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  1. We got a good spot at go japan. Blue area 👍🏼👍🏼
  2. Hi mate. Sorry been really ill. I’ll take a picture of it now and send it over
  3. I’ll take the expansion tank cover. I’m going to go Japan to so trade there?
  4. As round trips go, we are heading to wales again next year. If you fancy a day or two in the mountains 😂😂
  5. Sorry for the late response 10b Graylands Estate, Langhurst Wood Rd, Horsham RH12 4QD
  6. Found this (I didn’t my mother did think it was me, in Bex Hill) same miles as mine -53k same spec - GT V6 SA
  7. https://youtube.com/channel/UCES4zJa7Z4GcVUS41GPT-ng This is my YT, featuring some of our car group. If when we do go, most of this lot will come with us. There is also talk of Alex bring his 918 out for the next meet!
  8. I’m busy this coming Saturday. Can do Sundays, or I can book next Saturday off?
  9. Did the 370z stickers get made?
  10. Brilliant idea mate! I’ll get one asap!
  11. Where are you based chap? Wouldn’t mind seeing them in person if at all possible
  12. I’ve been to brands hatch a lot of times before, but never on a stand. Is there any facilities to wash my car down after the drive there. Or shall I bring a few 5L water bottles 😂
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