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  1. Hi buddy he is not on this forum anymore
  2. Hi and welcome from Bristol nice looking zed you have there
  3. Two door version looks a lot better than the four door version 😁
  4. Nice one buddy,that should help out a few people 😀
  5. Cheers Davey not to sure now, looks to small to me
  6. Has anyone swapped out there existing Nissan burger badges and fitted the latest style emblem's?
  7. The edit button is there anymore,it hasn't been there for sometime 😭
  8. I always have to shop around every year for best price.It doesn't pay to stay with the same insurance company anymore as there's no loyalty.
  9. How did the bulb upgrades go and which ones did you upgrade
  10. You don't have the MX-5 anymore than?
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