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  1. WTF is wrong with these brain dead twats!!? Publicise the fact in advance that you intend to drive like a **** on a public highway so that all and sundry attend and video the crap out of it. Luckily no one else was hurt, let's hope he gets all he deserves.
  2. JP, you’ve been here long enough to know that if a post is not aggressive, rude, insulting, racist etc then just bloody ignore it. It’s clear you don’t like the links that Torqen posts and by the number of times you’ve complained it’s quite possible you don’t like Adrian either. Everybody is not going to like everyone else, we all get that and most of us undertand that too so please just wind it in. We know is this is a subject you are passionate about so please carry on the debate in a civil manner. The alternative will be to lock the thread. Thank you.
  3. Who did your paint work @grahamc
  4. Can't believe they haven't been modified.
  5. Welcome buddy, where in Surrey? I'm an old git in Dorking.
  6. 1. 14N 2. Andy_Muxlow 3. Buster 4. SHEZZA 5. Kingsley 6. Amyzed 7. davey_83 8. Panman 9. glrnet
  7. Ok people, last chance. It's time to stop the personal insults and constant playground bickering NOW. Actually some of the comments are worse than that but I'm trying to be polite. Generally this is and has been a pretty good thread so lets keep it that way. The issuer of the next personal insult will result in that member being blocked, at least temporarily, from this forum.
  8. And this is where she should've stayed, panto is all she's good for http://www.harlequintheatre.co.uk/news/ann-widdecombe-quick-steps-into-panto/
  9. And always will be Al, will have a wee nip for him too.
  10. How can you possibly know what someone esle was thinking? You've used that to justify your argument and at that exact point your argument became invalid because you assumed something or wanted it to be true because it suited your argument..
  11. Let's just get back to a reasonable debate based upon your own opinions please, not a ping pong game of "I've found a better article on the internet than you did". Last warning.



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