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  1. Still here, shipping your parts out No customers allowed in the premises, the delivery drivers leave parcels by the shutter and pick from there too. No signing required. We're keeping distance and wear gloves which we change several times a day, wash our hands etc.
  2. A bit different, but this is what I found in my 370z sump which me and Mike traced to this:
  3. Looking clean, congrats! Check if the oil gallery gasket has been done on it, if you have the receipts / history.
  4. Hi Paul, Yes, they're good quality parts, thanks for your order. As Alex suggested above, worth trying bleeding the power steering system at minimum, but you can also do a full flush. Very easy to do, lots of videos on YouTube.
  5. Hi, Banana arms in stock, ready to ship for next day delivery. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/9000-350z-moog-front-right-compression-banana-arm-rk621372.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/9001-350z-moog-front-left-compression-banana-arm-rk621373.html Hope this helps, Adrian
  6. Dear friends, As you are well aware, COVID-19 is creating unprecedented challenges for everyone: our employees, customers, logistics and supply partners. We are monitoring the situation closely to ensure that everyone in our family is protected. We remain open for business, and here for you! We are still processing and fulfilling orders. Some of our team will work from home remotely and some will work in our warehouse in Pitstone, ensuring that orders are processed. During this time of remote work, the quickest and most effective way to reach us is via email at sales@torqen.uk. While our phone line +44 2033 888 444 is functional, it is not ideal as not everyone @ TORQEN has a remote connection, so it should only be used when absolutely necessary. You can also contact us via WhatsApp at +44 75 9913 999 (messages only), via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/torqen sending us a message, via the Live Chat or via ContactUs options directly on our website. Our logistics partners UPS, DPD, DHL, FedEx and RoyalMail have implemented Non-Contact Deliveries to assist our customers who do not wish to sign on scanners or on paper due to social distancing. We are very well positioned in terms of stock in all our warehouses UK, USA and Japan, so we should be able to supply the parts required in a fair period if we don't have it in stock in UK. To help with your necessary purchases during this time, although the GBP/USD FX rate dropped considerabily in the last week, we keept the prices untouched. We would also like to remind you that we offer 0% APR financing for orders over £300 and up to £25,000, along with PayPal Credit, too. This situation is deeply challenging for all of us, but we know that our strong British culture and team spirit will get us through this difficult time. Wishing you and your families the best through these hard times and please stay safe, Adrian and the TEAM @ TORQEN
  7. Hi guys, meet is now cancelled. Can one of the moderators please change the title into [CANCELLED] or something similar.
  8. Hi, 1. Yes. 2. No need to replace these.
  9. https://www.bidet-shower.co.uk/why-purchase-your-electronic-bidet-shower-toilet-from-us-/combination-bowl-and-electronic-bidet-seats/gfs-7235-japanese-smart-shower-toilet/
  10. Of course, but with limited access in the warehouse due to insurance terms etc. Will show you around, don’t worry
  11. Well done Lewis, glad you went for it!
  12. There's some serious history on this car! Owned by @ChrisS first if I remember well, then by @Darren-B who nicked my GTM Supercharger while we were test-fitting on his 370z , then by @Keyser above and then @Beb. No doubt this was cherished and properly looked after! Good luck with the sale Beb, hopefully stays with one of the members here!
  13. I've sent someone your way, Sir! Sorry to see it going, but hopefully it goes to Lewis, he's a very nice chap, he'll look after it properly!





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