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  1. Payco - PA04YCO - Nismo 370z - PAID Panman - P44 AAN - bagged 350z - PAID Olly350z - KD53 DGZ - Facelifted DE - PAID Louis350z - HR - PAID  reeceybeaney - RB03 BOY - 350z DE - PAID x2 lukewilde - OV54 OWE - 350z DE - PAID DeK_350 - CU04 RCY - 350z DE - PAID Stuggerz - S7UG V - 350z DE - about to pay Adi (Team Stuggerz) - PO11 UGN - R35 GTR - about to pay DrMurderDeath - FV05FKG - 350Z DE - PAID Dday - CF54 VGL - 350z -Paid
  2. 300ZX.co.uk 1. Bigh 2. Alic 3. Craig (am staying in Romsey Fri&Sat night, so can do a club drive out/Haynes/Bovington meet on the Saturday if any interest?) 4. tom1990 (if im loud ) 5. AndrewG 6. kgonzokia 7. nickz32 +2 8. funkysi 9. Therealnips (poss x2 cars) Z Club 1. Farmer 42 2. Huw 350ZUK 1. Panman 2. Stuggerz 3. Olly350z 4. Louis350z 5. Reecebeaney (from E.Sussex - poss. convoy?) 6. dek_350 7. lukewilde 8. Payco 9.Seb 10. Zippypooz 11. Dunks (added by Payco as their personal assistant.) 12 Veilside Z 13. Dday
  3. 1. Payco - PA04YCO - White Nismo 370z (Paid) 2. Panman - P44 AAN - Azure Blue 350z. (Paid) 3. Paul K - K50PTK - Kuro roadster 350z (TBC, need to check diary with OH!!) 4. Olly350z - Provisionally (Paid) 5. Louis350z - Provisionally (Paid) 6. andy james- AJ07ZZZ- resale silver (Paid) 7. jcurtis - NRZ 3933 - Kuro Black 350z (Paid) 8. Zippypooz - N44SSN - Gun metal 350z (Paid) 9. Nismoandy - WP06FNX - silver (Paid) 10. Dunks - PHZ 4136 - Sunset Orange 11. Supercharged Monster 350Z (Paid) 11. Dday- CF54 VGL -Azure Blue 350z (Paid)
  4. Me and Neil are Medway so you can meet up with us if you like? Say the village hotel car park for 9:45.
  5. That's a shame, but thank you for trying to get us a stand in the first place.
  6. I was going to be taking the mini on the Sunday but you might of just convinced me to take the zed aswell.
  7. Thanks for sorting this Martin, will be good to start the new year 1. Payco - Lunch 2. Dday - Lunch
  8. Whoo I can make this. Looking forward to seeing your 370 nismo Martin, plus Aaron's F type still haven't seen it yet!! PAYCO - Lunch Zippypooz - Lunch reeceybeaney +1 - Lunch Pritchard +1 -Z +F: Lunch x2 (tbx by 1st sept) Dday +1- lunch
  9. Brilliant to here your be there Will. We don't have any spear stand passes that i can give you, however if something happens and someone cant make it I will let you know .
  10. DDay

    Front number plates

    I like that one to Was it a custom mount and if so how hard was it to make? í ½í¸ definitely not going to be copying... yea I have made a custom mount to use the tow eye cover plate. I'll show you how i did it on Sunday, It's quite simple
  11. DDay

    Front number plates

    I like that one to
  12. if anyone else cant make the meeting point please let me know, so we don't end up sitting and waiting there for you thanks
  13. That's not a problem, to save you travailing over and then back on yourself, the best place to meet us would be at the venue. If you look on a map, right by the entrance on Dunsfold road there is a pub called 'the three compasses' their car park is on the road. so if you wait their as we pass I can hand you your passes and everything. we aim to be there for around 8:30 however could be a bit earlier if the roads are good travelling over. so if you could try be there by 8:20 that would be brilliant.
  14. I believe Terry is down your way as well so he may want to join you two.
  15. CONVOY AND MEETING POINT Most of us (If not all of us) are coming from the South east area, so I have tried to keep that in mind. As far as i can see there isn't anywhere great on the doorstep of dunsfold to meet up, so i suggest we all meet at Pease Pottage services at J11 on the M23 and then convoy threw the country lanes together . The convoy route if you wish to meet up on the way will be as follows. Start at Tesco Gillingham (ME8 0GX). leaving no later than 6:45. Pit stop to meet others at Clacket Lane services (on M25 between J5-J6) should arrive around 7:10. leaving no later than 7:20. Stop at meet point, for a quick coffee ect and i will hand out passes. Pease pottage services (J11 on the M23. RH11 9YA). Should arrive around 7:40. Leaving no later than 8:00. Arrive at Dunfolds Park (GU6 8HY). Should arrive around 8:30. Please let me know if this isn't do able for anyone. Thanks guys, not long to go now



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