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  1. 1. Stutopia x2 2. Kev T 3. Jack94 4. Harrison140 5. davey83 6. StormtrooperZ 7. andy James x1 8. Andy_Muxlow x1 9. zzIncubus x1 10. ILikeDolphins 11. NeeZ 12. Ricochet 13. Grumpyoldjanner 14. Flashback x1 15 glrnet 16. Paul K 17. Woodzman 18. MBS x2
  2. I need to get my alloys refurbished on my 40th Edition 370 quartz anyone know the correct paint code. Cheers Malcolm
  3. mbs

    Club Calendar 2020

    1.SuperStu (two) 2.KevT (one) 3. Andy_Muxlow (one) 4. andy James (one) 5. NeeZ (one) 6. wvSTUwv (one) 7. Woodzman (one) 8.Ricochet (one) 9. Paul K (one) 10. cs2000 (one) 11. sk08rad (one) 12. StormtrooperZ (one) 13 Stuggerz (one) 14. MBS (two)
  4. 1. SuperStu x1 2. glrnet x1 3. Wingchun8 x1 4. cs2000 x1 5: Zmanalex x 1 6: Jay84 7. Paul K x1 8. Eatonm90 9. Andy_Muxlow 10. Kev T 11. andy James X1 12. Jack94 x1 13. cob1980 14. Grumpyoldjanner 15. Killick.z 16. Ricochet 17. OranginaZ 18. Scorpion 19. Flashback 20. Daveo132 21. Irn Bru 22. MBS x2
  5. Reminds me ( I need reminding at my age) to give her the first run of the year now all the salt has been washed away.
  6. Sorted, anyone else sold up or purchased a Black edition.
  7. We aren't having our usual European road trip this as we are going to the States for a wedding and making that our main holiday. I still fancy a decent run in the Zed and fancy the tour round the North of Scotland. If anyone has done the trip any advice would be welcome i.e decent places to stay, must visit places etc. Cheers
  8. Lets campaign for a de-militarised zone as in Korea , could be the gap between Sheffield and Lincoln.
  9. I fitted a Stillen to my 370 I think it's just the right mix, not too loud but a vast improvement on the stock exhaust. Where are you in East Yorkshire, I'm just up the coast in Scarborough if you want to have a listen .
  10. I have had a couple of mine re-furbed, no problems.
  11. Let us know what your number is so I can add it to the list of 40th Anniversary owners on the site.
  12. Hello, what number is it? You say it's gunmetal grey, the 40th anniversary edition was only made in black & quartz. From your pictures everything looks like the 40th anniversary except the colour, has it been re-sprayed?
  13. Going Zeebrugge avoids having to go round Brussels, worse than Paris in my opinion, I would go Zeebrugge, Lille then pick up A26/E17 to Reims then the AutoRoute de L'Est straight through to the German Border. Great roads in France 50% less traffic on the motorways. Enjoy the trip.
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