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  1. PM me a price Awesome thread, keep us updated with lots of photos!
  2. Many are presold, 1 or 2 available.
  3. Should be back in stock Monday
  4. They're the same, both wheel arches and undertrays.
  5. Bought any decent car yet? (zed, obviously!)
  6. Last day at TOKYO AUTO SALON! Another superproductive day, full of meetings, launches and dinners with the guys from ChargeSpeed, Trust / Greddy, Amuse Corporation / R1 Titan, INGS, Tomei and OSGiken. Few pics below.
  7. Day 2 done, super-productive again, strengthening partnerships with ChargeSpeed, Rowen/Tommy Kaira, TopSecret, CrystalEye / 78Works, Artisan Spirits, INGS, Endless and so on. Expect some crazy line up of genuine JDM products available through TORQEN in the next few weeks.
  8. Accessories you say... Is it what Bennett refers to as nurses? I wonder what he is up to these days...
  9. Nah, I strongly disagree, Ekona is always right!
  10. Few pics from Trust / GReddy, some really awesome guys with huge heritage and reputation! More from Tokyo Auto Salon, their best are already there, special invitation only starts today, so will post more pics when I get back.
  11. Drop me a PM Happy birthday, when is it, December 2020?





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