work after a couple of attempts at the switch or holding the switch for a while or sometimes not at all. Not a huge problem as once the seat is in the correct position, there's little reason to ever move it.


      So yesterday the seat decided it'll only tilt forward and not back, great. Sometimes I'd have to operate it for a moment in forward tilt and then it'll move back, but no. 


      1st action, check for any obstruction under the seat that may have knocked a plug loose. Followed the loom from the switch to first plug disconnected and reconnected. Checked the plugs to the motors and using a power probe seeing simply 12v would feed one pin at at time to operate either backwards or forwards - all seems fine. 


      2nd Liqui Moly spray grease the switch as might be some contaminate I needed to dislodge. Still no joy and left it at that as it was getting late, working via torch. Started looking around for a replacement switch as couldn't see anything untoward post switch.


      Then came across a YT video from a few years ago of a fella using fish tank silicone hose to bulk out the triggers in the switch. The next day (today) after stripping down the switch itself discovered the triggers themselves do in fact operate the motors just fine. 


      Checking in the tat draw (every kitchen has one) came across a packet of wall plugs that looked just the right size. Cut a few mm of the end to make collars and the size was perfect.


      Held in place by my head assistant 😄






      Years and years of grime and now lube




      If those tiny little prongs don't contact the triggers enough, motors won't operate. 








      Ends cut off ready 




      Two with and two without for comparison




      Built all back up and works perfectly!! No hesitation at all now and fixed for free 😁

    • Okay, I will grab all this stuff when over at the shop tomorrow and send you over some pictures and prices etc  by DM.

      I should have a new clutch kit on stock, again info by DM tomorrow.

    • Hi, I've got a GReddy evolution gt 304 exhaust with motor-dyne art pipes but I'm having a problem with it being too loud and too much drone. I was wondering if I could replace the y-pipe with any resonated y-pipe that goes to 3 inch or would it need to be specific for the Greddy exhaust? I was also wondering how useful is it to use soundproofing in the boot to reduce the drone noise.

    • Yep mate it does have two air intakes, etc, so how much for the pair. Part of my list of things i need include is a engine cover, engine strut (both preferably with the fixings, but not overly important), a soft top that we already spoke of and there will be quite a few other bits to add to all this, i would think. Do you know of a company that does the clutch kit for my car, either online or other, i have been quoted £370.00 from various places, there are a few online that quote cheaper, but just not sure how good they may be! 

    • Great service again from Tarmac Sports Chris and Bob, friendly guys! Got my zed running good again same day with new coil packs and plugs!

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