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  1. 1. Keyser 2. andy James + Doris 3. Stephanie 4. buster and netti
  2. done a few more little bits as well incl oil catch can and a dash of red engine bay bling.also been busy added a piller mod to house an oil pressure gauge and water temp gauge....some say rice but i love em..and of course a nismo wheel
  3. been rather busy at work so dont get alot of time on my own zed but did find the time to fit this today....
  4. we can compare new boot spoilers next weekend at jdm coobe
  5. look forward to seeing it
  6. got to love a bit of functional bling too.
  7. did this a couple of weeks ago........
  8. Hello Mr Buster

    I like the look of the Tarmac short tails (resonated) you do for 370z.

    Two questions for you: What is the difference between the Nismo and your standard ones apart from price?

    Secondly, what is the warranty on the parts.


    By the way, very good comments about Tarmac on the 370z.uk forum.

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    2. z350convert


      Thanks for the info. Was hoping for a longer warranty but ok. 

      Also, do you do the racing W brace for the 370? Mine looks in worse condition than the Titanic.

    3. buster


      we can get them i believe.


    4. z350convert


      I've ordered the short tails from you. Thanks for the messages.


      Shall check out the W brace when I'm down there.

      Neil Collins

  9. you know where i am m8
  10. 1. andy James x2 tickets PAID 2. Andy_Muxlow PAID 3. 14N - PAID 4. SHEZZA x 2 tickets PAID 5. Mopedmark x2 tickets PAID 6.N1ck x2 PAID 7.BUSTER X2 PAID
  11. awesome meet and really good to see so many people make the effort......big thanks to Dave for sorting it all...really looking forward to the next one.



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