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  1. Just an update on this. I ended up ordering the Battle Aero spoiler but from another US supplier (Drift Dialects) as they only charged $150 shipping. I even got a free (massive) battle aero sticker! Just gotta get it sprayed and fitted now!!
  2. @Loadmaster what did you get out of the tune at Abbey in the end, the HFCs made a massive difference on mine!
  3. Hi All, I'm having a little clearout of my loft/garage and want to sell off some parts I can't see me using again (all from 61 plate 370Z GT) as follows: 1. Standard 370Z Air intake tubes, Removed by myself in November 2020 as i upgraded to ISR Post MAF pipes, no jubilee clips included (not sure what happened to them) Price - £20 (including postage) 2. Standard 370Z Cats These were removed from my car by Abbey Motorsport in November 2020 as i upgraded to Cobra HFCs (mileage on the car was just under 34k at the time) They h
  4. Yep Le Mans Blue.... pretty rare colour apparently but I ended up with it by chance after a black one I was buying fell through. I wasn't keen on the colour to start with but it was such a clean and low mileage car I couldn't let it go! It used to be owned by another forum member @cmp999 but had another (unknown) owner between me and him. Thanks for the comments 😃
  5. @Loadmaster Here ya go, if you want any specific pics I'm happy to take some, for info my car is running standard suspension (GT model obviously) I opted for these wheels as they are ever so slightly more aggressive than the Nismo rims (in poke) and they fit without spacers albeit tight on the front (see pic above) I have absolutely no rubbing scrubbing etc.
  6. Sorry to thread hijack.... but @Adrian@TORQEN or @Coz@TORQEN when are your EVO-R carbon door handle covers landing, I'm seriously interested in a set. I've got a set of Autotechnik b-pillar covers on order with you at the moment, is the EVO-R/Autotechnik weave similar or would they look out of place? Thanks, B
  7. @msitpro I just got my email from Brands Hatch and the link given (Go Japan 2021 – Show Instructions – Go Japan!) says it's entry @7:30 via the show entrance not main gate. IIRC this entrance is at the rear of the track (Airfield Gate) accessed from Scratchers Lane it's not far from the Paddock Gate. I would imagine they'll have signs out on the local roads anyway, they normally do.
  8. I’m after a ducktail spoiler for my 370 and have looked at various options, I’m particularly looking for one that will bolt on using original holes etc. as most seem hollow underneath. Battle Aero in the US do one that looks good and appears good quality, it is only $350 but they have quoted a ridiculous amount for shipping ($560 on top of the spoiler cost). I’ve asked if they can do anything about the shipping or if they have a UK distributor but they haven’t responded since ☹️ Any alternatives or help appreciated B
  9. Sorry double post see other post!
  10. I did a walkround video of the club stand on my GoPro, the link is here if anyone is interested: 350Z/370Z Club stand @ Japfest 2021 - YouTube
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