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  1. Andy_Muxlow

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    Looks like some did get a bargain. A guy on Facebook brought it.
  2. Andy_Muxlow


    Sorry to hear of your losses buddy, good luck to you in the future.
  3. Andy_Muxlow

    New to Z ownership - Herts

    Hi and welcome buddy.
  4. Andy_Muxlow

    Move over Type R theres Mini coming through

    That looks nice!
  5. Andy_Muxlow

    New convertible roof required?

    Hi and welcome along buddy. Hope it's just the weather being cold.
  6. Andy_Muxlow

    Hi, new Zed owner from beds

    Hi and welcome along. 1st mod, get a stubby aerial in all seriousness nice looking car buddy
  7. Andy_Muxlow

    Silverthorn's MB 370z GT

    That looks spot on buddy. Absolutely awesome.
  8. Hi and welcome. I am sure someone will be able to diagnose your issue soon.
  9. Andy_Muxlow

    What Did You Come From - How Does It Compare?

    I came from having not owned a sports car to having a 350z. Then an 07 plate focus ST-3. To now having my 370z and i love my 370z loads. The ST was an awesome car but it wasn't a ZED lol.
  10. Hi and welcome along buddy, I am sure someone will be along shortly to offer their engine bays for you to photograph.
  11. Andy_Muxlow

    Spotted a 370z, too cheap?

    Just walk away buddy it all seems too good to be true. Which usually means it is. Don't get your fingers and stuff burned.
  12. Andy_Muxlow

    Stock Really That Quiet?

    YouTube is your friend buddy just have decent speakers or headphones.
  13. Andy_Muxlow

    Stock Really That Quiet?

    As above my 370z has high flow cats paired with an invidia Gemini exhaust and it sounds awesome. Although when I had it with standard cats it sounded great as well. It's all down to personal taste really. But in answer to your question, yes the stock exhaust is very quiet indeed
  14. Hi and welcome buddy. The roadster has heated and cooled seats in the 370z I think lol. I had a 350z roadster which I loved and went looking for a 370z roadster but ended up with a coupe which is awesome. I never got to try an auto, although I did go out with the intention of trying both. my wife has a vert 350z so I get the benefit of both worlds.