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  1. I am interested - if I don't have a skyline by then (praying earnestly for one) thanks for the share
  2. Hello and welcome along certainly looks like a clean Z
  3. Hello and welcome along cracking looking desk
  4. Hello and welcome along
  5. kbad

    New Wrap

    Oh Wow loooovly looking finish - well done
  6. Hello and welcome along - cracking looking Z
  7. Hello and welcome along
  8. Oh Wow - your 370z is truly a cracking car all the best with your sale
  9. kbad


    the pods do not mark the paintwork in any was shape or form as i have found - i had been using this before i wrapped the car with no issues even on the M1 travels to events - you have to have faith though that your pride and joy carbon bike will not go flying down the motorway as its only held on the roof by suction



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