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  1. Nice, I am in Vancouver area
  2. Common as muck along with the 350's Where in Canada are you?
  3. Don't forget the Rocket Man!!
  4. If you can't find anything on the inter webbage I would go speak to the Geniuses at Apple
  5. I think your confusing MAC address with macOS Seems like the update is stuck, quick google . . you could try this https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5826458
  6. Do your neighbours seem the type to be hacking? You may find that your phone picked up a broadcast from a Roku TV thus showing it in the list on your phone. Hacking and spoofing wifi is pretty easy if you have the tools and know how ( I work in smartphone security). Best practices would be to have a complex password with the highest encryption possible in your router. depending on its capabilities you could also as Dan suggested do some MAC address filtering to only allow devices to connect if the password is known and the MAC matches.
  7. Nice roof scoop . . . oh wait that's a bin Looking good Steve
  8. ****that!! is a hideous enough way to die without the quacks forcing you to live
  9. if you're going to buy a Mac Pro for $6k (starting price) and a Monitor for $5k (starting price) . . what's another $1k for a stand
  10. Not really a fair poll . . pitting a £35-40k Zed against a £65K+ SUV . . you would have been better to change the RR to a Fiat Multipla
  11. From what I hear they are already on the way with their own OS, Making their own components may be more of a challenge as they will need to have them ratified and comply with global standards . . . then there is the Apps, competing with the likes of the google play store and apple App Store will be tough. Inside the great firewall of china not so much of an issue, but outside globally?
  12. Wifi Alliance and SD Card Association now suspend Huawei https://www.cnet.com/news/huawei-cant-unseat-samsungs-without-us-software-and-chips/ This is just Donald's way of getting a trade deal he wants . . cripple a country's biggest business until they submit and drop their pants.
  13. Very nice Stan! Congrats
  14. Yes still here, no plans on returning anytime soon ... well.... only fleeting visits now and again. ...... it's still rubbish here, you would not like it at all, don't come!!



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