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  1. Bunning

    Which HFCs

    John, how loud do you find the Cobra ones? and what system are they attached to? I'm looking at replacing my cats as they are looking tired and Abbey have suggested Cobras over Berks. I already have a cat back Cobra system with factory cats.
  2. Bunning

    de-cat ecu reset ?

    Where are you based? Abbey Motorsport (Oxted, Surrey) can tune with EcuTek and do this.
  3. Bunning

    Which HFCs

    @Lee370Z just out of curiosity what brand are your HFCs
  4. Fair comment @Umster personally I think I’d rather see specialist maintenance when buying one of these kinds of cars rather than Nissan anyway.
  5. Definitely spotted me as you waved as you turned off. 53 plate I think, very clean! Anyone on here?
  6. Seconded, I have no experience of Horsham but would recommend Abbey Motorsport they serviced my car in July along with a few other bits.
  7. Yeah it's a bit tumbleweed! I think i'm going to go anyway as it's so close to me, but i'll buy a ticket on the gate just in case they decide to cancel last minute, like Japfest!
  8. Hi all, I bought a spare wheel for my 370Z from ebay and it came fitted with this tyre as it was previously installed in an Infiniti. The 370Z spare tyre recommendation is slightly smaller (145/70/18) so I had it swapped out but the tyre on it was too good to throw away. Anyway... this is just gathering dust in my garage so I'm offering it for free to anyone who wants it. Perfect if you have certain Infinitis or if you are happy to run a spare with a slightly larger tyre (maybe if you have larger alloys you want to match the rolling radius of?) COLLECTION ONLY from NW Kent (near junction 3 of M25) as you can appreciate as I'm giving it away I don't want the hassle of packaging and sending.
  9. Is anyone still intending to go to this?
  10. Hi welcome! I did a lot of research before buying mine, even though I was moving up from a 350Z. Weak points of note are: Steering Lock Mechanism on earlier models (around 2009 - 2011 I believe) these can stop you starting the car if they fail, most have been replaced or people just pull the fuse to disable the unit Gallery gaskets again on earlier models are prone to failure as I think the earlier ones weren't metal. You can find a lot of info on both searching this forum. With your budget I'd aim if you can to get a late 2011 model at least, there were some revisions to suspension, soundproofing etc you also get a rear parking camera and TPMS on the late 2011 onwards. There was a slight face lift again (around 2014 I believe), you may be able to pick up a 2014 plus model but it'd be high mileage with that budget, I just had a look out of curiosity on autotrader myself and there's a 64 plate 370Z (base model though not GT) with 105,000 miles up for £11k. Hope that helps a bit, but my advice is to have a good read on the forums! B
  11. This is now on retention so ready to assign immediately if anyone is interested.
  12. Yesterday about quarter to seven in the evening saw a nice (very clean) 350Z going round the roundabout, I think you took the junction to join the A20 towards London. I was sitting at the lights coming into the roundabout from Swanley in my Z. I think the passenger saw me! Anyone on here?
  13. Me too, Brands Hatch is ten minutes from me! PAYCO Sam PatmorE Bunning
  14. Wow that’s weird I had an orange 350z previously too





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