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  1. Me too, Brands Hatch is ten minutes from me! PAYCO Sam PatmorE Bunning
  2. Wow that’s weird I had an orange 350z previously too
  3. Hi Steve, Welcome, I owned a 2005 350Z (now in a 370) and shortly after purchasing mine developed a drone type whirring from the back which turned out to be a wheel bearing, it wasn't too expensive to fix. If you got it from a garage it may be worth getting them to check it out if you have any kind of warranty. Although I'm often in Bristol (well near Bristol - Thornbury) for work I can't comment on any bodyshops in that area, I'll let others do that! Nice looking Zed by the way, I know you've mentioned a few dings but it looks good in the pic! B
  4. Thanks Adrian I wondered when the event planned for March would be rescheduled I missed this
  5. What’s going on at Torqen that day?
  6. There's a thread on here for the black editions, I had a quick look at the list and 64 doesn't seem to be mentioned so maybe not been a members car before! Hope this helps
  7. Welcome, I'm in Kent too, maybe see you around!
  8. I’d second that, their kits aren’t cheap but the colour match is perfect and come with all bits to do a good job l. I’ve touched up a few deeper chips on mine and although you can see it because of the depth it’s really not noticeable unless you look closely
  9. Any interest before I put this up for auction?
  10. Just out of interest what's the mileage on your car? I have a 61 plate 370 but very low mileage and mine still has (presumably) the original steering lock mechanism although looking at it it's the later revised version so hopefully it'll last. I've toyed with pulling the fuse but haven't bothered, my thoughts were, if (when) it packs up i'd just replace it with the Nissan bypass module, which in itself is an admission by Nissan that these are rubbish! Torqen sell them: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/engine/electronics/21661-370z-nissan-oem-steering-wheel-lock-bypass-09-11-48708-9n00a.html?search_query=370z+Nissan+OEM+Steering+Wheel+Lock+Bypass+09-11&results=1
  11. @LBow350Z Yes I've seen that one too, it's just by the roundabout where the two shops are too (dry cleaners I believe) I take it you are local to Kent too then?
  12. Sorry mine is manual too!





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