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  1. Hi and welcome along buddy, I started with a 350Z convertible then had a 370Z coupe. Awesome cars.
  2. It could have something to do with the furlough situation. I know I don't have much monies to throw around at the moment maybe??
  3. Hi and welcome along buddy. good luck in your search, i am sure something will come up and take your fancy.
  4. That look amazing Andy! I know what you mean about black cars, i swore i would never have another 1 and i have had 2 more
  5. YES I love this meet. Count me in Martin.
  6. That does look stunning Steve. Nice car!
  7. Hi Martin, yes all's well with us here. I am now back at work which is a massive relief, especially for Sarah hows things with you guys? Yes it would be great to be able to meet up and stuff.
  8. Looking lovely Martin, Thanks for keeping us updated.
  9. Unfortunately I am not that artistic





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