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  1. Going by Alex's comment, sounds like you should be able to access them from the wheel arch buddy.
  2. Have you swapped the ballasts and or ignitors around?
  3. Looks fab. I need to get onto royal for mine!
  4. Ham lane in Stourbridge. Looked tidy. Anyone on here?
  5. Just get the rifles and hounds out lads... it'll be fine!
  6. Faulty bulbs, ballasts or ignitors? I had my driverside light go on my 370 a few months back. I actually replaced bulb, ballast and ignitor on mine as I had ordered all 3 parts just in case. But you could try swapping these 3 items between the 2 lights to see what the issue is? Change bulbs over first and try the lights, then switch ballasts and finally ignitors etc. Worse case get new sets of everything for both lights and do as I did?
  7. How about some gt edition rays?
  8. Similar thing happened to me back in February. Insurance repairs should be guaranteed for life buddy. The car should return to you as it was before the accident. If you're not happy with anything, you have every right to call your repairer or your insurance to have it seen to again.





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