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  1. kbad

    HR oil gasket problem?

    Hi echo what everyones saying take it to someone who is competent and recommended , just had mine done and difference is clear as well as peace of mind , I went to a mechanic who was recommended by a forum member that just had their HR done
  2. kbad

    Just joined

    Hello and welcome
  3. kbad

    Show off your custom coloured or wrapped Z.

    Black gold dust Wrap - Monsterwraps
  4. kbad

    New 350 owner here

    Hello and welcome
  5. kbad

    1st 350z

    Hello and welcome this is my second Z and can only say they are cracking motors , when buying look for onr that most of the bg items already done ie clutch / bannana arms etc or have a budget in place to do these after purchase for an enjoyable experiece , only my humble opinion
  6. kbad

    Newbie (another one)

    Hello and welcome along
  7. kbad

    Wrappers in South west

    Tell them the guy with the gold dust satin wrap and green calipers recommended them perhaps also you could get a discount
  8. kbad

    Wrappers in South west

    Monster wraps - they did a cracking job on my car and i drove all the wat to them from Milton Keynes
  9. kbad

    Lowered suspension

    You are right Andy 30mm i have updated the fellow who wanted it
  10. kbad

    Milton Keynes MK:Z Meet 11/09/18

    I will be there
  11. Hallo I will be there for the convoy