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  1. Decent little run up Hartside/Alston with my red twin
  2. It’s not on yet, booked on in a few weeks. Tbh I did a video of the current exhaust, which sounds very loud when standing behind the car but on the video it doesn’t sound loud at all
  3. Spent a great couple of days having a boys roadtrip with matching R8’s. Weather was perfect, and the scenery spectacular! Went from the north east across country to Hawes and Devils bridge into the south Lake District. Went up the side of Windermere, then had a great blast up from Penrith to Alston/Hartside which is one of the best roads I’ve ever driven! On the way back we popped over the border into bonnie Scotland and called at Gretna Green - thank God her indoors wasn’t with us , then came across country further north, taking in Kielder.
  4. Recently had a run up to JM-Imports to drop off my mates Hot Staff Ex-demo R33 GTR Vspec. What a stunning car that is, can’t believe he’s selling it!
  5. Not yet, but I’m going to see about it on Saturday
  6. I’m not surprised, BMW’s usually being a young lad’s first foray into rwd hence more accidents. Same with the S2000, I remember years ago when I bought one they had a reputation for ending up in hedges backwards (especially the pre 2005 updated ones). That reputation was well deserved, I spun mine despite being aware of the issue and driving it carefully - I was shocked how susceptible it was to change ends!
  7. Happy to help mate. Hope this one doesn’t get nicked - I haven’t got another one
  8. It's kept in a garage under an indoor cover in an attempt to prevent this, but I know exactly what you mean
  9. The only ones I have at the moment are from the advert for the car
  10. Couple more pics. Had a busy weekend giving the car some tlc before spending all day yesterday demolishing a full tank of fuel
  11. Now that would be good - a street full of Zeds
  12. I did consider a GTR, but needed to scratch a V10 itch. The sound is fantastic, and apparently quite loud outside (inside it’s quite well insulated) so God knows what’ll it be like when I get the new exhaust on - the neighbours are gonna hate me!
  13. Just collected this machine. Definitely a worthy replacement for the Zed





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