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  1. @Adrian@TORQEN thanks for this. Is it worth me (or you) putting up a separate post in the group buys for this?
  2. @Adrian@TORQEN any update on this?
  3. Thanks Paul but I don’t want the hassle of importing especially now we have now officially left the EU
  4. @Adrian@TORQEN it’s for my 370Z GT (61 plate if that makes any difference, I suspect not.)
  5. I’m currently waiting for my new GoPro Hero 9 to arrive and I’m looking for a towing eye mount for it. I was thinking of cobbling something together using the standard towing eye bolt but I’d rather something purpose built. Doing a bit of google research and looking here I see there was a group buy for these years ago: I had a look on Torqen’s website but there’s nothing listed @Adrian@TORQEN can you still get these? if anyone has one they want to sell or can point me in the direction of a UK supplier I’d appreciate it! B
  6. Hey mate, I had the rubbish thin standard boot carpet in mine, I bought a genuine one from eBay here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-Genuine-Car-Luxury-Luggage-Cargo-Boot-Trunk-Mat-Liner-Tailored-KE8401E081/261274913101?fits=Model%3A370Z&epid=1016327867&hash=item3cd532c94d:g:xcsAAMXQb2JSHoGg It came today and is spot on had all Nissan labels on the packaging. Word of advice it’s worth making an offer too I think I offered £58 and they accepted. They are about £83 from Nissan direct so this was a bargain IMO
  7. I notice this has gone now, did someone on here snap it up?
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-370Z-NISMO-REAR-BUMPER-2013-2018-GENUINE-NISSAN-PART-Z1/284059190549?hash=item42233f4515:g:8~EAAOSwHBhfmDq2 NOT mine but found it whilst browsing. It looks like an easy repair for someone who wanted to upgrade their GT rear and a hell of a lot cheaper than new ones! I considered it myself but not sure the nismo kit would look right in LeMans blue on mine
  9. Bunning

    Which HFCs

    John, how loud do you find the Cobra ones? and what system are they attached to? I'm looking at replacing my cats as they are looking tired and Abbey have suggested Cobras over Berks. I already have a cat back Cobra system with factory cats.
  10. Bunning

    de-cat ecu reset ?

    Where are you based? Abbey Motorsport (Oxted, Surrey) can tune with EcuTek and do this.
  11. Bunning

    Which HFCs

    @Lee370Z just out of curiosity what brand are your HFCs
  12. Fair comment @Umster personally I think I’d rather see specialist maintenance when buying one of these kinds of cars rather than Nissan anyway.
  13. Definitely spotted me as you waved as you turned off. 53 plate I think, very clean! Anyone on here?
  14. Seconded, I have no experience of Horsham but would recommend Abbey Motorsport they serviced my car in July along with a few other bits.





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