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  1. Good evening out, perfect weather for it too!
  2. I set up a Facebook group for buying / selling, there may be one on there, I did see an automatic: https://www.facebook.com/groups/287218575628852/
  3. Stick shift mine sorry
  4. No mate, but to be fair I've not really pushed the advertising. It's only on here and FB marketplace. That said I've set up a Qashqai for sale page on FB and within 2 weeks it has over 100 members...if you wish to join! Yer trade-in price is not good. Had a couple of enquires, one was too far away, and the other they had a budget of £4k and was seeing if I'd accept that. I aint giving it away! GLW your sale also
  5. Hi all....we have decided to sell our Nissan Qashqui. Just seeing if there's any interest at the moment as we are still in lockdown. Nothing wrong with it, has been a reliable car, was planning on going electric this year....if I still have a job at the end of all this. Any questions or more photos let me know. Thanks, iain.
  6. Nice, thought "that steep hill looks familiar", then seen the Merevale sign - right be me fella! I was going to say you should have give me a shout....but not at that time of morning
  7. Hello, cheapest I can find is £25 so total would be £55 delivered. Let me know if this is of interest to you.
  8. Here's a video comparison of the standard cats vs ARK's:
  9. Ha...ditto David, your Z is sooo clean! Thanks for the pic, not seen that one!





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