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  1. DoogyRev

    Ferrari Roma....

  2. DoogyRev

    Ferrari Roma....

    After watching these videos, I would like to change my mind, I actually quite like it. The videos give a bit more perspective to the middle bit https://www.carscoops.com/2019/11/these-detailed-videos-will-make-you-like-the-ferrari-roma-even-more/
  3. DoogyRev

    Ferrari Roma....

    Looks ok, front and rear are good . . . its just a little "rounded in the middle" for a Ferrari. needs some scoops or more flaring (subtle) down the side If I ever win the lottery and have enough money to spunk on a Ferrari. . I will just wait for this . . . back to real life now
  4. Congrats Dan, I hope all are happy and healthy!
  5. Any updates? .... you must be finished by now Leon
  6. I recently purchased another amp . . . liking the improved sound that Bi-Amping brings. Time for you to build another
  7. Congrats Dan, I hope it all goes well and the dryness clears up! Now, let's talk about how you refer to the fruit of your loins, "Kid" is not in my mind an acceptable term, its "Son" "Daughter", "child", "children". Having spent a few years in North America it annoys me greatly when my friends and collegues over here refer to their offspring as "my kid", the kid" .......... they are not baby goats!! However it is ok to refer to the oiks across the street "fecking kids at number 3 are burning MPS3's again...."
  8. If that Yellow one is Beavis' then it was certainly driven in to a washing machine
  9. Thanks Not unless there was some DIY involved Oh my, Nice Deck! That takes me back .....1989 ...... youth club .... me and a mate doing the DJ'ing . . I always wanted some SL1210's
  10. Damn those could have been used for something else. . . you could have added a CD "Heart Beat" shelf (all Maple off cuts I scrounged) to your list
  11. Just in case you were wondering about the kitchen handles . . .
  12. Feel free, my shopping list was . . . 1in Thick Baltic Birch Ply 1in Acme Rod Lots of nuts and washers Acorn Nuts for top and bottom Some Kitchen Drawer Handles
  13. . . . . although I am getting itchy fingers again. feeling the need to redesign . . not got any solutions yet as inspiration is failing me
  14. Thanks, yeah I made them. Could not find anything that suited my needs . . . if in doubt DIY it



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