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  1. Options always in stock, ready for next day delivery: 1. Blox mini antenna 2. Torque Solution 3. Perrin Shorty antenna Feel free to suggest other options here or via PM!
  2. Yes, for some reason these are very, very popular. It took few months for SouthBend to build our stock order, we have 7 left in stock out of the 20 we ordered, they only arrived on Tuesday.
  3. Hi, The following fluid caps are in stock, available for next day delivery. 1. Nismo Oil filler cap 2. GReddy Radiator cap 3. Mishimoto Carbon radiator cap 4. HKS Limited Edition radiator cap 5. Nismo Fuel Filler cap 6. Nismo Radiator cap 7. PasswordJDM oil cap
  4. The following options are in stock, ready for next day delivery: 1. SouthBend clutch 2. Blox Racing Neochrome 3. Blox Racing Gun metal grey 4. Blox Racing Gold 5. Nismo GT Titanium 6. Mishimoto Carbon We're looking to stock a few more options, feel free to suggest what else you like. More here:
  5. PM on the way!
  6. Welcome to the club!
  7. I thought you mean the Wranglers. In other news front bumper arrived today, a piece of bent metal, ha ha, so simple to mount, just nuts and bolts, American style
  8. Welcome aboard!
  9. My Jeep build sheet.
  12. You’ b surprised, here’s the build sheet:
  13. Can't wait to hit the trails in Wales and Scotland :lol
  14. What now, do you want to transplant your SC kit on my car and buy it?