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  1. Andy_Muxlow


    1. andy James +1 2.Humpy 3. Nso93 4. ShortPaul 5. Andy_Muxlow 6.  7. 8. 9. 10.
  2. Andy_Muxlow

    My last few days in a Z

    I know what you mean about missing them. I sold my 350z in December and bought a focus st which was a nice car. Then my wife bought a 350z vert the same as my last of 1 just unmodified, I followed her up the road and realised I needed another zed in my life so bought a 370z
  3. Andy_Muxlow

    Chesterfield Derbyshire

    Hi and welcome along buddy.
  4. Andy_Muxlow

    New exhaust options

    Another 1 for invidia Gemini here. I have 1 on my 370z and I love it, it’s not too loud but sounds great. I have heard that miltek are only just louder than oem.
  5. Andy_Muxlow

    The Pope meets Monsters

    Nice buddy can’t waitnto see the finished product.
  6. Hi and welcome along.
  7. Andy_Muxlow

    Just too funny not to post...

    omfg that is all
  8. Andy_Muxlow

    Aftermarket Wheels (370)

    those guys will help you out buddy.
  9. Andy_Muxlow

    Hi new guy

    Hello and welcome along.
  10. Andy_Muxlow


    Hello and welcome along.
  11. Andy_Muxlow

    Axle click.

    Thanks buddy. I will get mine looked into, hopefully it's an easy fix just like my 350z was...
  12. Andy_Muxlow

    Axle click.

    Hi guys, I have a question... do 370z cars suffer from axle click like the 350z did? I seem to have a clicking noise coming from the back sometimes when accelerating and decelerating. thanks in advance.
  13. Andy_Muxlow

    2 day driving trip to Wales (pic heavy)

    That looks awesome!