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  1. I could do you some of you wanted. I have a lot of the logos on file. Message me if interested!
  2. Hi all, We have a new addition to the club shop!...Forum face coverings! These will be available in a week or two so watch this space! These masks have a double layer fabric, have an antimicrobial finish on the outer layer and are washable at 40 degrees. Reusable. One size fits all. Oh, I almost forgot, they come in various designs are adorned with the famous Z logo...help protect yourself, and others...whilst doing it in style! To order simply... 1) Choose your design number 2) Print colour 3) Message me...and thats it! Masks are £12.50 each delivered. Payable via Paypal friends and family option. (Details available via PM) Please allow 5 working days for delivery.
  3. Hi all, I've decided to do a range of t-shirts dedicated to those of you that prefer a more retro style. I've digitally hand drawn exact replicas of the original logos from Datsun...partly because you just can't find decent digital drawings due to the era that they were designed! Obviously now i have the files, i can produce other items including stickers and car decals, and of course t-shirts! These t-shirts are of the same quality as the official forum tees that are sold here and are available in a range of colours and sizes. White, Grey and Navy blue, med, large and XL. To order simply message me with 1) Your t-shirt design (1-12) 2) Your t-shirt colour 3) Your t-shirt size Prices are £14 delivered. Coloured t-shirts (5,6 and 8) will remain the the same on any colour t-shirt.. These are £15 delivered. Please allow 5 working days for delivery. I'm also open to other Datsun/Nissan tee suggestions and am able to produce personalised custom t-shirts and also baby-grows! Message me with your ideas and i'll see what i can do! So, here's what's available...
  4. It’s not that thin but still clips back together ok. Didn’t need to shave the panels. It just squashes the carpet so it has a nice tight join. Nothing’s popped open so alls good!
  5. Hi guys n gals, as you may know we set up an Instagram account to represent our forum. We are now giving paid up member traders the opportunity to advertise your goods via the account should you wish!! Ive posted details in the member traders section of the forum which gives you instructions on how to advertise. Thanks all!
  6. Thanks bud, It’s wrapped under the edges...Everything was taken out, all pretty easy to remove. Then glued and refitted. Yup it quietens road noise a little too!!
  7. Ahhh i've not actually heard of that! So couldn't tell you if its good or not, make sure to ask, is it self-healing, if it is then go for it!
  8. 370z stickers available soon!!
  9. Hi all, as you may well know, we set up an instagram account recently and we'd like to use it to help all of our member traders by posting a personalised ad on there for you all. We all know that advertising isn't easy so here's an opportunity for you to increase your selling powers via our account! All you need to do is put your name down here, choose the forum related product that you'd like to advertise and i'll post it up on our instagram account for the zed world to see! 1) Enter your member sellers name 2) Leave a brief description of your product 3) Choose a decent image 4) Include a link if possible We'll add a couple of posts each week. You can list more than one item that you'd like to add to instagram but please post them separately...Oh and follow us too! https://www.instagram.com/350zukofficial/ Over to you guys and gals!!
  10. Welcome along buddy! Enjoy the forum!
  11. Hi buddy, you can buy via here, they’re £12 to forum members, if you’d like one just send payment to Noreligionmods@gmail.com via PayPal friends and family option! I’ll get one sent out to you on Friday as I’m away at the mo! Thanks, Steve.
  12. Welcome along buddy. Nice clean car you have there! You'll find a wealth of knowledge on here which will hopefully set you on your way to really enjoying your zed. Great to have you on board and thanks for joining our forum!
  13. Welcome along guys, nice to see another pro trader, looking forward to what you have on offer!
  14. Please post your merchandise photos here! Whether it’s you in your new tee or a car sticker on your pride and joy, let’s get those pics coming in!





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