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  1. ...... and as if by magic . . . 🤣
  2. You need to say the magic words "Piff Paff Poof!" and he shall appear 😂
  3. you could have bought a really nice pick up for that money and had a lot of change 😂 I guess they don't do much "pick-up-ing" anyway else the back would be sprayed with bed liner 🤣
  4. I was reading yesterday that a shipping container cost $1500 back in 2019 going from Asia to Europe .... its now $17500 😱.... so pay you will quite heavily to get something shipped.
  5. Bring back rack and pinion 😂
  6. GLWTS Col, such a great car! What you got your eye on next?
  7. Obviously only a render and side profile, but I like the look of that better than the coupe
  8. Storm Girl will be gutted too 🤣
  9. For $40K and 400BHP its certainly bang for your buck, Toyota will need to rethink their pricing. The Z looks better in Blue for sure, but I still think its kinda funny looking
  10. Hi Andy, Sorry to hear you have had a bit of trouble, glad its all fixed though. Car looks great . . . even on the back of a flatbed
  11. Midnight Blue, Frost Leather and those wheels make for one of the best combo's ever IMO. Good work! 😎
  12. This ^^ One of my customers has one and I got a tour, they look great in the flesh, but for the price I would be shopping else where. The lowest spec one is $200K CAD so I dread to think how much the S will be 😱
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