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  1. Wowserz! Hi and welcome along buddy. Cracking build thread you have going. Looking forward to the finished project very much.
  2. Hi and welcome along. Good luck in your search. as above don’t rush, take your time and get the right 1
  3. Got mine yesterday. Thanks for the prompt postage @Stutopia
  4. Hi and welcome along. Another 1 for Tarmacsportz. They offer a fantastic service.
  5. It also used to belong to Chris from tarmacsportz.
  6. A little frosty shot from this morning.
  7. Good to see another update Shezza. Hopefully we can all meet up at a show this year.
  8. Hi and welcome along. You could try cougar store in Leicester. From what I have heard they are great.
  9. Very nice Martin. keep up the good work...
  10. Hi and welcome along buddy. Your car looks awesome.
  11. I had jr11 on my 350z and I loved them. Nice concave and they looked awesome. Looking at the jr32 they would look great too I think. But it’s an entirely personal choice tbh and it’s all about the colour you choose.
  12. Nice! we haven't had any here at all in Peterborough. Only man made car wash foam





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