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  1. love the update! thanks fella! Miss your all your faces! Will come over for a cuppa when all this has blown over!!
  2. Ah poop! I have the joy of working sat now. Count me out Bright side I suppose it means more dosh to buy shiny things for the zed!
  3. Did someone say breakfast? 1. Andy James 2. Humpy 3. Maz (gg2040uk) 4. 5. 6.
  4. Here here! Thanks so much for hosting and organising. Food was awesome, car chat and shenanigans were fab and company excellent!
  5. It looks like a great turnout and nice weather!! Truly gutted I missed seeing the awesome cars and ofc you seeing lovely lot! I have a good excuse tho! I was in London for Comic Con meeting Aquaman!
  6. ok few more bits done! Tyres! How did I forget my awesome new tyres! I had some Sailun (not a brand I was familiar with!) tyres on it when I purchased her. It wasn't like they were really old, worn ordesperately needed replacing...... In case you haven't guessed already I am a sucker for new and shiny! I was originally going to go for the Toyo T1 proxies as I used to run those on my S14a, but after reading reviews and looking at forums I went for the Michelin Pilot Sport 4's all round. I am running 18 inch rays so cant do those lovely MPS4S bad boys, but figured 'non super' on
  7. Now that would have been sensible wouldn't it?! haha To be honest I haven't decided 100% on it, I may chat to some more members for ideas and try and see a few more in the flesh. I will be getting some more paint work done in a few months.. bonnet needs doing so may re-visit then.
  8. Oo that's interesting. Yeah for £700 I was expecting them to make me a cuppa in the morning too! Are you pleased with them generally after fitting fun? I spoke to Bob at Tarmac who explained issues getting them from Ark. I figured I would give the Tarmac ones a go and see. They come in at about £400 I think on their own.
  9. Well I was going to get the ark hfc's to go with the ark grip cat back zorst I have coming from the guys at Tarmac.. but I believe there are some issues with sourcing the said part and ark may not be making em anymore... So I opted instead for the Tarmac ones. I will try and do a before and after video of the sound. My setup is currently standard apart from I have a Toyo sports back box.
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