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  1. Been thinking about it, I work from home so really don't use a car other than for pleasure, Bronco would be good for the off road potential and the winter. Going to wait and see one in the flesh and get some reports from owners. Last thing I want is another car with a leaky roof that can't be fixed like my wrangler I had. Nothing worse then getting in a damp car the whole year round.
  2. Yeah I hear you, I am waiting to see how much the Mach1 is.... then if it’s near C8 money I would rather the C8..... but then again I like off roading... bronco also on a list
  3. Can you get the C8 in the UK?
  4. Merry Christmas everyone .... where ever you are!
  5. Ever since moving to Canada we started naming our vehicles...... Jemima puddle truck (Ram 1500) Fifi (Ram 1500) Bruce (Ford Bronco) Eddie (Ford Bronco) Nigel (Dodge Calibre) Black Pearl (Jeep Wrangler) Sponge Bob Orange Pants (Ram 1500 Sport) Dorris the Denali (GMC Canyon) the names just come to us, if you think too hard then you will never get one
  6. I would be more than happy for 2021 to be the most boring year on record
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-hampshire-55212336 The Isle of Wight .. of all places Anyone got their money on it being Banksy who has a new name "The Most Famous Artist"
  8. My experience with Gorilla Glue is that it expands as it dries, so holding for 2 min won't be long enough, I would look to find a way to clamp in place for at least an hour. Put a couple of globs on a bit of wood and see. Another option would be Araldite which is an epoxy based glue (two tubes you need to mix to activate) that does not expand but will be more finicky about the surface cleanness before bonding.
  9. that seems normal from what I remember ....... But its been 9 years so I could be wrong
  10. I would imagine that it would not be strong enough with out fixing it to the floor compromising on safety . . . more so as you say you are a big guy





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