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  1. Or it proves that the zed is not quick
  2. Personally i think its a good deal already
  3. Have you tried both doors, if no joy with either door
  4. Love it still talking about zeds at this hour
  5. ShortPaul

    50mm spacers

    I will go with attak z
  6. Hope this helpshttps://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nismo-V1-Style-Front-Bumper-for-Nissan-350z-2003-2009-fibreglass-BEST-FITTING/264430701242?hash=item3d914c4aba:g:tMoAAOxyYANTYS0K
  7. Hi mate whats wrong with your bumper is it beyond repair
  8. ShortPaul

    50mm spacers

    I will go with payco
  9. GLWTS nice looking zed



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