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  1. Yeah bigger turbos and all the ancillary’s. If your talking R8’s they’re on a whole different level! I wanted one for years, but didn’t think it would be worth the extra cost as it wouldn’t be much (if any) faster than my TT - oh how wrong I was! I bought a V10+ and it’s way better than my TT. The handling is unreal, and the whole driving experience is in another league
  2. I ran a modified mk2 TTrs for 7 years, 5 of those alongside my 370z roadster and I can definitely say the TT was cheaper to run. Despite being stage 3 (~575bhp) it was roughly the same cost to insure, the tax was less than half that of the Zed, and servicing was about the same (done at an independent). Mpg was better in the TT - unless I was booting it, which, actually come to think of it was most of the time In all those years it was ultra reliable, never had a single fault. I would say the build quality was significantly better than the Zed (not that there was anything wrong with the Zed). Performance wise even a standard TTrs would be quicker than a nismo, but before I get shot down, it’s not RWD and that would be the clincher for a lot of people. Depends what you ultimately want the car for. If you’re considering a mk3 they’re a big leap forward again over the mk2. Better performance, more modern tech, easily tunable to around 500bhp with just a remap
  3. Davectr

    Astra GTC VXR

    Ok, except yours . But yours isn’t ‘really’ a Vauxhall is it
  4. Just offshore from near where I live is a huge wind farm, which, you would think, would provide a big (environmentally friendly) contribution to the national grid . Well, these were often seen to be not spinning (I.e. generating electricity). When asked why the answer was they can’t operate if it isn’t windy enough, fair enough you may think, but also they can’t operate if it’s too windy! WTF! Surely in this day and age there is technology out there to allow these to operate at variable speeds?
  5. Davectr

    Astra GTC VXR

    Vauxhall’s are for people who’ve given up on life Thats all I’m saying
  6. And that’s when it’s time to quit driving and use public transport! It’s thoughts like this that make me glad I’m getting old, by the time all this happens I’ll only need a car to pick up my prescriptions . Also glad I live nowhere near a big city, so will have freedom of the open road a little longer
  7. My daily is a diesel Evoque, but a few times lately I’ve had a hybrid hire car (for work) and even though it’s not been a car I would normally even take a second glance at, for round town and chauffeuring the grandkids I’m considering the possibility of one next to replace the Evoque. Don’t think I’d ever (well certainly not in the near future) go for a full electric car
  8. Managed to get in a late afternoon run across the spectacular North Yorkshire moors. These roads are amazing, and literally 5mins from my house! Just have to keep a keen eye out for sheep as for some reason the exhaust noise seems to scare the @*!# out of them
  9. Lovely car, and great photos. You keep on pic whoring as much as you want
  10. Love getting out and about on the North Yorkshire moors!
  11. OMG, why didn’t you have this in when I had a 370z? @Humpy there you go mate, that’ll go with the front bumper
  12. Happy birthday @Humpy, you don’t look a day over 30
  13. Decent little run up Hartside/Alston with my red twin
  14. It’s not on yet, booked on in a few weeks. Tbh I did a video of the current exhaust, which sounds very loud when standing behind the car but on the video it doesn’t sound loud at all





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