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  1. Andy_Muxlow

    Early Ban on Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    Sort of off topic a little but along the same lines. Well batteries anyway, I work in the powered access industry. They have been looking into the different types of batteries to power machines, we are still heavily using lead acid batteries. But some companies have been looking into the use of lithium or li-ion batteries. But they are so expensive they wont use them. as it is a 19 foot scissor lift may be hired out for lets say £100 per week. if they used li-ion batteries that hire would cost at least £400 per week. The companies know people would not want to pay this price...
  2. Andy_Muxlow

    New TG presenters

    Going to be a good series then?
  3. Andy_Muxlow

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    I am only just starting ... give me a chance...
  4. Andy_Muxlow

    Focus ST MK2 gearbox woes......

    When I had my ST I had a problem with reverse, when going backwards it would shake the gear stick back and forth quite a lot. It even jumped out of gear a few times. It turned out I needed a gearbox refurb. Luckily it was under warranty. Don’t know if this helps but could be expensive
  5. Andy_Muxlow

    POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

    Loving this colour.
  6. Hi and welcome along.
  7. Andy_Muxlow

    iPhone X Bluetooth Breakthrough!

    I find that my IPhone 7+ is rubbish at playing music through Bluetooth but I have no issues with phone calls at all. Mine is also a 2011 370Z.
  8. Andy_Muxlow

    Mesh size for n1 front bumper

    My mesh is 920 mm x 190 mm with a cut out at the top. I guess that's for the toe eye.
  9. Andy_Muxlow

    350z Fuel Conundrum

    You should run a 350Z on premium unleaded fuel yes tesco momentum or shell nitro + would be the best choice. Premium from BP and others do only have 97ron as far as I know. People will say shell is best but i have never had any problems running momentum and I have been using it for over 3 years now. 95ron will cause engine knock and reduced power i believe as has been said above...
  10. Andy_Muxlow

    Mesh size for n1 front bumper

    I have currently have an N1 original bumper in the paint shop being prepped and painted for my wife's 350Z, which has some mesh with it. I will measure it when i am able to get home. If no one has come back to you by that time. Hope this may help. Andy.
  11. Andy_Muxlow

    What does flyered mean?

    I think they look great which ever you decide to go for to be honest.
  12. Nice looking car you have there buddy. I also was looking forward to the V8 350Z. however i am looking forward to seeing how this monster turns out as well.... Good Luck Chris.
  13. Looking good @14N keep up the good work. I guess I should start 1 for mine as well now....