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  1. Hayd350

    350z Insurance HELP !!!!!

    If i remember correctly my insurance came down by 93% when i told them i'd driven the notorious Edinburgh to Skegness pass, nicknamed by those who survived as "The Devils Backbone".
  2. Hayd350

    About to buy a HR

    Sounds like a fair price to me plus a bit of a bonus on the replacement of the gallery gaskets and clutch. I've not heard of any other issues that may require attention at that mileage other than a full belt, spark plug and fluid change if that hasn't yet been tackled. I'd suggest you're in for some worry free driving.
  3. Hayd350

    RSW Carbon bits. Suppliers?

    I repeatedly searched recently for the RSW Carbon dial crown but it all ended up at the same place. Nengun. No issues with Nengun, had plenty off them just talked myself out of the order in the end.
  4. Hayd350

    Lowered suspension

    I'd suggest buying a set of Tein s tech springs for a 17mm drop, should give you decent clearance for day to day. This is on the assumption that you're lowered on springs now and not coilovers. Oh and no don't cut you're stock springs, it won't end well.
  5. Hayd350

    [SOLD]Air cups

    Probably the sun but i rekon you have me at that price. Send me your paypal details and i'll get some money over to you.
  6. Hayd350

    500nm and they are on

    Tasty, Varis lip i rekon. I like the ride height
  7. Hayd350

    Average mileage before gallery gasket failure?

    117k on mine and pressures are still good, this was also confirmed by Abbey pre uprev. I watch it like a hawk but i'm not currently worried. I'll get it done when i can find someone local enough to tackle it, don't want an 8 hour job turning into a 16h due to lack of experience.
  8. Hayd350

    [SOLD]Air cups

    Fighting the urge..... was something I had in mind for next year.
  9. Hayd350

    Carbon meter pod cover

    Long shot - Has any one / any traders got an RSW carbon meter cover laying around on a shelf in the back room? Looking at ordering one from Nengun but figured i'd ask around and see if there are some deals to be had. Cheers in advance.
  10. Hayd350

    Berk HFC life span

    Funnily enough it was my near side rear gasket that had blown last time. Maybe the other side has reached the end of it's life now too. Just sounds different but maybe in a week or two it'll be a bit more clear and hopefully a simple cheap fix.
  11. Hayd350

    Berk HFC life span

    Any one any idea how long a set of Berk HFC's should last? I've lost track of when i purchased them, they were part of a group buy back in the day from either Alex or Chris. I've some extra throatyness coming from up front, recently had it in for a blown gasket so the issue could be another gasket but I've had the HFC a while now so figured they'd be tiring, it must be like 6 years. Sailed through MOT last month by the way so no increased emissions.
  12. Hayd350

    Familiar 350z

    I can appreciate the pain, never been through it myself but if I'm ever stupid enough to let mine go i'd care if it wasn't treated properly. I once bought a car from my mate that had given him fond memories, no less than 3 hours later I'd rolled it into a field and nearly killed myself. I thought I'd get sympathy.....he punched me with my own cast
  13. Hayd350

    Overnight from Japan.

    Ahh i see, thought it was a complete replacement, Still.. a nice touch.
  14. Hayd350

    Overnight from Japan.

    can you hook the nismo filler cap to the plastic retaining cord or is it loosey goosey?
  15. Hayd350

    Familiar 350z

    I've seen it posted on both mate. You're not going mad.