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  1. I’ve got a black Range Rover Evoque front bumper
  2. Hi Luca, welcome aboard. Cool looking Zed
  3. I suppose it would have to depend on the weather
  4. Really like the look of these. One concern though, I take it they replace the cat (or hfc, in my case) so would need swapping over come MOT time in order to pass emissions test?
  5. Following with interest. Quite fancied doing this myself, but the other half would go mad , she says I have too many toys already!
  6. My 2 year granddaughter could’ve don even a better job!
  7. I’ve got to admit I’ve always thought the same. I love the look of a lot of American cars, but then you see the interior - usually looks awful, and definitely very poor quality!
  8. Don’t suppose anyone just happens to have one of these lying around . On the look out for a cheap one
  9. Nice pics Fergie, car’s looking good
  10. The new mk3 TTS gets really good reviews on the TT forum and on the TTRS/RS3 Facebook page. A lot of guys compare it (performance and handling wise) to the mk2 RS and claim it is better. I haven’t driven one (I have a mk2 RS) so cant comment directly. Yes, it won’t have the appeal of a Zed and can possibly be called soulless, but, if all you want is a really fast (especially with dsg) daily with a very modern interior, that is relatively cheap to run, you won’t go far wrong
  11. Opinions seem to be split down the middle. Now you know why I’m struggling to decide . How about something like this? Would this type be a more popular option. Can I just state, I’m not looking for ‘approval’, I want to add a spoiler but just genuinely can’t decide which style to go with
  12. C’mon Steve get off the fence and tell me what you really think.
  13. Where’s the fun in that?
  14. Agree with your comments, I have been deliberating for a while as to whether to give it a go. As I said, it will need modifying to make it fit. Unfortunately I only have that pic, someone on another forum did a photoshop for me



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