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  1. Thanks I appreciate that . A small update on the front fenders The top of the fender have so much shape , this was really difficult to get them the same . Making sure things stay symmetrical This is the top of the hood line , it will step up to hide the wipers ... you will see soon . Here you can see the shape at the top , this will give me room for the door to open and have the fender vent protruding down into the fender , as well as looking hot !! and the pa
  2. and some more on the front fenders , they are shaping up nicely . There will be a vent here at the top to let the air from the front splitter escape that get trapped in the wheel well . Making the pattern You will be able to see it from inside the car also Stay interested Stay Safe Stay tuned
  3. Hi Back with another update , more pic's and progress on the rear deck lid . Getting the foam shaped and filled Glassing , a couple of layers of mat to give it some strength Sanding and a quick fill and sand . I just noticed in this pic check out the front hood !!!!
  4. Hi everyone I have an update , I jumped back on the front of the car , been busy with everything really . So I built a system for measuring the front fenders , so I have been tuning up the fenders to get them equal in height , width and inside angle . So next will be dialing in the rest of the front and painting it with Rondo then fiberglass it , then put the bottom part of the hood back on and finish the edges of it so I can make the top part of the hood . Stay tuned
  5. Thanks everyone for the excellent positive feedback !! Yes GT500 class racer for the street was exactly what I was going for , only meaner . Some more on the the rear deck lid . After clamping down the back and a coat of Rondo on the deck area , I discovered a bump on both sides where it should be dipping down .in the deck , there is no way to hold it down , so I came up with a way to hold it in place . Then a couple of layers of fiberglass mat . I used the laser to make sure it was even on both sides , the two
  6. So Porsche had the Whale tail , the Falcata has the Lobster tail lol Everyone seems to really like it . Fist couple of pics finishing the foam at the top and filling in the gaps . I tried this for the first time yesterday , it's known as Rondo a mixture of Fiberglass Resin and body filler Bondo , blend and you get Rondo . It helps to seal the foam for easier fairing ,sanding , filling and fiber glassing . Seemed to go well , will know later today . I set the roof scoop on and hung up the wing to s
  7. Hi thanks for your interest in the build , it's very much appreciated to hear positive feedback , it's been a long road to get this far . The rear is 5 1/4 wider per side , so total of 10 1/2 inches . The front is 3 1/4 wider per side , so total of 6 1/2 inches
  8. Hi Everyone Well I didn't like the bars going down the middle , and it would be a nightmare to sand . So I came up with an idea to make my original idea work , of course I had to make all new pieces .... It's getting there , the plan is to lay up a few thin layers of fiberglass mat and then cut the part where the trunk lid opens . then I can finish the trunk lid off the car with the mock up rear body part I made for that purpose , I know it's all a bit confusing . So hang in there !!! This is how many times I tried different ratios of height
  9. Hi Everyone Been busy it seems to me , I know I built a mock up trunk to build the trunk and make it function off the car but it's hard to know if it looks right off the car , so I have been doing some mock up stuff . My original plan was to make each louver in one piece , it is too difficult , so this is what I am thinking . This was the original idea ...... Made up some parts And a couple of stringers to lay the louvers on It requires a stringer for the center louvers and a second one for outside the divide
  10. Hi I am back with an update , I have been working on a few things . The roof scoop frame that will be the mounting point and will be part of the roof . This was a tricky piece to make ......like everything else was easy lol . The part that covers the top of the windscreen will be made with the whole roof and cut off after , so the roof scoop frame will need to be cut also , and the nose of the frame will be attac
  11. Hi I finally got my turn signals , they are really cool , they have low beam ( DLR ) day time lights , high beam DLR and Amber sequential signals , I ordered a few sets and the shipping company lost them !!!! Had to order again ....... So I will be working on there spot in the front Dam , this should be a right pain to make also ... but worth the effort . They are aftermarket up grade for the new Honda Civic Type R So they go in and you only see the raised part of the light .
  12. Hi guys & gals Been a while , must be getting old almost forgot how to post stuff on here lol . I have missed some time from the car ( obliviously ) you know the usual stuff in the forest on an Island , power outages from wind storms and freak snow storms , life etc . So I have been plugging away at the rear deck lid fake vents and prepping the roof scoop mounting . the roof will have a small foam frame that will be part of the roof to position and fasten the scoop . I will try to post more this weekend Cheers
  13. Thanks Sim for the kind words Sounds like you have some nice toys !! We had another winter friggin storm here ,Thursday wind and power outages and then over a foot of snow at the shop , started on Friday afternoon , the road in is .5 of a kilometre long , so there is no way to shovel it , also narrow with lots of bush so no place for the snow to be plowed , if you could find someone to do it !! here are the last pics I took .
  14. Hi everyone Thanks for the kind words , really appreciate that , it helps a lot with motivation . I only got over to the other shop for a couple of hours today , hopefully tomorrow will be almost a full day . So just some more filling and sanding on the rear deck vents .
  15. Seems like everyone lost interest ............ Well been busy looking after my wife , probably a couple more days before I get to my other shop , I have been doing some stuff for the build at my home shop on the milling machine making a mold out of aluminum for the front turn signals . Here is the last pic's of the vent foamed and roughed in
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