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  1. MY NISMO.jpg

    Sweet ma homie.
  2. Twin turbo

    Id speak to Horsham Developments, Jez, he'll be able to give you some good advice.
  3. Back to Top

    Thats true!
  4. Can you wrap body kits directly?

    Ideally wrap material should be fitted to a surface with a glossy finish but depending on how matte or not it is, it can make a difference to the life of the wrap material. Wrapping material like Arlon has a heavier adhesive and will stick to almost anything. Some wrapping material comes with a grey or white back meaning the base colour wont bleed through. Printable wrapping material has a grey back to it but has a white face. Black material will hide the base colour far better than say a white or yellow material. Hope this helps! As Coldel said, If youre getting the panels prepped and sprayed you should wait until it has properly gassed out before applying the wrap. The bodyshop should be able to give you a guide on this.
  5. Back to Top

    Not a bad idea, i find that useful on sites like Ebay, they have that option.
  6. South East Meet - Grasshopper Sun 10th Sept

    Great to meet everyone today, weather held too, well done Martin for arranging this yet again.
  7. South East Meet - Grasshopper Sun 10th Sept

    Just been told i can upload directly to the site!! Lets see!!
  8. South East Meet - Grasshopper Sun 10th Sept

    Aghhhh took a fair few pics but Photobucket has changed its third party hosting agreement...you have to pay to embed now! Anyone know of another site?
  9. CINEMA GOERS: Have consideration for pirate DVD viewers by using the toilet before the film starts.

  10. Well worth the drive, you'll love em. Great choice!
  11. DE vs HR engines

    Not trolling, just sayin how it is. There isnt that much difference between them in performance. Each have their fors and againsts. All great cars, depends on your budget and what you want to do with them.
  12. DE vs HR engines

    Although as standard theyre pretty even performance wise. But youre right. I mentioned modding as if thats the way he wants to go then obviously the DE is a more moddable (is that a word!?) engine. ...even though i didnt buy mine to mod it!!...£5000 later...
  13. What Can I Expect For My Money?

    Your budget is a DE, dont look at anything else as it may may a dog. Also the DE has the cheaper tax. I would have thought you can fine a decent DE (up to 2005) for that price. All the models are great, there isnt a bad 350z model. Id try Pistonheads. Scan around and take your time, its easy to get excited and go for the first one you see. You can try here too, that way youll be able to see some sort of history from the owner if theyve posted up on here. Good luck!
  14. DE vs HR engines

    DE for modding, cheaper tax, HR/Rev-up for better (slightly) interior and bonnet bulge and superior headlights. Performance the same, HR had slightly more power but was heavier. Other than that, theyre pretty much equal.