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  1. Poor Z....

    Ahh thank god, would have been the cherry on the not very attractive cake. Not for me that one, I'm out.
  2. Poor Z....

    Is that Errr a Honda badge ?
  3. Mar/Apr 2018 Yorkshire meet poll

    1) ATTAK Z +1 2) Hayd350
  4. Stock camber arms or new?

    Afternoon guys Noticed a bit of wear on the inner part of my previous tyres so I'm going to get a full alignment. I'm lowered on s-techs and sat on 10.5 / 9.5 wheel combination so I've dropped a tyre profile. My question is do need to upgrade the camber arms or will there be enough adjustment on the stock ones to dial it back in. No previous experience on wheel alignment so looking to the folk who have for answers. Cheers in advance.
  5. Anyone from Yorkshire?

    I'd get involved in this. Should fall between holidays. Bit of inspiration ahead of the summer road trip wouldn't be a bad thing.
  6. Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose

    @cs2000 yes mate add me to the list please
  7. Bluetooth Audio In Your Bose

    Hi Mate, Is there still a full DIY option available at the discounted rate?
  8. Just joined the 350 family

    Pretty difficult combination to forget that one. Not my cup of tea but a decent paint job if my memory serves me correctly.
  9. Any refrigeration/freezer experts

    Yeah it'll likely be a 1780mm aperture and its the same weather its a 50/50 or 70/30 split. Door on door or slider rail is key info as it'll need to match your existing in order to save you hastle when fitting. One version to the other is possible but it depends what the current model is, you may require cabinet hinges and receivers. Door on door is a better bet but is likely to be slightly more expensive. Loads about so just check reviews and make your choice.
  10. Sounds promising. Ill look forward to hearing about the options and prices.
  11. Euro Trip for the first time

    I'm just in the middle of planning next years Euro trip. Last year we took the overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam, on to Heppenheim Germany, Glarus Switzerland, Beaune France, Spa Belgium then Rotterdam home. Stunning scenery in Switzerland and driving in Europe is so straight forward. With that you've got about 4.5 driving in between destinations. You'll need a Vignette for driving in Switzerland but you can purchase this as soon as you get over the boarder and it's only 50 quid. Also the speed cameras are on the tunnel entry so watch your speed, someone i know was relieved of his vehicle in Switzerland and the police had it for 3 months before they'd release it. Next year is much the same but including Le Mans for the classic 24h and the Italian lakes. Debating the Southampton ferry but the trek down south for 8:15 Am doesn't sound appealing. The cost of a southern hotel puts the cost up to the Hull / Rotterdam ferry so swings and roundabouts. As for everything else, Hi Vis, Breathalyzer etc etc, plenty of low cost euro kits kicking about ont tinterweb.
  12. Ahh yes, I'd be relying on the phones microphone wouldn't I. Ok understood thanks for the explanation
  13. You mentioned in a previous post about disabling the call aspect of the Bluetooth unit. Is there an option to retain it for those folk who struggle with the stock hands-free system? I appreciate calls would be answered on the handset but it would be nice to get my girlfriends voice through the speakers again. Wait...what am I saying...scrap that, its been so peaceful
  14. Too much worry?

    True ^ I did a 1600 mile euro trip in mine in July and planning another next year. Never even gave a thought to weather we'd make it back.