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  1. I just saw the prices for Canada ........ We only have the 3.0 Supra here, which starts at $70k CAD base, the cheapest Stang is $32k CAD, with V8's starting at $46K CAD. It will be a tough market here if you include the other muscle cars as well.
  2. I knew I made the right choice 🤣
  3. Its only a 9.5 hr flight and a ferry ride away 🤣
  4. Australian configurator is up..... https://www.nissan.com.au/vehicles/coming-soon/Z/build.html#configure/BADm/A/version
  5. Even the drivers were like WTF at Willy T Ribs 🤣
  6. The highlight for me was the car crash that was Brundle Fly’s grid walk 😂😂
  7. I still can’t like the rear, it’s sort of looks stuck on like an after though
  8. They don't sound great shifts, I am sure he will mention them in his road review when he can talk more about it
  9. Looks awesome as ever 😎
  10. After a week of polishing, ceramicing and waxing, the sun came out .........
  11. https://www.carscoops.com/2022/04/nissan-z-racecar-revealed-by-nismo-will-take-part-at-the-fuji-24-hour-race/
  12. Yep I have them on my list 👍
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