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  1. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** 350z DE, 350z HR and 370z High Flow Cats

    Hi buddy, offer period ended, but might be able to sort something out for you. PM me when you're ready to buy.
  2. Adrian@TORQEN

    350 clutch

    Hi, Would this help? https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/powertrain/clutch-flywheel-packs/664-350z-de-jim-wolf-technology-jwt-clutch-flywheel-kit-nodular-iron-26lb-flywheel-900kg-clamping-force-l3503-ncfsd.html It's by far our most popular kit for the 350z, comes with everything required to be fitted. I'd consider replacing the slave cylinder too at this stage.
  3. Adrian@TORQEN

    [SOLD]Genuine Invidia Gemini Gasket Set - SOLD

    Nothing wrong with the gaskets, but just for the accuracy of the information, gaskets sold with Invidia are from Vibrant. Good luck with the sale!
  4. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** Exhaust gaskets - ALL TYPES AVAILABLE HERE!

    Hi buddy, Nice talking to you earlier. For further clarification, this is how the exhaust system is laid out: The gaskets above are what you need. Will PM you shortly with the arms link.
  5. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** Exhaust gaskets - ALL TYPES AVAILABLE HERE!

    If you're replacing the cats you will need: 2 x https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/gaskets-hangers-tips/16845-350z-de-torqen-manifold-to-cats-exhaust-gasket-trq-eg-vqde.html 2 x https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/gaskets-hangers-tips/16848-350z-torqen-cats-to-y-pipe-25-2-hole-exhaust-gasket-trq-eg-vqde.html
  6. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** Exhaust gaskets - ALL TYPES AVAILABLE HERE!

    These? https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/gaskets-hangers-tips/16845-350z-de-torqen-manifold-to-cats-exhaust-gasket-trq-eg-vqde.html
  7. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** Exhaust gaskets - ALL TYPES AVAILABLE HERE!

    Introducing the TORQEN exhaust gasket range, the same gaskets that come with our High Flow Cats, tail pipes, test pipes etc: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/gaskets-hangers-tips/16848-350z-torqen-cats-to-y-pipe-25-2-hole-exhaust-gasket-trq-eg-vqde.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/gaskets-hangers-tips/16845-350z-de-torqen-manifold-to-cats-exhaust-gasket-trq-eg-vqde.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/gaskets-hangers-tips/16846-350z-hr-torqen-manifold-to-cats-exhaust-gasket-trq-eg-vqhr.html
  8. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** 350z and 370z rare genuine Nismo parts

    Anything rare you guys want from Nismo? Planning to ship to UK in the next 1-2 weeks, once our stocking order is ready. Let me know here or via PM.
  9. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** Fluid caps options in stock - radiator, oil, fuel

    Koyo also in stock now: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/oil-coolant-caps/67-350z-koyo-bar-hyper-red-racing-radiator-cap-sk-c13.html
  10. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** 350z 03-04 StopTech Premium Clutch Slave Cylinder

    Plenty in stock! https://www.torqen.uk/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=138.4201&submit_search=
  11. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** 350z & 370z Invidia Gemini - IN STOCK

    3 more Invidia Gemini shipping out today for our customers. More in stock here in UK, only 370z versions. We have 350z stock in USA, 4-5 days delivery.
  12. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** 350z DE, 350z HR and 370z High Flow Cats

    Loving that sound, thanks for posting the video!
  13. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** Oil Pans and Pan Spacers - IN STOCK

    350z DE GReddy version in stock now, HR on order, arriving late August or early September. OEM oil pans on the way, should be here next week. A few CJM pans also on order.
  14. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** 350z & 370z TORQEN undertrays

    Limited stock available now, 5 each. It will be a while for the next batch to be ordered and arrive.
  15. Adrian@TORQEN

    *** TORQEN *** 350z DE D1Spec GT Throttle Controller - IN STOCK

    Fresh stock arrived, available for next day delivery!