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  1. Expansion tank cover sold, catch cans and other bits still available.
  2. I've not heard back so you are welcome to it @daz8235
  3. Hey @daz8235, Real sorry for the slow response i've not been on here for ages! I never heard back from the other chap so yes still available. I will out of courtesy drop him another PM but otherwise you are welcome to it. B
  4. @Borris Hey mate just wondered if you are still interested in the expansion tank cover, I've PMd you.
  5. Hey mate, No problem, do you have a pic of your expansion tank as there are two different ones on the 370s, some of the earlier cars had the old style tank (which this won't fit!) B
  6. Saw you about 6:45ish yesterday, I was waiting to join the roundabout (from Swanley) think you were heading onto the M25 (Dartford Bridge bound). Anyone on here? B
  7. Due to a change of direction (looking at a combined alloy expansion/catch can tank) I am selling some engine bay bits I've accumulated. Prices are PLUS postage although i'm happy for you to collect (Swanley near J3 M25) or i can bring to Go Japan in September First off is a stainless steel expansion tank cover (bought second hand off of a member on here - originally from RDON on this forum) this has the 370Z etching on it although this is starting to fade/wear in a few places (see pictures). I fitted the rubber grommet to stop any rubbing on the hose that passes through on the LHS. The cover includes the required spacer and i have some nice s/s hex bolts i can throw in (as you need an extended one on one side to fit this. £25 - PLUS POSTAGE Second off is a collection of parts I'd put together for a dual catch can set up which I never got round to fitting. This includes: 2 x baffled catch cans with fittings (unbranded but pretty much identical to the ones mishimoto sell - probably came from the same factory) 3m (cut into 1 metre lengths) of AN8 stainless steel braided hosing 12 x AN8 - Jubilee blue anodised hose finishers 3 x AN8 hose line clamps I'm looking for £100 - PLUS POSTAGE for the lot (cans, hose, clamps and finishers), but may split if anyone is seriously interested on a single can (for a 350Z DE for example) I also have a load of standard parts still for sale here: Any questions feel free to PM me! Thanks B
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know the size of the barb on the standard PCV valves? I’be looked online and can’t find any information. I’m looking to build a custom catch can set-up so want to make sure I get the right size hose. I’ve already got some AN8 braided hose so hoping I can use that! any help appreciated. B
  9. I'll be coming but just need to get round to ordering my ticket before i put my name down!
  10. Such a great deal this! I got a good haul last time! Two boxes ordered already 😃
  11. No longer required... have sourced DBA discs all round and the rears i have are now for sale (see the trading post section)
  12. As per title, these are brand new brake discs for the rear of all 370s. I bought these a while back with the view to fitting them when my brakes finally needed doing, I've now decided to go DBA all round so these are surplus to requirements. These discs are actually hard to get hold of a the moment (EBC are quoting July/August delivery) These retail at around £220 - £240 new dependant on where you buy them. I'm looking for £150 OVNO collected from Kent (near J3 of M25). PS could a Mod move this to the 370Z parts for sale fourm please, not sure why i posted it in the general for sale section. Thanks B
  13. Long story short i got a great deal on a full EBC brake set up, i have received the Rear Discs and Yellow Stuff pads all round but have been let down on the front discs (now being told July delivery!!) Anyway my car is booked in for Service/MOT and brake fitting at Abbey the beginning of June so i need them pronto! Any of the lovely traders on here have any stock? B
  14. Just as a heads up guys you have to be in before 9am or they won't let you on the club stand: CLUB ENTRY: From 07:00DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY. YOU WILL NOT BE GRANTED ENTRY BEFORE 07:00.Vehicles must be parked on club stands by 09:00. Any club cars who arrive after 09:00 WILL NOT be allowed inside the show and will have to park in the Public Car Park.
  15. Looking forward to seeing it at Japfest Andy! I agree with Headphones, lovely colour!
  16. If anyone is interested in any of these bits I can bring to Japfest, everything still available apart from carbon mirror covers. I also have a set of Standard 370z alloys with tyres and TPMS sensors that I’m considering selling and a standard spoiler in Le Mans blue
  17. It's back and painted then Andy! Will be good to see it!
  18. Thanks for organising again Paul, it deffo helps those who haven't attended with the club before! 1. Paul K - K50PTK 350z roadster, Black with Purple wheels!! 2. Bunning - B11 NBJ 370z - LeMans Blue
  19. @RDON Not sure if you've sorted this yet but i'd be inclined to get your battery health checked first it's more likely to be that not charging/holding charge properly
  20. 1. andy james Paid 2. Zelda Paid (11:20 track) 3. George 1966 Paid 4. Andy_Muxlow Paid 5. Buster- paid 6. nismoandy -paid 7. SamTripp52 8. DAZ8235 - Paid 9. JonLonghorne99 - Paid 10. SuiSid - Paid 11. LAB99 - Paid 12. Millicano - Paid 13.Sebastian PAID (Track 10:20, 12:20, 14:20) 14. SHEZZA - Paid 15. MicktZZZ - Paid (just once on track at 12:20) 16. Monkey1983 - Paid 17. DrMurderDeath - Paid 18. SH23 - Paid 19. Azurez33 & +1 - Paid 20. Harrm +1 paid 21. Marcos +1 paid 22. Paul_K Paid 23. TommZ +1 Paid 24. StormtrooperZ +1 Paid 25. tauvp Paid 26.Nathaniels350z +1-paid - Track 14:40 27. Whiskeymedicine +1- Paid - Track 12:20 28. Jonnymonno +1 - Paid 29. Patrick John - Paid 30. Stoker11 + 1 - Paid 31. Chris141084 - Paid 32. Humpy - Paid 33. harvers - Paid 34. Buptaboy - Paid 35. jayb_370z+1 - Paid 36. V1H - Paid 37. Roamy - Paid 38. HD350Z +1 - Paid 39. RDON - Paid 40. Bunning +1 - Paid
  21. I had an issue with UpRev on my car (370Z). It had been tuned with UpRev before i bought it and i experienced random loss of power (no fault codes at all anywhere) which would disappear after stopping and restarting the car. I took mine to Abbey who suggested it may be down to the UpRev map as they had experienced it in the past (rarely - but normally on different maps) anyway I bit the bullet and got mine wiped and retuned with EcuTek. I haven't had any issues since and I now have adjustable traction control and the EcuTek bluetooth dongle to boot! I don't think it is a common issue, but it does happen. @jedethridge I would definitely recommend trying Abbey Motorsport.
  22. All fitted courtesy of Abbey motorsport.
  23. Haven’t seen any for ages then two turn up at C&M today whilst I’m there! A black 370Z Nismo and a Le Mans blue 370Z convertible.
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