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  1. En route to UK, finally! ❤️❤️ https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/exterior/18922-350z-vis-racing-nsm-style-fibre-glass-full-body-kit-03ns3502dnsm-099.html
  2. Thanks, Shane! Ben, have a look here for some reviews on the StopTech discs with various pads, StopTech or Hawk: https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/121354-350z-stoptech-hawk-complete-upgrade-pack-review/ https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/119780-stoptech-hawk-review/ https://www.350z-uk.com/topic/115424-review-stoptech-street-pads-slotted-discs/
  3. Took you a few years to fit it, but it's finally on! Looks very good, Stevo!
  4. Hi, lower control arms here: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/9006-350z-moog-front-lower-control-arm-forward-position-passenger-side-rk641595.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/9007-350z-moog-front-lower-control-arm-forward-position-driver-side-rk641594.html Top mounts: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/coilovers/814-350z-kyb-strut-mount-front-sm5542.html Bushes are already in the arms. I'm here if you need further help. Adrian
  5. Hi buddy, To see the full part numbers, check here https://nissan.7zap.com/en/er/z/z33/5+701+65535/g/431/ Use the part numbers to search here: www.torqen.uk or direct links here: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/accessories/10632-350z-nissan-oem-rear-lower-control-arm-inner-bolt-55226-al50a.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/10641-350z-nissan-oem-spring-bucket-seat-toe-arm-eccentric-bolt-80mm-55226-ja01c.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/accessories/10625-350z-nissan-oem-rear-upper-lower-camber-traction-control-arm-nut-55269-ag00e.html Full kit here: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/762-350z-eibach-pro-alignment-rear-camber-and-toe-bolt-kit-572055k.html Camber only: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/12517-350z-moog-rear-adjustable-alignment-cambertoe-kit-k100172.html Toe only: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/suspension-steering/arms-links/873-350z-spc-rear-toe-bolt-kit-72055.html All in stock.
  6. Hi Terry, see if this guide helps, all parts in stock, we recommend Moog for the arms and Energy Suspension for the bushes.
  7. So this has arrived today at the dealership, should be delivered home late next week or I can collect it early next week. Another impulse buy . I didn't even go for a test drive, but reviews are pretty good as track car, which is what I'll be doing with it mostly. They've done the wheels wrong, should be black according to the order, so a new set of wheels will be there before the car is ready.
  8. Who's in for a cracking deal on the ZAKUSTECH louvers for the next 7 days? Use voucher code: ZAKUSTEN to get your 10% discount on all Zakustech products between 02/07 to 09/07. Metallic louvers are in stock in UK, ready to ship today. We also have these in RAW so you can paint or powdercoat them to the colour of your liking. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/exterior/18893-350z-zakustech-v2-hand-crafted-aluminium-louvers.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/body-styling/exterior/18894-370z-zakustech-hand-crafted-aluminium-louvers.html Carbon fibre louvers will go on our stocking order, 6-8 weeks to get to UK. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/exterior/18611-350z-fly1-motorsports-zakustech-carbon-fibre-louvers.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/body-styling/exterior/18612-370z-fly1-motorsports-zakustech-carbon-fibre-louvers.html
  9. Hi, Stillen Y pipes and AAM Y pipes in stock, ready to ship. https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/y-pipes/56-350z-stillen-stainless-steel-y-pipe-504252.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/exhausts/y-pipes/27-350z-aam-competition-stainless-steel-y-pipe-aam35e-mfyp253.html Can do 10% discount on both, PM me if you'd like to order.
  10. Thanks! Can't wait, too! I can't wait to hear the sound unleashed!
  11. I'm sorry!!! Should I start adding cheap cloned replicas of bad copies instead?
  12. For now only some pics, further tech specs and pricing to follow



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