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  1. Does anyone know if the berks come with their own brace? or do you continue to use the existing cat brace? I know some people just don't have a brace, but I've also heard that can crack the high flow cat because of the stress. Any help would be grateful.
  2. Have you had yourself a 400z imported mate?
  3. Any idea when you'll be getting the tdx2 exhaust back in stock from motordyne?
  4. Looks great mate! Where did you get the paint correction and ceramic coat for that price if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Cheers for the feedback mate, TDI north is the closest tuner to me, apparently meant to be decent.
  6. What I really wanted to know was if the y pipe would help with torque gains as opposed to a true duel exhaust? Also should have asked about any known fitment issues with the motordyne y pipe and the fujitsubo exhaust?
  7. Thanks for your reply mate.
  8. Anybody got any dyno sheets with Legalis R exhaust, XYZ y pipe & Art test pipes, preferably on a revup engine?
  9. How did you upgrade it to an HR interior? Would quite like to do that with mine. Hope you get the price you want.
  10. Ignore this post guys.
  11. Anyone know if this would fit 05 plate 350z?
  12. Actually really like the rear arches and side panels.
  13. Sure it'll look top mate! Have looked into a few body shops for paint correction and the quotes have been insane.
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