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  1. Our "other" car is a Jag XF 3.0 diesel, and the Mrs just poodles around in it most of the time, the DPF thing isn't a problem, and if it does bring a light up, you just take it for a decent run and it clears......had to do it twice in my old one (2008) , and never in my newer one (2013) If i was replacing the Zed, it would be the XF-R...ask Chris @cs2000 as hes got one!!
  2. 1. Stutopia x2 2. Kev T 3. Jack94 4. Harrison140 5. davey83 6. StormtrooperZ 7. andy James x1 8. Andy_Muxlow x1 9. zzIncubus x1 10. ILikeDolphins 11. NeeZ 12. Ricochet 13. Grumpyoldjanner 14. Flashback x1 15 glrnet 16. Paul K
  3. Thanks Martin!! looking forward to seeing your Datsun when we all get to meet again
  4. 5 years ownership for me, looks a bit different from when i got it
  5. Seen today near the “Blue Jay” in Derby
  6. its all looking really nice mate, look forward to seeing in the flesh
  7. I think it was the behaviour of the Audi club that was there at the same time as us last time we were there that stuffed it up
  8. i've got a Gemini on my 350z with stock cats...i'm in SE London
  9. thats a wise move @andy james, personally i would rather defer until next May, rather than squash it all into one event
  10. @Bunning, where abouts are you? there aren't that many Zeds around Bexley!!
  11. given that your elements are purely resistive .......10kW at 240v is 41.66A.....watch your breakers!!
  12. looking really great...liking the candy red!! can't wait for the first start video





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