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  1. Mass air flow housing

    Hi mate have you tried zedman Alex
  2. Blanking plate required for 7" screen?

    Hi mate try and pm buster he should be able to advise you on this matter
  3. Bumper air duct

    Hi mate try 350z parts on Amazon or eBay you will find on there for def
  4. What is the best 'All Round' car

    Such a bitch
  5. What is the best 'All Round' car

    Cosworth escort for me
  6. 350z/370z Wheel spacers in stock

    Hi mate can you supply these spacers in 15mm
  7. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    Hi I am up for this please can someone add me to the list please Short Paul +1 cheers
  8. New Kid

    Hi and welcome
  9. A Happy Christmas to one and all

    Have a good one all
  10. [Sold]Cusco strut brace

    Has this part been sold?
  11. 370z headlights on a 350z.

    Look a like a crock of sh_t shouldn't be allowed to own a zed
  12. Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

    Hi think someone has done a vid of the club stand if that helps mate
  13. wanted 350z cats

    Hi mate there is a some for sale on here 25 quid bargain
  14. Wanted: W Brace and front bumper

    Hi tarmac motorsports supply after market one's hope this helps
  15. Jdm Coombe 2nd June 2018

    Hi up for this please add me to the list Cheers Paul