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  1. Hi and welcome, lovely looking Zed that, obviously been well looked after. Have you got any pics of the Ep3 as well, I ran a supercharged one for a few years, great cars
  2. Changed the date to the 28th see if there’s more interest. I’ll still be out tomorrow somewhere @Woodzman if you fancy a mini meet
  3. Anyone fancy meeting up and having a drive out this Sunday? Thinking of meeting at Falcon in Middlesbrough and taking it from there
  4. Cracking job , I really need to get my finger out and do mine
  5. That looks sooooo much better
  6. Have you got confirmation that it is definitely for the roadster? Only asking because I bought a 2nd hand one off fleabay and it doesn’t sit quite flush. It’s not an issue for me as it’s going to be modified
  7. Ha ha, where have I heard that before on this forum?
  8. 4 years now since I had mine done and still as good as the day they were done. Excellent service from headlightretrofits.
  9. Looking back through this thread I can’t believe I actually said the phrase “I’m not gonna modify this car” . Definitely had a good old dose of Zeditus!!
  10. Can’t believe I’ve not updated this thread in ages, the poor old girl didn’t get out much last year (for a variety of reasons) and is yet to make an appearance this year so far. Bit of a special day last time she came out
  11. Sounds like another prime candidate for a dose of Zeditus
  12. Sits back and waits for that list to get much longer



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