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  1. In case you need a bit more info rather than a "Yeah it's wrong" response here's a step by step - https://my350z.com/forum/body-interior-exterior-and-lighting-diy/575663-diy-cubby-door-assembly-springs-pictures-included.html
  2. The spring clips should have been under tension when you dissasembled the cubby and therefor should have been under tension when re assembling. They're tricky little buggers and tend to fly off in opposite directions. If this scenario isn't something you experienced then the chances are they're not in correctly. It's a simple mechanism so it can't really be anything else. Unfortuantely it's a strip down job to correct.
  3. Tidy. I've never been too fussed for the 370's, even the Nismo editions but the MK1 was the exeption to this. Never enough to make me list my 350 but a model that drawers a mild ammount of my attention. Specially in white. Nice purchase
  4. It's a tough market to tackle that's for sure. VAG dominate, buyers get all kiddy at the next generation and somehow don't realise that they've done what apple do with the iphone. It's the same thing but a different colour. Somehow It's a succesfull strategy, their following is so huge that no one else seems to get a look in. I think it was the i30 that was reviewed better from a fun / performance aspect against the Golf GTI. I know the GTI isn't what it once was way back in the MK1/2/3 days but still. For me i'd want something that stands out in a car park. i don't want to have to wander upto the 30 other Golfs in the carpark before i eventually figure out which ones mine. At least it's a manual.
  5. it's better looking than the alternatives from the VW Audi group.
  6. Hayd350

    Best hoover

    Miele all the way, built to last. Best vacuum i've ever had and i subscribe to vacuum monthly.
  7. Battling with the 350's rear end on a greasy morning whilst banging through the gears is what makes me fall in love with driving again everytime i go out in it. I really have no time for modern day motors with their Auto fart boxes and two fat pedals. I want to drive when i take my car our for a drive, not be driven. I appreciate there appears to be a market for it but going down this route with a potential replacement z motor would spoil it for me. People like their Golfs with their different letters on the boot lid and indentical styling to their Nans diesel version. I don't get it but throwing a Nissan into that pot is not enough for buyers to make the move over. I think Nissan need to come up with a fresh old school angle, keep it raw and make it appeal to proper driving enthusiasts. It does make me appreciate the 350 more though, getting from A to B is an experience and that to me is what a Z car should be a bout.
  8. Uneven headlight hazing and a dicky DE front end, proper sceptiical example. Not even convinced the correct wheels are on the rear either.
  9. Last few LG'S and now my New galaxy s10 have always struggled with connection. Infact the only one that ever did was my iphone. It's nice though, in the last 10 years i've never had to call in for milk, get bread or anything.
  10. Cheers for all that info, much appreciated. Circumstance wise my HR just got through the MOT emissions this year, decent tester, went for a sprited blast and left it running to get the CAT'S as hot as possible and then it went through 2nd time, just. Suggested it wouldn't next year basically. I run Berks and have for 8 years with no MOT issues ever. It was remapped 3 maybe 4 years back too. Think my post was more about it being time to replace my CATS in time for next years MOT. Didn't want to just replace them and have it fail again. I think after your above post i'll replace them (over 100k on this set) and run it in the factory Map for the MOT retest when the time comes.
  11. Can anyone confirm whether an ECU remap would increase emissions? My instant thoughts are that it would. Would it be more beneficial to switch to the factory map for MOT testing? Or is it simply all about the CAT's?
  12. I'm no expert, not by any stretch but i'd look into your wheel bearings maybe. The load of a 40mm spacer on the rear may have a part to play. Just a thought.
  13. The years of ownership have kinda blurred into a singular mass but i think i've had the 350 pass a couple of MOT's without a mention of emissions since the remap.
  14. Better late than never i guess. Apologies. Errr i'll have the figures on my 1st fail certificate yeah so i'll take a look. I did wonder about the remap, was done at Abbey so i belive at the time it was the uprev remap. Would have been MOT'd with the "All out" map in place. Wondering if running it through on the factory map would have made a difference to the figures. I don't mind spending money on my motor specially when an MOT certificate's at stake but if new cats aren't going to solve my problem it's an expense i'm happy to avoid.
  15. Leather interior in these is literally 2 leather seats. Plenty of people selling them so if it's all good but with cloth i'd be making the purchase. Even the heated seat connectors are in, just need plugging in.





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