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  1. Took Friday off work to get ready for JDM Combe, mainly so I could use my new DA polisher for the first time. Car got a mild clean all over, then each panel fully clayed, before 1 round of cutting, then 1–2 rounds of polishing. Finally sealed by hand with liquid ceramic wax. Still plenty of swirls when you look up close, but very pleased with the results of my first ever go at doing this.
  2. Thanks for organising, @AndyJames, my son and I had a fantastic time—so much so he asked immediately as we left if we could come back next year. Great chatting to quite a few fellow members, really friendly and knowledgeable, felt special being included. Just sorry I didn't get to chat to more folk on the stand! In case anyone was curious, we thought the parade laps were great and would definitely recommend them. Would be awesome to be part of a big Z track convoy next year!
  3. It was an optional extra on the ticket screen, few different time slots available.
  4. I also signed up for the parade lap(s?) at 2pm because why not?
  5. 1. andy James Paid 2. Andrew_Muxlow Paid. 3.martin harry Paid 4. Callum Stocker Paid 5. SHEZZA Paid 6. Azurez33 paid 7. Justthejedi paid 8. Monkey1983 - Paid 9. 350_Jer - Paid 10. Humpy - Paid 11. Jam1 - Paid 12. Dannyg - Paid 13. SH23 - Paid 14. RoadHog - Paid 15. HXD - Paid
  6. Hey that's awesome, welcome to the forums! There's a mini-meet in the making for May or June, somewhere near Bristol - shout if you want in.
  7. Hey all, thanks for the warm welcomes. So I've had a bit of a nightmare getting my radiator sorted, and figured it's worth sharing the experience here for others… As originally stated in opening post, I ordered a brand new Mishimoto radiator for my HR to replace the slightly leaking OEM unit that came with my Z. I got the car and parts to my mechanic no problem – still perfectly driveable at the time, just not mint – and they set about dismantling and removing the OEM rad. So they get to the part where they need to start fitting the Mishimoto unit... and it just doesn't fit. Doesn't matter how they position the unit, the mounts on the Mishimoto do not line up with the factory holes on the frame. Seems like the mounts on the Mishimoto had been welded about a 1/4 inch out of alignment. We triple-checked the specs on what was supposed to be in the box, and it was labelled for a 2007–2009 model. So we didn't really understand what's gone wrong, except for a manufacturing / quality control defect on Mishimoto's end. Cue my mechanic having to then put the old rad back in and redo all the plumbing, as I needed the car back asap. Followed by two weeks of back and forth trying to get a return and refund from Mishimoto—which is still on-going. They said they didn't recognise the serial number at one point, even with a photograph… which didn't really surprise me, given the rest of this fiasco. Ended up getting a second-hand OEM radiator off @ZMANALEX – he really is a superhero – and got that fitted with no problems at all. Elsewhere, I'm told Mishimoto have "recently undergone restructuring" and their customer service has massively suffered as a result, so I wouldn't touch their stuff with a barge-pole based on this experience. Picture of the botched Mishimoto radiator below…
  8. I have a 2007 'HR' 350Z in black, which I'd love to change the front bumper side markers/reflectors to something a little more stealthy. I've had a look around online, but I'm not having much luck finding any that aren't in another country (and so require crazy shipping costs). Can anyone recommend somewhere in the UK to buy a pair of smoked (or clear) front side markers/reflectors please?
  9. They came already on the car, but they're Maxton items – these ones I believe: https://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/nissan-350z
  10. You know, I've been thinking about that since before I got it. Any recommendations for spacer widths to use with the RAYS wheels?
  11. Hello! First time 350Z / JDM / RWD owner near Bristol. 😄 Picked up my car a couple of weeks ago, trading up from a rascally Abarth 595 Comp. Have done a few little mods already, including gloss black 'Z' badges front and rear and a new leather 'classic Nismo' gear shifter*. Alas, she also came with a tiny radiator leak as well, so just about to pull the trigger on some Mishimoto silicone hoses and a matching Mishi rad to go with them. Will be at 'Festival of Speed' later this year (try to go every year) but also looking at JDM Combe as well now. I had a driving school day in a Lotus there a couple of years back and loved it. *didn't fancy fondling a stranger's knackered old knob in my new car
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