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  1. Another kit shipped yesterday for a customer in UK.
  2. @valy is also running the same exhaust.
  3. 😂 Get the Moog or Dorman, no point spending that much for 2 banana arms. https://www.torqen.uk/53-arms-links
  4. Never, they stopped the production a long time ago.
  5. Some photos our photographers took:
  6. We would have tried, but you got our name wrong, so not playing price match game anymore 😂 On a serious note, sorry, we don't offer discounts on OEM parts.
  7. Wait, you actually missed his build thread?!?! Where were you?!!? 😂
  8. Wait, what, you offered discounts Coz?! 😂
  9. Hi, is it for 370? If so, you shouldn't need splicing, we should have some spare plug and play harnesses in the warehouse somewhere.
  10. Hi, See schematics here:
  11. Spot on advice, I did exactly the same with my R35 GT-R and one of the 370z, both sorted by Nissan UK and their approved garages.
  12. Amuse full carbon en-route, ETA 2-3 weeks. Veilside would be longer.
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