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  1. Yep. Even arriving at the site at around 8, there will still be a big queue to get in. you can chance it, but in previous years there have been instances where people have failed to get on club stands because they aren’t through the gates before 9:30. Don’t forget, the public also start queuing to get in as well
  2. theres a few of us meeting at South Mimms, but i think that'll be a bit out of your way
  3. 1. Paul K - K50PTK 350z roadster 2. Dom - 350z 3. Nismoandy, + Catering manager 4. Bunning - B11 NBJ - 370Z coupe 5. Seb - PR02 SEB 350z JDM
  4. Thank bud....back to being Calendar worthy again!!
  5. All finished, and Cleaned as well last big clean before Japfest, She'll get a quick jetwash on friday night, prior to early start on Saturday morning
  6. So after securing a replacement from the chaps at Tarmac Sportz, this weekend was the first opportunity I've had to fit it (had a bit of an eventful year.....heart attack, then getting made redundant as well) the side parts came away fairly easily, using some fising line to slice through the tiger seal, but the main part in the centre was well bonded on.....but a good soaking of Autosmart Tardis, softened things up significantly (this is brilliant stuff BTW) and the fishing line worked again. It left a bit of a mess amd had to use a scraper to remove all of the softene
  7. OK, so its been a while since i made any updates. ~(anyone who follows me on the 'gram (@paultk1) will have seen these so apologies A few months ago while driving home from work, a cut log fell off a pickup, 2-3 cars ahead of me....the SUVs in front of me just cleared it with no problem.......but I only saw it as it appeared out the back of the X3 in front of me, and being a normal single carriageway, with traffic on the other side I couldn't swerve to avoid it.....so I hit it....one damaged front splitter.
  8. Where are you coming from, I’ve got a thread running about people coming from the south east
  9. Hi all, apologies if someone has already done this (and i've just copied a previous years posting, as it contains good info) I'm trying to organise what usually turns out to be a small-ish convoy of vehicles from London and the south east area to travel to Japfest together, this really helped me during my first show as i was nervous about where to go and the exact steps to get in. Every year so far we have had around 8 vehicles from the Kent and Essex area meet at South Mimms services and we travelled up to Japfest together. As a first timer in the past thi
  10. my tickets came through Eventbrite, anyone else get them this way?
  11. If you could pass on my thanks to her and all of the CCU. You don’t really get much chance to say thanks as you are seen by so many different people
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