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  1. I did a walkround video of the club stand on my GoPro, the link is here if anyone is interested: 350Z/370Z Club stand @ Japfest 2021 - YouTube
  2. Hi @Dave6188 I'm interested in the expansion tank cover, I will PM you. B
  3. 1. Paul K - K50PTK 350z roadster 2. Dom - 350z 3. Nismoandy, + Catering manager 4. Bunning - B11 NBJ - 370Z coupe
  4. @Paul K Thanks for the heads up, I'm in the South East (North West Kent) just off of Junction 3 of the M25. I'll add my name to your list in the other post.
  5. @Rallyboy1 I had exactly the same thing and was concerned so I contacted the shows team asking about the club passes, they responded with this: "They will be issued on email no later than 3 days prior to the event. "
  6. Is anyone organising a convoy from the south for this show?
  7. Sorry to be a complete numpty on this but i just got an email from Japfest saying "Did you book a club display pass?" Looking at my original order i had included it in the order but it wasn't included in the printable tickets, So in a panic I just ordered a club pass separately (using the club's code) only to log in to my Eventbrite account to see that it says "The organiser has disabled PDF tickets for this ticket type" . Am i missing something? Do the club passes get emailed separately closer to the event?
  8. Seconded. There is no way to retain a private plate and assign one at the same time. I actually phoned the DVLA about this as it's bonkers and a complete waste of time. i was in the same situation, had a private plate on the car when i bought it so i put it on retention to sell so i could put my own private plate on. The only saving grace is that the documents normally come quite quickly.
  9. I was in my way to Fuel Coffee House saw a White 370Z Coupe, had what looked like heritage edition vinyl on the car I think the number plate ended ZED or ZEE, I only noticed as you went past so too late to give a wave…. Sorry! Anyone on here
  10. Nismo Duracon one for me. I had one of these in my R33 GTR when I had it and always liked the weight and feel
  11. Bunning


    Sounds like the clutch slave cylinder to me too. Same thing happened on my 350Z (DE) when i had it. The pedal would get stuck about halfway coming back up but with a flick of the toe would come right back up. Mine was worse when hot. I bought a Stoptech slave cylinder from Tarmac Sportz, had it fitted and the system bled and all was good again.
  12. Abbey Motorsport in Oxted are fairly close to you
  13. One of me running on Saturday at the Fast Show Reloaded (Photo by Blackett Photography)
  14. Is this what you’re looking for? https://workshoptwelve.com/nissan-370z/
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