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  1. Anyone want my ticket, I have to work!!!!?
  2. glrnet

    370Z Price Tanking?!

    Everyone has their own opinion.
  3. Anyone had their tickets yet?
  4. Gents, don't hi jack sales thread to attempt to sell your own stuff especially when you only have 2 posts. Read the rules please.
  5. glrnet

    Back in the Nissan family

    Oh my, that looks stunning. Welcome home, you're forgiven
  6. Bloody hell!! I too remember you both from Wales meets. So sorry to hear this terrible news. Thoughts and condlences with you and all your family. RIP Stepehen.
  7. glrnet

    The build begins..

    Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.
  8. glrnet

    370z Nismo Mod

    No need for worthless posts intended to provoke. Tidied.
  9. glrnet

    Reapplying for licence

    Bloody hell, you're learning the hard way!!
  10. glrnet

    [SOLD]Falken Azenis FK453 - 275/35Z R19

    Sold - thread locked
  11. glrnet

    Mobile Phone Holder

    http://www.co-star.co.uk/prod/3635/dashmount-nissan-370z.html https://www.brodit.co.uk/brodit/vehicles/Nissan/370+Z/2014/854314.htm
  12. glrnet

    Red 350GT- update: new wheels

    Only just seen this, . Always had a soft spot for the 350GT, nice mods so far mate, subtle but distinct all at the same time. Have followed.
  13. glrnet

    Wide rear arch, how to do it

    I can't believe some of the childish comments I've just read on here. Some of you need to grow up! For the record this how you do it, Mopedmark, great job, great guide. Personally they are not for me and I wouldn't do that to my Zed but then some people probably don't like what I've done to mine. C'est la vie. Life is far too important to worry about who does and doesn't like my car. I do. That's all that matters. Forum:- a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
  14. You're just miffed someone got in before you.