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  1. Father in law has a full set of spare wheels for the Tuscan S with tyres although not sure how much life in them but could find out, he brought a brand new set at some point even though the set on the car werent bad he just wanted it immaculate for TVR shows etc, and still has the old set laying around since his Tuscan tried to kill him he has no use for them. In case you want a track set or a set to get re-furbed
  2. I will take steering wheel if you still have it please
  3. Love the Brembos i have a yellow set sitting in my garage for about 2 years and still not got round to fitting them
  4. Don't run power and rca together can cause interference best doing power down passenger side and rca through centre
  5. I did some pics of running cable into the doors etc in my build thread. Removed all seats and the trim panels including boot to do my install
  6. New cables no doubt about it don't use existing ones likely to burn out and could cause a fire
  7. Oh...I just had exactly same panel and pretty sure I had abbey sticker in same spot haha Lol don't like stickers on outside of car personally but still wanted the abbey sticker on it and thought this was the best place. That mishimoto is different to mine but looks a good alternative
  8. No was a brand new slam panel when I bought it. The coolant and power steering tank came from a trader called chilli red doesn't trade anymore I don't think and I believe they were discontinued anyway only way to get any is second hand I believe
  9. This was originally mine I believe, few pics from when it was fitted i never did like the finish but was already on my car when i got it, was imported with it fitted. Dont think there any other genuine ones in the UK or at least there wasn't. Hope they help people
  10. Can i ask where you got it from the crankshaft Sensor and was it the one on the underside of the engine
  11. Black one is mine I was in the Chinese for a mates birthday. Though got a stock bumper on whilst mine is resprayed. I did see you turn up the road I think we're you in a black also, I was meaning to put it on here but been really busy the ginger was already there when I arrived.
  12. Thanks Guys I was worried about going any bigger 255/275 with that offset as thought it may then require arch work.
  13. Hi my friend wants/needs new tyres for his 350z as it came with a stretched look. He has 18x9.5 ed35 with 25mm spacers all round so an offset of +10mm I believe. It currently has 235/40 all round, Now I want to check this is correct and would fit without rubbing, I have suggested 245/40 on the front and 265/40 on the rear can someone confirm this is ok. Many thanks
  14. Looking very nice Scott good progress since I last saw you around town, makes me want to restart work on mine got so many bits that need doing or i want doing. Keep up the good work
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