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  1. cob1980

    0.5kg gearknob

    Hello, no sorry this is now SOLD
  2. cob1980

    0.5kg gearknob

    Here's your chance to own a unique gearknob, it was on my Z when I bought it, the owner said it was specially made so there is no other. It screws straight on, no adapters, grub screws etc and sits nicely over the leather gaiter. It's a good weight at just over 0.5kg. Very nice knob just not for me I prefer a ball shape, so raising a few £ to replace it. Looking for £40, postage £4.50.
  3. Spotted this week just waiting to pull out of Middle Lane.
  4. I'd put the Nismo exhaust as a separate post, you should get some interest that way
  5. Sounds good count me in if this weather improves 1) davey_83 2) Charlie boy 3) Valy 4) Justthejedi 5) Andy_Muxlow 6) Secretstar07979 (Adam) 7) Dania350z 8) Cob1980
  6. It is. The "shitting Peugeot" is just a meme haha. Forgot i haven't got it today anyway so I'll be going in the Nissan..... Qashqai Not bad Pete, you well?
  7. I'll be rocking up in my "shitting Peugeot" tomorrow to see everyone and their lovely Z's, damn you ARK Performance and your ill fitting merchandise.
  8. I'll join for the Melbicks meet but I'll head off after that. 1. davey_83 2. 14N 3. Andy_Muxlow +1 maybe 4. SHEZZA +1 maybe 5. AntelopeSam 6. Justthejedi 7. Buster +1 8. Charlie Boy 9. Jazz + 1 maybe 10. MoNsTaaRz + 1 maybe 11. Mopedmark + 1 12. robman23 13. Face_Eator 14. bhupz350 + 1 maybe 15. tom Mckay (not on forum) + 1 maybe 16. Monekybrain 17. cob1980
  9. Good news with the MOT David. Love the new setup, all fitted without any issues either! Looking forward to hearing it.
  10. OK thanks for all your input guys, I think enough has been said here. Hopefully ARK will take an interest in their product regardless of time and use. If not then it's in for the chop and weld lol.
  11. @14NI did, however, I'm going to have to drop out this year, can't guarantee I'll make it due to my ongoing HFC saga so I'd rather it go to someone else who can.
  12. @Adrian@TORQEN ha, you could have kept quiet this was nothing bad about you. You've put far more information here than you have said direct to me, it would have helped. You didn't mention end of the month, at least that gives me a date now. It's not just a simple case of getting them swapped out. It means getting car booked in possibly twice, taking time off work etc And I between now at the jap show I have a holiday booked. I didn't want to do the wrong thing as its seems I have already. Silly me shouldn't have expected them to fit





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