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  1. Who did that awesome sunstrip!!? Must really add value to the bunny!!
  2. Totally agree with you Martin. Was a good meet too, great to see some new enthusiastic faces. And the weather held. Thanks for arranging. Thanks for posting Stu.
  3. Photos dont do this justice at all, the colour is just awesome and the build quailty top notch, love this car...im soooooooo jealous haha!! Well done Si, great job, not seen a better looking zed...apart from mine of course!!
  4. Yes. maybe 2!!...with a drizzle of ketchup and a powdering of pepper please.
  5. Im bringing truffels, gentlemans relish and scones plus Scallop Sashimi with Meyer Lemon Confit, Pappardelle with Sea Urchin and Cauliflower and for afters, Roasted Pears With Espresso Mascarpone Cream, Cream Cheese Swirled Coconut Tres Leches Cake and Chocolate Cake with Lavender Ruffle Frosting. Should anyone like to participate just donate £78. 81.
  6. Payco - Nismo 370z - PA04YCO zippypooz - 2005 350z - N44SSN
  7. 1) Payco - 2016 Nismo 370z - PA04YCO 2) Coldel - 2005 VX220 Turbo - VK05 XEU 3) Andy_Muxlow 2011 - 370Z - A20MUX 4) Seb - 2003 350z JDM - PR02 SEB 5) kbad - 2007 HR - J44SUS 6) Mopedmark- 2009 370Z Ultimate MT59UZR 7) Darren-B - 1971 240z - BVM 362K 8) Flashback - 2004 350Z - HJ54TBZ 9) NickC - 2003 350z - A3KXN 10) Shelly Masters OE07MYC 11} zippypooz - 2005 350Z - N44SSN
  8. zippypooz


    Far better. more aggressive.
  9. Looks great bud, pics dont do it justice really but looks awesome!!
  10. Hmmmm i get what youre saying. I'll have a look and see whats about, Ady is selling a nice one... https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/exterior/18923-350z-vis-racing-nsm-style-fibre-glass-front-bumper-only-03ns3502dnsm-099fb.html?fbclid=IwAR1yASvNpgUo4zSQX-EKIQ5EPBDDlQryFNt3PKGUhGguIayqEhECg2BnxFc
  11. Yup. Either or...or both!!!
  12. Standard with a carbon lip bud
  13. Love it BUT, can't help feeling it needs something on the front end as its pretty stock...whether its a spoiler or bonnet i'm not sure.



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