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  1. Didn't know that about the gt4 version. Made me happier with my pick, thanks.
  2. I've got the 350z gt4, (revup) only done 40k. Only 32.5k on it when I got it two years ago. Cheaper tax if you can get one, with more power than de. Have had no issues with oil consumption at all. Having said all this, if I had known more about the 350's when I bought mine, I would have just gone with a decent 350z HR 313bhp. But ultimately, as long as the one you choose has been well looked after that's the main thing.
  3. Probably wrong section, just thought I'd get some feedback from you guys about everything going electric in 15 years? Really happy with my z and is an ongoing build, but now I'm pausing as not sure if I want to keep modding if I'm going to end up having to scrap her in future if sale value drops to £0. So basically, do I keep a car that I love and keep doing what I'm doing, or sell soon, cash in and start saving for a boring electric motor knowing that it's inevitable?
  4. Could always get it wrapped if you're desperate for that colour?
  5. Cheers fella! I'll have a gander!
  6. Spotted some bubbles on upper rear left arch which apparently is a reaction from some filler at some point, but feel could do with addressing before it gets worse, car has only done 40k, so don't want to sell. Does anyone know somewhere that could sort it without charging the price of the car to do the job?
  7. Dude! Nice! Where did you get the paint correction/ceramic coating done?
  8. Have the anniversary gt4, will the de clear front reflectors fit it?
  9. Been following that build from previous owner, classy mods. Probably shift off those heavy alloys though.
  10. I got the kenwood DMX- 7017DABS stereo last year, very decent piece of kit, and had no issues with it.


    Apologies if this is in wrong section, just wondered if anyone on here who has tdx2 motordyne exhaust with art pipes and is near south manchester? Just after a listen before purchase as been scraping pennies for a while now and not far off having the funds to finally take the plunge.





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