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  1. You need to copy and paste the list and add your names to the bottom of it guys.
  2. Yeah me neither 😂😂
  3. Hi and welcome along buddy. Nice looking car.
  4. Hi and welcome along buddy. Good luck In Your search. Of course when you get her please post some pictures 👍
  5. Those wheels really do work so well. Excellent colour choice...
  6. I'm really liking the grey look. The wheels look great too.
  7. So here's another question. I am a professional training instructor in the powered access sector. I have to put down that its in construction, although I don't go onto construction sites. Why am I considered a higher risk?
  8. From what I can gather their stuff is really hit and miss with respects to fitment. Also I believe the quality isn't that good either. I haven't tried any of their stuff myself though, just to add.
  9. Hi and welcome along buddy. Nice looking car.
  10. Hi and welcome along. Nice looking cars.
  11. Hi and welcome along buddy. Lovely looking car. 👌
  12. Welcome to the club buddy. The car look awesome, those wheels really do suit it very well.
  13. Hi and welcome along, as above lets have some pictures of the beast. Not far from me I live in Peterborough.
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