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  1. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    1. Andy James + Kat 2. Shezza 3. Valy - Paid 4. Keyser +1 - Paid 5. Paul k + Dawn 6. Nso93- paid 7. Humpy 8. G1en 9. Rickdon 10. VeilsideZ 11. Beb + Colombia 12. Bob94 13. Buster - PAID 14. Lumpy101 15. Teejay+1 16. Flashback 17. Modo +1 18. TT350 (try) 19. Papa 20. Olly350z 21. Louis350z (not on here) 22. alexclabbs 23. Jay84 paid 24. jackf + 1 25. Dillydot82 +1 26. retro_al 27. 350z South West 28. EzeePzee 29. cs2000 30. chippychip123 +1 31. Mark123 32. DrMurderDeath +1 33.cloud1440 34. Nismoandy +1 35. Conlonl 36. Apoc124 37. LewisH 38. pintopete58 39. AmyZed 40. SUPRAWOOKIE +1 41. LMStaples + 1 42. BenHz33 43. ShortPaul +1 44. Zero:One
  2. REO 2018

    Hi guys,I going to need to step down from the south central role due to my forthcoming move to Derby. i intend to still remain active if I can in this area but need to sort my new life up there first.
  3. Hi guys,sorry I ve not been to active as of late on here but unfortunately we had a house fire last Sunday and now find ourselves living at a local travelodge........ not all doom and gloom. We're both ok and we're moving to Derby in January so I can start a new job position at tarmacsportz. Would like like to take this opportunity to thank Mr & Mrs Keyser for all there help in this troublesome week and to those who manage to find the time to help pack up all the bits in the garage at the week end so onwards and upward into 2018
  4. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    1. Andy James + Kat 2. Shezza 3. Valy 4. Keyser 5. Paul K + Dawn 6. Nso93 7. Humpy 8. G1en 9. Rickdon 10. Veilside Z 11. Andy_Muxlow +1 Possibly 12. Bob94 13. Buster and Netti
  5. The GTM Supercharged Silver Pheonix

    seats look awesome m8....glad i was able to assist you getting them fitted.
  6. Gutted about my Z

    feeling your pain m8 but on the bright side your ok
  7. diy short shifter

    oi.... thankyou very much.
  8. diy short shifter

    got a little bored today whilst round the z shed so as you do found something to mod....luckily we had a spare 350 gear stick lying about so hay presto "short shifter" so first job was to strip it down and cut the lower part of the shifter best add a few marker lines to help keep inline. next up was to fine a little bit of bar in the metal bin....i decided to add a length of 12mm to the shifter next up was to weld them all in place....now welding is not my forte but i gave it a shot lol now at this stage i am lucky to have a keyser on hand who stuck it in the lathe to turn it down to a recognisable shifter lol then it was a simply case of reassemble and fit got to say for a few hours messing about i am more than happy with the result...shifts are definitely shorter and more enjoyable thanks goes to keyser for his supervision pmsl
  9. my Z on youtube

  10. Busters replacement zed..

  11. Shaken not stirred........

  12. Back on the hunt

    look forward to seeing what you do to this g....
  13. Gunmetal 350z build, 04 plate gt pack

    painted scuttle panels look really good
  14. So it begins!

    welcome to the forum....nice ginger too.
  15. Nismo V3 front bumper, undertray issue?

    maybe worth contacting Andy James here on the forum as he runs a v3 and z speed undertray