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  1. Cheers Rik, yes i remember the chat!! It looks OK in the pictures, but i still need to do something about the paint defects on the boot lid and the roof lid cover
  2. Paul K

    Paycos Latest Mod

    looks good Martin....bet you was thouroghly miffed when you first scratched them though!!
  3. heres my roadster on Tein S springs and 19" wheels. no problems with them
  4. difficult for me to say really, as i had a japspeed K2 on the car when i got it.....safe to say the invidia sounds much better than that, much louder than stock. also i get a nice burble on the over-run
  5. Tripple is great as a hand polish, for some of those hard to get areas where a machine cant go or wont reach
  6. many thanks to Adrian, for getting lower ball joints to Sly ( @Sly@Kaizer Motor ) last week
  7. i run the invidia Gemini on mine, and i'm very happy with it. stock cats it doesn't drone at motorway speed, and doesn't annoy my neighbours when i start up first thing. and if you drive like a granny its not to obtrusive....however when you hit the loud pedal, and the revs build overs 2.5K then it really comes alive, and the sound is epic (especially through tunnels with the roof down, mine is a roadster) also had it on the car just over a year, and had it up on ramps last week, and it still looks like it did the day it was put on...so very happy with the build quality and fit
  8. Friday evening about 8PM 2nd August 2019 A3 going south towards Southampton. Burnt tip Exhaust sounded good .....stayed with you for a bit, then started getting an irritating noise from the passenger side!! funny how that happens!!
  9. Don't think the Viva could ever have been called a "large" family car. bring back large Vauxhalls like the Cresta PB and PC and the Ventura
  10. Paul K

    Maxton Design

    i would be interested in these once they are off, I damaged one of mine on a speed bump
  11. Welcome to the forum I'm also south east London
  12. Can’t believe you’re selling!!
  13. Pretty sure the Mk1 Escort sport came in a line metallic green



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