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  1. GLWTS Pete. Lovely looking wheels.
  2. Hi and welcome along buddy. Hope you have many enjoyable mile in your new car. As above lets see some pictures when you have her?
  3. Good to see you all this morning. Thanks Dave for the heads up on this morning. Cracking morning
  4. What time are you planning on getting there guys?
  5. Hi Pete, lovely looking car. glad you’re back in the fold. It didn’t take too long.
  6. He posted pictures in the picture section iirc.
  7. Hi Pete, I will take the rear lights as well for Sarah’s car.
  8. Sarah’s and mine after the wash before we went on holiday.
  9. Hi Dave I can’t make this 1 dude sorry I already have something on
  10. So another little update today. Thanks to @pintopete58 I have bought some new dress up stuff for the doors and under the bonnet. I really like the colour, so I think my theme might be silver and blue now thanks again Pete.
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