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  1. Mark@Abbey m/s

    Wrong part been sent out? Bank 1 cam sensor.

    So they have upgraded the 350Z sensor to the latest style which is good.
  2. Mark@Abbey m/s

    Wrong part been sent out? Bank 1 cam sensor.

    looks the wrong sensor I am afraid
  3. Mark@Abbey m/s

    Syvecs S6 ECU and Patch loom

    Due to upgrades we have a Syvecs S6 and Patch loom for sale for Nissan 350Z (DE and REV UP) Looking at £1600-00 with base maps. Can also fit and tune if needed. Any questions ask away Thanks
  4. Mark@Abbey m/s

    AIT temps

    I doubt it will be 28Deg C running thou.
  5. Mark@Abbey m/s

    AIT temps

    The Vortech IAT's will see around 70+ Deg C after a pull on a dyno. Remember the IAT sensor is in the Air flow meter so it is blow through 350Z . On the Stillen on the 370Z it is again in the Air flow meter but this is before the SC unit. 'One of the things we do when we fit a Stillen SC unit is we fit a IAT in the plenum so the ECU sees Charged IAT's in the ECU.
  6. Mark@Abbey m/s

    ECU replacement cost

    @MartinW The issue is to keep the NATS other than fitting a new ECU is the get the NATS code from Nissan this will be the problem Nissan never want to give the NATS code out we have found. I can try a good ECU in your car with the NATS turned off to check if the ECU is the issue which I am certain it will be if you have a drive to Abbey. The ECU if you buy from Nissan UK will be a straight fit and go as it will come in its virgin form that will code itself re the NATS once fitted.
  7. Mark@Abbey m/s


    Try running some toe out on the front around 10min’s a side this will help with turn in You could try running a stiffer rear bar this will help cancelling out the understeer.
  8. Mark@Abbey m/s

    ECU replacement cost

    Seen this a few times and we quote the same costs as Horsham. Within the ECU there is 2 Eprom , 1 controls fuel ignition etc the other the idle control and the NATS. The Idle Eprom becomes corrupted resetting this also resets the NATS which cant be re-coded cheaply. So we turn the NATS off with a Uprev reflash. Normally this is caused by the Throttle butter flies being opened manually. We advise this not to be done even with the Battery and Throttle bodies disconnected.
  9. Mark@Abbey m/s

    Cost for fitting springs and spacers

    did the £399-00 quote include alignment. I would think 3 hours for the springs + alignment
  10. Mark@Abbey m/s

    Supercharger packages for you guys to fit

    In relation to the expected SC kits sold it isn't worth developing a SC kit I feel. We have all suffered from the US $ strengthening against the UK £ and the GTM kit was a pretty good kit until the company folded.
  11. Mark@Abbey m/s

    Supercharger packages for you guys to fit

    We stopped supplying this set up when our supplier folded his business I am afraid
  12. Mark@Abbey m/s

    Just got Stage 3 from Abbey

    Those are hub torque figures. You would of had 2 sets of dyno plots. The above plot is hub torque and hub bhp. The other plot will be flywheel torque and AFR plots. you can divide the hub torque by the overall final drive ratio on the plot to get a flywheel figure
  13. Mark@Abbey m/s


    Car hasn’t been tuned
  14. Mark@Abbey m/s

    Just got Stage 3 from Abbey

    @nub did you see this thread re a MK2 Nismo on a UK dyno. after what was been spoken on the Facebook page re Nismo 370Z BHP
  15. Mark@Abbey m/s


    I agree it should be around 340 bhp stock. Some people quote 350BHP for a MK2 Nismo but I am sure it is 339/340bhp. I am not questioning Horsham Dyno just the numbers seems a little low