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  1. Berk HFC life span

    Funnily enough it was my near side rear gasket that had blown last time. Maybe the other side has reached the end of it's life now too. Just sounds different but maybe in a week or two it'll be a bit more clear and hopefully a simple cheap fix.
  2. Berk HFC life span

    Any one any idea how long a set of Berk HFC's should last? I've lost track of when i purchased them, they were part of a group buy back in the day from either Alex or Chris. I've some extra throatyness coming from up front, recently had it in for a blown gasket so the issue could be another gasket but I've had the HFC a while now so figured they'd be tiring, it must be like 6 years. Sailed through MOT last month by the way so no increased emissions.
  3. Familiar 350z

    I can appreciate the pain, never been through it myself but if I'm ever stupid enough to let mine go i'd care if it wasn't treated properly. I once bought a car from my mate that had given him fond memories, no less than 3 hours later I'd rolled it into a field and nearly killed myself. I thought I'd get sympathy.....he punched me with my own cast
  4. Overnight from Japan.

    Ahh i see, thought it was a complete replacement, Still.. a nice touch.
  5. Overnight from Japan.

    can you hook the nismo filler cap to the plastic retaining cord or is it loosey goosey?
  6. Familiar 350z

    I've seen it posted on both mate. You're not going mad.
  7. New to ZED (Nismo???)

    Hi mate, think I saw you post on a local car club the other day. You have the Nismo styling kit, official or not I don't know but im sure someone will pipe up soon enough. Plenty of people sporting it on here.
  8. Ginger Zed Build

    And the award for "Mechanic with the smallest head" goes to....... Probably just a trick of the lens.
  9. Window lock button light

    i'd like to think they're supposed to but mine doesn't
  10. New mods and install coming along nicely

    Nice touch with the rear cubby, my interior brace fowls the drop down door so makes it a redundant space. Door off and a re trim could make it useful again. Good work.
  11. Silverstone Classic 2018

    I've lost the plot a bit. I'm not actually heading to Silverstone classic, heading to Donnington historic and Le Mans classic. Got my race events all mixed up.
  12. Silverstone Classic 2018

    Sounds good. I've actually sorted infield club parking with z club GB so might actually already be on the same stand.
  13. New member

    Welcome. Always nice to see locals 350 owners popping up
  14. Morning Chaps, Approaching our annual European road trip which is all geared up around Le Mans Classic. Just wondered if anyone was venturing over this year? Always see a nice turn out of S30 Datsun's and it's a great race weekend.
  15. Hello from Yorkshire

    Looks familiar but then again there's plenty of nice back drops in Yorkshire. Welcome man