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  1. welcome to the club Danny,look forward to the photos.
  2. welcome to the club,good luck with your search,plenty of clued up people on here for advise ect.
  3. would be worth checking the fuse,as if motors have failed/jammed it could easily pop the fuse,nice easy cheap fix for as quick check.
  4. good on you mate,keep going on it.the lad who does my window tinting uses johnson baby shampoo,not sure why maybe the lowish chemical content,maybe worth a try on a test piece.
  5. hello mate yeah that was me at the lights,black one.there was the 4k detail show on at the race course,i didnt have a ticket,was just out for a drive. plenty of cars out in and around Newmarket,hopefully if it all went well they may make it a yearly event.excuse the state of my car,didnt get time for a valet this week.yours looked well nice mate.
  6. brake cleaner works well,pre soak the glue residue first it with a soaked cloth or pad then,wipe over or use plastic scraper or the rubber headed air tool that sealey make,that soon shifts it.
  7. SPAXY


    morning,i had the same thing on my 06 plate 350z,i replaced the slave cylinder,new braided line and dot 5.1 clutch fluid and its sorted,i also made up a heat shield for the clutch line as it runs fairly close to the cat/test pipes,as i found after a hard drive in higher ambient temps ,the clutch pedal felt sloppy.
  8. nice 350z with rota grids,spotted Newmarket high street ,gave thumbs up.sunday,possibly been to 4k detail car event at racecourse.
  9. cheers for the info guys,i supposed worse case i can allways trim off the skirt underneath around the jack point,i just need it easy to be able to get on my lift as my Skyline was a nitemare. the Nismo and Chargespeed are 2 ive been looking at. thanks again
  10. im looking into getting a set of sideskirts,just wondering what people recommend ,i need ones that still allow use of a two poster car ramp,ive not had chance to look at any aftermarket add ons fitted to a 350z,that still allow the original sill jack point to be used.
  11. done this trick yesterday,hour job,brilliant fix.
  12. spotted nice 350z in Blue,about 5pm saturday,rotor grids and rear nismo spoiler.
  13. Wow that’s amazing bud. Thanks so much for the information much appreciated.
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