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  1. I'm looking for your car😉. Those wheels set the car off, dear I say it better than the rays. Thank you peeps for the warm welcome. Lots of reading will commence. Regards Raz
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. Looking to get a 350z hopefully in burnt orange (or whatever Nissan call it). I remember back in 2003 going to a dealership in my first car a 1.1 fiesta pop, the sales man was a excited as I was and let my brother test drive the car. It was a 53 plate GT in orange with tan interior. I remember being blown away with specs. Put off by rust but having MX5's this is nothing new. Fast forward and having 9+ MX5 Mk1's jeeps and lots of old turbo bricks Volvo's I've always wanted a 350z which I'd th
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