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  1. Just thought I'd expand on this old post if anyone is interested. The Bosch S5 008 (AH 77 CCA 780) recommended above is the biggest capacity you'll find but it doesn't fit the tray. Won't move about much but still, if you want next best thing.... Bosch S4 026 It fits the tray nicely, capacity wise isn't too much less, and if you have a blue Z then it's win win! AH 70 CCA 630
  2. I think I've been sent the wrong one, mines not in there
  3. Wow these sold out quick. Anyone else backs out then let me know ta.
  4. Ah fair enough. I'm sure I'll have something to submit anyway, just asking as I had a photoshoot done at Japfest, thought it would be cool to use one of those.
  5. Not sure if this post is allowed here or in the correct place so mods please move / delete if necessary. I just wanted to put these guys on the map for anyone looking for work on their Z. Since I was unable to get my Z booked in at Cougar Store earlier in the year I looked elsewhere local to me. I came across RPM Garage in Birmingham (Erdington / Perry Barr way), they had good reviews on their Facebook page and from the photos were obviously were enthusiasts in the performance car scene. I needed to get my clutch slave cylinder replaced - to be honest I was pretty nervous at getting anyone else working on my Z especially since I'd been told this job is a PITA job to do well and I was going to Japfest the following week. I needn't have worried, the guys there patiently spent a couple of hours bleeding every last bit of air out until they were confident it was done and let me take the Z out for a test drive to make sure I was happy with the work before paying. They only charged for the quoted work even though I was sure it should have been more for the time spent. I've got talking to one of the owners there, Richard, he has a 350z himself so is very familiar with them too which is a huge bonus. Like many trades finding a trustworthy mechanic is a difficult task, and there seems to be an shortage of Z specialists in this area. I said to him I would give them a mention to the club since he is a Z enthusiast himself and hopefully get some more trade their way (although I know they are busy anyway). Not sure he's a member of a club so maybe I'll persuade him this is the best one to join https://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/category/Automotive-Repair-Shop/RPM-Garage-885476884862011/
  6. Hello mate Firstly my apologies for responding to this MUCH sooner, I blame having a 1 month old daughter I've barely been on the forum at all. I wanted to thank you for the time you've spent on this, even if it wasn't the result we wanted. If anything at least I can take comfort that this is just not feasible. It would have been a really useful feature for me and I'm sure many others who squeeze their Z in to a single garage, or just forgetful people ha. It annoys me every single time!! It has left me wondering though about ECU's. I am looking to remap mine next year. I'm a little gutted that I can't have multiple maps put on mine. I wonder if a US ECU can be used for multi maps, and have this feature, and not loose anything else such as PATS. Hmm..... Keep up the good work!
  7. Probably last meet of the year (will my oil catch can be plumbed in?) 1. Davey_83 2. nissanman312 (Maybe) 3. 14N 4. OnlyAfro (Maybe if the weather is decent) 5. Matt jb88 6. Jay84 7. CLASSIX 8. Killick.z (Weather permitting) 9. Cob1980 (Weather permitting)
  8. Calendar pic I reckon there mate
  9. Good day, even if I did miss the convoy thanks guys. Here's our stand...



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