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  1. Midjourney, I use that in conjunction with ChatGPT on a daily basis. Both paid options.
  2. https://www.roadandtrack.com/reviews/a45263720/nismo-z-first-drive-best-nissan-decade/
  3. It doesn't hurt to change the oil, but according to Nissan you don't need to. On a NA car I wouldn't bother under 100,000 miles. If you're building a FI car, you will need to upgrade the 7AT box anyway, therefore you can change the oil at the time. The car we're building now it's a Nismo MK2 6MT, so manual, yes. To conclude, IMHO 370z with 7AT being undesirable and more costly to service it's just a myth. I love the gearbox, I had two with 7AT, one still here in the warehouse, next to the DEMO 370z in 6MT.
  4. Will check the service manual in the morning, but from what I remember, unless you need to take the 7AT box apart, the oil is lifetime, doesn’t require to change it. The gearbox is not sluggish, you can however adjust the torque tables and make it change gears slightly faster, UpRev and EcuTek both have this. The only 7AT gearbox I ever heard to fail in all these years was mine while on a dyno of a tuner that didn’t have a clue what he was doing. The 370z just had a GReddy TwinTurbo fitted at the time and he didn’t have the latest update on UpRev for my particular ECU. It was only after I asked UpRev directly and send them my ECU details they added the option for the torque tables to be mapped. To cut the story short, nothing to do with the gearbox itself. The 7AT 370z are actually faster than 6MT as well. They are super reliable even if you push them to max on a NA car. If you build a twin turbo car for instance, you can upgrade the torque converter and the valve bodies and you can safely do 1000BHP on this gearbox.
  5. Let’s remember these exhausts were designed way before Nismo 370z MK1 or MK2 came out, for the standard 370z. For the Nismo, best fitment would be the 5” tips. The Ark uses 4”, so you may want to cut the existing tips and add some 2.5” tube to make them longer or replace with 5” tails, which would be better design IMO, you can always change the tips to a different style etc.
  6. Yea, it does. We have Nismo oil filler , coolant tank caps and fuel filler caps in stock.
  7. We've put together a kit for those wanting to fix the rear axle click on Nissan 370z. Plently of videos on youtube on how to do it. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/powertrain/axles-steering/246266-nissan-370z-z34-torqen-rear-axle-click-fix-pack-trq-z34-racf.html
  8. Moved from Watford to Pitstone. I'm like in a holiday resort, absolutely loving it!
  9. Supercharger or turbo to get past the 400bhp mark. NA is terribly expensive and not going to get more than 20-30bhp.
  10. Any new projects yet? 🍿
  11. Selling my personal 370z Z34 ARK Performance GRiP True Dual Catback Exhaust System Burnt Tips in excellent condition, will include brand new gaskets and hardware. Next day FREE Shipping UK Mailand, additional fee for anywhere else remote or different country. Collection available from TORQEN, LU7 9GW. £1700
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