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  1. Cheers mate, I'll have a gander. Might have to get a new clutch at some point in the future though, was going to get a lightweight flywheel if I did,so don't know if a lightweight pulley as well would be a bit much?
  2. Hi guys, I appreciate that this is a topic that's been done to death but I have a 350z 05 anniversary model (revup) and use the car for road use only. Going with tdx2 exhaust, art pipes, 5/16 plenum, mrev2 plenum before the uprev. I'm not expecting anything really in gains as I know unless you're going Fi then then that's the best route for gains, just can't afford that. What I don't want to do though after spending the money on those mods is actually lose power?! Which I've heard has happened to people. So basically just getting the general consensus that these mods shouldn't effect the car i
  3. Cheers for the reply guys, looks like Motordyne wins out, I'll pass it on.
  4. It's a 350z revup if that makes a difference to suggestions?
  5. Asking for a friend really, as I have neither exhaust. He's stuck between the Nismo R Tune and the Motordyne exhaust, don't think there is too much in it price wise. Any feedback would be great so I can pass it on.
  6. Cheers mate, I'll have a look in the manuel.
  7. What about taking the front bunper off and getting to the bonnet catch from there? Is that not possible?
  8. Shite, really? Is there no other way?
  9. Moved the car out the garage 3 weeks ago to wash it, wax etc, put it back in the garage, put a new car cover over it as their can be alot of dust in the garage,which did seem tight, and just noticed that the front bumper has come away from the underside of the headlights by about half a centimetre?! Would this cause a problem with the locking mechanism in any way? Or is it just coincidence?
  10. same with the spare key and the master key.
  11. The key turns in both directions, but doesn't do anything.


    ok, I know this is the wrong section, but I've left the car for about 2 months, and now it's dead. Key won't work, and can't get into car, any help would be great. Thanks.
  13. Have got a few stone chips on the front, hopefully apm can do something with it before the wrap.
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