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  1. Awesome vlogs guys! Keep up the good work... cant wait to see the colour of this car now.
  2. Its beginning to come together nicely @14N looking very nice indeed!
  3. I could be tempted by this as i am only a short distance away in Peterborough.
  4. Just a couple of pics from when I used the megiuars hybrid ceramic wax. I have to say I am really impressed with the results.
  5. Glwts Martin. Shame to see it go possibly, but also intriguing to see the new car if it happens as I love the older Z cars.
  6. As Paul says talk to Bob or Chris at tarmacsportz. They will be able to sort you out.
  7. Fantastic write up buddy. Any chance I could get some of the rolling shots he took as the 1 in the article looks awesome.



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