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  2. Paul K

    A Happy Christmas to one and all

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Roll on the new year!!
  3. Paul K

    Time To Own A Waft Mobile?

    I’ve got an XF 3.0 diesel (prem lux version) it it is a very wafty and still turns 40mpg on a run. However it’s no slouch and 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and tops out at 155. Little bit laggy on the turbo when you hit the pedal but I liken it to an aristocratic lady lifting her skirts up to show off a pair of Nike running spikes!! very well equipped trim wise etc
  4. Sorry we couldn’t make it, we were away in Disneyland Paris celebrating Dawns birthday
  5. Paul K

    dodgy car sale

    Welcome to Roadster life!!! definitely get a plenum spacer, before the remap.
  6. I'm a watcher....love a bit of engineering!! thats 6 isn't it!!
  7. Paul K

    BMW with no dipstick?

    my Jag XF doesn't have a dipstick...all electronic
  8. I went for Nest, because i wanted something that was more globally recognised, not developed by British Gas. The automatic home/away assist based on your phone location is great...you have to make sure the app is on everyones phone though I've also got a LightwaveRF system for lighting control. recently bought an amazon echo plus, which does have some home hub applications (it will control Philips HUE without a further hub) and will happily integrate with my nest and lightwaveRF dimmers. next you want to look into the IFTTT (if this then that) app for your phone...you can program, condition based subroutines for your Nest and other devices....for example, if the outside temp gets to low, like below zero, my nest automatically bumps the temp up by a degree to keep things toasty!!
  9. Paul K

    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    1. SuperStu x1 2. glrnet x1 3. Wingchun8 x1 4. cs2000 x1 5: Zmanalex x 1 6: Jay84 7. Paul K x1
  10. Good job...i had to mess around with mine to get it to all work properly....now its all active and has been for a year.....
  11. Paul K

    350z touring rims

    Now Sold.. Mods please Lock
  12. Paul K

    Best Car Wash Shampoo Test

    in all honesty, none of the products he tested were considered bad....even the last place was Megs Gold Class, which isn't bad at all
  13. Paul K

    The ilogikal1 test thread

    3 bucket wash for me...wheels first, always...nothing used on wheels goes anywhere near the paintwork. i also have Black Microfibres for drying the wheels after....so even when they are clean, i know not to use the black microfibres on anything else
  14. Paul K

    Best Car Wash Shampoo Test

    yes he does know this...suds is not the be all and end all...in fact one of his long term favourite is Bilt Hamber autowash, and thats not particularly foamy, but is very slick on the panels
  15. Paul K

    Best Car Wash Shampoo Test

    Jon is pretty well on the money for most of his product tests and reviews.....he is usually very thorough and sometimes when it comes to the overall winner of things, where its soooooo close between two products, he does have to get picky, and sometmes it is a stupid thing that separates the two , such as a packaging failure. he doesn't habitually use B&Q orange buckets for his car cleaning i believe!! he needed to do a lot of side by side "foaminess" tests and B&Q buckets are 0.95p .