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  1. I've just had emails from Japfest say "Last chance to buy reduced price tickets" do we think they are trying to get as much revenue into themselves, before they announce a postponement (they won't cancel, as they will then have to refund us all) i really can't see it going ahead
  2. you aren't wrong!! This Article was written by a friend of mine, and gives a brief insite into the costs involved https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/have-we-entered-golden-age-stupidity-prof-ian-bitterlin/?trackingId=YEWhM%2BIRRW6yhYGozExVag%3D%3D
  3. the odd balls usually go to the left as you come in!!
  4. Payco - Datsun 510 SSS Coupe - PAID RS200 - Toyota Supra - PAID Rick - Ford Focus ST - PAID Zippypooz - Gunmetal 350Z - PAID Darkside - Rocket bunny - 350z - PAID Paul K - 350z Roadster - PAID
  5. looking forward to seeing and hearing this mate
  6. thats a cracking car Jamie...well cared for as well...welcome on board,...finally!!
  7. nice write up Col...bet you are well chuffed
  8. Welcome....if there is a problem with your Zed, odds on someone on here has had it before!
  9. never seen one in this country, bit like @Andy_Muxlow had a look around when i first got my roadster, but couldn't find one
  10. I had a nice set on the Zed, and some on our Jag, and sodding kids nicked them all for their BMX bikes!!!
  11. All good thanks mate. Looking forward to the MBTM Sizzle session!!! although will @Nismoandy make it with Rick the catering manager!!
  12. Paul K

    Club Calendar 2020

    Got mine safe n sound!! Liking August !!





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