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  1. Tomb send me an email to mark@abbeymotorsport I can get some prices and timescale on supplying these parts
  2. did they do a run before the tuning?
  3. All our dyno work is carried out in 4th gear. dyno is a tuning tool , before and after on the day is what counts. But I am afraid every one wants to say they have the most BHP so dyno plots get waved around then people says this cant be true.
  4. Afraid not sold very quickly. I can supply thou. PM for a price please thanks
  5. just for the engine , fitting is extra. cost is also relevant if the crank is serviceable from your exchange engine.
  6. Yes give me a ring 01883 732331 ext 2 thanks Mark
  7. We feel the DE is a better motor. We can transfer a DE tune across into the REV UP ecu and turn off the DTC that will be required when fitting a DE motor into a REV UP
  8. It’s a DE not a REV UP I am afraid
  9. Hi it is a DE motor. thanks
  10. Yes we carry a rebuilt stock motor. What is wrong with your motor please? The main items that needs needs to be serviceable will be the crank if the crank needs replacing this adds to the cost of the recon motor. exchange engine is £2000 inc vat as long as you engine is serviceable thanks
  11. The weld hasn't failed it has cracked around the outer circumference of the weld. Looks like vibration has caused the failure. I would just repair and add a brace between the resonator and the main pipe
  12. oil usages issues. I would put a fiver on it being piston rings not valve stem seals
  13. I doubt your mark it with a centre punch, maybe using a grinder (stone tipped) and work through the hardness then you maybe able to drill it, but it is hardened on the under-side as well. Why are you trying to drill a hole through a 350Z tappet bucket?
  14. we only use Cobra HFC's for both the 350Z and 370Z
  15. 1500/1800 cold start RPM is normal Revs hanging was a problem on the REVUP motors non of the other models seems to be as bad and it is something that isn't tunable in a ROM file If the throttle is super sensitive it may well of been remapped with Uprev as the stock car is "numbed" in the lower 3 gears when stock this is removed when remapping Sounds an awesome project



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