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  1. grab a bargain,bank holiday special give away!!! £70 posted uk.
  2. SOLD,SOLD,SOLD HAVE FOR SALE A PAIR OF JAPSPEED SILENCED DECAT PIPES FOR 350Z,THESE ARE OFF MY 2006,350z(please check japspeed website for your vehicle to see if will fit)THEY HAVE NEVER EVEN BEEN USED ON ROAD I FITTED THEM OCTOBER LAST YEAR AND HAVE ONLY EVER BEEN ON MY CAR IDLING IN WORKSHOP AS ITS TUCKED UP OVER WINTER,IVE CHANGED MY SET-UP SO THESE ARE NO LONGER NEEDED. AS YOU CAN SEE THEY ARE IN GREAT CONDITION,INCLUDING FRONT PIPE BOLTS. "Our Silenced Decat Pipes for the Nissan 350Z replace the standard restrictive catalytic converters with two stainless steel, 2.5″ (63mm) one-piece items. Replacing the restrictive catalytic converters allows the exhaust gasses to flow much more freely, increasing the power output of the engine. Compared to our regular Decat Pipes compatible with the 350Z , our Silenced version minimises the increase in exhaust noise that fitting decats will cause."(JAPSPEED WEBSITE QUOTE) IM LOOKING FOR £70 INC POSTAGE(CURRENTLY £189 ON JAPSPEED WEBSITE) (UK)ONLY. PM ME IF INTERESTED.CHEERS
  3. welcome on board mate,look forward to seeing your plans for the car
  4. very nice buddy,welcome to the forum,look forward to seeing what comes next on the car
  5. sounds like a possible speed sensor fault or maybe cracked or dirty ABS reluctor ring,idealy try and get it hooked up on a diagnostic laptop or code reader and have a code scan done.
  6. cheers bud,cant wait to see the wheels in the sun! when it eventually comes out,as the wheels are anodized they should look good.the tyre dressing is Auto glym.
  7. sorry for not being too active on here,been flat out at work and home. just finished car(FOR NOW),goes on the road this weekend. just fitted the Japan Racing JR 5's in anodised bronze,wrapped in Yokohama Advan Nedva AD08R,really impressed with them,give great contrast on the black car. carried out full machine polish and poor boys glazed the car. front splitter fitted,and sideskirts are on order. getting there.!!!!!
  8. wow!!! never even knew these made.stunning. ......off to research!!!!
  9. few changes been done,in the spring: REAR DIFFUSER AND BUMPER TUCK SINGLE EXHAUST AND SILENCED DE-CATS NEW WHEELS AND (PROTECTION COATING ) REAR WINDOW TINT photos coming after valet and full machine polish
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