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  1. ShortPaul

    Southwest breakfast meet

    Yeah will be up for this weather permitting
  2. ShortPaul

    Raspberry Pi....

    Nice work buddy
  3. ShortPaul

    It's Humpy's birthday!

    Happy birthday dude
  4. ShortPaul

    Nismo on its way.

    How old is to old
  5. Hi mate your zed looks the nuts it's a shame I am not in the position to buy if I was I would be knocking on your door tomorrow mate Cheers Paul
  6. ShortPaul

    Any others owned their zed 10yrs plus?

    Hi I have had my 04 de for nearly11 years,bought it with 18000 miles on it one owner, it now has 34000 only comes out on sunny days no plans on getting rid of,if I do up grade it will probably be a nismo 370
  7. ShortPaul

    Show off your custom coloured or wrapped Z.

    A carbon bonet would look really cool on your car mate
  8. ShortPaul

    New 350 owner here

    cleen looking zed,enjoy
  9. ShortPaul

    Some MOFO has bumped into me

    Hi mate I would say it's a job for a body shop
  10. ShortPaul

    Replacement boot mat

  11. ShortPaul

    Door arch Plastic trim