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  1. Andy_Muxlow

    Hello from Croatia

    Hi and welcome to the club.
  2. Andy_Muxlow

    I broke me Knob !

    Yes Steve they can be tough to remove. absolutely shocking really. Nope i have bought a new 1 from the show on Sunday.
  3. Cracking day out once again guys. Thanks for sorting this out again Ian...
  4. Andy_Muxlow

    Evening from s.wales!

    Hi and welcome along. Buy the Zed, a lot of car for the money.
  5. Andy_Muxlow

    I broke me Knob !

    Just did mine this morning, but not as much damage although it was a bloody struggle.
  6. Andy_Muxlow

    New 350z owner

    Hi and welcome along.
  7. Andy_Muxlow

    370z in Berkshire

    Hi and welcome along.
  8. Andy_Muxlow

    New 350Z owner from Colchester

    Hi and welcome along.
  9. Andy_Muxlow

    Newbie from Essex

    Hi and welcome along.
  10. GLWTS buddy this looks an amazing car! Very subtly modified.
  11. Andy_Muxlow

    I broke me Knob !

    Absolutely fantastic chris bob and me will take 1 as well
  12. I will be there for the convoy guys. I will turn the music up!!!
  13. Andy_Muxlow


    That's a shame buddy.
  14. Andy_Muxlow

    Hi all, new 350z and forum member!

    Hi and welcome along.
  15. Isn't it our own responsibility to familiarise ourselves with the specific laws in the countries we visit? Only himself to blame as has been said above.