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  1. Hi and welcome along buddy. Nice looking car.
  2. Hi and welcome along buddy. Nice looking car.
  3. Unfortunately most people are stupid in many ways. I posted the remainder of my paperwork to the office on Wednesday practising all the proper social distancing and all that. Then a guy came in behind me and stood really close, I turned around and told him to back the truck up and stuff. He then said it was all a load of b****ks and basically its only the flu and only affecting old people. I wanted to punch him really. But i just turned away said my good days to the post master and walked out. You just can't argue with stupid people really...
  4. Not working as of last Tuesday. although our group is a hire firm, so we are staying open for the emergency sector but we are down to a skeleton crew. The training department has been completely shut for the foreseeable future. Trying times ahead for all of us I think. Stay safe all those that are still working.
  5. I have found the megiuars ultimate waterless wash and wax is great to use short term between proper washes.
  6. Sorry can't help then. I have some 370z cats going up for sale soon.
  7. What for? 350z or 370z?
  8. We have shut our training department completely now. I think its going to happen all over, we need to stop or slow the spread of this and get it over and done with as quickly as possible. So many companies cancelling courses or deferring them until later in the year, even before the lockdown was announced.
  9. Just had my renewal through, well they wanted it to go up to just over £1800 for the 3 cars we have in our household! gave them a call had a chat and it is not £300 cheaper than it was. So very happy with that outcome. I am with Admiral.
  10. Local shopping centres and stuff like Matlock bath, the seaside and places were rammed also its scary really just people are not taking this seriously at all! But I guess people aren't or wont be bothered until it directly affects them??
  11. Just read this thread Neil, really good read. Thanks. Already a subscriber as I have watched you since you had the M3.
  12. Hi and welcome to the club buddy. Nice looking car you got.
  13. Time will tell I guess, it might get postponed. But it's not looking likely to go ahead.





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