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  1. Any takers. If no one shows any interest before the weekend i'll be taking it to my local dump and paying them £2.50 for the privilege of disposing of it (daylight robbery) I need some space in the garage now
  2. Same here petrol cap arrived today thanks @Z4ZORRO Already on the car.....
  3. I was on my way to Abbey Motorsport, you were going away from Oxted towards Westerham. Was in my 370 (Lemans Blue) gave you a flash of the headlights but not sure if you saw! Anyone here?
  4. Did they bleed your brakes? It's not brake fluid is it? Have you managed to clean it off ok?
  5. Congrats! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! I was looking for a 370Z for quite a while and was after a black one too! I ended up with a really good condition and low mileage LeMans blue one in the end as the car was too good to miss. I travelled from Kent to Huddersfield to buy it! I found out afterwards that it used to belong to another forum member which gave me even more confidence the car had been looked after! Enjoy your purchase and hopefully see it at some events/shows?? B
  6. Hey @Payco Thanks for your reply, I'd already been through that to check poke and spacing from strut etc. which was within what I was aiming for. It wasn't poke i was worried about it was more to do with the spoke/caliper clearance. The good news is i can report that Rota Grids in 19x9.5J ET38 do indeed clear the front caliper, it's a little tighter than the standard Rays but still clear.
  7. Noticed it on the ramps when I dropped my car in this morning. Looked very clean and don't see many yellow ones!
  8. Just an update on this in case anyone else comes up against this in the future. I have been assured by rimstyle that they will fit as they have sold sets to other 370z owners (who haven’t had to use spacers apparently) I’ve ordered a set on the proviso that if the fronts don’t clear they take them back and refund me! Delivery due tomorrow/Tuesday so 🤞🏻
  9. If the car was that good I wouldn’t rule it out based on the exhaust I’m sure you could find someone on here that would be willing to swap a standard exhaust for the one on this!! IMO it’s a little overpriced considering the mileage and age, were they willing to negotiate the price at all!?
  10. As it's only 10 mins drive from my house seems daft not to go to this one! 1) PAYCO - Datsun 510 SSS 2) nismoandy 350z registered & paid 3) msitpro - 350Z registered and paid 4) Bunning - 370Z registered and paid
  11. I've been pondering over what wheels to get for my 370Z for a long time and i'm almost at the point of purchasing some but i've hit a snag... (have searched the web, including fitment industries and the forum extensively with no firm answer) I want to get a set of Rota Grids (my choice, I know they may not be to everyone's taste) in the following set up: 19 x9.5J ET38 Front 19 x 10.5J ET20 Rear The reason for this setup up is that this pushes the wheels slightly further than the Nismo wheels and i don't ant to use spacers at all. The car (although not s
  12. So I’m after a bit of advice I’ve trawled through the forum but can’t find anything specific so wondered if anyone can shed some light on my dilemma!! Im looking to change the wheels on my 370 (GT model) and have been looking at various options. I want to run whatever I get without spacers (personal choice I’m just not keen) but also want to bring the wheels out a bit more using the offset of the rims. I’ve pretty much decided on the rims I want but the fronts don’t come in the exact width and offset I want (9.5j Et38) they do however come in 10J ET38. I was planning on running sl
  13. Yep that! I’ve got HKS drop ins in mine
  14. Looks good quality! May i ask how much did you get stung on import tax (given that the pillar was $350) isn't it about 20%? Can't give any insight on the gauge question though sorry! Maybe contact Abbey, they are close to you.
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