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  1. Lovely car mate! 20mm hub-centric spacers all round here (thanks ZMANALEX) and they make such a positive difference to how the Rays fill the arches!
  2. 2nd hand Rays (thanks @RoadHog) - now refurbed and fitted, with Z center caps, and looking fine 🙂
  3. Didn't even realise it was on, I could walk there!
  4. BOA is lovely, it was on our list of potential locations but hought it just a bit too sleepy... maybe in 20 years!
  5. A few early bits done.... 4 x Pilot Sport 5s Stubby aerial Headlight polish New door handles Next things being planned: a good clean and wax some Rays rear washer not spraying left channel/ Bose speaker issue with CDs Brake pads W brace
  6. the tyre place just called me to say they didn't have the PS4 in 225/45, so would upgrade the set to PS5. The PS fives don't get much of a mention here - am I better cancelling and going elsewhere? Thanks
  7. Four PS4 tyres, fitted and balanced, all done at my home, £615 all in. Not too bad I thought 😁 Edit (due to be fitted 11/6)
  8. A few bits to take care of - tyres, door handles, headlight polish and a good valet. Maybe a full set of Ray's 🤣
  9. Thanks Rich! 3 weeks I've been here, am a couple of miles out of Salisbury... Looking forward to the Jubilee stuff this weekend, there was a car show last Saturday in the market square (both current and classic cars) and there's live bands and a Lancaster bomber fly past this weekend. Missing London not one bit! This is probably not going to be well met, but I was torn between a 350z or Fiat 20v Turbo, or if I was going to go classic, an MG Midget (RWA), Triumph GT6 or a Mini Clubman 1275GT... but the car fund took a kicking since we moved (as the wife wants new everything!) and that ultimately decided things for me. Plus the Fiats were ridiculous insurance-wise.
  10. Long time reader, not posted before but picking up the new Z tonight! From London but now living is sunny Wiltshire. My other car is a, umm, Kia Ceed 😬
  11. soon to be new 350Z owner here - a 54 Coupe in blue which I am picking up tonight 🙂 It's been a while since a new post, so just checking if PS4 are still considered top? thanks in advance!
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