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  1. Hi, Not sure if you've found what you're after but I've a set of Meister GT 1 coilovers, little used at approx 3k miles. Rob
  2. I've a pair of OEM illuminated door sill protectors, please PM me. Cheers Rob
  3. Guess every day's a school day eh?
  4. Thumbs down means beware, speed trap ahead ETA but I guess you know that Really?
  5. You wanna get a wave? First off flash your lights twice, at any approaching car, then when it gets closer ram your hand up to the windscreen and give thumbs down sign .... ...I'm not too sure what this means but I get wave or a thumbs up everytime, 100% success
  6. Just to confirm, is this on a 370?
  7. Well the colour match seems to be prety good, but if I'm going to be picky you could improve on the application technique. I'm only saying this as otherwise, given time, you'll be addressing a lot more than just a 'chip'. There's plenty of 'how to' guides out there.
  8. No probs and glad to of help Reckon it's a good excuse to get all 4 colour changed/refurbished! Looks like that section you require refinishing is diamond cut...gonna cost
  9. Probably not the best of photo's but is that a slight cut in the tyre side wall? Best seen in the first pic, top and left of centre.
  10. The build is looking good! Nice classy and subtle mods on a really good colour, keep posting . I've now lost the 370 and have a Cyaman S Gen 2, awesome car and a totally different beast to the Z. I will say that one of the best things of having had a 350 and 370 was being part of this forum, sooo much info and a truly amazing source of build threads and just genuine and enthusiastic guys (and traders) doing great things with their cars! The Cayman owners club is a really, really good forum but I don't think anyone has ever heard of a group buy .
  11. Sold! Please lock, many thanks guys.
  12. Sold! Can this be locked, many thanks guys.
  13. Sold, nice to know these are going to a good home! Please lock, many thanks.
  14. Sold. Please lock, many thanks.
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