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  1. oil usage could be causing issues as it lowers the octane rating of the fuel. Few other ideas lean fuelling- air flow meter failings fuel pump dropping flow air leak (would normally throw a DTC thou
  2. One thing thou these are US car's. The DE car specs between UK-US and JDM are all a little different Mainly O2 sensors All The UK DE (276bhp) have wide-band lambda's Early US and Early JDM cars have a different wide band sensor think is was 2005 be fore the JDM/US cars went fully wideband But there are differences in the wiring between the cars dependant where they where built fo.
  3. have you balanced the whole rotating assembly? Crank/flywheel/clutch cover/rods/pistons?
  4. Interesting find on the ABS delete unit. re the heat difference across the axles I thought you ran without the ABS/VDC connected (fuse pulled) as seeing a difference in temps cross the calipers says that the VDC is still working. The rear biased valve , is this an extra drilling (line) in the new block assembly to allow a single line to control the feed to the 2 rear brake line? Found the website and the tech drawings , good piece of kit , good find.
  5. really just needs someone that understand hid Hunter Alignment machine 2 main things I can see that would worry me is 1, steer ahead on the front axle is at 0-08 mins 2, these is an announced re thrust angle The difference in rear camber I feel wont cause the pulling to the left If you can find a dead flat piece of black stuff I presume the steering wheel inst level when driving in a straight line. Where are you based in the UK please
  6. Been tuning a Nissan 370Z Nismo for a customer over the last few months with good results and they owner is pretty hand making video's and blogs Tag is #sportzntouring Worth a look at what we can do with a 370Z; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juktGPp-F4k&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MICEfKZe8Eg&feature=youtu.be any questions ask away
  7. Tomb send me an email to mark@abbeymotorsport I can get some prices and timescale on supplying these parts
  8. did they do a run before the tuning?
  9. All our dyno work is carried out in 4th gear. dyno is a tuning tool , before and after on the day is what counts. But I am afraid every one wants to say they have the most BHP so dyno plots get waved around then people says this cant be true.
  10. Afraid not sold very quickly. I can supply thou. PM for a price please thanks
  11. just for the engine , fitting is extra. cost is also relevant if the crank is serviceable from your exchange engine.
  12. Yes give me a ring 01883 732331 ext 2 thanks Mark
  13. We feel the DE is a better motor. We can transfer a DE tune across into the REV UP ecu and turn off the DTC that will be required when fitting a DE motor into a REV UP
  14. It’s a DE not a REV UP I am afraid
  15. Hi it is a DE motor. thanks





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