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  1. Hi mate I think you are looking at 900 hundred but I don't know a garage in your area, but I am sure somebody will help you on here
  2. I think that screw in stud is to stop you putting the back wheels on the front someone correct me if I am wrong
  3. And the moral of the story don't put a Stanley blade in there
  4. Spotted a silver 350 going through staple Hill tonight
  5. Hi mate, looks like a tidy zed, I would check rear arces for rust, check for oil leaks on the rocker covers, I would say it's a bit over priced but good luck with it, low mileage is a plus
  6. Hi mate there is someone breaking a zed on gum tree, also have you tried a place called pricecat
  7. Nice looking zed lots of money spent, I would try it at 16k



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