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  1. £30 for all of the red carbon pieces
  2. I'm cutting across to the M1 through Dinnington, so how about meeting at the woodhall services south bound 6.20 to 6.30 ?
  3. DITTO! buddy also setting off from Donny. PM'd you
  4. numbers are still fine, don't think there is much difference in the weight but the style is obviously different. TFA
  5. having a little clear out of some used items I have been building up over the past 12 months. Front bumper badge, VGC- £10 mk2 Nismo gear knob, VGC - £70 mk2 Nismo gear surround and leather gaiter, surround has a couple of small leather wear marks(see pic), still good for a leather refurb or custom work though - £30 custom red carbon centre console, dash pod overlay pieces, new not used, (DOES NOT INCLUDE TRIPPLE SWITCH PIECE) decided to go down a different route so did not install. - £30 for all WILL BRING THESE WITH ME TO JAPFEST INCASE THERE IS INTEREST. TFL
  6. only have 2 nismo covers left. I will bring them with me to Japfest in case anyone is interested.
  7. SFS. will bring this with me to Japfest in case someone might be interested.
  8. AS title, who's travelling down the M1 from the north for a convoy?
  9. ok so I went for the optimate 5 and seems to be decent and has brought back the battery that I took out of the Zed. also ordered an extension cable so now I can permantley fix what came with the charger into the engine bay and then just connect extension cable which will reach into the garage so I can connect and keep things locked etc. thanks for all your feedback guys.
  10. good info guys appreciate you taking the time to post on the thread.
  11. HI fellow zed friends. need some advice on recommended battery maintenance chargers and set ups. not been running the zed enough so been having issues with the battery going flat. so looking for a battery maintenance charger that I can permanently have connectors wired up in the zed so i can just plug in every now and then. look forward to some informed/experienced information.
  12. selling my reserve genuine Nissan luxury boot carpet for the coupe. Part Number KE8401E081. this is my spare so only been stored away like new condition £50. no offers please.
  13. so how many forum members going to this? is anyone stopping at a hotel at the weekend near the venue?
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