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  1. I sort of like the design but sort of dont! I like the aggressive look but looks a bit 'creature comforts' from the front view!
  2. His vids are great...great seller too, had a few good bits off him.
  3. Try the plasti-dip option first and see how you get on, if that doesn't work let me know! Use a sprayers lining tape (usually blue and about 6mm thick) to get your shapes and edges sharp and ten mask over that to protect the rest of the car. Thanks for the heads up chaps!
  4. Do thy allow cats there? Do they have to pay or do they go free?
  5. Hahaha well, Its an in-depth investigation into where this virus originated from, how it was covered up and how the knowledge of its initial existence was witheld thus possibly enabling the halting of the pandemic. All backed up by top scientists, eminent politicians and high ranking MI6 and FBI employees and Chinese defectors...In a nutshell! Worth an hour id say.
  6. Eye opening and disgraceful. but i/we knew this all along... Heads should roll...https://talkradio.tv/details/25087 TALKRADIO.TV talkradio.tv
  7. So, start at the most curved end of the light first when ready to apply, use johnsons baby shampoo, only a little as if you use too much it wont adhere well. Always keep your hands wet when touching the film. Usually those marks appear when theres water left under the film or if its been stretched too much OR if not enough liquid has been used. Sometimes it will vanish after a few days but ideally you dont want it there in the first place. When trying to stick the edges down, squirt with clean water to remove the soapiness and then squeegee down. To be fair youve not done a bad job considering
  8. Welcome along! Watch out for Payco, he’ll try and spend all your hard earned cash on mods for your zee!! 😂
  9. Another awesome day at Ace. Good to see and meet some newer members. Some great cars, lots of food for thought and a fab breakfast! Well done Payco for arranging this. I know it all takes time and patience but all payed off! Great so see a few petrol cap stickers and some TK Z badges too!! Hehehe
  10. Hi all, I'm now producing a range of tees with the famous Tommy Kaira Z logo on the front. I can supply them in a range of logo colours as follows: red, green, yellow, blue, orange. They have a black or white outline depending on what colour t-shirt you order. These are good quality heavy cotton t-shirts, not the cheap shrink after the first wash type and the fit is great. Price: £14 delivered!
  11. I've been before, a couple of years ago, its a great show, and huge! Maybe message Martin (Payco) as he's an REO on here.
  12. Well applied too!! Look great I think!! Thanks Andy!!
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