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  1. As the others have said, glad you’re ok that’s the main thing. It’s always upsetting to lose your pride and joy but at the end of the day it can be replaced - you can’t
  2. Having owned both for quite a few years I’d say go for a test drive. They’re both so different, and both have their positives and negatives. As others have said, the RS doesn’t have the same driving dynamics as the Zed, but is quicker (by a long way once mapped) and the build quality is much better. A big plus for the Audi is that 5 cylinder engine, which is fantastic.
  3. What Jack said, drop some hfc’s in
  4. Ha ha, we all say that! Let’s see how long you last
  5. How are you finding the difference jumping to the 70? We need pics!
  6. Hi and welcome. Good luck with your search, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy the Zed when you get it
  7. Hi and welcome. Should have no problem getting parts on her
  8. Well, for the 2nd time had to dig out the white ribbon. Would've been a nice touch to leave the homemade plates on to drive to the venue, but wasn’t worth the risk
  9. All fair comments tbh guys, I haven’t actually picked it up yet so will see tomorrow what the colour match is like in the flesh
  10. I posted a while ago on another thread about wanting to add a rear spoiler, but couldn’t decide what style to go for. It’s taken a while to a) make a decision and b) finally get the work done. I managed to pick up a genuine Nissan spoiler off fleabay for peanuts, which turned out to be cracked down one of the support legs. The seller refunded half my money, so it cost virtually nothing - result. There was quite a bit of work to get it blended in, but I think it was worth the effort



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