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  1. Very nice! Had those alloys on my gt4, switched them out for forged Rays, and lost 16kg of unladen weight all round. Kept them in case I need to sell car as stock, but defo worth the switch in my opinion.
  2. Looking good mate, seen your z at lockwood before when mine was in for service, where did you get the body work done if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Good example that! fellow gt4 owner.
  4. Ok, so was including the cat weights with stock exhaust in last message, so should be 30 kilos, so miltek is lightest, and invidia is 5 kilos heavier than stock.
  5. Sorry guys still confused about this, so if stock exhaust is 49 kg, invidia say their exhaust is 35kg, but miltek say there exhaust is 5.8kg lighter than stock. So Invidia is about 8kg lighter than miltek? Is that right?! Or have I got my figures all wrong?
  6. Hey guys, anyone know what the weight difference is between miltek and invidia exhaust for 350z if there is any? Cheers again
  7. Hi thanks for all your advice guys, maybe I am going a bit overboard? Will take it out and see how it drives.
  8. Ah didn't know that about the RAC?! Error, OK so if I put in lightweight pulleys, lightweight flywheel & lightweight battery,would this level out the weight loss from the back?
  9. Apologies if this is the wrong section, and I'm sure this has been done to death, but can't find the answer from searching on site. I'm not tracking my car, im with the Rac,(so not overly bothered about flat situation) would obviously keep it in for long journeys. but am bothered about weight ratio. Is there any way of balancing out any weight problems over back wheels caused by removing spare tyre and tools? Again apologies if in wrong section.
  10. Spotted you a few times there, nice motor
  11. Yeah, got the z vent off in the door no problem, took both bolts out, didn't seem to do anything in terms of removing the panel. Must be something else I'm missing?
  12. Ah, cool, so it's the upper screw once you get the z vent off, which will get the airbag side vent off?
  13. Nice will get on it, did you do it yourself?



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