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  1. Paul K

    350z Roadster Roof Issue!

  2. Paul K

    Profile question

    Have a look on Willtheyfit.com itll tell you how much your speedo will vary etc
  3. Paul K

    350z Roadster Roof Issue!

    i also try to lock my front latch, before the rear section has folded back down, as then its not tensioned
  4. Paul K

    Angling - teaching myself to fish

    if you PM me i can guide you a bit on kit and set up for a float fishing session no problem
  5. Gutted we missed this, pics look great!! We will definitely be at the next one!
  6. Paul K

    Angling - teaching myself to fish

    Depends very much on what you want to do....specimen hunting like @Mopedmark for monsters, or just general pleasure angling for bits n bobs, and if a larger fish turns up, hang on and hope.. Firstly you will need a coarse fishing license...these are annual, 8 day or 1 day.....might be worth waiting until you decide to go before getting the annual....... also it would be wise not to invest in a load of stuff before going, cheap stuff is OK these days, as many years ago...Argos was you best bet for stuff and it was worse than useless......i get most of my tackle from Dragon carp direct now (part of sports direct) reasonably priced stuff...not the best in the world, but good enough it helps if you have someone to take you for the fisrt time (although not necessary) to guide you about things such as line and hook size, type of baits, how to mount them, and even what type of fishing you want to do ( float and Ledger/feeder are the most common, with Pole more "match" focused) If i was closer to you, i would gladly take you on a day pleasure fishing, as i have plenty of kit to set you up for the day. you are quite fortunate being in Lincolnshire, as there are plenty of day ticket venues around you (theres a good one up the A1 in Retford....have a look at Hallcroft fisheries .....not the chip shop though!!). some of the larger commercial fisheries have beginners "have a go" days and you pay a fee, and they set you up with a simple setup to get you catching fish (it was "go fishing" day a couple of weeks ago.) let me know, or PM me if you want any more help
  7. spotted this Today 21st July 2018 very tidy. Left a spotted card on the windscreen
  8. Thanks for the info Chris...sorry about your switch!!
  9. Paul K

    5th Bow Motor - 350Z Roadster

    He may have a replacement......
  10. Paul K

    This bit... in Kuro black

  11. Paul K

    Cleaning Advice

    2 bucket wash for defnite.....also a fan of the BH autowash also BH autofoam, in the snowfoam cannon i've recently gone to Microfibre Madness incredipads away from lambswool mitts as you can just bung them in the washer (non bio wash liquid, not powder) dry with a microfibre drying towel (im using the liquid elements silverback). Rag company Eagle edgless microfibres are the nuts for buffing off wax and QD Poorboys - nattys black wax is what i use for the paint Carpro PERL for tyres and any other plastics recently i've been using Angelwax QED as a QD..its nice and not to expensive, and Angelwax Vision glass cleaner with a coating of their H2Go glass sealer as well for the Glass (Obvs)
  12. correct...roadster
  13. don't think its an issue...just a function thats not available on UK cars....i just tried mine and it doesn't do it
  14. i think Chris @cs2000 may well be working on something to acheive this