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  1. Excellent effort my man. I charge 300 per seat for refacing so you've saved yourself a bundle.
  2. Jeepers! Sounds like you were very lucky. Well he ain't dead but he did have to have his leg lopped off due to a rather nasty bone tumour Running a rather brutal 20 mile obstacle course in Peterborough tomorrow to raise money for Bone Cancer Trust Technically I never actually had one but no I have had neither the car nor the girl that owned the car for some considerable time
  3. I'd recolour a job like that for probably £500 so a grand isn't bad. That said a grand sounds very cheap in the world of reupholstering. Si from Mondo Hide and seat would probably be able to give you an idea but he's a tough cookie to get hold of!
  4. Jesus Christ mate! Glad to hear you're on the way out from it.
  5. I drove this home today but I'm not sure that counts Just beetling around in an old Rav4 these days. I get to drive cars like that most weeks so my thirst is well slaked. Business is good. Just relocated to my own unit on t'other side of the city. Potentially looking at expanding into PPF but can't make my mind up. Impressive stuff but VERY expensive.
  6. Very well mate. Busy busy with work etc. Drove passed The Morton the other day on the way to see my mate in Oswestry hospital. Brought back some memories from Wales trips
  7. How the Devil is everyone? SMD still haunting the broom cupboard?
  8. Nothing 5 minutes with a claw hammer wouldn’t solve
  9. Always welcome to give me a bell squire 07739755078 It’s a very involved and initially scary job. Requires equipment and good products though. Doable if you’ve the time and money.
  10. Only from my understanding of cars I've worked on (and that does not include a 370) you need a diagnostic to put the epb in service mode.
  11. Decebt enough but exceptional with a camera and chirping chat
  12. Cheers dude. Not South Cheshire but not a million miles away given that out fair county us only a tiddler Plenty of examples on our facebook page (not so much website which I'm still updating).
  13. Stu it would appear you are fully immersed in the dark side. Looks like you've been learning some good stuff. I could waffle on all day but let me give you 2 key pieces of advice. Wet sanding is insanely difficult. So many polishes will tell you they remove 1500 grit or 1200 grit......bollocks. You'll really struggle to remove the etching that they will impart on the bodywork as you've got to level out the trough the grit makes in the paint. You may get a much flatter glossier finish but sanding tracers can be a major issue. 2. Perfection is a myth. Always be prepared to know enough is enough. If what appears to be a shallow scratch is 1/10th of a mm thick bear in mind that paint is IRO the thickness of a £5 note and you are working on around 50%of that thickness......i.e not a lot.
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