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  1. Just joined the 350 family

    Hello and welcome
  2. Hi all

    Hello and welcome along
  3. Getting 350z vert next week

    Hello and Welcome
  4. Hi I managed to get the spacers off - Yippeeee . Replacement spaces going back - Thanks Alex
  5. Ah ok will update how I get on
  6. Thanks that's what I now will do by tomorrow, just taken delivery of replacement spacers
  7. Hi Alex, not angry at all thanks , I believe they are fused .
  8. Hi Guys , my 20mm eibach spacers are fused to hob , fitted from brand new (fitted earlier this year) . Now unable to get screws off to fit new front discs and pads . Has anyone experienced this
  9. New to the forum, hi guys!!

    Hello and welcome
  10. Hate in the car community!

    excellent video
  11. Hello and welcome , cracking looking Z
  12. New Owner 2008 HR

    Hello and welcome aboard another HR - beware of Zedittus - extreme desire to throw money at the Z .
  13. New Z owner

    Hello and welcome
  14. Happy 100K to my HR!

    welcome to the 100k+ HR club