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  1. Right on point, really don't want anything obnoxious. Had bad experience with previous short tails, it was droney/boomy and it really didn't enhance the sound, it was as if the bass was cranked up on full volume that you can't hear the music of the V6 How does the invidia compare to the cobra? Saw a few clips for the invidia and it does sound great but then I also read a comment that the stock sounds better lol! So unsure which to go with. Heard a lot of good things about these exhausts, if they improve the stock sound slightly and bring out the V6 noise, would definitely consider one of these. Would love to find out if there are any good deals going on these pipes?
  2. Looking for a really good deal on the Cobra exhaust, without the y pipe for now. Also I know the 370z has only one version of the cobra exhaust, is this the resonated sound? Previously I've had short tails fitted and I really didn't like the drone and boomy sound and hoping the cobra exhaust is nothing like that lol. Would prefer something a little more refined than the stock, and I heard the cobra exhaust is just that. Unsure if the 370z version of the cobra exhaust is droney. Let me know guys, thanks
  3. Unsure if anyone can help me, but my drivers side door is completely jammed/locked and does not open from the outside nor from the inside. So I've been climbing through the passenger door like a loon. I tried unlocking with the physical key but no luck. As a note, when turning the key to the left, you can feel little resistance, but I didn't want to force it or damage anything. The door handles themselves operate normally, the exterior button on the handle seems to lock/unlock all the other doors except this one. Made a booking with Nissan for the 23rd. However, its worrying because prior to this issue, sometimes the passenger door would fail to open too, but this is only from the outside. (There were times I have to open the passenger door from inside so my wife can get in). So I mentioned this to Nissan and they said they'll check both of the doors. It would be a terrible situation if I can't gain access into the car at all. Or even worse, being stuck inside the car and having to climb out the window lol. Unfortunately Nissan do not have an earlier booking date. Wondering if there's a solution to this before I pay £50 for a diagnoses check. Anyone had the same issues or know a solution? Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys!
  4. Massive respect to @Davectr Who sent me this Z emblem, exactly what I needed. Thanks again mate! I'll be putting this on later today, so there's no longer a blank space lol and hopefully no one pinches it again.
  5. That is so cool! Do post some photos of the finished emblem
  6. Brilliant find, thank you - exactly what I'm looking for in Birmingham CS seem to be open for key workers only at the moment, so was unable to get my Z booked in with them. I've been looking elsewhere local to me too so this is perfect, will give these guys a shot.
  7. Bump Reduced the price with postage included. Open to offers
  8. Does anyone know of any specialist Independent garages in the Birmingham area?
  9. Hi All, Someone either pinched the Z letter from the rear or it fell off somewhere It's the Black edition - 40th anniversary version. On the look out for another one, preferably the Z letter on its own if anyone got one? or the full thing like the below: Thanks guys
  10. Set of 370z Short Tails for sale Torqen Sports Resonated set, in decent condition as you can see in the photos, it could do with a polish. The tips still look really neat and really adds to the overall look of the 370z when fitted. These sound immense and really brings out the noise that it needs of a stock 370z. £210 Including P&P
  11. Thanks for your perspective on this, to be honest I could do with the increased induction noise. Sounds funny but I wouldn't mind losing a few horses for it as I won't be tracking or whatever. Anyone had any experiences with the JWT Pop Charger and if its worth the cost? Got my eyes on them
  12. Hi Asad, I'm interested in one of these, please pm me details Many thanks.
  13. Cheers dude. Sorry noob question - how do I go about contacting zedmanalex on here?
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