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  1. I'll join for the Melbicks meet but I'll head off after that. 1. davey_83 2. 14N 3. Andy_Muxlow +1 maybe 4. SHEZZA +1 maybe 5. AntelopeSam 6. Justthejedi 7. Buster +1 8. Charlie Boy 9. Jazz + 1 maybe 10. MoNsTaaRz + 1 maybe 11. Mopedmark + 1 12. robman23 13. Face_Eator 14. bhupz350 + 1 maybe 15. tom Mckay (not on forum) + 1 maybe 16. Monekybrain 17. cob1980
  2. Good news with the MOT David. Love the new setup, all fitted without any issues either! Looking forward to hearing it.
  3. OK thanks for all your input guys, I think enough has been said here. Hopefully ARK will take an interest in their product regardless of time and use. If not then it's in for the chop and weld lol.
  4. @14NI did, however, I'm going to have to drop out this year, can't guarantee I'll make it due to my ongoing HFC saga so I'd rather it go to someone else who can.
  5. @Adrian@TORQEN ha, you could have kept quiet this was nothing bad about you. You've put far more information here than you have said direct to me, it would have helped. You didn't mention end of the month, at least that gives me a date now. It's not just a simple case of getting them swapped out. It means getting car booked in possibly twice, taking time off work etc And I between now at the jap show I have a holiday booked. I didn't want to do the wrong thing as its seems I have already. Silly me shouldn't have expected them to fit
  6. This will probably split opinions... which is fine, I'm just after advice on what people would do in this situation. I'm not naming anyone here as this is on-going and I feel would be unfair at this point. Last year during a sale I purchased a pair of relatively expensive HFC's made by a supposedly quality manufacturer and from a well known retailer. I wasn't ready to fit them at the time as I wanted to install when I was ready for a re-map. A few weeks ago I had them fitted. Sadly one of the HFC's did not fit well and after a couple of hours of tweaking by the mechanic it sat just mm from the underside of my Z. The other side by comparison sat very comfortably. I took my Z home in the hope that the gap was sufficient. A few miles in and it was very clear that it was not OK, I guess with the heat it had moved a bit and was rubbing against the underside. I carefully drove it the remainder of the distance home since the garage was closing when I left and home wasn't too far away. I contacted the retailer to arrange an exchange for the faulty HFC. They said it was out of warranty now, and to try contacting the manufacturer which I did. The manufacturer said their policy is not to replace anything out of warranty but proceeded to ask questions anyway. All went quiet. I spoke to the retailer again and asked them if they could speak to the manufacturer themselves as I felt it was more likely they would listen to them. The manufacturer contacted me again to ask for further information. All has gone quiet again, it's been nearly 3 weeks since this happened and about a week since I last heard anything. The latest I heard from the retailer is that the manufacturer is deciding what to do, but they had noted from my photos the HFC looked used - which indeed they are because I made a half hour journey home. I now feel completely stuck. I have a Z in my garage which I can't use in it's current state, which annoying me 'cos I don't get to use it much anyway. A retailer who can't help me. And a manufacturer who have said they'll "think about it". I've resisted sending a Section 75 letter at this point as I'd hoped the retailer/manufacturer would have done what I think is the correct thing to do and replace it with one that fits. Also, I don't want to p*ss off the retailer as I don't want to burn bridges. That said, I'm not best pleased about this situation, regardless of when I fitted them, the one doesn't fit end of - it's not fit for purpose. How long am I expected to wait? Or are they just hoping I will go away! My other option is (at my expense) have the HFC cut and re-welded to fit. It would be my luck at this point that the manufacturer would say they will replace it! I really want them fitted but I'm not keen on having them chopped up. Thoughts / advice please....?
  7. Soft99 Fusso Light Wax
  8. Tidy build by the way, good to see a Z being well looked after.
  9. Haha yep, well sadly for me I left them in the box for ages as I wanted to put them on at the point of being ready for a remap which meant the warranty had expired. No cup of tea but I did expect them to fit with no issues! So at this point in time I can't answer your question, I couldn't give the Z any beans as the one HFC flange was rattling like crazy against the shell. Currently it's sat sat in my garage, useless, whilst I wait for ARK to decide if they are willing to swap out their not fit for purpose part out of warranty. Very disappointing!
  10. Probably a lucky escape, as I have ARK hfc's and one isn't going to fit without some work from an angle grinder and welder. Interesting you say that about stock, you can still order them from Torqen? I'd have expected a pair of £700 odd pair of HFC's to bolt straight on though.
  11. Must have, it was definitely too big, I took the tray out to check. Mines an 05, presumably you have a later year then?
  12. Public transport...
  13. Don't know how far you're travelling but you could ask for a quote where I got mine done, RPM garage in Birmingham 0121 356 3175
  14. that's terrible ! There was no offer of recourse, lucky for me the garage very kindly remedied the work for nothing. Just hope no damage to the drive shafts etc I did say the least I expected was for them to update the instructions so that no one else is out of pocket.
  15. Just resurrecting this post as it was useful to me. I had my 350z diff bushes replaced a few months ago. The garage duly followed the instructions with thin bushes and washers on top, fat bushes on bottom. Whilst driving it the noises from the rear were horrendous. After much research including this post I took it back and they swapped them over. Thin bushes on bottom, fat bushes on top and no washers!! I gave Whiteline a fair amount of grief over this and sent them evidence, they said they had passed in on to the Oz team. I see they have now overhauled the instructions (Rev C) which is correct https://www.whiteline.com.au/docs/install_guides/Z5206.pdf



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