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  1. Payco - Sausage and Mash Rick - Beef Burger with bacon and cheese Keith (Loadmaster) Beer-battered fish n chips (full-fat non-GF option if there is one! Nismoandy - Beer-battered fish and chips zippypooz - Sausage and Mash with side order of chips.
  2. 1.Payco (No car) 2.NismoAndy LS1 350 3. Rick - club catering manager - Audi 4. The Bounty Bar Kid - Cayman S 5 .Seb + 2 Kids - Mitsubishi Outlander 6. Loadmaster - 370Z Nismo 7. coldel - z4 8. zippypooz - 350z
  3. Payco - Datsun 510 SSS Paid Nismoandy 350z Paid Seb- 350z Paid Borris 370z Paid Tobezzz. 350z. Paid zippypooz-350z Paid
  4. I do have a rather exciting (well i think so!) couple of things in the pipeline though with regards to the Tommy Kaira badges and the DE front reflectors!! But i cant say anymore at the moment just in case i cant pull it off!
  5. I didnt get round to making/printing these as there didnt seem to be enough interest and theyre not cheap to make...although i can cut them in vinyl...pretty much any colour.
  6. Thanks Payco yeah I can do that. There are lots of different types. Engineering grade would probably be best for that. I use reflectives all the time as I do police cars and all the emergency service vehicles around the country. Use Avery or 3m. It can be cut with scissors or a scalpel and is slightly conformable.
  7. Hi guys sorry I’ve been away a lot with work and simply not had time to keep up with this thread. I’ve had quite a few people ask me for these over the last few weeks so I’m going to start making them again. I’ve found a few of these left but need to check they’re defect free before I sell these ones. But I’ll be making some more so please bare with me as they are quite time consuming to produce! Thanks for your interest. I’ll be putting them up on my eBay shop when they’re done and I’ll keep you posted here too. I can’t really offer any discounts here as I don’t make loads from these. So they’re the same price on eBay. (No religion mods).
  8. Personally if I put my name down for a meet I’ll go rain or shine. I enjoy cleaning and polishing my zee but I also enjoy meeting up with old friends and potential new ones. For me the weather isn’t an issue it’s the company that counts. And to be fair, I’ve never been to a meet where it’s an absolute total wash out. There’s usually a break in the weather at some point. I think as said above, if you’re unsure about going just in case the weather turns then maybe give it a miss and enable someone else to step in. was great to see some nice 370’s there too.
  9. Olly mate, this post isn’t aimed at you. It’s merely to politely ask people to turn up at an event when they’ve put their name down…unless of course there is a valid reason not to attend. And should there be a valid reason, to at least have the courtesy to inform the REO. it was a real shame to see so few turn up at ACE when there were over 20 names on the list. it not only messes the REO around but also the venue who allowed us to use their premises exclusively for the morning/afternoon. like I said though mate, this isn’t aimed at you, it’s aimed at all of us on here.
  10. zippypooz


    Thanks Martin, happy to help out if needed!
  11. 1 Payco - Datsun 510 SSS - WWU 276J 2 andy James 350Z - AJ07 ZZZ 3 nismoandy 350Z - WP06FNX 4 George1966 350Z CK06ACK 5 Andy_Muxlow 350Z A20 MUX 6 Loadmaster - 370Z Nismo - K8 LCJ 7 GranTurismoEra - 370Z RA62DXH 8 gnarly - 370z GT - LM18TGU 9 TommZ - 370z Nismo - VV66TOM 10 coldel - z4 - KT09JDO 11 Seb - 350Z PR03 SEB 12 zippypooz - 350Z - N44 SSN 13 Darren-b - 240z - BVM 362K 14 Cals_350z - 350z - DG56 WKK 15 amyzed - 350z - FA51 AMY 16 Allan .s - nissan 350z HRt - n07byj 17 Nathan m - nissan 350z - av57znr 18 Funkybudda-Nissan 370z-J4PXU 19 0008WRS-Nissan 370z 0008WRS 20 Jonnymonno- 370z - V6 FAB 21 Jamie_T350z - uk04zed
  12. Payco - Datsun 510 Nismoandy - 350z zippypooz - 350z
  13. Payco - Datsun 510 SSS - WWU 276J andy James 350Z - AJ07 ZZZ nismoandy 350Z - WP06FNX George1966 350Z CK06ACK Andy_Muxlow 350Z A20 MUX Loadmaster - 370Z Nismo - RK67 DZZ GranTurismoEra - 370Z RA62DXH gnarly - 370z GT - LM18TGU TommZ - 370z Nismo - VV66TOM coldel - z4 - KT09JDO Seb - 350Z PR03 SEB zippypooz - 350Z - N44 SSN
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