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  1. Well I nailed it with this post, apart from the LD bit. Should have put some money on it!
  2. It's legit because the MP who posted it is herself in Labour too, either that or it's an insider stitch up conspiracy theory eh? https://twitter.com/Meg_HillierMP/status/1205063539100209154?s=20
  3. I'm not a Conservative fan by any stretch but I don't really have a choice. I voted for Brexit and the only party that's honouring it that's standing in my area are the Conservatives. My other choices are Libdem, Labour or Greens. I suspect many other areas will be the same as me and that is why we will see another Tory majority because the LD and SNP will eat into Labours votes.
  4. Who's reporting 2 fatalities, the news stories I've read at the moment all say 17 injured?
  5. I spotted this on Driftwork forum and it reminded me of your topic, some inspiration perhaps? https://www.driftworks.com/forum/threads/nissan-s14-rocket-bunny-boss-v2-rebuilt-driftcar.266008/
  6. Nothing wrong with MTEC discs, they bulk buy blank discs and machine them at their facility in N.Ireland from what i can gather. A cast iron brake disc is a cast iron brake disc at the end of the day, so if you can save money on discs and spend the extra on better pads it seems like a win win to me. I don't agree with cheaping out on pads so I'd avoid the Mintex personally.
  7. Who knows, maybe this will be the wake up call a lot of people needed to limit the usual: "We hated Thatcher we will never vote Tory here" "we hated Blair we will never vote Labour here" Its going to be interesting to see the next GE, parties may be shooting themselves in the foot if they field an outspoken remain MP in a majority leave area and visa versa. No more Anna Soubry for me since she went independent earlier! she was only getting elected due to representing Tory
  8. The wifes from Ukraine and we've done the trip before but my god that kind of driving is tedious if you just sit on the motorways. The roads in Romania (and no doubt onwards/around) will be sketchy. I'm not talking "oh theres a pothole" but donkey + kart, random steps up or down in the road surface where 2 different sections meet, questionable roadside services/fuel quality etc. I'm sure a 335D would be capable but try and properly plan out a route so you can get a good estimate of fuel/toll costs before deciding, and remember you may want to alter it to take in some landmarks along the way.
  9. Ah nice what did you think to https://caffeineandmachine.com/ ? It's quite far from me but I hear good things about it on the weekends especially.
  10. Whenever these are brought up it always reminds me of this Polo I saw posted: https://www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/397733-alloy-rim-gators/ Cheaper than fitting a different tyre with a rim/lip sure but still a risk of something like that occuring.
  11. But there is no discussion if the post doesn't give any input other than a screenshot, or a news article link. Should this topic be us all copy/pasting different sources at each other?
  12. Not sure I follow Maggz? I was just saying all of the posts from Torqen are just screenshots of facebook/twitter or "i'll leave this here" links thats why JP took the bait with the above.
  13. I've just clicked back through the last couple of pages and other than Torqen's post above disagreeing with JP, all other posts are just a copy/paste of social media/news to bait replies. Try it for yourself, go look. If the point of this topic is to discuss Brexit then I'd argue JP has at least tried to contribute more (other than the above outburst) on the whole glrnet. Not agreeing with the "With all the links you post you really dont know much about it do you" dig by the way!
  14. No install was straight plug and play with my DE. So long as your car has xenons/hids theres nothing required. The only issue i had with mine was the access hole on the back of the housing. The DEPO construction just isn't as good as OEM sorry, the rubber seal around the cap gets hot and distorts/stretches and doesn't make a good seal so I started getting condensation in both. The tabs are also fragile, smaller than OEM and easily bent. You can tell by how much flex the housings have they've cut some corners in materials.
  15. Like Jack94 I opted for a single colour powder-coat finish instead of getting them re-diamond cut on my 18s: (this was when i collected the car from the refurb before re-applying the decals) You can see the centre caps are still the original finish for comparison.
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