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  1. Thanks for all the info mate. Sorry manic day will give you a call sometime Monday
  2. RoadHog


    Thanks so much mate! I have the grey/silver Z and couldn’t decide if it would look better black or grey. Looks quite nice black. Seems Iv got a thing for Tarnac Sportz stuff as the lip and skirts I was looking for also turned out to be Tarmac. What does yours look like?
  3. Thanks mate took a look through. Hundreds of great stuff on there. Tempted by some lowering springs and camber arms too. Do you recommend any in particular fora nice ride height when keeping the OG forged wheels as I’m not going bigger on them just gonna dip them I noticed the side skirts come already piano black ready to fit which is cool, do you do a front splitter/lip pre painted too? As it’s the shiny black look I’m going for
  4. That’s good to know thanks mate. Don’t suppose you got a link for them?
  5. Thanks mate. Be interested to know what lips / skirts these are
  6. Oh sweet I think this is the lip kit Iv been trying to find! Where are you guys based and what’s the rough costs for a full kit or just front and side lips fitted? thanks
  7. RoadHog


    Anyone know what this one is called?
  8. Hello I was going to post a similar topic but thought I’d piggy back this one with you if that’s ok. Also have the same colour 350 as you i quite like the idea of a duck tail / rocket bunny spoiler but not sure if need to get an actual rocket bunny one or if there are any good copies. Also, I found this picture I saved to post up on heat to ask if anyone knows that this side skirt and front lip kit is as it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Might be of interest to you to. Spoiler is also quite bad ass! Wonder if this car belongs to anyone on the forum?
  9. Thanks for this info mate. I wonder what people do for MOTs then. I don’t imagine people like to have them re-done yearly
  10. Hi guys. Sorry to revive an old topic but searched high and low before posting a new one. I have a silver/grey 350z. Going to tint the windows and thinking of tinting the rear lights to make it look a bit stealthier but I have no idea how to go about it. Do window ringers do it? Is it legal etc? Thanks in advance!!
  11. Yes il defo give it a go worth a try! And thanks I did see them and wondered if they were good
  12. Guessing not as dangerous as the garage made out then? is it easy to do? Sorry I haven’t managed to get under the car yet to look
  13. Guessing not as dangerous as the garage made out then? is it easy to do? Sorry I haven’t managed to get under the car yet to look
  14. Hi all I had an issue New Year’s Eve where my flexi pipe split causing back pressure issues so had a custom exhaust place weld some plates on (had the other side done too as it’s been on there same amount of time in case it cracked too) since then, when the car comes down the revs, no matter which gear, always exactly 2000rpm it makes a rattle/crunch noise from under the footwells. Garage are adamant it’s heat shields as they were loose and I noticed after testing at 200rpm you could actually sometimes feel something hit the under side of the car in the foot well so I thought they’re probably right, Iv left it since then and I believe the driver side shield has fallen off since so doesn’t sound as bad but the passenger side one sounds horrendous now at 2000rpm and isle (but nice when accelerating lol) almost sounds like they’re blowing now it’s a lot louder so I’m wondering if they’ve had it and thinking about replacing them looking for advice on either a repair option or replacement option, maybe some sport ones? I already have the optional extra nismo back box so it sounds quite nice once accelerating so maybe some sports cats might finish it off nicely Don’t really want to spend any more than 300-400 on a bit of a budget I’m afraid but open to sound advice and if worth pushing the pennies then maybe thanks in advance Martyn





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