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  1. glrnet

    Datsun 240z restored

    Have watched this re build with some interest over the last 2 years or so, sorry you don't get to finish it but as Paddy has said, worth every penny given the time, effort and money invested. Sorry to see it have to go but GLWTS. Another one to "tinker" with @Keyser
  2. glrnet

    350z-uk.com Car Stickers - See Post 1

    It seems it comes to some easier than others. It wasn’t long ago you were spamming your post count to sell your car and now you want stickers. As Stu said it’s being looked into.
  3. glrnet

    What does flyered mean?

    He wrapped my car and I'm not an old fart!!
  4. Muchly looking forward to this, V8's in 350's, you've done one you've done them all. Could see why your heart wouldn't perhaps be in it. This will constitute "proper" old school tinkering. Hurry up!!!
  5. It's a piece of p*ss when you're tinkering.
  6. glrnet

    How did that happen?

    No you don't, you don't understand the meaning of the word. The hole in this engine is a case in point. Tinkering my ass!!!
  7. glrnet

    How did that happen?

    "I just like tinkering on cars".
  8. glrnet

    nubs White 370Z GT Edition

    Wiil you please just leave it now? You really aren't doing yourself any favours at all by talking in a condescending manner to other members, for example "Let’s put it like this for you to understand;" . It isn't the first time in the course of this "discussion" either. We get it, you're not happy wth Adrian, we understand that, really we do!!! Enough is enough,, this was a pretty good build thread until you posted your complaint about Adrian on it. There were other ways to deal with this but you chose this way. Note for others, this is a BUILD thread so let's return it to that status please. Any further comments from the OP or anyone else here that are not build related will be deleted.
  9. glrnet

    Not getting email notifications of PMs

    Sorry for the trouble, it’s all been resolved now.