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  1. Turbo charging my gt86 totally transformed it to what it should have been.
  2. Having had a 350z & now own a gt86 I personally would have the gt86 every time. Even as stock they feel so much more nimble & fly through the Rev range much quicker. Add a turbo/ supercharger and they come to life. Also a damn sight cheaper to add power than the 350z.
  3. Just a thought but why didn’t you just turbo the gt86?
  4. Had this added to the car last month which makes all the difference
  5. lmc


    Would also need to be running a shed load more than 600 horses to trap @ 182mph
  6. lmc

    [SOLD]Air cups

    To clear £500 posted
  7. Not entirely true is it. Doing it by the book you would weld inner & outer arch together. That said if you don’t have a welder this is the next best thing.
  8. lmc

    [SOLD]Air cups

    Now £550 posted
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