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  1. DoogyRev

    Is it wrong to want one of these ?

    I will just leave this here . . https://www.carscoops.com/2018/09/suzukis-2018-jimny-disappoints-euroncap-tests/
  2. DoogyRev

    A Moments Silence Please.

    I am glad you kept "Chris 'n' Bob"
  3. It seems like Andy is the only one not crying and I am sure Bob can manage an extra burger or three . . . one day I might be a definite definite
  4. I cry with joy every single day at how much nicer it is here than the other Kent
  5. this is the Kent you think I live in . . however this is the Kent I actually live in . . . https://www.district.kent.bc.ca/lik-photo-gallery-5.html
  6. I think I am the only one with a distance related excuse . . . but you can put me down again this year as a "maybe"
  7. DoogyRev

    DIY-uk.com How Do I Remove These?

    You could try some mole grips to see if it will un-screw . . . . Dremel or an angle grinder are the best options
  8. DoogyRev

    Guess the car part

    Yes!! It’s Bob! RAM 1500 Hemi
  9. DoogyRev

    Guess the car part

  10. DoogyRev

    Guess the car part

    Here is an easy one for you all ......
  11. DoogyRev


    So is yours Dan!!
  12. DoogyRev

    Guess the car part

    thats a Marcos Mantra
  13. DoogyRev

    Feeling the C2V3 love again

    Looks great I feel bad now that I have not cleaned the truck in over a year . . . and the jeep in over 18 months
  14. DoogyRev

    Japfest Report & Pictures

    Looks like a Veilside spoiler
  15. DoogyRev

    Can you folks not drive?

    On this side of the world the 350 is seen as a first car, the only people I see driving have their "L" or "N" sticker on the back.