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  1. I'm the opposite. I love the front!
  2. StormtrooperZ


    Not one for the purists among us. But wowsers! https://drivetribe.com/p/these-guys-turned-their-350z-into-LEdaQvZ_To6jS37fuVEqCw?iid=KCSAqpdFQZ6OdATTIq7Auw&utm_campaign=main+&utm_medium=fb&utm_source=organic
  3. Oooh. I'd be interested but only if I shift my current current GT Edition rays...
  4. Added pics of Bluetooth settings to first post.
  5. Yep deffo been resprayed. Front wings are a darker colour. The rest of the car (front bumper, sideskirts and doors) look a brighter red to me.
  6. Miss June and the OG. Beautiful!
  7. No. You can't plug an aftermarket camera directly into the unit. The default camera integration is via the main loom/power harness so relies on the camera being setup on the Nissan system first etc. So you'd have to install the camera to the stock system first and the android unit would pick it up as part of the integration.
  8. Right then. Got the splitter back from the body shop. Straight off, the colours not a perfect match . I won't know how "off" it is until I fit it. Just waiting for some decent weather to have a proper look at it against the car. Any suggestions/advice on putting this on? I'm considering 3m tape and screws underneath. So it's easier to clean up if/when I decide to take it back off etc. Or do I go all in with tigerseal or sikaflex?
  9. Hi Rob. I should think so. As per my previous post above. We installed this on a 2010 car and it worked fine
  10. Awesome write up René! Looking good!
  11. If you've neutralised the lock and have removed the fuse. I suggest you live with it as is buddy. I know that's what most people tend to do across the forums.
  12. Quick update on this. The splitter is with the body shop! I've gone with white with gloss black on the face of the middle bit. Hopefully get it back at the weekend. Will get it fitted and upload some pics!





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