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  1. Yes still here, no plans on returning anytime soon ... well.... only fleeting visits now and again. ...... it's still rubbish here, you would not like it at all, don't come!!
  2. Hiya Stan I hope you are keeping well?
  3. it's taken a bit of time but the 'American's have certainly upped their game when it comes to GT's/Sports Cars. The latest round of Mustangs & Camero's are actually pretty good. I like them. The Camero's if you get a decent spec are really nice places to sit. This one was lovely to sit in and for $90K CAD . . which is £50k . . . more bang for your buck than you would get in most cases (this was the LT1 Race Spec LT1 with every option) If I purchased a Nismo 370 I think it would end up being over $60KCAD . . the same money would get a Camero or a Mustang that far surpasses options/kit that you would get in the Nismo. I know where my money would go The C7 in my opinion is a updated C6 . . which is an updated C5 . .etc, so they carry some remanence from the previous versions which are known for the cheap build and quality feel to them, the new C8 will be a different matter, I think this will up the game for the Vette's. I guess we will find out on July 18th Of course when your looking at something that 400BHP+ and only $100K there will be a quality difference to the Germans or the Italians of equal output but they are all 2-3 time the price (well they are here)
  4. Infinity / 2 = To infinity and beyond!!
  5. My worldly fact of the day . . . The deepest hole ever dug in the earth is 12 miles deep . . . if you shrank the world to the size of an apple, that 12 miles would represent not even getting half way through the apple skin
  6. I think he needs to change his numberplate to "V10 T W A T"
  7. Very nice, love these little cars . . and you have 6 more HP than my truck
  8. Come on . . don't keep us in suspense!
  9. https://direct.fredmeyer.com/00038728260031.html?&cid=ps_adw_fmdPRODUCT_GROUP&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6aDd5t-O4QIVFRx9Ch3CBA4OEAQYBSABEgLrKPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Nice Car Col
  10. Don't worry Dan, Bob won't be my last V8, Doris is the daily . . I am keeping an eye out for something else. I did see this 6.2 V8 sitting in the showroom . . .
  11. For those of you who remember (or care) I had a big ol' RAM 1500 with the Hemi V8 called Bob. He was awesome , fast and very Orange. Anyway it was time for Bob to go. Meet Doris, Doris the GMC Canyon Denali with a Duramax Diesel. A whopping 2.8 ltr 4 cylinder Turbo pushing out 181bhp and 369lb-ft @ 2000rpm . . and so far (only a week) 32mpg
  12. She doesn't seem very sorry, apologetic for all the innocent lives that have been taken or ready to denounce IS. I guess it's all about the healthcare.
  13. Are you saying Bob just needs some truck nuts to finish it off? Car looks great Bob!
  14. Best looking Supra I have seen so far . . . . . LETS OFF ROAD!!!!



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