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  1. Welcome , I use mine as a daily driver , it's a bit more expensive but a lot more fun and you'll be the guy on his way to work with a huge grin on his face Enjoy
  2. At last the final pieces of this jigsaw arrived today lol Trying to get the rhd parts was a mission and a half Most of it from China as they were obviously the cheapest if you happy to wait 4 weeks I also ordered a set of momo pillows and belt pads from them
  3. I'm having a ball , sadly my bank balance isn't lol , especially as I'm out in her every day so doing £200 a week in fuel , and loving every second of it 😁 , there's a drift track near me and I'm so tempted to book an hour and see what she can really do , then again shes no spring chicken so maybe she would prefer just the spirited drive i normally do in it , I'd never race her so hmmmm decisions decisions lol , it would be fun though 😉 😜 Thanks guys
  4. It's just so comfortable to use but I have been playing today with a short one
  5. Thanks guys , nice to be here Added a rear view camera this morning , nice easy install , wireless so not much needed but a live and earth as I wanted it running constantly like a second rear view mirror as you don't see to much out of the convertable rear screen lol I admit I was lazy and just linked both to the the cigarette lighter power feed as there ignition lives lol but I don't use the socket so won't hurt
  6. Hey Paul, just back from your neck of the woods , stayed in Bath for a few days, lovely place
  7. Hi Finally after many years of wanting I finally bit the bullet and bought a 2003 350z , well actually a fairlady z convertable in the iconic orange 🍊 , first year of jap production model with just 51k and full history from Japan and since arrival in uk Had it about 5 months now and spent a few quid bringing her back from the edge as far as paint goes , I found her in a hedge when I arrived , bonnet had been badly oxidised as the bush had laid on the bonnet for a year , the rest was just minimal so a few days with a machine polisher and all but the bonnet had comeback to life , so in short paint or wrap the bonnet , I chose a black gloss wrap , The other bad poi t was scratches to the lower bumper which I simply covered with a new lip Paint sorted moved on to engine , she was missing so code showed cylinder 3 missfire , as I had no history for the last 18months I decided new ngk iridiums and to replace all 6 coil packs , she now purrs like a kitten on tick over and roars like a lion on steroids when you tap the throttle lol, new fugitsubo stainless exhaust , best sound ever imo Wheels refurbed and painted black Spoiler added cos as we all know it adds 200 hp lol Then I stuck a air induction kit on to let her breath a bit better I decided as I'm old and had trouble getting in and out I wacked a quick release steering hub on and a new suede momo steering wheel , then had to match handbrake and gear stick gaiter in black suede , new mats , gear stick extender as I love the gear stick high and close to me Interior was carbon fibred on the centre console and clocks She came with a new set of toyo proxes on so that was cool New brake discs and pads all round mtk drilled and grooved Rear 25mm spacers , front 15mm spacers Today I swapped out the old japanese sat nav see other thread Last job for the moment is coilovers ,then a possible turbo upgrade Anyway thanks for reading , I not new to forums and used to run the qashqai club forum back in the day Finally a few graphics and stickers that I know won't suit you all but after all this is my midlife crisis car as I'm now over 50 lol , but still like to slide her round corner or two Here's a few pics Hope i can help out as much as get help on here , looking forward to a meet , went to a petrol head's meeting in runnymead last week , some nice cars there including a gtr I fell in love with lol
  8. Hi Finally got round to swapping the old japanese sat nav that could only ever show a nissan logo and nothing else lol After some searching I found a sat nav unit that fits behind the cubby hole in place of the old screen so all you see is the screen of the new sat nav , looks like a factory fit , £85 squid on amazon , bluetooth so I can stream music through it and it's linked to the stereo so all sounds come through speakers I pulled out the passenger lighter socket an linked in 2 new wires live an earth , so now I've left the cigarette lighter socket behind the panel and connected a USB charger in the place the lighter used to be , All in all a good mod that only took an hour to do Ps no need to access power button as this unit comes on with ignition and goes off when the car is turned off , motorised flap still works fine too If anyone wants the link let me know , it only an amazon cheap but works great and couldn't have been a more perfect to fit in the gap left by the japanese sat nav Screen is much clearer than the pictures show
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