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  1. My Dad

    Awww so sad. Cancer takes no prisoners. Awful. Thoughts to you and your family at this time. What a lovely photo of you both.
  2. My buying shortlist

    Nice thread this. Enjoyed the read.
  3. Hi guys n gurls, I'm replacing this rear bumper as from today as the zed has just gone in to see Taras at RT. Hes doing a few bits for me, one of them being the fitting of a new Chargespeed rear. So this is up for sale, its in pretty good nick, a couple of small scuffs lower down but i am sure it could be buffed/polished out as its only light. Compared to whats on Ebay, this is pretty much flawless, no dents. Theres a very slight chip to the right of the number plate where i originally removed it to put a new one on but nothing major. Now, as i only delivered my car to Taras today, im not 100% sure of a date when the car will be done, i'd think within the next week or so, but if youre interested just drop me a line. I'm after £160 for this plus postage. You may want to pick it up from Taras at RT so save postage if you so wish. Im assuming postage will be around the £30-£40 mark but ill look in to it...or you can if you wanted to arrange a courier pick up from RT. Thanks for looking!
  4. Are these still being sold?
  5. Hi, I'm new to the Forum!

    WELCOME!! You'll be modding in no time!!
  6. Too much worry?

    Really!!?? Blimey!
  7. leather seats

    Thats a great link.
  8. Nismo Bonnet Decal - Advice needed

    Hiya, I can supply you a new one if you like as long as you send me the measurements, I have the Nismo logo which i used to replace the existing ones on my LMGT4s after a wheel refurb although it is very slightly different to yours, there are a few variations!...Personally id remove they existing one and lightly clean the adhesive with a little degreaser and buy a half decent one off Ebay or i can send you one!
  9. I like the idea. Although im purchasing another unit, but good idea though if its reasonably easy to fit as some would be a little scared about fitting it themselves. Good luck.
  10. Windscreen Wiper Arms - Respray

    I was thinking of doing them colour coded, mine's gun metal so was thinking of spraying the same...although having seen everyone's attempts i may go the matte black route!...to be safe!!
  11. Yeah, and has a matte screen too so no reflection...plus looks great.
  12. Im going for this...its not the cheapest but music is my life (apart from my zed of course!!) Its a great bit of kit although it is for iphone only...but id rather spend the cash on something i really want than get another and regret it! https://www.alpine.co.uk/p/Products/SingleView/iLX-700
  13. Olly's OEM+ inspired GT. New wheels!

    Looks awesome.
  14. DE vs HR engines

    Its all about the torque!