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  1. Really happy with how these turned out.
  2. Hi all, i've wanted something on my fuel cap for a while now and decided to design a printed clear sticker...I've 'set up' a brand called No Religion Mods which is dedicated to the 350z for now but i'll be adding other models in the future. So this is one of the designs... I'm selling these for £13 including postage via paypal. Colours are as follows: Red with black text Red with red text Black with black text Black with red text Lime with black text Lime with lime text Orange with black text Orange with orange text Cerise with black text Cerise with cerise text Yellow with black text Yellow with yellow text To apply: Spray some slightly soapy water on to the fuel cap and lay the sticker in place, then squeegee out the excess water and you're done! Metallic paint will show through the sticker making it look metallic too...which is nice!
  3. 1) Payco - Datsun 510 SSS Coupe - PAID 2) RS200 - Toyota Supra - PAID 3) Rick - Ford Focus ST - PAID 4) Zippypooz - Gunmetal 350Z - PAID 5) Darkside - Rocket bunny - 350z - PAID 6) Paul K - 350z Roadster - PAID 7) Coldel - VX220 Turbo Roadster Targa Top - PAID 8) Panman - 350z - Paid 9) MatthewThain - 350z - paid 10) Jamie_T350z - 350z - PAID 11) Gary Jarman - Toyota Supra MK4 PAID 12) Lauren Jarman - Toyota Mk5 PAID 13) Rudling8 - 350z - PAID 14) Olly350z - 350Z 15)
  4. 1) Payco - KSSS DAT - Datsun SSS Coupe2) andy James - AJ07ZZZ 350z3) zippypooz - N44SSN 350z4) Darkside - DK 5IDE Z Rocketbunny 350z5) Rs2oo - V6XXK 350Z Roadster6) Jamie_T350z - UK04 ZED 350z7) MatthewThain - FA53 FZZ 350Z GT8) Seb PR02 SEB - JDM 350Z9) Panman - P44 AAN - 350z 10) GranTurismoEra OIG 3702- 370Z 11) CalvinPomfret - CA11 VNO - 370Z Nismo 12) Stephanie - V6 SYA 350z 13) Olly350z - KD53 DGZ 14) 15)
  5. Hate this car. Dreadful colour, horrible rims, wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. Shouldn't be allowed on here. Welcome along Jamie.
  6. Payco - KSSS DAT - Datsun SSS Coupe andy James - AJ07ZZZ 350z zippypooz - N44SSN 350z Darkside - DK 5IDE Z Rocketbunny 350z
  7. Payco - KSSS DAT - Datsun SSS Coupe andy James - AJ07ZZZ 350z zippypooz - N44SSN 350z
  8. zippypooz

    Sun strip

    If someone has a 370 near me i can template it so that the kit doesnt obscure the sensors!! I do have a 370 template for the sunstrip but not with the sensors cut out.
  9. Thanks guys, some good info there! Mine arnt too bad but I like the amazon buffer idea so I may invest in that! As for wrapping them, I’m probably gonna do that, I’ve been thinking about making these as kits but it depends on how easy it is for a novice to apply a pre cut shape. Failing that I suppose a rectangular piece of film is just as good. avery have just brought out a great PPF film which I want to try, super high gloss too. I like what you’ve done there Davey! I was looking at tints but thought they were a little dark, what did you use as this seems about right!
  10. So guys, i'm after your recommendations for a decent headlight cleaner/polisher/sealer... GO!!!!
  11. Just a few pics! ‘It’ll look good when it’s finished!’
  12. Looks fab! Even better in the flesh, glad youre happy!!





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