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  1. Gutted for you mate. Hope you get it back in one piece. Can't say I've heard of a zed being targeted before, hope it's not the beginning of something, otherwise we're all done for.
  2. Looks sooo much better than the olde cupra splitter! 🤓👍
  3. Hi. It works with the android box only. It won't work with the stock nissan system.
  4. Great day again. Weather was great and the cars on show were amazing.
  5. 1) davey_83 2) Nugget (Griff) 3) Vallis10 4) Phil T +Mrs 5) Sam Dakin 6) Andy_Muxlo 7) HEADPHONES 😎 Yoshi 9) StormTrooperZ
  6. One of the nicest 350z's on the forum in my opinion! 😎
  7. Looking at the forecast, our zeds are going to get a free wash on the day! Don't forget your brollies, raincoats and Wellingtons!
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