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  1. Was a stationary van
  2. Hello and welcome back cracking looking Z though
  3. I got caught and it took 3 weeks to come through
  4. Hello and welcome along
  5. Hi many thanks for the offer retro_al still interested i believe and will reach out to you if he no longer wants it
  6. Hi apologies for late response pulled my back at the gym so been almost out of commision looking on courier website i dont thing will be more that £22.99 https://www.paisleyfreight.com for the springs if still interested again apologies for the tardiness i blame the kettlebells
  7. Hi Alistair, I have a set 17mm - you can have for £20 i am in milton keynes. PM me if interested
  8. Hello and welcome there is a MK CREW that we meet - I am sure a few of them will be along shortly
  9. hello and welcome - cracking looking Z





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