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  1. yes. still looking to pursue new versions unless i cant get a used set for the right price.
  2. RDON

    Second car related Coffee Table completed

    where did you get the F1 alloy from? how much was it? i would nt mind making something like this myself!
  3. just bumping this up to see if a fellow 370z owner can help!
  4. i could but i use my 370z everyday so want the long term hard wearing option.
  5. I spoke to wrappers and they said doing the door handles would not last long so ruled that out.
  6. HI Folks having trouble with Nissan getting part numbers for the new black door handles for the 370z. now nissan will only give you parts numbers if you have VIN number or REG of the car you need parts for! i have a 2013 370z and want to buy the 2018 black ones. I have rung 4 different dealers and they wont quote me! would really appreciate some help with the OEM parts numbers or if someone with a 2018 370z ringing their Nissan dealer with their REG and getting hold of the door handles part number for me. TIA. Rich
  7. RDON

    Paint Codes

    ah good to know but i was referring to the metalic grey bud
  8. RDON

    Paint Codes

    does anyone know the paint code for the lips and side skirts on the 370z Nismo?
  9. these help force the air more to the radiator and air boxes than normal so yes i would say they help.
  10. RDON

    limited edition! 370z Nismo key rings

    i think i may have one left
  11. Yes i am happy to wait, in no rush
  12. brilliant work guys! added my name to the list..