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  1. DoogyRev

    Evo r

    Just drill a hole in the right place, job done. You should be able to get a good finish if the drill bit/hole saw is decent and sharp. Even it it looks a bit off just get a rubber grommet and no one will know the difference. Or even better get a plug that will fit in the hope you just drilled them just pull it out if you ever need the key.
  2. DoogyRev

    Evo r

    you should always climb in though the boot
  3. DoogyRev

    Evo r

    How often do you use the manual key? I am going to guess never
  4. https://www.carscoops.com/2020/10/the-nissan-z-proto-looks-to-be-a-370z-with-new-clothes/
  5. DoogyRev

    'STANG thread

    The Mach 1 is very tempting . . . Its a shame they ditched the Voodoo V8 from the 350 though
  6. "although it’s not that JFK convertible - it’s the one he rode in before he was assassinated in Dallas" The one he was shot in was black if I recall correctly
  7. Anyone bag themselves a phone yesterday? .... well apart from @Adrian@TORQEN cos we know he did I decided to pop a Pacific Blue one in my shopping cart One of my colleagues was asking about 5G coverage in Canada, so I found a map....... I defo did not get one for the 5G
  8. Winter is coming! the perfect time for homemade slicks
  9. Not sure how much they are in the UK, but here a 4S starts at $130K CAD up to $220K CAD for a Turbo S, that's a bit more than my budget
  10. There are a lot of very wealthy Chinese here, a Taycan would be considered a cheap car for an 18th Birthday present As for me, 8 years later, no regrets, I think we have a much better quality of life than we would have if we stayed in the UK. I am still in awe of the beauty of this place . . every day! P.S Don't come here you would hate it
  11. I have seen quite a few, all the trendy people in Vancouver drive them . . and they are all about 18yrs old. They do sound weird, but look really nice





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