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  1. awesome build , Wiring specialities loom are pretty much plug and play , I presume your using the LS ECU so are you using the CAN BUS translator so the stock car is happy?
  2. It’s been bought to our attention that we have been on the receiving end of very negative posts on threads, pages and by direct message that we have no access to and are therefore unable to respond to. We have a long history and high level skill when it comes to Motorsport at many levels, including the world stage and while we will accept that there are issues when modifying cars beyond the duty that they were designed for, we always try our best to work with our customers to provide a fair and reasonable solution when things don’t go to plan. We have posted this here in open forum so that any grievances can be discussed fairly and with all parties having a right to respond, as with many things in life, there are usually always two viewpoints or sides to everything and then, somewhere in the middle, what actually happened. We feel strongly that we are being unreasonably targeted and wish to not only put an end to these defamatory statements, arguably boarding on Slander, by dealing with facts but also deal directly with any issues. Please contact us with any evidence of said defamation, as we are considering legal action and also so that we can set the record straight and state the facts, present evidence or at the very least, have fair right to reply and defend ourselves. Let’s keep the Z community in the UK open, fair and reasonable. Thanks for your consideration and co-operation. Mark, Scott and the team at Abbey Motorsport
  3. not any takers on this deal? People un-interested or not wanting to come to Abbey for tuning your 350/370Z , I would like to know why TBH Thanks Mark
  4. We are going to be doing discounted Uprev and EcuTek days at Abbey Motorsport 2 x UPREV (350Z) 2 x days a month this means 6 cars discounted from £400-00 inc vat to £360-00 inc vat if we do 3 tunes in a day (NA cars single maps) will require deposit 50% 1 x ECUTEK (370Z) 1 day a month this means 2 cars a month Basic Ecutek tune is £576-00 inc vat reduced to £536-00 inc vat (upgraded traction_pops and bangs available as extra’s) again will require deposit for booking 50%. If we can start to get a list below we can work on dates for the July dates @ Abbey Motorsport
  5. oil usage could be causing issues as it lowers the octane rating of the fuel. Few other ideas lean fuelling- air flow meter failings fuel pump dropping flow air leak (would normally throw a DTC thou
  6. One thing thou these are US car's. The DE car specs between UK-US and JDM are all a little different Mainly O2 sensors All The UK DE (276bhp) have wide-band lambda's Early US and Early JDM cars have a different wide band sensor think is was 2005 be fore the JDM/US cars went fully wideband But there are differences in the wiring between the cars dependant where they where built fo.
  7. have you balanced the whole rotating assembly? Crank/flywheel/clutch cover/rods/pistons?
  8. Interesting find on the ABS delete unit. re the heat difference across the axles I thought you ran without the ABS/VDC connected (fuse pulled) as seeing a difference in temps cross the calipers says that the VDC is still working. The rear biased valve , is this an extra drilling (line) in the new block assembly to allow a single line to control the feed to the 2 rear brake line? Found the website and the tech drawings , good piece of kit , good find.
  9. really just needs someone that understand hid Hunter Alignment machine 2 main things I can see that would worry me is 1, steer ahead on the front axle is at 0-08 mins 2, these is an announced re thrust angle The difference in rear camber I feel wont cause the pulling to the left If you can find a dead flat piece of black stuff I presume the steering wheel inst level when driving in a straight line. Where are you based in the UK please
  10. Been tuning a Nissan 370Z Nismo for a customer over the last few months with good results and they owner is pretty hand making video's and blogs Tag is #sportzntouring Worth a look at what we can do with a 370Z; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juktGPp-F4k&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MICEfKZe8Eg&feature=youtu.be any questions ask away
  11. Tomb send me an email to mark@abbeymotorsport I can get some prices and timescale on supplying these parts
  12. did they do a run before the tuning?
  13. All our dyno work is carried out in 4th gear. dyno is a tuning tool , before and after on the day is what counts. But I am afraid every one wants to say they have the most BHP so dyno plots get waved around then people says this cant be true.
  14. Afraid not sold very quickly. I can supply thou. PM for a price please thanks





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