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  1. Well its not like I could have popped my Zed in my suitcase (besides the steering wheel would be on the wrong side) Does it make it doubly bad that I also deserted the UK as well ......... Sorry .... not sorry (at all) P.S. Don't come here, none of you would like it, its awful
  2. I sold mine in 2011, but that's only because I upped sticks and move to Vancouver. If I still lived in the UK would I have still drive a 350/370 . . maybe Over here they are over priced compared to what else you can get for the money, currently driving around in a diesel Truck I still pop in here to see what's happening
  3. I can't wait for all the flat earthers to start telling us the Sun is flat too
  4. DoogyRev

    My 911

    All our problems are 3rd world . . . all 1st world problems only occur on Mercury
  5. DoogyRev

    My 911

    Very nice Hugh Nice way to enjoy your retirement
  6. So . . . . . . Zed or Zee . . T'mato, tomato
  7. Winner winner chicken dinner! Nice one Colin!, great write up.
  8. Prob not a good idea to put your number on the open internet . . . I think Irfan meant for you to send him a private message with your number. I would edit your post and delete number. . . . if not then a Mod can do it.
  9. watched it the other week, I thought it was good, pretty entertaining
  10. On a personal note, this decade has been Selling my Zed, condensing a 4 bedroom house down to 2.6 Cubic Metres, packing one suitcase each and one way ticket. Having arrived with just $750 of personal wealth to our names to where we are now we could not be happier. it's been an adventure for sure. Who knows where we would be if we were still in the UK, but I can guarantee we would not have the quality of life we do now.
  11. Its cheaper to have Calendars printed in Jan than Nov/Dec
  12. Also I guess this Decade will also be know for the number of high profile people being accused and/or jailed for sexual assaults.
  13. This decade will unfortunately be remembered as the "Decade of Trump", I really don't remember a day when I have looked at any new sites that have not had some sort of story about him as one of the headline articles, and that's from the point he ran as a candidate, it got worse once he was elected. I think EV advancement would be up there from an automotive perspective, and technology . . VR/AI/Autonomy advancements
  14. The even cleverer bit is having a banana that everyone will most likely be queueing up to eat at $1000 per time..... you just wait
  15. Sorry to hear this Chris, I hope you end up keeping it no one wanted my 350, which I assume was because of the outstanding finance, even at the bargain price. Ended up getting rid of it to a garage who paid the finance off, had to take a lot less than it was worth though.





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