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  1. zippypooz


    Just a few shots...
  2. Thanks buddy. Pics please!!!!
  3. Ive gone black with red text but all black is nice too! I'll dm you mate, thanks.
  4. Yours is gun metal yes? i'd go black or red!
  5. What colour would you like Mr Muxlow!? 😜
  6. Good to have you aboard! There's plenty of good advice from some great members on here. Keep us posted on what you do, have a look around and get to know the site. Also check the various meets and events near you! There will be some that come up! And most of all, enjoy your zed!!
  7. I can do but obviously i'd need to order the colour in unless i can locate a small amount of it. I'll see what i can do.
  8. Yes the Z can be done in metallic red, gloss black, matte black, metallic silver, flip colour (as first pic) and metallic pink! Was there a particular colour that you were after?
  9. Ok so here's an update, i finally found a fantastic metallic red, its a stunning colour. These are as the photos and are £20 plus postage...and available now. There are 3 other options for the base of the badge: Black chrome, gold chrome and mirror chrome. These will be available in a couple of weeks and are priced at £28 including postage! All badges have a self adhesive backing and cover the locator holes on the tailgate. The badges measure approximately 90mm x 45mm.
  10. 1) Payco - Datsun 510 SSS. Reg WWU 276J 2) KBAD - 350z . Reg J44SUS 3) nismoandy- 350z - WP06FNX 4) Nino - 370z - Reg. SK12 XZZ 5) Olly350z - 370z Nismo - GM16 JBX 6) Andy_Muxlow - 350Z - Reg. A20MUX 7) andy james. 350z reg AJ07 ZZZ 😎 Humpy - 370z N12 SRA 9) Richn370 - 370Z CX59OKP 10) ColDel - vx220 - VK05XEU 11) davey83 - 350z - GT05ZED 12) pintopete58 350z GA53SOZ 13) Charlie Boy - 350z - AK56BYT 14) 💥Zippypooz - 350z - N44SSN💥
  11. Yes, i've been improving them from the original, so these will now be available within a week or so. Im currently updating the colours so that there will be a wider range to choose from. As soon as theyre available i'll post details up on this thread. Thanks harrison140!
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