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  1. But not a good as a 6 cylinder
  2. It may be sooner than you think . . . https://www.carscoops.com/2020/07/the-toyota-supra-may-soon-get-a-manual-transmission/
  3. Dooley . . Dually . . double wheels on the back axel, they have wider and longer beds. your little car would easily fit and it could take the weight
  4. I would need a Dooley to fit that on
  5. Here is a picture is Dorris the Denali, I can tell your all very jealous of the whopping 181Hp that the Duramax diseasel pumps out
  6. you met Dave then ........ Were you delivering anything nice to the hostelry?
  7. Fun Fact . . VAG are the most indebted company in the world at $192 Billion in the red (as of 2019)
  8. Most modern cars have setting to change lock/unlock behaviour, including doors, light flash, beep etc. No idea where/if the 370 has them, did you check the manual? Or perhaps its a Key Fob operation?
  9. Did you check the locking/unlocking settings in the console screen? Pretty sure you can set behaviour in there
  10. DoogyRev

    My 911

    interesting article
  11. DoogyRev

    My 911

    All cars are way more expensive in Oz, its a Tax thing





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