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  1. Andy, that steak was the best!!
  2. So, great day today, good to catch up again with all of you too! Well done to Martin on supplying the 3 solid platinum cups and organising the days competition...won by three (two) worthy winners, Paul for his immaculate engine bay and Neil for his rims and best car award! (For about the 30th time!!)...here's some pics of the day!!...

    These are still for sale guys and gals!
  4. New member

    Hi buddy! Welcome to the forum, theres load of good peeps on here that'll be happy to give you any help and advice should you need it!!
  5. Windscreen Wiper Arms - Respray

    And i've still not done it! But now the weather is getting better i think its time!
  6. Nismoandy's new decals!!

    Yes its metallic red...lots of fleck in the sun!
  7. Nismoandy's new decals!!

    Looking forward to doing the roof A!!
  8. Nismoandy's new decals!!

    I'll get him to take one and post.
  9. Nismoandy's new decals!!

    Hi all, so today I had Nismoandy's silver machine in for some 'subtle' stripes...and here's the result! I'm sure Andrew will be waiting with baited breath as the various comments roll in!! I think it works well and we managed to match his rims perfectly with a lovely metallic red!
  10. Xtreme Clutch, single mass flywheel

    What weight is the fly buddy?
  11. Banana arm replacement...

    Hi all, im looking at replacing my banana arms and see Tarmac has an OE set. Can anyone or would anyone recommend these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nissan-350z-03-09-OE-Replacement-Compression-Arm-Banana-Arms-Pair/122976218249?hash=item1ca1f42c89:g:S9cAAOSwJ6laivM7
  12. Lower ‘W’ brace...

    Thanks bud, i'll be in touch.
  13. POST YOUR ZED PIC OF THE DAY.............

  14. Lower ‘W’ brace...

    Thanks A, does that incude vat and postage?? Whats the deal?