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  1. Paul K

    350z convertible/ hood bodywork protector plastic

    part 1 in the sketch is the protection piece i believe
  2. Paul K

    350z convertible/ hood bodywork protector plastic

    i would imagine a decent PPF (paint protection film) would serve as a suitable replacement
  3. Paul K

    Roadster advice please

    When i had my roof replaced on my 2005 (Carhood warehouse - Mohair) i was chatting to the Guy who fitted it...apparently the biggest problem with OEM roofs is that they are made of vinyl, and after a while they start to shrink, which is why they split at tension points etc....he said 10 years from a vinyl roof is about right.....however the Replacement Mohair that i have (and @ZMANALEX has) should last a minimum of 15 years with no bother...only advise was to not use any harsh chemicals or sealants on it, just a wash down with regular car shampoo should be enough....he suggested Meguiars Gold class car shampoo..... and the reason for no fancy sealants is that the mohair is a triple layer of fabric/rubber/fabric....so actually doesn't need waterproofing. as for the frame...i think it was suggested in a previous post a few years ago that "Nissan electric window lubricant" should be used on all the pivots and particularly the sliders on the 5th bow
  4. I think an old episode of TG did an "old versus new", i seem to recall the F1 holding up very well against a newer supercar
  5. I might drop in there one day, i have a site out in Acton, which isn't a million miles from them
  6. Paul K

    Water softners??

    a lot of the peeps on detailin world, just use the water through the DI unit for the final rinse down, makes it last a lot longer
  7. looks even better in the flesh!!
  8. its a problem...i havent seen any i really like, other than the Blitz...i wonder if the coupe version of the RT blitz rep can be fettled to fit the roadster, as i don't fancy paying £450 for a genuine one!! i wonder if @taras@RT-Performance would jump in and let me know!!
  9. possibly...i really liked the Blitz Replica RT did for the roadster, but they stopped making it, so may be Stillen is my only choice,
  10. i'm now undecided either Nismo or G35 rear spats or chargespeed rear!!
  11. Paul K

    New here!

    to the forum