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  1. Awesome photos! looks like you had a great time Its been a while . . hasn't Bob gone grey white . . looking good Bob
  2. the new one looks nice, I would get the convertible . . also rumour has it; a flat plane crank engine is in the works . . . Bang for your buck, can't beat a Vette!
  3. I think the question should be can you afford to insure around £1500? Don't forget you need to budget for servicing, maintenance, tyres . . mods. If its too much of a stretch then go for something else as Dan said ^^ . . or go live with AlexRussell99 ^^, he seems to be winning in the postcode lottery
  4. Since its 10 years ago when I got my Zed I will just leave these here . . . I hope she is still on the road and being looked after
  5. Thats nice . . unfortunately I think any mere mortals would struggle to afford a wheel nut let alone the rest of the car
  6. All the sub 20yr olds drive them here along with Civic Type R's unless you live in Downtown Vancouver where the first car of choice is Ferrari's, Lambo's, M3/M5, AMG's etc . . . one early 20's yr old was complaining that he had to pay $700K Tax on his Bugatti https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3005989/chinese-tycoons-son-buys-us38million-bugatti-chiron-vancouver 370's seem to be the car of choice for late 20's or early 30's
  7. interesting so....... No Seatbelt = No Airbags
  8. Maybe the airbags did not deploy as a lateral sideways movement not forward/back scenario?
  9. How did the scan go Stan? All ok? Glad the car did its job, sounds like it too the brunt. What you going to replace it with?
  10. Holy crap Stan!. Glad everyone is ok and not seriously injured. "The sensor is the device that tells the bag to inflate. Inflation happens when there is a collision force equal to running into a brick wall at 10 to 15 miles per hour (16 to 24 km per hour). A mechanical switch is flipped when there is a mass shift that closes an electrical contact, telling the sensors that a crash has occurred. The sensors receive information from an accelerometer built into a microchip." Maybe the impact was not quite enough to trigger the airbag? Its worth asking the question for sure from BMW
  11. Nice, I am in Vancouver area
  12. Common as muck along with the 350's Where in Canada are you?



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