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  1. I do think that smart motorways would work better if people used them correctly though. If people obeyed the signs earlier there wouldn't be so much carnage. But alas people nowadays think its ok to disregard road signs in order to jump the potential queues...
  2. That's my wife's zed so still have 1 in the family.
  3. So my new car has arrived and my gorgeous zed is gone. I have bought to replace her a BMW E60 550i m-sport. V8 itch is being scratched. 4.8ltr V8. It's a lovely car. I will miss my zed but had to scratch the itch.
  4. So new car has arrived. Here is a picture with my wife's 350z after their bath.
  5. 2nd for the zed shed fantastic place. Hi and welcome along.
  6. Hi and welcome along buddy. I am sure you will get her sorted out.
  7. My wife and I have both had this issue in the past on my 370z and her 350z. It was a nightmare to get off when needing to put air in the tyre. As above best off sticking to standard caps I am afraid.
  8. Looking forward to this build Andy. Very nice.





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