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  1. Project Garage

    I could get Bob in my garage with a good 5ft to spare . . unfortunately my garage is now too full of crap tp get anything in You all need to move to the cool part of the world
  2. Mars next stop :)

    You should also check out why planes don't fly over Tibet . . aka Mt Everest Its interesting stuff “If there's a loss of cabin pressure, the airplane is supposed to descend to an altitude where there's enough air to breathe. You can't do that over the Himalayas. " There are other accounts of such rough turbulence that panels have come away from the fuselage
  3. Mars next stop :)

    it can, its just dodgy to do so "Operation at high Latitudes (above 78 deg North or South of 60 deg South) are considered flight in areas of Magnetic Unreliability (AMU) and there are many issues that need to be addressed before receiving approval to do so. Navigation - The flight must navigate using True Courses and not Magnetic Courses. At and near the pole the lines of longitude converge so rapidly that simply flying in a straight line involves constantly changing the heading. In addition near the magnetic north pole compasses are nearly useless due to “dip” in the needle amongst other things. The aircraft must have either INS or IRS (Inertial) Navigation capability as a basis for FMS Navigation to back up GPS. Communications - VHF radios are largely useless, and HF Radios do not function very well either at high latitudes. Satellite Communications is better suited."
  4. Polestar 1 coupe

    one of the best looking new cars I have seen. If only I had the money
  5. this is what happens to tailgaters over here . . . .more so when they actually call the police to complain about the car they were tailgating https://bc.ctvnews.ca/tailgater-who-called-police-on-driving-student-faces-hundreds-in-fines-1.3840234
  6. What is the best 'All Round' car

    As all round as cars can get . . . .
  7. Fresh from the motor show.. my opinion...

    they both look nice, although the Bimmers Bumper is questionable . . but the only people that will see it are the folks in the rear view mirror
  8. New car Purchase - TT or Mustang

    Congrats Chris!!
  9. 2018 F1 chat thread

    Nice to see Liberty Media and actually doing some media I think I could stomach $100 a year for no advert viewing, but I will still wait for the Apple TV or amazon apps to be enabled . . . I don't like watching on a small screen
  10. Major JAAAAG project ...Update Feb 2018

    Who me? I think you have me confuse with someone else
  11. Major JAAAAG project ...Update Feb 2018

    You are most welcome, an yes please do. We LOVE your updates!!!
  12. Coffee Lovers...er...unite?

    There is no such thing as a quiet coffee grinder
  13. Coffee Lovers...er...unite?

    Been down the Krupps and Keurig route and TBH you can't beat decent beans, grind to your taste and brew, its quick and easy in one of these Canada is a coffee nation, way more so than the UK . . we are spoilt for choice with beans, there is a place down the road that roast their own, its not even a shed, more a shack, but they are great. And if any one mentions Tim Hortons . . . please go and drown yourself in a bath tub of their disgusting coffee
  14. Winter driving in the snow

    Have any of you got t winter tyres on?
  15. Major JAAAAG project ...Update Feb 2018

    Things to do with an E-Type - No163 . . . . . . .