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  1. As the title states, I've still got the old sat nav in place, which is hidden by the cubby lid so doesn't bother me much. However the remote and cradle is sat above the GT4 plaque which I don't like. Guessing it's glued on, can't see any screws. Without marking the plastic underneath, am I best just getting a hairdryer to it, to get rid?
  2. Cheers mate, haven't got a machine polisher so been waxing by hand every week (it's exhausting 😂) hopefully the ceramic spray will save me a bit of bother as well as still protecting the poor quality Nissan paintwork.
  3. Any idea if I can still wax it or will it stop the ceramic coating sticking?
  4. Nice motor! Yeah, if I could afford it I'd get full paint correction and ceramic coating but I definitely can't at the moment. I'll give the autoglym stuff a go for now.
  5. Not heard of that, I'll have a gander 👍
  6. Much appreciated mate, I'll get on to it.
  7. Anyone used Autoglym rapid ceramic spray? If so, any reviews? My car is black and no matter how much I wax it, a couple of drives in our lovely winter weather and it looks like it's not been washed in 5 years.
  8. Don't think I'll get anything like the gains that they say, even with the 5/16 motordyne which I also have, but with the Map I'll hopefully get a bit more midrange torque.
  9. Hi mate, thanks for that. Getting mrev2 spacer fitted soon when I get remap so I'm sure they'll spot if there is oil where it shouldn't be. 👍
  10. Would make sense that the later revup is exactly the same engine as the GT4, just read some things over the years on the forums saying there were subtle differences. The main thing is I'm not burning oil which I'm obviously happy about. I know people tend to sort out the gallery gaskets on the HR's, wondering whether it's worth changing the valve/rocker cover just to be on the safe side? Or is it just a matter of if it's not broken don't fix it?
  11. That's interesting about the wheels.
  12. Yeah, the GT4 is the anniversary edition which is mine.
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