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  1. DoogyRev

    Shemima Begum?

    She doesn't seem very sorry, apologetic for all the innocent lives that have been taken or ready to denounce IS. I guess it's all about the healthcare.
  2. DoogyRev

    Busters new toy

    Are you saying Bob just needs some truck nuts to finish it off? Car looks great Bob!
  3. DoogyRev

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    Best looking Supra I have seen so far . . . . . LETS OFF ROAD!!!!
  4. DoogyRev

    A performance daily?

    Well they don’t use leaf springs anymore Seriously though..... From the couple I have been in they handle great. Not the stigma that follows yank tanks
  5. DoogyRev

    3D Printed Wheels Anyone?

    3D Printed Calipers anyone? I guess a few more manufactures will be on the band wagon now
  6. DoogyRev

    *For Sale* 350Z V6 Engine coffee table

    GLWTS! I still have 2 V8 blocks in the garage half finished . . . . I keep being distracted by other projects
  7. DoogyRev

    A performance daily?

    I am out of touch with UK prices, but could you not get a GTR for that money? A 911 would be my shout
  8. DoogyRev

    I need a V8 (AKA Porsche thread)

    You would only get a c4 or c5 for that money in North America, and let’s face it they are shite to drive Prices may come down when the C8 comes out, C7 would be my choice, but still pricey. Have you checked under the mattress Hugh for some extra pennies?
  9. DoogyRev

    Project Garage

    @ATTAK Z Positively tropical . . 11C today, we had our first winter frost last week. Might even get snow next week. All the cherry Blossom is coming out its been so warm this winter
  10. DoogyRev

    What can I get for my budget

    Sounds like a Ferrari . . . Would you take a look at those seats . . .
  11. DoogyRev

    What can I get for my budget

    This ^^ also what’s your maintenance budget? A Zed for £3k is not going to be perfect and issue free IMO.
  12. DoogyRev

    I hope these MPG figures are wrong

    perhaps that figure is when on a "spirited" drive or on a track
  13. DoogyRev

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    Anyone for a ragtop?
  14. DoogyRev

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    $50k . . maybe . . $2.1m . . . Hell No! https://www.carscoops.com/2019/01/one-one-2020-toyota-gr-supra-sells-colossal-2-1-million/ I think the VIN001 Shelby GT500 is better value https://www.carscoops.com/2019/01/first-production-2020-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-sells-1-1-million/
  15. DoogyRev

    Leaked photo of the Supra without camo

    Anyone fancy a BMW Zupra?