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  1. Would love to see someone put some big meaty track tyres on them😍
  2. RVL Centre Locks I've have them up for sale atm. Going to replace them with some RPF1's🙂 Front - 19×9.5 ET:12 Rear - 19×10.5 ET:12
  3. Just posted on the forum incase you guys don't see it🙂👍🏼
  4. RVL 3 Piece Centre Lock Wheels With Centre Lock Conversion Kit. Perfect fitment for a Z Front - 19×9.5 ET:12 Rear - 19×10.5 ET:12 (You can pop a cheeky 20mm spacer on the rear but will require around -3° of camber) I'm probably going to regret taking the pictures before cleaning them but I have them in the loft and haven't cleaned them in months🤦🏽‍♂️ I can clean and give a quick polish if there's a serious buyer as carrying them out the loft is a bit of a challenge😂 Only 2 sets made by RVL with the other set on a wide bodied 911 in the states. I had brand new red outer locks sent from RVL before Christmas. In need of some TLC so about to have them rebuilt but would rather just sell as is. A couple of bits of curb rash on 2 of them, no buckles or welds, absolutely solid. They've literally done around 2-3k miles on them. Comes with tyres however, the inner tread is nearly gone (still passed an MOT with them). I'm selling because I'm not into the hot boi stance thing anymore. So going for a light weight wheel next with some decent coilovers so bags will be available soon after👍🏼 Always up for a swap for other Z bits so please don't hesitate, the worst I can say is no🙂👍🏼 £2850ovno I can have them completely rebuilt to whatever finish the buyer wants at an additional cost. Can post via Paisley for £50 if it's a journey for you🙂 It's literally the entire kit you need so you're more than welcome to pop over and I can fit them on for you. Oh, can include a 400nm torque wrench if you're stuck, as you'll certainly need it. Torque specs are absolutely VITAL with this setup so have all the torque specs from the manufacturer. I've made a diagram specifying all torque specs with what adapter goes where. The unique socket to tighten both main and outer locks is included. Everything you'll need. Please feel free to contact me about any questions, I'll do my best to answer them 🙂👍🏼
  5. Pulled the trigger and posted on FB 😬 If anyone's interested let me know. I'll knock a few quid off if you're a forum member🫡
  6. Cheers Olly! Checking the oil is easier said than done on these awful dipsticks😂 wish there was an aftermarket one we could get. Yeah she looks clean. Shame I want rid of the wheels, they look great there👍🏼
  7. Cheers Dave I'll get one for the service. Are you still running it?
  8. Thanks Alex I'll grab some for the service😁👍🏼 Hence why I don't trust any mechanics round here😂
  9. So turns out I just had crap quality led's😂 Popped some different ones in and they work perfectly!
  10. I prefer home bargains to b&m😏😂😂
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