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  1. it's definitely grass , I would say the worst spot we had since 2018, We need more cars next year.
  2. 1. andy James x1 PAID TrackTimes TBA 2. Ricardo350z x1 PAID 3. George1966 x1 PAID 4. Nismoandy x1 PAID 5. SW66TTT x 1 PAID 6. SHEZZA x 1 PAID 7. Andy_Muxlow x1 PAID 8. HEADPHONES x1 PAID 9. PhilT + ‘Gimbal’ (x2) PAID 10. AndyH370 x1 PAID 11. Ledfut x 1 PAID 12. joe_milnes x1 PAID 13. buster x1 PAID 14. Blacklist_Nismo x1 PAID 15. Reece14789 x1 PAID 16. COZ@TORQEN x2 PAID 17. Plan370z x2 PAID 18. Stoker11 x 1 PAID 19. Jamah_Zed x 2 PAID 20. Theblue370 x 2 PAID 21. Lukey x2 PAID 22. Wudro x2 PAID 23. MicktZZZ x1 paid - track time 1000 defo still novice ! 24. JustTheJedi x1 PAID 25. Harvers x 1 PAID 26. Tommo350z x 2 PAID 27. Vlad_KFV x2 PAID 28. Righteous.z33 x1 PAID 29. Nathanawalker x1 PAID 30. monkey1983 x1 PAID 31. Petergee1 x2 PAID 32. GJC350 X2 PAID 33. mutly x2 PAID 34. LAB99 x1 PAID 35. Alex 350 x1 PAID 36. Kiki3fiddyzee x1 PAID 37. Chris141084 +1 PAID 38. Chris and Debs PAID 39. StewartBellamy17 x1 PAID - track time 40. Stevenholtmufc x2 PAID 41. Tommy9795 X2 paid 42. Buptaboy x1 paid 43. Roamy (Luke) x1 paid 44. Ben350 x2 PAID 45. StevieG x2 Paid 46. Steve1 x2 PAID 47. Bam370z x3 camping & x1 stand pass Paid 48. davey_83 PAID 49. fr06jap PAID 50. JSH95 x2 PAID 51. michelezee x2 PAID 52. Jam3z_350z x1 PAID 53. Stotty0512 PAID 54. MonkeyNuts PAID- Tracktime 55. LG93MODS PAID 56. MR ZZZ PAID 57. clacksonator PAID 58. Rhysos PAID (Club entry ticket only) 59. Sebastian X2 PAID- Tracktime
  3. Guys does anyone have tickets for public entry for sale?
  4. I can't remember but there should be option to click on vehicle profile and look up selected ECU, I will check tomorrow and send you screenvid
  5. If you could confirm your ECU number , that would be helpful, use Motor data OBD to connect and it will.tell you part number like in my post above from 2018. Unless you can check it in torque
  6. Can you confirm also Your ECU number in app?
  7. Nope, still doesn't work ,no connection to ECU. Are you sure you have JDM ECU in it? Can you send a obd reader brand and full settings you used to connect it please.
  8. Interesting, I'll have a look later , maybe they have changed something it Torque app since my last testings. Thanks for information
  9. Payco - Sausage and Mash Rick - Beef Burger with bacon and cheese Keith (Loadmaster) Beer-battered fish n chips (full-fat non-GF option if there is one! Nismoandy - Beer-battered fish and chips zippypooz - Sausage and Mash with side order of chips The Bounty Bar Kid - Parma ham pizza Seb - 2x Beer-battered fish and chips
  10. Hi Martin , yes he messaged me , I'll strip the car this Saturday and see what happened first . I've booked the tickets already .
  11. Thanks Archtects! I would be grateful if you can ask ! Still can't believe my mishimoto blown up , wasn't cheap either way and only had it like 2 years
  12. Great show guys , was good to see you , unlucky omw back , radiator blown up in Basingstoke......got to Dartford through villages , topped up like 20L of water... Anyone spare radiator for sale?
  13. Archtects is that your white 370z On Sutton Road opposite speed camera?
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