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  1. Can you do a mason mitre out of square?
  2. Shame she won't fit in the lounge
  3. I should ok then i am south west
  4. Just wondering what rims do you have in mind to fill those arches with
  5. There is no snow in Bristol
  6. I would probably think differently if i had a mx5
  7. Poor zed out in the weather
  8. I am sure torqen will have
  9. May be snow foam lance treatment prior to getting in the wheelie bin
  10. Did you get spotted by any of your neighbours look to forwards to hearing there comments if you were spotted you mad man
  11. Take my hat off to you, so much work look forward to seeing it finished, may be get to see it at show
  12. The rear end don't look that bad but the front definitely is a wtf





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