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  1. spotted grey 350z (py07) at the traffic lights Asda junction Harworth Monday 12th Feb, flashed you in the blue GTR
  2. I have 1 Nismo, 4 370z and 5 plain left of the covers, please hurry if you want one as the US guys are desperate to get hold of them. thanks
  3. only 1 Nismo engraved cover left so will only have plain and 370z engraved covers available after that folks.
  4. I will PM those that haven't sent me a message that are on the list.
  5. Good news! I will have the covers today. had to get a batch of 20 made so there will be some left over for others later on. PM me your requirements please. thanks all.
  6. should have these manufactured by the end of October
  7. hi and sorry for the late response guys. seeing as we are at a group of 9, I will get an order placed for you all.
  8. if we can get 10 names i will get these made
  9. I know! i was surprised too, but this is for a smaller batch than price break numbers, if we can get close to 20 it would be a tenner less.
  10. sorry for the delayed response. yes I can give you some information. current costs would be £90 including postage for a cover. there is a minimum order quantity so i will start a list or a group buy for you to add your name, copy and paste each time and add you name etc. thanks
  11. if the club admins are interested in owning this design 100% etc please contact me to discuss.
  12. thank you all for reaching out in interest of the cover I designed etc. I would need a group buy of at least 20 as a minimum order to get these made if this helps folks. I don't want to bore you guys with a magna carta but from the experience of the last few times I had batches made and all that followed after this would be my choice now. I would be open to sell the IP (drawings, DXF files) so someone could get them made themselves and earn a little pocket money on the side for a reasonable offer, which would help the zed community out.
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