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  1. Hi, sorry to revive an old thread (its a really helpful one) but I really love these wheels. I have a gunmetal z and i have been looking and umming and ahh-ing for months about what wheels to go for and these really do look lovely! Anyone know where to get hold of some in the UK? struggling to find any. the few I have found, apparently don't fit the 350z.. Alternatively, quite liking the look of the hyper grey or matt bronze JR18s (19") but struggling to find pics on a gunmetal 350z. Looking for advice on best stagger and offset as I'm currently on stock suspension bu
  2. Perfect. Thank you so much. Guessing that top pic is on 19s. Looks great I think
  3. oh okay, thank you.. my bad. though i have done some more snooping and appears that the tein springs are the tried and tested
  4. Hi. sorry to revive an old topic but im currently looks at wheels and lowering my gunmetal 350z. Yours looked perfect to me, what size wheels were those out of interest? as im stuck between going for 18s or 19s. and are they in a gunmetal or steel grey? many thanks
  5. Thanks for coming back on this appreciate it. i'll have a gander for those spats. I think i'll likely be going with 18s unless i find a steal on some 19s ... so il probably go with some different springs.. From what I've seen lurking around the forum, for 18s a 20/25mm drop tends to be the key
  6. Hi all Has anyone got a picture of a gunmetal 350 with gunmetal wheels on - preferably ROTA GTR Style? I have done quite a bit of searching and lurking on the forum over the past week and found some really nice looking cars and ideas but haven't quite seen what I'm asking for so sorry if I've missed it somewhere Been umming and ahhing about colours for ages but im quite tempted at the look of the gunmetal. Also unsure whether to go 18s or 19s. Car is currently on 17" rays but looking to upgrade and lower by 20-30mm so any pics or ideas would be greatly appre
  7. this is lovely, what rear spats are those? Really look nice. Also what springs did you use? Currently looking to buy hence how I came across this photo 🥰
  8. Hi, really love the subtle kit here. Would you mind sharing what front lip, side skirts and spoiler you have?
  9. Thanks for all the info mate. Sorry manic day will give you a call sometime Monday
  10. RoadHog


    Thanks so much mate! I have the grey/silver Z and couldn’t decide if it would look better black or grey. Looks quite nice black. Seems Iv got a thing for Tarnac Sportz stuff as the lip and skirts I was looking for also turned out to be Tarmac. What does yours look like?
  11. Thanks mate took a look through. Hundreds of great stuff on there. Tempted by some lowering springs and camber arms too. Do you recommend any in particular fora nice ride height when keeping the OG forged wheels as I’m not going bigger on them just gonna dip them I noticed the side skirts come already piano black ready to fit which is cool, do you do a front splitter/lip pre painted too? As it’s the shiny black look I’m going for
  12. That’s good to know thanks mate. Don’t suppose you got a link for them?
  13. Thanks mate. Be interested to know what lips / skirts these are
  14. Oh sweet I think this is the lip kit Iv been trying to find! Where are you guys based and what’s the rough costs for a full kit or just front and side lips fitted? thanks
  15. RoadHog


    Anyone know what this one is called?
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