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  1. DoogyRev

    PopZ - My First Rod Build

    For some reason all I can think of is this . . . https://www.rediscoverthe80s.com/2013/10/a-team-at-30-10-most-ridiculous-weapons.html I am going with a Cabbage Thrower or the Lumber Cannons!!
  2. DoogyRev

    It's new 911 time!

    I think it looks nice . .. . just need a bucket of money to get one
  3. https://www.carscoops.com/2018/11/worlds-first-3d-printed-titanium-wheels-just-insane-look/ These look a bit busy . . and prob a bitch to clean Sure there will be some other exciting designs coming out
  4. DoogyRev

    LazyTrips - the new trip planning and hotel booking site

    No Canada Lazy Trips?
  5. DoogyRev

    350z Convertible

    You must meet the following criteria to sell a Zed on here . . . You must have been a member for at least 6 months You must have at least 100 posts - spam does not count https://www.350z-uk.com/forum/51-zeds-for-sale/
  6. DoogyRev

    The ....Speedtail.....

    It looks like the tear drop I just cried at how awful it looks. Mclaren can and should have done better IMO
  7. DoogyRev

    Unbelievable insurance quote

    Reason number 109 to hate Hugh I have a 2012 Jeep, no accidents or claims and my insurance is $2568.00CAD . . . I feel like I am being ripped off every year. I guess that's what come from a government run insurance scheme scam
  8. DoogyRev

    Early ban on New Petrol and Diesel Vehicles

    I am with Dan on this, it will be many generations before this happens. I am sure I read earlier this year that if Tesla produced 500,000 cars a year that would require the entire world lithium resources . . no more battery operated dildo's for you lot! Since there is nearly 100,000,000 cars produced every year it aint happening, not for a loooong time; if at all
  9. I got all excited at the beginning of this thread . . ho hum . . Looking forward to the Pop build, it will be just as awesome not sure if you know but V8's and all that are old hat these days . . what you want is a Mig-23 Jet for your car https://www.carscoops.com/2018/10/jet-powered-bmw-e30-3-series-might-ultimate-engine-swap/
  10. DoogyRev

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    I will just leave this here . . https://www.carscoops.com/2018/09/suzukis-2018-jimny-disappoints-euroncap-tests/
  11. DoogyRev

    A Moments Silence Please.

    I am glad you kept "Chris 'n' Bob"
  12. It seems like Andy is the only one not crying and I am sure Bob can manage an extra burger or three . . . one day I might be a definite definite
  13. I cry with joy every single day at how much nicer it is here than the other Kent
  14. this is the Kent you think I live in . . however this is the Kent I actually live in . . . https://www.district.kent.bc.ca/lik-photo-gallery-5.html