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  1. not sure on that one bud. maybe someone on the forum might be able to answer that.
  2. Custom tails SOLD, only tarmac ones left now
  3. 2 sets of 370z shorts tails for sale. Tarmac sports resonated set which i have polished up all over so look nice when seen from behind, in decent condition as you can see from the photos. £300 pound plus P&P SOLD Now second set is a custom pair my by top gear performance exhausts which are in great condition with 5" burnt tips. Louder than Tarmac's and sound AMAZING, pops and bangs on down shifts and @Andy_Muxlow can vouch how good these sound from when he was following me through some tunnels on the way to Ace Cafe meet. £250 plus P&P
  4. I have been trying to ring the garage over two week period and getting no answer on the phone number either!
  5. i had the same when fitting mine you will need to fit silentnote mats in the boot to absorb the vibrations. or swap for some different ones.
  6. BUMP Still have some left. make a nice Crimbo present
  7. I will take the Nismo Fuel cap please
  8. more middle for me too say Nottingham?





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