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  1. Brilliant find, thank you - exactly what I'm looking for in Birmingham CS seem to be open for key workers only at the moment, so was unable to get my Z booked in with them. I've been looking elsewhere local to me too so this is perfect, will give these guys a shot.
  2. Bump Reduced the price with postage included. Open to offers
  3. Does anyone know of any specialist Independent garages in the Birmingham area?
  4. Hi All, Someone either pinched the Z letter from the rear or it fell off somewhere It's the Black edition - 40th anniversary version. On the look out for another one, preferably the Z letter on its own if anyone got one? or the full thing like the below: Thanks guys
  5. Set of 370z Short Tails for sale Torqen Sports Resonated set, in decent condition as you can see in the photos, it could do with a polish. The tips still look really neat and really adds to the overall look of the 370z when fitted. These sound immense and really brings out the noise that it needs of a stock 370z. £210 Including P&P
  6. Thanks for your perspective on this, to be honest I could do with the increased induction noise. Sounds funny but I wouldn't mind losing a few horses for it as I won't be tracking or whatever. Anyone had any experiences with the JWT Pop Charger and if its worth the cost? Got my eyes on them
  7. Hi Asad, I'm interested in one of these, please pm me details Many thanks.
  8. Cheers dude. Sorry noob question - how do I go about contacting zedmanalex on here?
  9. On a lookout for a JWT Pop Charger Induction Kit for 370z at a good price - Anyone know of a good deal or selling? Do get in touch! Cheers!
  10. Black edition owner here No. 009/370 Please add me to the list
  11. Wow. This is brill. Thanks so much for the info! Would you say this is the best short cone intake system? Ah that's good to hear, as I've heard induction systems in the Z doesn't make a difference in sound due to the stock system being good enough as it is. Cheers!
  12. Thanks for this! Really gd vid to see the difference in performance gains. :O Ah OK. A noob question then - what is a pop charger? :$ *Jumps on YouTube*





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