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  1. Excellent news - Thanks for the update most appreciated
  2. kbad


    Hello and welcome - cracking looking Z
  3. kbad

    Nothing major. But I like it.

    Looks epic and lovely - just had mine done in acid Porsche green
  4. Hello and welcome along
  5. Hello and welcome along great and diffrent looking car , cracking nonetheless
  6. kbad

    Newby from Southampton

    Hello and welcome
  7. Hi its KBAD here any updates on the stand spaces as it appears I am no 21 - seems not all have paid for the event so it it paid attendees get preference not sure how this works - I am happy either way just wanted some clear direction on this . Thanks
  8. Grams styling NISSAN 350Z TOP SECRET STYLE DIFFUSER TYPE3 http://www.gramsstyling.co.uk/shop-2/nissan-350z-top-secret-style-diffuser-type2/
  9. Hello and welcome along , cracking looking Z
  10. kbad

    Another new member

    Hello and welcome
  11. kbad

    Not so new 370z owner

    Hello and welcome
  12. Hello and welcome - nothing more really to add to the comments and advice already given by others- All the best