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  1. I managed 27.5 average on our driving holiday to Italy and back. In my 370z, Which I think was really awesome to be honest. Quite a lot of 2nd and 3rd gear driving on the passes. Also quite fast on the motorway in places.
  2. CRacking day again David rganks for sorting this out again. It was really nice of the guys to open up 1/2 hour early for us as well. Nice drive out to that car park lmao..... Great ending at melbicks where we usually start.
  3. Andy_Muxlow

    Next Project

    Excellent news all things are coming together for you and your new project. Congratulations Martin.
  4. I think we are in the golden age of fossil fueled vehicles with in a few years they will be disappearing slowly. I just hope there will be the infrastructure to cope with all the electric vehicles. I have to park around 30 to 50 yards from my house how are we going to sort out charging points for people like us I wonder?
  5. Andy_Muxlow


    I also like the look of this. Hope it is real.
  6. Hi and welcome along buddy. Good luck in your search.
  7. I don't think so to be honest. I think it started on the 370Z. But i could be wrong.
  8. Just seen it was ended by the seller due to an error. Maybe the price wasn't high enough or they couldn't find the turbo's.......
  9. No pictures of the engine bay and dirt cheap....... Smells a rat I does
  10. Hi and welcome along buddy. Nice looking car.
  11. Just an update as I forgot to do it before. Someone asked what tyre foam I used so here it is... Absolutely fantastic stuff!



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