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  1. Having a tidy up @ Abbey HQ , found a few parts that we are going to pass onto your guys at great deals; Will keep adding to this thread as we find time 1st item is a brand new pair of Motordyne ART pipes for a DE/REV UP 350Z (it is a pair will come with gaskets/bolts on the outlet side uses stock manifold to cat gaskets Looking for £350-00 inc vat + delivery Please email mark@abbeymotorsport.co.uk with any questions no takers , are the items cheap enough? average price for these are £600+ new ,
  2. This could be controlled via Ecutek Race Rom , we can control a relay , so we could use Air flow meter voltage or Injector pulse width to control the relay that controls the fuel pump
  3. Road or Track map? what run 2 types of fuel?
  4. the stuff we have with long tube are all race cars no cats no driven on the road and very aggressive builds I am afraid
  5. The only headers worth fitting are PPE long tube headers with the merge collectors, we tried the HR headers type on the DE they never give much more than 5 to 10 bhp which isn't good for the costs/time.
  6. Hi , Just to confirm we are still tuning 350Z with Uprev software and the 370's with Ecutek @ Abbey Motorsport after we have had a few customers ring and say we have stopped tuning these cars and they need to go to Horsham Developments; For the rest of August and September we are going to be offering Uprev single map tuning on our in house dyno for £360-00 inc vat, extra maps and ARC items will be extra. Nissan 370Z I will work on the deal pricing over the weekend
  7. looking at it that way yes your correct , I have no way to reply on the platforms these allegations are written so thought an open forum would be good but your correct guys it isnt the place. Thanks and stay say guys.
  8. yep got one of those here @ ShAbbey. Send me an Email to mark@abbeyMotorsport.co.uk should have a pick up pipe somewhere will need to have a better look
  9. I have been sent some information from another Facebook group that I am unable to defend myself on (this reply will also go on the main forum to allow the said people to reply in an open forum. I feel the use of Shabby Motorsport will go on record , the information regards Chris I never quoted that I said we "Built "Chris car the Abbey Built refereed to the building and tuning of the VQ35 motor maybe a mis-quote. With regards his experience with us @ Abbey Motorsport there is our side to the story that I will post up with out any issues on an open forum. I have adjusted the post as it wasn't the correct use of the forum for our Abbey Motorsport grievances. Just need people not on the locked Facebook pages etc to see how some people do business
  10. awesome build , Wiring specialities loom are pretty much plug and play , I presume your using the LS ECU so are you using the CAN BUS translator so the stock car is happy?
  11. It’s been bought to our attention that we have been on the receiving end of very negative posts on threads, pages and by direct message that we have no access to and are therefore unable to respond to. We have a long history and high level skill when it comes to Motorsport at many levels, including the world stage and while we will accept that there are issues when modifying cars beyond the duty that they were designed for, we always try our best to work with our customers to provide a fair and reasonable solution when things don’t go to plan. We have posted this here in open forum so that any grievances can be discussed fairly and with all parties having a right to respond, as with many things in life, there are usually always two viewpoints or sides to everything and then, somewhere in the middle, what actually happened. We feel strongly that we are being unreasonably targeted and wish to not only put an end to these defamatory statements, arguably boarding on Slander, by dealing with facts but also deal directly with any issues. Please contact us with any evidence of said defamation, as we are considering legal action and also so that we can set the record straight and state the facts, present evidence or at the very least, have fair right to reply and defend ourselves. Let’s keep the Z community in the UK open, fair and reasonable. Thanks for your consideration and co-operation. Mark, Scott and the team at Abbey Motorsport





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