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  1. seem to recall, back in old top gear days, the V6 supercharged was the version to go for, but i could be wrong...
  2. Paul K

    Next Project

    looks very similar in its styling to the 71' 2000gt-r,
  3. Paul K

    Next Project

    look forwrd to seeing this at Leeds Castle one day!!
  4. There was a thread on here a few years ago, where some kids had jumped on the roof of a Zed...a PDR man managed to get it to 95% sorted. you will definitely need to replace the a pillars though
  5. followed your trip on FB, looks like you guys had a great time...nice write up Muxy
  6. i'm seriously considering investing in Quickjacks.....whats your verdict...good buy?
  7. well done...top 5 isn't too shoddy!!
  8. The "Car cleaning Guru" has joined the fold!!1
  9. Paul K

    Wrapping my alloys

    nice job Dave
  10. Cheers Rik, yes i remember the chat!! It looks OK in the pictures, but i still need to do something about the paint defects on the boot lid and the roof lid cover
  11. Paul K

    Paycos Latest Mod

    looks good Martin....bet you was thouroghly miffed when you first scratched them though!!
  12. heres my roadster on Tein S springs and 19" wheels. no problems with them



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